House Arrest

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This is third chapter of the series that began with Housesitting and was continued with House Rules


In the morning I went to get the paper. I found two envelopes in the newspaper box, one addressed to Mercy and one to me. I brought them into the house without opening them, intending to wait until Mercy got up. But after drinking my coffee and unsuccessfully trying to focus on the Washington Post, I gave up and opened mine.


You and Mercy have agreed to do whatever we ask today. Mercy and I talked last night and agreed to certain ground rules.

You will be arriving separately. I want to have a “play date” with you. Dress casually and comfortably and come over after a light lunch at 2pm. Plan to spend the rest of the day with us.


Mercy was up shortly. I handed her a cup of coffee and the letter addressed in Doug’s handwriting. She sipped the coffee while she looked over her letter, folded it back up and stuck it in her pocket. I went back to reading the paper, hoping she would say something, but she never returned any of my glances.

Stacy came down shortly thereafter. Mercy spent the rest of the morning helping her pack for college.

“Stacy needs to get a few things on her way out.” Mercy said, “I probably won’t be back before you have to leave.”

I said goodbye to Stacy and gave her a hug. Mercy kissed me and they left.

I sat down to read the paper again, but was too distracted. How did Mercy know I would be gone? Where was she going now? What was her date going to be? What was going to happen to me?

I thought of trying to find her invitation from Doug, but realized Mercy wasn’t that careless. I showered and dressed, then spent the rest of the morning taking more care with my grooming than I used to before my dates with Mercy.

I really couldn’t focus on anything else. I was feeling excitement, terror, trepidation, yearning, and jealousy.

I managed to eat a light lunch before I walked over to Doug and Kelly’s house. On the way I resolved to be careful and not do anything to make the situation worse.

Kelly met me at the door dressed in a black leather pants and bustier that showed a lot of cleavage. She gave me a cryptic smile at me as she invited me in. I felt my resolve slipping.

Mercy and I had always been adventurous, but only up to a point. I had often fantasized of Mercy dressing up in a dominatrix outfit. I wasn’t interested in S&M, but was very excited about the idea of bondage and teasing. I had always wanted to go a little further than Mercy did. Now I thought my fantasy might be standing in front of me.

“Leave your shoes here and follow me,” she said.

We stopped at the bar. She poured me a double shot of Maker’s Mark and handed me a beer chaser. She poured herself a smaller shot.

“Drink up,” she commanded.

I don’t often drink straight liquor, but I made an exception today. I drank the shot straight down and swallowed a third of the beer. I followed Kelly as she led me down the hall. I noticed a riding crop hanging from her waist. She pulled out some keys, unlocked the door, opened it, and stepped aside for me.

“Welcome to our playroom.”

I walked in. There was nothing overt other than a king-size brass bed and a few out-of-place contraptions, but the room had sex and mystery written all over it. The lighting was subdued but not dark; the room was reddish but not tacky. As I took it in while finishing my beer I noticed it was full of cabinets, closets, and strategically placed mirrors. My senses were coated with alcohol. Kelly walked over and sat down in a chair that almost resembled a throne.

“All right Rod. You remember what we all agreed to last night, or I assume you would not have shown up here. Mercy and I discussed some basic ground rules. You are to do whatever I say and not question any of it. I am sure you are wondering about Doug and Mercy, We might peak in on them later. Understand?”


“Take off your shirt.”

I complied and hung it on the hook I had noticed on the back of the door.

“Good. Now come here.”

I walked over to her.

“Turn around.”

I did. I felt restraints on my wrists and an accompanying tingling in my groin.

She caressed my ass and then turned me around. She slowly unfastened my pants and slid them to the floor. My cock was bulging against my burgundy jockey shorts.

“Excellent,” she said.

She caressed the front of my shorts now. The feeling was electric. I tried to remain casual. Kelly stood up and motioned me over to the wall. She reached up and pulled down two restraints that had been cleverly concealed. She released my hands and reattached them to the restraints. She knelt on the floor and removed my socks and then attached restraints to my ankles. She tightened the slack so both my arms were out away from me. I was in a spread-eagle position, but not uncomfortable. As I realized how helpless I truly was, my excitement grew. I was not afraid of Kelly, at least not yet, and there was cihangir escort nothing I could do anyway.

She did not stand up, but instead sat back on her heels so she was facing my crotch and I was staring down on her exposed upper breasts. I could see her nipples were pressing against the leather. She was excited too. She felt the outline of my cock with her fingertips and then her face, running her lips and teeth around it. I tried not to show anything, but I felt like I was going to burst my underpants.

“Let’s make you more comfortable,” she said and walked over to one of the many bureaus.

She returned with a pair of scissors. I was a little frightened. When she knelt down again and grabbed my shorts, I was actually relieved. She carefully opened the scissors and slipped one part inside them, and snipped all the way up to the waist. The shorts slipped down the other leg as I sprang out, raging hard.

“Nice,” said Kelly She stayed down to examine me.

It was a fantasy come true, to be exposed and helpless to a female stranger. She continued with another part of the fantasy as she lightly touched me. I felt my urge and desires growing, and I stifled a moan.

“One of the ground rules is that Doug and I won’t ‘touch’ either of you without your consent.”

I felt both relieved and disappointed. I had never cheated on Mercy and I felt sure she had never cheated on me. She had admitted a fantasy about experimenting with another woman, but she was very much against adultery. Here was a chance for me to live out one of my fantasies without any real guilt, and suddenly it was gone. I wanted Kelly to touch me so badly, but I could never agree to it.

As if reading my thoughts she said, “Don’t worry. Doug can be very persuasive, and so can I.”

She walked over to me and kissed me full on the lips, and I kissed her back before I knew what I was doing. She tasted great. I felt her leather clad breasts pressing into my chest. She left me wanting more as she pulled away.

Kelly walked around and unclipped something. My wrists and ankles were released from the wall but my wrists were still connected by a length of strong fabric. She grabbed the middle of it and led me over to a wooden chair. She sat me down and quickly bound my ankles to the legs and my arms behind me.

She walked over to a drawer and pulled out something, and climbed on the bed in front of me. Kelly pulled the covers over her lower body. By the way she was working under the covers it looked like she was undoing her pants. Then she was staring at me. I heard a mechanical noise and saw her wince with pleasure. Kelly had a toy with her and she liked it. She didn’t say anything to me but just stared me down, closing her eyes occasionally as she became more and more aroused.

It was torture, fantastic torture. My body was trying to send more blood down to my groin when it was already full. I licked my lips as I watched her.

“Do you want some?’

I wasn’t sure what she was asking, but that wasn’t why I hesitated before shaking my head. I didn’t want to betray Mercy and was praying Kelly would just take me against my will. She just smiled at me, feeling her physical pleasure and the pleasure of my denial. Her breathing intensified and she came in a short intense orgasm that shook me too.

“It’s even better live, isn’t it?”

Kelly fiddled under the covers for a minute and then threw them off. She was wearing a black bra that accentuated her cleavage and black sexy panties, holding a flesh colored electric dildo shaped like a penis. She walked over to me, “Lick this.”

She held the dildo in front of my face. It was gleaming with her juices. I hesitated for a minute and then took it in with my lips and sucked it up as if it was real until it was dry.

“Would you like some more?”

My head nodded.

Kelly put her feet up on the seat of the chair next to my thighs, balancing herself and then she slowly moved her crotch towards my face. Her panties were soaked in juice and I took them into my mouth and sucked the juices out like a nursing baby.

She climbed down off the chair. Kelly picked up a dark blindfold off of the table and slipped it over my head, completely blocking the light.

I heard her rustling around some more, and then she sat on my lap facing me. Her bra bumped gently into my face and I immediately clamped on to the protruding fabric where her nipple was with my lips and nibbled. She let me go for a little and then gave me the other one.

“I’m taking this as your consent. Let me know if you want me to stop,” She said. I heard but didn’t listen.

Kelly pulled away for a moment and when I tasted again it was flesh and I was ravenous. She started letting out little moans of pleasure. She shifted her weight on me and I felt her remoistened underpants brush against my cock. She was gentle at first, but she added pressure and soon was grinding against me. When I felt the excitement rise in me it set off a trigger in my conscience. mecidiyeköy escort

“Stop,” I said reluctantly.

She pulled away and stood up off of the chair, but as she left she grabbed my penis at the base and gave me one full firm slow stroke. When she removed my blindfold again and put it up on my forehead she was back in her underwear.

Kelly took the riding crop out and rubbed it against my dick.

“Let me know if you want me to stop.”

She looked at me for an answer but kept rubbing me. It felt great and I didn’t see the harm. She wasn’t actually touching me with her own skin.

She went to closet and brought back some more toys. She put the blindfold back on me, and proceeded to torture me with pleasure. Kelly put oil on my chest and massaged my nipples until they were stiff and aching. She ran feathers over my body, making me jolt and quiver when it went over the inside of my thigh or over my crotch. Kelly had me suck the dildo again, refreshing it with her juices every so often. It seemed to go on for hours, and as my pleasure heightened my resolve ebbed away.

Finally she untied me and led me across the room, laying me on the brass bed and secured my hands to the head board. She grabbed my right ankle and pushed it over my head and out to the side, attaching it to a padded bond in mid air. She did the same with my other leg. My ass was now totally exposed, my dick rigid but brushing my stomach as it pointed towards my head. She pushed a pillow under my ass to support it and removed the blindfold once more.

“May I touch your cock?”

I nodded

“Would you like me to touch your cock?”

I nodded again.

“Say it.”

I hesitated. I didn’t see much harm in touching at this point. It would probably make me come, and when that happened, I would be satisfied and able to resist any further transgressions.

“I would like you to touch my cock.”

“Say it like you mean it.”

“Kelly, please touch my cock!”

She gently stroked the exposed underside of my cock and licked her lips.

“Don’t forget I will stop whenever you tell me to. I may forget to remind you again.”

When I didn’t say anything more, she pulled out a leather strap with snaps on it. Kelly wrapped it around the base of my dick and scrotum and snapped it tightly around them. She pulled an attached snap up that split my balls and secured it just as firmly.

This was a new and intense experience. I felt all my pleasure spots on my cock expanding as it hardened even more in response. I was aching for release. I was desperate for her lips to gobble me up.

The first sting of the riding crop on my right cheek brought me around to more pleasure and pain together. I let out a gasp. She hit the other side. Then she spanked me with her open palm. She varied the tempo and the location, never hitting too hard, though once she grazed my balls. She was taking me to levels I had never felt before.

When she finally stopped I felt the burning of my cheeks. I gasped again as a cool moist sensation found my asshole, working its way slowly in. I pushed out against the pressure and felt the pleasure and she slipped something into me and then regret when she quickly pulled it out again. Pressure came again and this time I could tell it was much bigger. She fucked me with it, slowly and steadily, and then left it in me. It must have been a plug, because it stayed in.

Kelly interrupted me, “You look like a man who wants his cock sucked.”

I nodded reflexively. She didn’t give me much chance to stop her, but as soon as I saw her lips approaching my groin I didn’t want to. She moved quickly to my dick but slowed her pace and began gently blowing on it and tantalizing me with the tip of her tongue. I was in agonizing heaven.

Kelly secured a ball gag to my mouth.

“Let’s check on Mercy and Doug.” She said.

I had totally forgotten about them. Kelly lifted off my blindfold and opened one of the cabinets to reveal a large flat panel TV. She held a remote, and after she hit a couple of buttons I saw Doug walking down the hall towards the front door, dressed up and looking sharp. This was not the grainy videotapes like we had made of Stacy’s soccer games and other home movies, but high-quality HD with clear sound.

“We have high-def cameras all over the house with high-quality sound. Doug has also devised some kind of tracking system that ‘learns’ to change cameras and camera angles and does a pretty good job. We can watch everything Doug and Mercy do.”

Doug opened the door and Mercy walked in. She looked fantastic. She was wearing a fancy cocktail dress that showed off her cleavage and her legs. The sight of her made all kinds of emotions run through my head; shame and lust and desire for her. She gave Doug a friendly kiss and he escorted her down the hall.

Doug made Mercy a drink and they sat and talked for a little bit. Doug complimented Mercy on her dress. He was raping her with his eyes, and she was enjoying the attention. He talked to kurtuluş escort her as if they were both single and he was trying to slowly seduce her. He was very smooth. I was captivated with jealousy and excitement. I resolved to stop Kelly as soon as she removed my gag.

Kelly began to play with my cock again, and once again my resolve began to fade.

Up on the screen, Doug was bringing Mercy a second drink, and then he turned on some slow jazz music.

Kelly spoke up, “Let me tell you about our bet.

“I knew Mercy would be reluctant to do anything with Doug, so when I had her over here earlier in the week, I made a deal with her.

“The first part of the deal was that if I could get you to lick my pussy, she would let Doug undress her. You did that.

“The second part was that if I could get you to ask me to touch your cock, she would let Doug touch her everywhere. You did that. In fact, you begged me.

“So far, both of these have happened.

“We have a very high tech system in this house. Everything we are doing down here is being recorded, and Doug is able to access it and if necessary replay your words to Mercy each time I accomplish a task.

Kelly moved determinedly but slowly, licking my balls and playing with my butt plug. Doug came over to Mercy and asked her to dance. I was never very good at dancing to Mercy’s chagrin, but she did say it put the lie to the saying that a man could only fuck as well as he danced.

I was hoping Kelly would move faster, but she just kept the pace teasing and steady.

Doug pulled Mercy close to him and they were doing a slow dance. His hands played over her back. Doug’s hands slowly but firmly explored Mercy’s body. She leaned in to him, resting her head on his shoulder, and every so often he whispered in her ear. As I watched them, I realized that if everything Kelly was telling me was true, Doug would soon be undressing my wife and touching her all over, and I would be watching it all live, and there was nothing I could do about it. I struggled against my bonds and only grew more excited.

Kelly continued to tease me, adding a little more tongue and varying her pace. She paused and removed my gag.

“Would you like me to suck your dick?” Kelly asked.

“Yes,” my mouth said as my brain said no. I watched Doug move his hands down to Mercy’s ass. “Beg me for it.” Kelly said in a harsher voice.

I hesitated. Doug was gently squeezing Mercy’s cheeks. She turned her head up towards him and he kissed her full on the mouth. Electricity ran through my body. I realized part of me was enjoying this.

“Please suck my dick.”

“Ask again, nicer, like you really mean it. And use my name.”

“Kelly, please suck my dick. I want to feel your gorgeous lips around my cock.”

“That’s good, because the third part of the bet was that if I could get you to beg me for a blowjob, Mercy would give one to Doug. ”

Kelly smiled. On the TV, I saw Doug and Mercy stop dancing and sit on the couch. They each drank from their glasses. I was hoping perhaps Mercy had come to her senses. But then Doug slid over next to her and they resumed kissing passionately. Doug’s hands moved to Mercy’s breasts, rubbing and kneading them through her dress.

I felt like I was watching a rerun of a movie where something bad happens. I was looking at all the opportunities the characters missed to change the outcome and hoping somehow it would be different this time but knew that nothing would be different. Maybe Mercy would change the ending.

Kelly grabbed my dick and bent it towards her. Her mouth engulfed my cock, and the pleasure that ran through me overloaded my senses. She must have sensed this, as she paused with almost my entire cock in her mouth. Doug’s hands reached around behind Mercy and unzipped her dress. She did not resist, slipping her arms out of her sleeves.

Kelly started moving again. I was engulfed in wavering emotions of pleasure and pain. I was excited and betrayed to see Mercy let Doug slip his hand into her bra. My cock was growing and the leather straps were starting to bite. Kelly’s lips and tongue played over it all.

Doug reached around again and unfastened Mercy’s bra. Her gorgeous breasts were exposed to him, her nipples hard with excitement. He paused to admire their beauty, stroking the sides and pinching her nipples. Mercy moaned with pleasure.

Doug lowered his head to her breasts and licked them gently, worshiping them with his mouth.

It was then that I was about to open my mouth to stop Kelly. I thought perhaps if I stopped her, Doug might stop too. She seemed to sense this. She stopped and fiddled with something, and then I felt the plug in my butt start to vibrate, bringing whole new sensations to me. The pleasure shot through me, and seemed to link with the pleasure on Mercy’s face.

“I think it’s only fair that you should get to see my breasts too,” Kelly said, “This time they will be live.”

She stripped out of her top and then leaned over me, her jeans rubbing against my upward facing ass. Her breasts were in front of me, smaller and rounder than Kelly’s but luscious looking nonetheless. I didn’t hesitate. I leaned up to take a nipple in my mouth, and she leaned in to me, almost smothering me. Her hand found my cock and began to play with it. I was gone.

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