The Transformation

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I can remember the week that it happened like it was just last week. The week that would forever change my life. Hi, my name is Michelle Sabatos, though my birth certificate names me as Michael Sabatos, and this is my story.

Now, I’m sure that you’re wondering just exactly what caused my name change, especially the gender based change that it took, and I’ll get to that, all in good time. I want to take you back to 1993, on a Friday.

It was a normal day at my deadbeat job (changing tires at the local service station), the kind of day that takes a shot of tequila or a glass of bourbon, instead of the regular cold beer. I was heading home a different route than normal. The route I normally avoided due to its propensity for seedy characters and ill-famed collection of stores, but that particular night I was in the mood for some “Adult Entertainment” and this was the best place in town to get it, cheap. So, against my better judgment, I headed into one of the larger video stores. I had a couple of movies at my house that fit the same genre, but they were bootlegged copies done by foreigners, and I was in the mood for something really, out there. Something that I hadn’t seen before. Being the kind of guy I was, I was instantly attracted to the very large sign by that cash register that garishly blared the message!!!SALE!!!. Well, it didn’t take me two minutes to figure out why the movies in the bin were on sale, as most looked like cheesy knock-offs of the predominant themes done in the good movies, and the rest were mainly fetish based, but as I went over the contents of my wallet I quickly realized that those were the only ones that were going to fit my measly budget. So, using a careful and well honed technique of complex decision making (one of the few things my father ever really taught me), I closed my eyes and took the first movie I grabbed. As I headed towards the cash register, I looked down at it and saw what it was about, cross dressers. I hadn’t ever seen anything similar to it before, and since I already had it in my hand, I decided that I might as well give it a shot.

As soon as I got home, I cleared a variety of candy wrappers and empty pop cans off the sofa, and popped the DVD in the player, removing my clothes and grabbing a condom on my way to sit down. Ironically, it seemed to me at the time, I had plenty of condoms in the house, but my hand was the only thing I ever seemed to be protecting by using them. At least, I thought, it saves some lube. The movie started and shortly I was in a blissful state, shooting my semen in the thin, latex glove that held my penis captive. Little did I know that, this time, I wasn’t entirely alone.

When I woke up the next morning, it didn’t take me very long to figure out something was wrong. Not only was it pitch black, but I couldn’t move my arms, legs, or head, as they all seemed to be strapped down. I don’t know how long I lay there, it seemed like hours, until suddenly, the lights flickered on, and I could tell that I was in a small, low ceilinged room. Judging by the sparkling white walls, the trays of tools, and the large, but lifeless, machines, I could only guess that it was some sort of hospital room. As I looked closer though, I could see that the paint was faded in areas, and tile was coming up in places, and I figured that the building hadn’t been used in some time. I laid there for what seemed to be another fifteen minutes or so, and then, the door opened, and in walked three men. The first one had on a suit, the second a doctors outfit, and the third looked like a male nurse. As they got closer, the first man looked at the other two, and pressed a button. Suddenly, the bed I was on started moving, until I was in an upright position facing them. The nurse paused to whisper something to the doctor, went into a corner, and began sterilizing some of the medical tools arrayed throughout the room. The other two came over to my bed and began talking.

“So, you sure this is the right one doc?”

“Well, quite frankly, yes. He fit’s the age, height, weight, body mass, and other pertinent criteria, as well as being single, having no girlfriends, and no living family. He also has an interest in the subject, Betturkey as evidenced by the information I got from my informant at the video store.”

“Ok, you’re the doc, doc. I’m just here to make sure nothing goes wrong. If you need me, I’ll be on level 4, checking on the other test subjects.”

“What test subjects?” I asked the doctor, as soon as the suit guy had left. “And why am I here?”

“All in good time, my good sir, all in good time. Right now, I have some questions. If you cooperate, you’ll make it out of here in no time at all, and you can get right on with your life, like nothing happened”

“You mean, free and clear, no harm done?”

“Right. Just pay attention, be honest, and be obedient, and everything will be fine.”

“Ok.” I said, “Whatever it takes, just let me go.”

The doctor seemed to take that as good news and promptly started asking me questions. I thought it was a little strange, but I answered anyway. He started out getting my vital statistics, you know the stuff doctors ask, what kind of medication I was on, If I was allergic to anything, that sort of stuff. It really got weird though, when he started asking me about my preference in women. Well, I eventually answered all of his questions, and long story short, he found out that my dream women would be a Blonde, about 5′ 6″ tall, about 105 pounds, athletic build, with 34 C cup breasts.

As soon as he had all that information, he turned to his assistant, asked if he had gotten all of that, and when the assistant affirmed that he had, he chuckled to himself, told his assistant to prepare “it”, and the assistant left the room. As soon as he left, the doctor made one last parting statement.

“Well, Mr. Sabatos” he said. “I know that this is a bit awkward, but I’m about to give you the opportunity of a lifetime. Before I go, I’m going to give you a shot. It’s a sedative, and it won’t hurt you. While you are asleep, you will be given an experimental drug, needless to say, that is also harmless. When you wake up, you will be back home, and if everything went according to plan, no further explanation will be needed. Good night.”

Then he gave me the shot, and I fell asleep, and when I woke up, I was indeed at home, just as he had promised.

I was still kind of groggy, but I did know one thing, that if I didn’t get to the bathroom fast, I was going to explode. I ran into the bathroom, not even bothering to turn on the lights I was so desperate, pulled down my pants, and reached for my penis so I wouldn’t miss the toilet, but my hands found nothing but pubic hair. I was so disoriented that I almost passed out, and so confused that, for the moment, I forgot that I had to pee. I rushed over to the light switch, flipped it on, ran over to the mirror, and about fainted at what I saw. Staring back at me in my mirror, was the most beautiful women I could ever imagine, exactly like the one I had described to that weird doctor in the little room. As I ran my hands over my face, I realized, that beautiful women, was me.

I still could hardly believe it, but the fact hit home as I looked down my front, to see where my cock had once been, but my view was obstructed by two, perfectly formed breasts. I reached up to grab them, and I instantly noted that they were not fake, as I had suspected, but real. Real breasts, and they were mine. Quickly, I took my shirt off, and looked at them in the mirror, and noted that not only were they real, they were really mine. There were no cut marks, like they had been transplanted, no marks of any kind really, and as I reached down between my legs, I felt my fingers dip into a hole. A hole that had never been there before. My shock was quickly subsiding, and my need to urinate was making itself known, and so I sat down on the toilet, thinking how odd it was to have to do that for such a simple thing as peeing. Finishing quickly, I put my clothes back on and went to bed, grateful for the knowledge that the next day was Sunday, and I would have a day to figure all of this out.

Sunday morning came with startling rapidity, and I sprang out of bed, eager to resolve some of what had happened to me the night before. I quickly deduced Betturkey Giriş that I was, in fact, 100% female, and that everything was indeed the genuine article. Whatever stuff that doctor gave me worked like a charm. I had gone from looking like a down and out hick, to a playboy playmate wannabe, literally overnight. I knew that the first order of business was getting some decent clothes, knowing that my now oversized men’s clothes would never do the trick. I went over to the computer, intent on doing a little shopping, when I ran across an envelope addressed to Michelle Sabatos. I opened it and found a card from the doctor that said simply “Thanks for your cooperation. Here’s to the necessities.” I looked in the envelope, and I found a visa gift card, along with a receipt that said $1,500.00, and at the bottom it said, “check the closet”. I put the gift card next to my keyboard, and almost ran into the bedroom to tear open the closet doors. Inside, all my men’s clothes were gone, replaced by a single, yet complete, set of women’s attire. I took out the clothes, and laid them on my bed, so I could see what had been left for me. There wasn’t anything extravagant about the clothes, as they consisted of a pair of blue jeans, some socks, a white t-shirt, a pair of tennis shoes, a black push-up bra, and matching black panties. I took off the clothes I was wearing, slipped on the ones left for me, and was happy to note that everything fit perfectly. I was further thrilled to find a slip of paper in my pants pocket listing my exact sizes for each article of clothing, which would greatly help me out in selecting new clothes.

Suddenly, an idea struck me. I dashed to the computer, grabbed the visa card, grabbed my keys, and rushed out the door. Racing through early morning traffic, I reached my destination, the mall. I locked the car doors, and headed directly towards the store that I had always wanted to go into, but had never felt eligible to enter. Victoria’s Secret. As I walked through the entrance, I glanced around nervously, half expecting some sales lady to demand why I was there, scold me, and tell me to leave, but the first one I saw simply smiled and said “Is there anything I can help you with today ma’am?” Without even thinking I blurted out “Oh, no thank you.” before I realized that those were the first words I had spoken since my transformation. Again I was shocked, because, instead of my deep, throaty, male voice, I had just answered in a brisk, feminine voice. As I thought about it a little more, I turned to the lady and said “Actually, you can help me. You see I just won this gift card in a contest, and I’m looking to redo my entire wardrobe.”

It took me several hours, and lots of trying on things, but I eventually found all the women’s clothing I could ever want. I took it all home and put it away, and them I made what was, in hindsight, the worst mistake of the weekend. I was bored, so I picked out the sexiest outfit I could find, and put it on. It really wasn’t much, just a red silk bra, a matching red silk g-string, and a little black dress. The kind that, if I had still been a guy, would have had my full and complete attention. Not satisfied with merely dressing up, I did an even stupider thing. I decided that I might as well try to score some free drinks at a local club I knew. After all, I had purchased more than my share for women in my day. So I headed out, not thinking about the direction things could go.

I hadn’t been sitting at the bar for five minutes before I had a guy sit down next to me, trying to get my number. It didn’t take him too long to figure out that I hadn’t had anything to drink, and he quickly threw a twenty to the bartender. The bartender kind of winked at him knowingly, and put a glass of his most powerful stuff in front of me. From times past , I knew that it would take at least three of those monsters to even begin to phase me, so I knocked it back without a moments hesitation. Half way through the second, however, I knew something was wrong. I was starting to feel like I did, usually after I had drank a whole bottle of tequila, not how I felt after one drink. The guy beside me offered to drive me home, and not thinking Betturkey Güncel Giriş I said yes. After all, I couldn’t remember how many times buddy’s had taken me home when I was drunker than that, but those times had all been different in one respect. I wasn’t a woman then.

The guy helped me into the passengers seat, and closed the door. He quickly pulled away from the curb and started driving. It still hadn’t occurred to me that he hadn’t asked where I lived. We drove for what seemed like a long time, until we suddenly stopped. He hadn’t more than shut the ignition off when I lost consciousness.

I woke up, I don’t know how much later, with one of the worst headaches of my life. As I looked around, I had a sudden feeling of déjà vu. I wasn’t in that small medical room, but the feeling of waking up in a strange place was all too familiar. As I woke up further, I saw a man sitting in a chair in the corner.

“Good morning” he said with a slight grin on his face.

“Good morning” I answered. “Where are we?”

“At my home.” he replied without a moments hesitation. “Are you ready?”

“Ready for what?” I asked, curiosity gripping me.

“Well, as I recall” he said. “You owe me for a couple drinks.”

I just kind of chuckled, until I realized that he wasn’t kidding. Then from behind me, a pair of hands grabbed me, one around my waist, and one clamped over my mouth. Then the guy in the chair stood up, walked over to me, and stuck me with the needle that was in his hand.

“Don’t worry. This will just make you a little easier for us. We won’t hurt you. Too much” he laughed.

The drug he gave me worked fast, and I could quickly tell what it was. A concoction of sedatives, and psychotropic drugs, designed to make it easier to rape someone. The victim would be compliant, aware, responsive, but unable to fight back, or remember anything for about a three hour time period surrounding the injection. As soon as the effects became apparent, I realized what was about to happen to me. I had only been a woman for a little over 3 days, and I was already going to be raped.

The first thing to go was my dress, ripped off by the guy behind me. I could tell that they liked what they saw, simply by the way they immediately grabbed my breasts and started kneading them. It wasn’t long before my panties and bra joined my dress on the floor, and two men were ripping there clothes off. One of them wasted no time and started sucking my pussy, teasing my cunt lips with his tongue. As he continued working on my pussy, his friend flipped me over, and I felt the cold shock of lotion hit my ass cheeks. He rubbed his already rock-hard dick into my cheeks and suddenly shoved. I gasped slightly at the sudden violation of my virgin ass, wincing at the pain, but quickly learning to enjoy the sensations. Then, much to my chagrin, I realized that my juices had started to flow. The other guy, finding my pussy to now be nice and lubed, placed his cock at the entrance to my pussy, gently easing the head in. As he slowly advanced, he suddenly encountered a wall. I could tell he was surprised that I was a virgin by the sudden delay in his penetration of me, but he quickly recovered and plunged his cock deep into the depths of my vagina. As the two cocks continued pumping in and out of me, I began to understand why it was so pleasurable for the girls on those movies to be used like this as well. The guys continued to pump in and out, and they both fondled my breasts. Between those forms of stimulation I quickly came, flooding the one’s cock with my pussy juices. In the time that it took them to cum once, I came five times, each one more powerful then the one before. At the end, my pussy and ass muscles were squeezing their cocks so hard, they were screaming. To this day, I don’t know if it was in pain, or pleasure. I’d like to think it was both.. Several hours went by, and they had cum inside me about six times a piece, in all three of my orifices, and they finally decided to let me go. So they tied me up, naked, put me in the trunk, and dropped me by the side of the road, in the middle of nowhere. I did eventually get home, through a very interesting series of events, but that is for another time, and another story.

Anyway, that is my story. I hope it is pleasurable, and entertaining, but I hope it also makes you think. So next time you walk into an adult store to buy a video, just remember: you don’t always get what you pay for.

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