The Rough Road Pt. 01

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As I entered the bedroom, dimly lit with the aroma of candles creating a sensual atmosphere, my heart filled with enthusiasm and pleasure. Yet again my loving husband had succeeded in surprising me.

My name by the way is Anushreya and I’m an Indian living in Amsterdam. I work at an international bank and right now being the financial year end, my working hours are pretty long and I’m energy less by the end of the day. Weeks have gone by since I have done anything exciting in life. Today being the last of those days, I was hoping to get back home and take the pleasure of a tension free sleep. But I was in for something better, thanks to my husband. As I entered the aroma filled sensuous atmosphere of the room, I could not help but notice my husband sitting right on the bed wearing something special, something I had been coaxing him to wear for a long time and something he had always denied to wear.

The mere sight of him churned my erotic senses. I dropped my office purse on the floor and jumped on to his hot body. My lost energy had come rushing to me and I felt the testosterone rush through my veins. I felt my stomach clinch as we kissed passionately for minutes on a stretch. The lovely rose petals he had for me on the bed had found their place on the floor as we rolled over the bed and later on the floor. This was the most energetic I had felt in months. As our passionate kiss continued my hands ran through his sweaty body and his hands through mine. He very quickly ripped off my expensive blouse and undid my bra. After his hands were done fondly with my sweaty back, they moved quickly to my hair. He removed my hair clip and let my waist long dense black hair fall all over my back. He then clinched my hair and pulled them hard, a result of which caused me to bite his lip very hard. I could feel his sweet saliva in my mouth as my tongue explored his mouth.

Meanwhile my hands slid down his sexy back as well. Oh his sexy body! My hands first teased him a bit and then I undid his bra. Yes his bra! He was wearing a sexy lacy and frilly black satin bra and his sexy shoulder length hair was done in a nicely combed tight pony. He is a tall man with a built most men would die to have and so masculine that his mere gait would arouses me. But the sight of a body as masculine as his, in a sexy satin lingerie was what I had longed and finally he had done that for me. And not only that, but he had gone all the way to get a full body wax just to make it perfect for me. Was that the best gift I had I ever gotten or what?

As I undid his bra and moved to his hair, my testosterones raised to a whole another level. Betturkey I had never felt this before. I never knew that just the mere sight of my husband in sexy lingerie would make a so aroused. We made out until few minutes more followed by the most passionate and steamy sex I had had so far. He made me sit on all fours and took hold of my hair and fucked me like he owned me. I had never seen him so passionate, powerful and dominating before. At the end of what was the best sex we ever had, we lied on the floor, exhausted wearing nothing but our messed up hair. The room was of course a complete mess, but right now no one cared.


I cupped both of her huge breasts in my hands and squeezed them as hard as I could. The nipple rings dangling from her breasts tempted me to press her breasts harder. She moaned with pleasure and pain. Her moan was so load that it scared me for a moment. But I knew she could take it. How often do I get a beauty like this chained to the walls and entirely at my disposal? The scene brought the beast out in me. I went ahead and added 2 small metal balls to each of her nipple rings and hooked a heavier metal ball in her mid-back length hair braid. This time she yelled in pain, but I knew she was enjoying it and I most definitely was.

I then took my favourite lush leather covered wooden paddle and began spanking her on the buttocks. The oscillating weights on her nipples made it even pleasing for her as she began moaning again and I just couldn’t stop myself. Her every moan pumped more testosterone through my veins and I spanked even harder. Once after her buttocks were red enough I kneeled and moved to her front and immediately took her throbbing penis in my mouth. The cold metal ring with the small bell, pierced through the tip of the penis made it so much more delicious to lick. I licked as hard as I could and she moaned as loud as she could. I loved Christina so very much!


The sharp noise of a lot of utensils falling on the floor suddenly woke me up and brought me to my senses. I woke up and could see the mess around me. Sweet glimpses of last night came rushing to my mind and I smiled. What a way to start the day! I could feel my vagina was a bit sour from last night. Then I suddenly remembered the load noise to which I woke up. I rushed to the kitchen and saw my husband there. “Good morning honey! Did I wake you? I’m so sorry about the mess here” He was wearing a nice track pant and making breakfast for me. Oh! How much I miss his last night’s look. He then came over and kissed me briefly and served fresh waffles and orange juice for me at the table. Betturkey Giriş Boy! I couldn’t believe what was happening. He wouldn’t even enter the kitchen until yesterday and today he is serving me breakfast. I really loved the way he was before but I love this way more. I couldn’t help but blush as a response to his gesture. I kissed him back and cuddled up to him and asked what was happening. He said that he had some workshop at work which made him realise how precious I was to him and how limited life is. He promised to himself that now on he would explore more and try new things. The previous night was a consequence of this very thing. Well this was all good news for me. I really did not care what the workshop was about but I was more than happy with the result so far.

Post breakfast he asked me whether I would join him for a nice warm shower and of course I would never turn it down. He adjusted the shower temperature to perfection and then called me in. Once in the bathroom, he first took off my robe and let my hair down. Oh how he loved my hair! Loved would be an understatement. He worshipped my hair. He ran his hands through my hair and clinched them tightly and pressed my lips against his. We kissed hard as the warm water ran over our heads and our naked bodies. He then forced me to kneel and brought my mouth in front of his now rock hard and huge penis. He wanted a blowjob and I considered it my responsibility to give him a good one. I aced at blowjobs. His wet and warm penis made for such a delicious post breakfast dessert. I swallowed the warm juice that came out of him and then we proceeded to actually having a bath.

Once done, we dried ourselves and he offered to braid my hair, which he was actually very good at. He did a tidy and intricate herringbone braid for me and complimented my beauty. It was so romantic. I then very naughtily asked if I could plait his hair and to my surprise, for the first time ever, he said yes. I jumped with joy and immediately attacked him with a pair of scrunchies and a comb. Against all his protest, I set his hair into two cute French plaits and made him promise that he would keep it for the day. He was so shy and awkward through the entire day. The rest of the day went lazing around the house but my mind was restless. It had started making plans. The incidents of the past 24 hours had opened the naughty Pandora’s Box in my mind and now I could see, clearer than ever, what I wanted in my sexual life and life as a whole.


Tonight I found myself in a black latex sex suit and suspending from the ceiling with all my four limbs tied by ropes and me facing downwards. Betturkey Güncel Giriş The latex suit had left my breasts and my ass open for torture. It was a tight suit and I was very sweaty in it and my eyes were blindfolded just to increase the sensitivity of my other senses. I happen to get loud at times, hence my mouth was gagged. My long hair was braided and tied in a huge tight bun over my head, clearly highlighting my shaved sides and nape. She loves my smooth shaved head. She kisses it a million times every time we get together. I was now looking forward to an intense session of BDSM ahead of me. I heard her stilettos click as she walked towards me. With every step she took, my heart raced even more. I couldn’t even imagine the surprises she had for me. Just when this thought came to my mind, I felt 2 clamps pinching my nipples and I tried to yell in pain. But the gag did not let me. Tears started rolling out of my eyes, but she did not happen to care. She knew I loved it.

She then started spanking me very hard with her braided whip. She went on and on until my ass was hot red and had enough whip marks over them. She made sure I wouldn’t be able to sit without pain at least for the next few days. She then walked to the front and held my hair bun tightly in her hands and pulled my face up. The blindfold was wet with my tears. She removed the blindfold off and pulled my face upwards. And I was suddenly stunned! It wasn’t Christina. For so long I had been at the disposal of an entirely different person? What was happening and who was she? She then brought my face to her nipples and made me suck on to them. I initially resisted but she pressed my mouth hard against her nipples. Thanks to the person I had become, I began sucking her breasts and also enjoying it.

Just as I was getting in the mood, Christina came from behind; “It’s my turn now” she said and pushed her away. She first gave me a gentle kiss on the lips and then on my bald sides of the head leaving her red lipstick marks. And then gave me her nipple to suck on. Just as I was about to suck I realised she had replaced the rings in her nipples with thicker ones and it just accentuated the pleasure of sucking on to them. In the meanwhile, Joanna, which was the other person’s name and who was another of Christina’s lovers, went near my clit and started to play with the 3 little bells that hung from my clit. Suddenly as I was taking pleasure of Christina’s nipples I felt something large chuck into my vagina! That was when I realised that even Joanna was a shemale. I don’t know how I had missed that before. So right now I lay suspended from the ceiling sucking on to a shemale’s nipple while another one was thrusting her shaft up and down my vagina. The session ended with me being fucked 3 times, twice in the vagina and once in the mouth; and with a sore ass and throbbing nipples from the clamps that were on the whole time.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32