How My Life Changed Ch. 02

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That 20 minute walk to Danny’s house felt like a lifetime.

He lived in a largish house that opened onto the canal so after I had put my dress back on and dusted off my knees he led me out past the front of the club, over the bridge and down the towpath.

I couldn’t believe it was only 20 minutes, it actually felt like I was being led to the gallows as this fat ugly man took every opportunity to wind me up and make me feel helpless. Knowing Ben had told me to tell the truth he asked me a relentless series of questions, about my sex life, my pussy, my ass and anything else he could think of.

Any time he wasn’t satisfied with an answer he would ‘punish’ me (as he called it). The first time, he pulled my dress down to my waist and twisted my nipples a few times, making me cry out. The second he did the same but made me walk for a while with my chest on display to the world.

A couple of times it seemed he couldn’t contain himself and he pushed me up against the wall and rammed his tongue down my throat as his hands groped my pussy and my boobs. I think, in all honesty that was the worst – this sweaty guy with breath that stank of booze and cigarettes slobbering over me while touching me like that.

As we neared his home, he told me that as he enjoyed the movie of me all tied up and Cumming so much he was going to make a little movie of his own tonight, something I didn’t like the sound of at all. He said he ‘wants to hear me beg’ him to stop.

Through it all my mind kept going back to Ben, my gorgeous, strong boyfriend. I couldn’t have guessed how depraved he was – even with all the kinky shit we had done – and I couldn’t decide if I was feeling utterly betrayed by him or loved him even more for putting me in this position.

I mean, I’m submissive; there are no two ways about that, but giving me over to some fat pervert and not seeming to care..

We got to his house, a large place set back a little bit form the path and as scared as I was I don’t mind admitting I was very pleased to see it. Danny had had me handcuffed for the past mile or so and I didn’t know if the people we had passed had seen why my hands were tightly clasped behind my back.

The house had a porch, a little oblong roof with no walls that covered the front door; Danny stopped there and turned to face me. He pushed me backwards until I bumped into one of the posts that held up the porch, reached around me and undid one of the cuffs before slipping the short chain around the pillar and reattaching it to my wrist, then he pulled my dress down off my body and had me lift my feet as he picked it up from under my heels.

He looked me up and down as I nervously glanced at the path which was about 10ft away and grinned.

‘Now, I need to sort out some things inside before I’m ready for you,’ he said with an evil smile, ‘so be a good girl and wait there for me.’

‘Yes sir,’ I said fearfully not wanting to antagonise him and with a final pinch of my nipple he opened the door and went inside, leaving me alone and helpless in the dark.

I don’t know how long I was out there for but it was long enough. After a few minutes a young couple walked past but they didn’t see me, that didn’t stop my heart from hammering so hard I thought I was going to faint though.

The next people did notice though, a couple of young lads who were obviously a little drunk were walking past when one of them suddenly pointed.

‘Holy shit Brian, look at that!’ One of them said as they both stopped mouths agape.

‘Please, please, please,’ I was praying under my breath, praying they would just move on but of course they didn’t. Within seconds they had opened the small gate and were standing in front of me.

‘You alright love?’ the taller of the two asked – smirking, they couldn’t have been more than 17. ‘All tied up there?’

‘Yes sir,’ I replied remembering that Ben’s instructions.

‘Kinky game is it?’ the boy continued chortling.

‘Yes sir,’ I said hating every moment.

‘Fucking hell she’s fit!’ the other boy said as he got out his phone. ‘Hang on, let me get a pic!’

The first one reached out tentatively and grabbed my right breast and I closed my eyes as I heard the sound of the phone’s camera going.

‘Hey, she loves it Pete,’ the one mauling my boobs said laughing, ‘come and have a go!’

‘The one with the phone put it back in his pocket moved beside me and reached out, one hand went on my pussy and the other slid up the crack of my ass.

‘She’s fucking soaking Brian, here have a feel!’

They swapped places, the one called Brian roughly shoving what felt like a couple of fingers into my pussy while Pete decided it would be a laugh to pinch and twist my nipples. Despite myself I moaned at the invasion, my body reacting in a way my mind certainly didn’t want to and taking the noise as encouragement Brian tried to ram a third finger in, hurting me.

However, before they could get any further the light went on in the porch and between that and the özbek escort noises from inside the house the two boys got spooked and ran off laughing.

I never thought I would be pleased to see Danny

but after being molested by a couple of randoms I almost wept with relief.

‘So you met some locals then?’ he chuckled as he undid my cuffs.

‘Yes sir and thank you for introducing me to them sir,’ I said having by now thoroughly learned my place.


Once inside he led me through to a large living room where he had set up a video camera on a tripod. Making me kneel on the floor with my hands still cuffed behind my back he fussed with the camera for a moment before settling back onto his armchair and pressing a remote, starting the recording.

‘Tell me your name?’


Why are you here Jayme?’

‘Because my boyfriend knows that I will hate every second of it.’

‘Every second of what Jayme?’

I swallowed, knowing the honest answer would piss him off.

‘Every second of being used and abused by a fat, ugly stranger sir.’

‘Look into the camera and say..I’m a fucking whore who deserves everything I get’

‘I’m a fucking whore who deserves everything I get sir.’

He chuckled.

‘Say..If I don’t do exactly what Danny wants I’ll find myself outside on the street, naked and handcuffed.’

I did.

After that I serviced him in a number of ways, I sucked his cock which was quite big but, as it turned out, wasn’t any cleaner than the rest of him. He made me lick his ass while I masturbated (all this for the camera) and then he dragged me upstairs.

His bedroom was open plan and he roughly pushed me down onto my face on the bed before fastening my hands to the headboard above me. By now I really didn’t care that he was setting up the camera at the foot of the bed, I just wanted this nightmare to be over.

After a while I heard the beep of the record starting and then felt his weight as he pushed my legs apart with his thighs, spreading me wide open in front of him.

‘I want you to say..Please Danny, please fuck my ass because I’m a whore.’

‘Please Danny,’ I started, stopping with a gasp as he squirted some cold lube on my helpless asshole. ‘Please Danny, please fuck my ass because I’m a whore!’

He did, ramming his way inside me and making me squeal before pulling back and ramming inside again. His cock wasn’t massive but was quite thick and the stretch on my ass was painful especially as he wasn’t being gentle in any way. However, despite myself I felt an orgasm build, one that crashed over me as he yanked my head back by my hair and spat on my cheek.

He didn’t last much longer after that, one moment he was pumping away and the next he had pulled out, leaving me feeling suddenly very empty, and was kneeling by my head.

‘Turn over’ he commanded and awkwardly with the handcuffs I did so, just in time for his first splash of hot cum to hit me in the face. He must have been saving up for a while as there was a lot of it, dribbling down my left cheek and forehead.

After he had finished he pushed his softening cock into my mouth, while he fiddled with the handcuffs, readjusting them so I could lie on my back properly and this done he pulled his dick away from my face and sat back on the bed.

‘Did you enjoy that princess?’ He asked with a smile.

‘No sir,’ I said, feeling his cooling cum dribble down my neck and into my hair.

‘Well, your night’s not over yet princess, this

next part will be loads of fun I guarantee you.’

With that he stood up, his now soft dick looking ridiculous under his sagging belly and I suddenly felt violated as I realised I had just cum hard with this ugly fat bastard’s cock up my ass. Suddenly I realised that the camera would have just recorded my face then, and I wondered if he would get a kick out of my disgust when he watched it.

Danny came back carrying my ankle cuffs that Ben must have lent him, he quickly buckled them on me and, using a couple of short lengths of rope, attached them to the bed frame – stretching my legs wide apart. Next he came back carrying my small, but very powerful, bullet vibrator and a roll of gaffa tape.

‘No no no,’ I said quietly shaking my head but the bastard just kept on coming. Kneeling between my legs he ripped off a length of tape before positioning the vibrator over my clit, then he carefully taped it in place, the hard plastic pushing onto me with my clit about halfway up the shaft. Then he tore some more tape and secured it into position, leaving only the twist-speed control exposed.

‘There you go, don’t want that falling off, do we?’

‘No sir,’ I replied. The fucker wanted to recreate the video he loved so much and sure enough he extended the camera on its tripod to its highest setting, looking down on my whole body. With that he clicked the button, making me groan as the powerful vibrations hit my sensitive clit.

‘Right then mecidiyeköy escort princess, I’m going to go and have me some supper. Have fun!’


A lot of women have problems coming but I’m not one of them. Any sexual stimulation will get me off hell sometimes even a massage can give me a little one if I’m extra horny.

So you can imagine what being left with a vibrator taped to my clit would do?

The first one took a while and I fought it, sweating heavily in my bonds, until I realised that was probably just what the bastard wanted me to do. It washed over me, making me cry out and writhe and I have to say, it felt amazing. The problem is that there was no let up and before that one had subsided I had a series of super intense ones around my clit and hips that made my stomach muscles knot up and my legs shake.

After that I kind of lost track, each subsequent orgasm became incrementally more painful as my poor abused clit became more and more sensitive – never painful enough to stop me fucking Cumming though!

After a while, and I have no idea how long, Danny came back upstairs, picked up the camera from the tripod and got some close-ups of my face as I begged him to make it stop. He also took the opportunity to run his hands all over my taught body and twist my nipples.

Finally, mercifully, he pulled the tape and vibrator away from my body, the lack of sensation almost as shocking as the vibrator had been. Still holding his camera, he quickly knelt between my legs and fed his hard cock into my swollen pussy and started fucking me.

I couldn’t help but cry out every time his pubes brushed against my swollen clit and I was helpless to resist, bound as I was, when he dropped the camera and leant over me before shoving his tongue into my mouth as he came, his cock pulsing inside me as his fat, heavy body juddered.

After a while he raised himself up to his knees in-between my legs and picked up the camera before focussing it on my face.

‘Say..Thank-you Danny for fucking me,’ he said with a smug grin.

‘Thank-you Danny for fucking me, Sir,’ I replied, my body still thrumming with the effects of the vibrator.

He clicked the camera off and put it down carefully. Then he untied my ankles – although he left the cuffs on – and chuckled as I groaned when I pulled my aching legs together.

Leaving my wrists tied above my head he simply threw a thin sheet over me before walking out and turning off the light.

At the door he stopped for a moment, looking back at me.

‘Best get some sleep Princess, you’ve got a long

day ahead of you tomorrow.’


Despite Danny’s advice, I really didn’t sleep very well.

Aside from the fact my arms are still tied securely to the headboard, my clit was throbbing from the lengthy overstimulation earlier and my ass was aching from when he had roughly fucked it. At least I didn’t reek of some stranger’s cum…Oh wait, that’s right I totally did that as well.

It didn’t help that despite my predicament I couldn’t shake the image of Ben touching that Blonde slut Eve, it all seemed so natural, less like strangers flirting and more like people who know each other intimately.

I must have dozed off at some point though as the next thing I knew I was being woken up by someone running their hands over my body, up in-between my legs and probing at my pussy with their fingers. I remember thinking, before I was properly awake, that it was Ben and we were in our lovely bed after a night out but when I opened my eyes I found myself looking at Danny as he rubbed at my moistening pussy.

‘You are such a slut,’ he said with a grin holding up shiny, slick fingers. ‘Nice dreams?

Right let’s get you in the shower.’

With that he wiped his hand on my belly and leant over to unlock my wrists.

I was so grateful that I could rub some life back into my shoulders and wrists I barely noticed the sunlight streaming through the window.

‘What…what time is it?’ I asked him as he led me to the bathroom.

‘About a quarter past eight,’ he said glancing down at his watch before looking up at me with an evil little smile. ‘You must have been pretty tired; I was fingering your cunt for ages before you woke up.’

I shuddered but didn’t say anything. I didn’t want to give him the satisfaction of knowing how much I loathed the idea of him touching me while I slept. Sitting down on the loo – of course he watched – I gratefully voided and I suddenly realised how hungry I was.

Quickly I jumped into the shower and washed the filth of the previous night off myself, it felt good to be clean though I realised getting rid of the memories would take a lot longer. Danny of course, had videoed me in the shower and he kept it on as he showed me his ex-wife’s makeup and hair products. Eventually he gave up and told me to come downstairs when I was done and I had a few precious moments to myself.

All I felt was loathing, both for this sad bastard who had used azeri escort me last night and for myself for Cumming so hard and so many times while he cheapened me. It was only remembering that this was my choice that kept me going. I found myself wanting to prove myself to Ben, wanting to test myself to destruction.

He was right when we spoke in the pub, I was already thinking differently. I was, I realised, thinking like a true submissive – rationalising Ben’s callousness and disregard for me as a test of my love for him. I knew that if I made it through this weekend I would be utterly his and he would be able to do anything he wanted to me.

‘Come on then Jayme,’ I said to the pretty girl in the mirror, ‘let’s go further down the rabbit hole.’

Walking into the other room I saw that Danny had left my dress, shoes, the leather ankle-cuffs and the metal handcuffs on the bed, I was eerily reminded of getting ready the previous evening when I was a lot more innocent.

Realising I had been taking my time I quickly buckled on the shoes, slipped into the dress – which had remained remarkably clean – buckled the ankle cuffs and, after making sure everything was as perfect as it could be, put my hands behind my back and snapped the shackles shut on my wrists.

‘A vision!’ Danny exclaimed as I carefully stepped down the stairs in my heels. I forced a smile onto my face as I certainly didn’t want to antagonise him and I desperately, desperately wanted to be away from him.

I saw he had just finished a bowl of cereal and my stomach grumbled. I hadn’t eaten since the previous night and had been through a lot of stress in that time. If Danny noticed he didn’t care though, all he was doing was eying my lean body as I stood in front of him, unsure what to do.

He stood up and walked to the dresser where he picked up some sunglasses and his car keys.

‘Right then princess, we are going for a little drive,’ he smirked. ‘Don’t worry, I’m taking you to where Ben will pick you up.’

‘Oh thank you sir,’ I exclaimed, perhaps this nightmare would be over soon I thought. He just smiled and opened the front door – gesturing me to go through.

A little nervously I stepped into the porch where, only a few hours ago I had been molested by a couple of young lads. I shuddered again at how I was changing when I realised my pussy had become damp just thinking about it – when only a day ago the thought would have horrified me.

The towpath was only ten feet away and I was standing here, dressed like a whore and blinking in the bright Saturday morning sunlight with my hands cuffed behind my back and I didn’t really care, beyond a pleasurable twinge in my clit, as I realised anyone could see me.

With a hand in my lower back, Danny pushed me towards his car – a big, black BMW – and clicking the fob the boot lid popped open.

‘Get in then, princess,’ he said irritably, seeing my confused expression and seeing no other choice I sat myself awkwardly over the lip and swung my legs into the boot. Once I was in he slammed the lid shut, leaving me curled up awkwardly in the grimy smelling darkness.

I heard him get in and the engine start and then was bumped about as the car started to move. To be honest I didn’t know how long I was in there but I was pretty sure it was a lot longer than it would take to drive back to Ben’s house. After a while I realised I had been in there for ages and I was pretty sure we had been on a motorway for a stretch, no corners or acceleration for a time at least.

Finally, after a bumpy few minutes, the car stopped and he turned off the engine. I heard him get out and then my eyes were tearing in the bright sunlight.

‘Get out,’ he said reaching in and lifting me easily with one hand under my ribs and the other under my thigh.

He put me down and I tottered unsteadily on my heels as my cramped legs regained circulation.

‘Where are we?’ I asked a little fearfully as he shut the boot and locked it. I looked around but all I could see were a lot of trees surrounding a small gravel car park. Thankfully there were no other cars there at the time.

‘This is where Ben and I grew up princess; we used to play here a lot as kids. He wanted me to show you our old den.’

‘I thought you said you were taking me to him?’

‘You were right, it’s just he’s not here yet, don’t worry princess you’ll see Ben soon enough.

Now,’ he said pointing to a dirt path the other side of the car park, ‘get walking.’

We walked for about ten minutes, deeper and deeper into the woodland. Danny kept a hand on my back as between the heels and the rough ground I stumbled a lot. I hated that I had to rely on him but with my hands cuffed behind my back I would have fallen otherwise.

We passed a couple of ramblers, a nice looking old couple, who tutted when they saw me, making me feel deeply embarrassed and ashamed. However it wasn’t long before Danny turned off the path altogether and into the woods proper.

The reason for his turn was soon revealed as, about twenty feet in from the path a small glade opened up with a pair of overgrown, rusty benches. It looked exactly the kind of place kids would hang around in and I could immediately see a fire pit complete with burned out beer cans and cigarette butts.

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