Food For Thought

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Chapter 1: her story

We’re in the bedroom…You ask for me to strip for You…i do it slowly… i want You to enjoy every new part of my body as it’s revealed to You… mmmmmm…i watch Your eyes and see a hunger…a desire… You look intense…pleased You tell me…”turn around pet, bend over so I can see your beautiful ass…You are caressing Yourself as You watch me…Oh, my pussy’s starting to get wet… You ask me to come to You…

You’re laying on the bed, nude…as i approach, i feel Your eyes on me… mine on You…You’re so hard…so ready… all You tell me is “use only your lips rachel, your mouth, your tongue…” i begin by licking Your lips, running my tongue across Your teeth, finding Your tongue mmmmmm…the taste, the sensation, the excitement… my breasts, barely touching Your chest…just the nipples rubbing ever so lightly making my nipples so hard… nipping, licking and kissing Your neck, Your ears… feeling Your breathing harden feeling your cock harden…feeling Your pleasure… letting my hair trail down Your body to your groin…soft and silky on Your skin feeling Your fingers in my hair…tilting my head up to lightly kiss and tantalize Your cock, Your balls with just my mouth, my lips, my tongue… licking you wet…i want to use my hands… i imagine feeling Your skin…caressing Your ass…i refrain

You spread Your legs, a little more…just as my mouth engulfs You completely… as deeply as is possible…swallowing You whole… sliding You easily in and out of my mouth…my tongue pressed against one side of Your shaft as my teeth gently graze alone the other side… feeling You get harder yet…hearing You moan…feeling you tremble… I can’t wait to taste your cum…fill my mouth with it… cover me with it…then You do… mmmm…

As You sit up…i lick every inch of Your groin clean…You taste delicious! Now…without a word…You have me lay on my back…You want me restrained now…You tie each of my wrists to the corner of the bed…maybe You don’t want me to get away!

i feel so open…so vulnerable…so wet…

Chapter 2 His story

With your wrists tied to the corners or the bed and My eyes on you I feel Myself stirring again. But it is not enough… you are smiling with a satisfied look on your face, cheeky, and I feel a need…

A need to wipe it from your face… to create instead the look of complete submission… of a desire to please… and… of ecstasy.

I leave the room telling you I will be right back.

I go to the toy cabinet and stand before its open top rubbing My chin and considering the possibilities.

I make My choices and gather them together. Then make a cup of tea and sit down to enjoy it. I think to Myself that making you wait will be good for you.

I drain the cup and return to the bedroom where you are still tied. You did not cry out, you knew better than that, but the look on your face tells Me you have been struggling and are no longer in the mood.

“I want you to let me go” you say.

I smile and place the things I have brought with Me on the bed by your feet. you strain your neck to make them out but it is uncomfortable and your head drops back to the pillow.

“Say ‘mercy’ rachel, and I will let you go right now… but if you do, you will leave this house never to return again… do you understand?”

I see your eyes flutter, and you bite your lip. Thoughts coursing through your mind. A barely perceptable “okay” escapes your lips…

“Speak up rachel” I demand.

“Yes, alright…” you say more clearly.

I sit down on the side of the bed and take your left ankle in My hand, caressing your calf, stroking the soft skin of your foot…

“rachel, I know you haven’t done this before, and I know you are excited,” my eyes dart to your pussy, moisture actually dripping from it, “but I want you to know that by the time I have finished with you, you will be Mine, your eyes will be lowered whenever in My presence, you will kneel when I ask you to… you will do anything I say.”

“i doubt it” you respond.

I reach up and grasp your clit between My fingers increasing the pressure quickly.. “what did you say?”

“sorry, yes owww… dont it hurts…”

“Yes, WHAT?”

“yes Sir…” and I release your soft flesh from between My finger and thumb.

I look up to your face as a flush climbs up your neck, I can see you still contemplating your fate and wondering what you have gotten yourself into. I loop a soft thick rope around your ankle and tie it off not too tight. I reach for the spreader bar and cuff your ankle just above the rope to one end of it.

“What are You doing…um Sir?”

I just smile and move to the other side of the bed, repeating the process with your other ankle. “Remember this rachel…”

“Speak only when spoken to” I say.

you giggle and say, “yes, SIR” military fashion.

“Dont be smart. You will also beg to cum, you will not do so without permission…”

“oh right so I am supposed to be enjoyi…” your words are cut off by My fingers and thumbs roughly grabbing your nipples and twisting them savagely. “ohhhh” you gasp.

“Shut up or I will gag you…” you nod slowly, a tear in the corner of your eye. But your nipples are as hard as little marbles.

“Good girl” I say and release them and caress them to further hardness.

I reach down and pick up a set of nipple clamps, show them to you.

“Do you know what these are?”

“No Sir.”

I place each in turn on your nipples causing further soft gasps to come from your mouth, your eyes wide. “Now you do…”

I stand up on the bed grasping the rope in My hands and haul it upward hooking it over the hook in the ceiling. Your ass is raised up a foot off the bed and your legs are spread with the bar and straight up. The soft rope causes discomfort but no more.

I reach for one more thing… and ask…

“Do you know what this is rachel?” I show you the leather covered toy.

your eyes widen and a glazed look comes over them “A paddle Sir?”

“Good girl…”

Chapter 3: her story

my heart is racing…my breathing deep and… i can feel Your eyes on me, so intense… watching me breath…watching my naked chest as i quiver slightly… my pussy…so puffy…so wet… smelling the sweet musky odor of my arousal… my ass…so bare…so accessible

i close my eyes slightly… i feel a strange mixture of anticipation, fear and pleasure…waiting for Your touch…wanting it…needing it…

i hear the sound of the paddle as it’s drawn through the air… “oh no” i cry out…then…the first spank! the left cheek of my ass…feels like it’s on fire… as i hear Your voice…”silence rachel”, the second spank…my right cheek… the third and fourth spank centered on my ass… with each stroke…a sensation, aside from the sting of the paddle… like electricity travels through my body… closing my eyes, my head back, i will myself to be silent… but with each stroke a small…low…moan escapes my lips… and i am surprised…i still feel so aroused… i can even feel the juices of my sex dripping down the crease of my rump… i wonder…if You notice how much wetter i have become…

then i feel the palm of Your hand…gently caressing my bottom… such a contrast in sensation… as i open my eyes…i see You looking at me…smiling softly as Your hand and fingers continue to stroke me… mmmm…i sigh, as one of Your fingers glides up the crease of my ass and between the lips of my pussy… i’m so wet, Your finger slides into me easily…deeply as Your thumb begins to gently massage my clit… i feel my muscles contract on Your finger… i try to raise my hips…to push myself harder against You… looking into Your eyes…making the softest sounds of pleasure… wanting to beg You not to stop…mmmmm… You are making me feel so good… wondering if You can see it on my face… wondering what else You may see there as well…

Chapter 4: His story

“rachel…” I say, rousing you from your reverie as I lift the rope up and off the hook lowering your ass gently to the bed. I watch your face intently as you realise other surprises are in store.

“I am going to release and retie you pet.”

“Yes, Sir” you dutifully reply.

I unlatch and remove the spreader bar along with the rope binding your ankles and caress the welts that appear there causing you to wince. But you do not protest. I smile.

I move up to the head of the bed unknotting the ropes that bind your wrists to the bedposts. I lean down and kiss your lips lightly as you become free.

your arms reaching for Me I lean back up out of your grasp and say “there will be none of that …yet. Now get up!”

I take your hand assisting you to your feet and guide you around to the foot of the bed having you face it looking toward the bedhead. “Spread your legs rachel …wider!” I demand.

As you do I crouch down at each ankle showing you the two pairs of padded cuffs in My hands and attach one to each ankle locking it and attaching the other end around the legs of the bed. The muscles in your thighs are quivering with the tension and I run My hands up the sides of them eliciting a moan from your mouth.

“rachel… put your hands palms down on the bed for support and keep them there.”

“Yes, Sir.” I smile as your beautiful ass opens before Me and your pussy spreads open, the heat and scent of you invading My senses. I am going to enjoy fucking you I muse.

“rachel, I know you told Me you have had a bad experience with anal sex before, so I am going to begin your education now …correctly.”

“Alright, Sir…” I hear you say uncertainly as I stand and reach down and around your head drawing a blindfold over your eyes and tying it firmly.

“you will be quiet rachel or I will paddle your ass again,” I say with a smile.

“Yes, Sir” I hear you reply more brightly.

SMACK as My hand bounces off you ass “I said quiet.”

I go to My knees behind you reaching under the bed and pulling back the toy box, opening its lid.

I select a 5 inch vibrator that is as thick only as one of My fingers and flick it on to test it. It hums away and I reach out with it in hand and guide it slowly up the inside of your right calf across the back of your knee and higher up the inside of your right thigh, carefully avoiding your now dripping pussy. Starting again from the floor I work My way even slower up your left leg and finally pause before brushing it over the cleft of your cunt.

I smile and hold your ass in My free hand as you shudder slightly at the contact. “I am going to slide this vibrator into your ass rachel, it is going to be uncomfortable… but first …you must be prepared…”

I drop the vibrator on the bed and run My hands over your spread ass small smacks punctuating My caresses. I lean forward reaching out My tongue and glide it through your flesh from your hard little clit up between your lips causing you to shudder and moan softly.

I continue upward to your asshole and circle it gently with My tongue enjoying your freshly washed scent.

My palms and fingers are digging softly into you spreading your cheeks even further and massaging firmly as My tongue licks over and around your tiny pucker, then pointing it I slide it slowly into you a little eliciting more soft moans.

I continue this ritual over and over until My saliva is dripping down over your pussy mixing with your juices before they travel slowly down the inside of your thighs. The air cooling the wetness there and drawing goosebumps to your flesh.

I pick up the vibrator in My fingers again and without warning press its tip to your asshole and turn it on slipping it quickly smoothly inside you. I smile as I see you writhe in relief at its small size and shudder immediately. Two fingers of My right hand pierce your pussy and slide deeply inside fucking you quickly. I twist them as I push them in and out in rhythm with the vibrator penetrating your ass. your breath coming in fits. your ass and thighs trembling. I lean forward sucking your clit into My mouth and you implode. First stiffening and seemingly lost… then finding yourself and screaming out your pleasure as you shudder violently. Letting go…

Letting go…

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