Hurtful Homecoming

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This is for Andrea on the Lake.

Pam Pearsall was not looking forward to her trip home. First of all, she had not been home for more than two years. Pam was now 32, working in Los Angeles at a good sports-agency coordination job, and enjoyed the fast life style that included her cute little Redondo Beach house and forest green Miata convertible. She had forced herself to have her hair done and at least seeing herself in the mirror with the flashes of blonde brightening her visage pleased her.

It had been a grim day for Pam the last time she visited Spruce Peaks, the little town in the midst of the towering Rockies in Colorado where she had grown up. Her mom had been buried on that trip and Pam dreaded even the thought of the wailing and weeping that her aunts and cousins and even sister Nancy had engaged in during the awful week of the funeral.

Now Dad had remarried, to a cute redhead, Nancy had written Pam. “She made it quite clear to me, Sis,” Nancy had explained, “that she had no use for any of us ‘crowding up her parlor’,” which was a reference to the new Mrs. Pearsall’s country manner of speech. Dad, according to Nancy, was mostly spending his time panting after his conquest; as Nancy summed it up, “It seems so much more like she caught him.”

And now Pam faced this pouting woman in her 20s, as she walked into her old homestead. “I know you’re just here for a few days,” Patty, who was wearing a tight white top that made no attempt to hide her ample chest beneath a maroon bra, along with equally tight red riding pants looped into killer Texas boots, “welcomed” this woman ten years older than she was who was peculiarly her step-daughter. “But while you’re here, you better know that if you do anything that turns me the wrong way, I’ll not hesitate to take down those fancy L.A. panties of yours and give you a good whupping.”

Pam had steeled herself against reacting to the seemingly unbelievable threats of this redheaded horror but she felt herself holding on for dear life. Worse yet, she had this incredible sensitivity to the subject of spanking, not that Patty could possibly know that even mentioning the prospect had already led Pam to soak the very panties Patty had mentioned.

“I bebek escort was hoping we might get along for my short visit,” Pam said with a forced smile. “I’m pleased that you’ve made my Dad happy.”

“He’s only happy when he gets his snout up my fanny,” Patty responded with a wide grin and a loud laugh. “But I guess that if sniffing my poop chute gets him hard enough to give me a nice poke in bed, it’s worth it.” And giving Pam an even grin, Patty had already made it clear that Pam might soon be in the same position: smelling the younger woman’s spread bottom cheeks.

“You probably expect me to show you to your room,” Patty sneered at Pam. “But you’d better forget any ideas about being lady of the manor around here, babe.”

It didn’t take long for Pam to lose it. “You could at least be civil, even if you’re totally crude,” she exploded.

“I knew you’d start that lording it over me stuff so that does it!” Patty exclaimed. “Get over here before I have to rope you myself!” She then used her agile arms to take immediate control of the surprised Pam, taking her down as if they were wrestling and then flipping her across her lap, firmly planting her arm to keep Pam in this humiliating position.

Pam look confused and before she knew what was happening, she was bent over the stronger younger woman’s surprisingly ample lap with her skirt rucked up and a strong country hand yanking down her lovely lime green panties she had specially selected at Trashy Lingerie on Wilshire. “Oh, such cute undies you fancy city girls have,” Patty cooed, with an especially nasty tone, “you’re lucky I don’t rip those britches right off your sorry ass.”

Before Pam could get a word out (and she didn’t even think about the horrid fact that those panties had cost $60), Patty was telling her that she was in charge here and that Pam had better take her punishment or “head back to the bus with that baggage of yours,” she said, pointing to Pam’s stylish valise. But then, as Pam felt the breeze from the window blow over her naked ass cheeks, Patty’s strong arm descended and gave those vulnerable white globes a roaring smack.

“You’ve got a nice big mecidiyeköy escort butt for my spanker,” Patty told Pam with yet another sneer. Suddenly Pam felt the force of the younger woman’s hand wearing a stuff black leather glove that laid on spanks on Pam’s defenseless bottom. She began to wail and cry, and then move her butt…not out of pain but sexual excitement.

Patty sensed that she had turned her stepdaughter on and muttered, “Oh, so you’re one of those girls who gets off on being whupped?” Without uttering another word, she deftly inserted two fingers of her other hand into Pam’s seeping puffy vulva, making Pam’s face now as red as her bottom.

“I can’t believe what a soaking wet puss you have, girl,” Patty virtually shouted as she spanked the daylights out of Pam. The spanking glove made it possible for the powerful Patty to maintain a constant fusillade of spanks on Pam’s now crimson cheeks. As they reddened, Patty maintained a constant accompaniment of scolding for the now devastated “stepdaughter”.

“Now spread those naughty cheeks for Mama,” Patty ordered the distraught Pam, roughly placing her gloved hand between Pam’s sore bottom cheeks. Multiplying her shame was the realization that this crude young woman was staring at her most intimate parts: her anal opening and pussy. Not even her lovers had seen here this up close and personally.

Pam felt one of the gloved fingers not so softly insert itself into her anus. She involuntarily bucked and Patty laughed, “You won’t have me getting you off that way, girl.” Instead, Pam’s delicate puckered rosebud now felt the direct spanks Patty aimed at it, causing Pam intense pain she somehow held between her gritted teeth.

“I won’t spank that soppy pussy of yours this time, girl,” Patty said with clear contempt for Pam’s wetness, “but you can be sure that it will feel my palm if you earn another trip over my lap.” Pam cringed as she thought of her vulnerable quim being ravaged by Patty’s nasty little spanker.

After laying on a good number of spanks, Patty sharply ordered Pam to stand. “Now pull up your panties and unzip that little skirt of yours and the blouse too and put them right over there,” florya escort she said, pointing to a low tan hassock.

Clad only in her matching lime bra and panties, Pam shivered now in anticipation of what new humiliations might be visited upon her. She didn’t have long to wait. Patty walked to the hassock and swept Pam’s blouse and skirt off onto the rug. She pointed to the hassock and intoned, “Bend over it…NOW!” Her command was emphasized with a slap of the nasty little spanker.

Pam bent over the hassock, realizing her bottom was protruding obscenely into the air. She felt two sharp fingers reach into the waistband of her panties and tug them down just below her knees. Then Patty must have inserted some lubricant with her finger into Pam’s tight anal opening. It felt good. But then it was quickly followed by the slow but steady insertion of what must have been a butt plug, something Pam’s anus had never received before.

“Now I’m going to let you get dressed, girlie,” Patty drawled in her ugly accent, “but first you have to let me know you really respect me and won’t be all bent out of shape just because I whupped your little butt.” Pam grunted but wondered what on earth this woman had in mind.

She once again found out fast. Suddenly Pam saw two white ass cheeks in front of her as Patty stooped and yanked her own tiny thong down and flipped up her silly little skirt. She leaned back so Pam’s nose and face gradually found themselves between Patty’s ample warm cheeks.

Hardly able to see and hear within the confines of Patty’s bottom cheeks, Pam heard Patty tell her to kiss her “sweetly you know where. And make sure it goes in nice and deep.”

Pam hesitated and managed to say in a high pitch, “Oh, Patty, not that!”

Before she could do anything else, Patty had leaned forward, armed with the spanker, and aimed an excruciating stroke right down between Pam’s exposed labia, hitting her most sensitive parts: her clit and vaginal opening. “Want some more of those pussy shots?” Patty enquired sweetly. “I can fire them in there all day, sweetie.”

Pleading for her to stop, Pam leaned back into Patty’s crack and curled up her tongue to push into the girl’s ample anal rosebud pucker. Her tongue passed inside and Pam only tasted the slightly acrid residual taste of something that she didn’t want to think about.

“That’s it, girl,” Patty exclaimed, “that’s a good girl. You just keep pleasing Mama Patty and we’ll be the best of friends.”

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