The Pills

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Female Ejaculation

My computer whirred to life as I loaded the first video of the night. The picture was of a sexy, little teenager (18+ of course I’m not a pedophile) dressed in a skimpy school girl outfit sucking on a fat, black cock, and I instantly felt a stirring in my pants. In the several seconds it took for the video to load, my shorts were on the floor I was massaging myself through the cotton fabric of my plain, black boxer briefs.

The video started in an ordinary classroom, panning across approximately twenty desks, before coming to a stop on the only one containing a body. The school girl was frantically scribbling something on a sheet of paper, her legs crossed under the desk, revealing the tops of her stockings and the straps from her garter belt.

“Your time is up, Cherri,” said a deep voice. The camera jumped to a tall, muscular black man dressed in tan slacks and a blue, button up shirt standing behind a large desk. I couldn’t help but laugh as the words on the chalkboard became visible: sex education, slut, cock, XXX, your typical porno words.

He walked around the desk as the camera panned out to include both him and the school girl in the shot. She was still hurriedly writing. The man slammed his fist down on the desk, startling the girl, causing her to drop her pencil.

“I said time is up!”

“I… I’m sorry, Mr. Robinson,” she said, reaching down to grab her pencil.

Just as the tips of her fingers were about to reach it, he stepped on the writing utensil.

“Sorry isn’t going to cut it here, Cherri. You’re in enough trouble as it is.”

She looked up at him with a worried look. “Please, I’ll do anything,” she begged.

He scoffed at her and paused, taking a moment to look around the room. “I think that can be arranged.”

The man grabbed her still outstretched arm and forced her hand to his crotch. She whimpered with almost believable fear, but obviously did not stop. He dropped his hand as the school girl grabbed an already visible, and quite large, erection.

I felt the familiar wave of dissatisfaction as I reached my fully erect four and a half inches and pulled off my underwear. All my life I had been tiny, frail little thing and had certainly suffered from it. I had quit growing at 5’6″ and despite how hard I worked out, could never gain any muscle mass or any respectable tone.

Teasing and bullying were a constant throughout my school years. I had taken to buzzing my once should length, brown hair in high school after people started to call me a girl, but that led to my nickname being changed to ‘Lesbo.’

My home situation wasn’t much better. My mom had taken off when I was nine and I was left under the care of my non-functioning, alcoholic father. He never hit me or anything like that; he was just never around, physically or mentally.

About the only exciting time of year was the summer, which I got to spend with my grandparents in their condo on the beach in Los Angeles. My grandfather had been a surgeon and had been quite talented when it came to trading stocks, and had worked up quite a nice savings for him and my grandmother.

Every summer they would fly me out and I would spend the days laying on the beach and staring at beautiful women that would never want anything to do with me. At night my grandparents would take me to see shows, movies, and every now and then, a Lakers game. But much to my dismay, every summer comes to an end I was forced to return home.

At sixteen and after a particularly difficult sophomore year (the ‘lesbo’ year), I had received news that my grandparents had been killed in a car accident. For months I was severely depressed, but after the legal aspects had all been settled, was surprised to find out that they had left me everything. The thought of living my life without my grandparents was still extremely difficult to deal with, but knowing I could still get out of my miserable life at home was a small relief.

And that is where I am now, two years later. Whacking off, alone in the second bedroom of my grandparent’s former condo.

The black man was now completely naked and the school girl was wearing nothing but her stockings and garter belt. She was now sucking his dick with a ferocity that only a porn star can.

A flashing from the corner of the screen caught my eye, taking my attention away from the slutty school girl. A close-up of a huge dick followed by the words ‘Make your dick grow 3-5″ in only 4 months!’ were the culprit.

Out of sheer curiosity, I stopped jerking my punitive penis and clicked on the ad. The darkness of the porn site background was replaced by a much brighter screen, and it took several moments for my eyes to adjust properly.

‘Studies have shown that our patent-pending pill can make your dick grow bigger in as little as 4 months! Experts agree it’s the only way that actually works!’

I was instantly skeptical, but as I moved the cursor to close the window, I found that I couldn’t do it. After all the shit that life had tossed at me thus far, xslot I wanted, no NEEDED this. I dragged the mouse down to the bottom of the screen and ordered the pills.

Chapter 2

I anxiously awaited the arrival of the pills over the next week. Each day that passed was torture and I began to think they wouldn’t come at all. It had only cost $49.99 for the first three months, a sum that I could now easily afford thanks to my grandparents continued generosity after their unfortunate passing, but it still sucked to get scammed out of any amount.

It was Friday when they finally arrived. I was watching Sportscenter when the doorman buzzed, saying he was holding a package for me. I practically sprinted down the stairs the six flights of stairs and was nearly out of breath when I got to the front desk.

Giving me a strange look, he silently handed me the package which I promptly signed for. As I headed toward the elevator, I realized the reason for the look. Despite promises of discrete shipping, the label read ‘Power Penis Inc.’ as the return address. I hurried into the elevator, anxious to put distance between me and the knowing doorman.

In the solitude of my own abode, I quickly tore open the package and emptied its contents. Three bottles of pills, a pamphlet of information, and a hand-written letter from the creator spilled onto the kitchen table.

Apparently, the company had been working on this product for seven years with a multitude of doctors and scientists, seeking to perfect the formula and I was amongst the first to actually respond to their ad. A Dr. Joyce R. Branson thanked me personally for willing to be the first to test her product.

I began to sweat, one of the first? Was this safe? I scrambled through the pamphlet and discovered that the pills were funded by the US Military and had deemed it safe to start human trials. Hell if it was government-sanctioned then it should be ok, right?

I poured myself a glass of water and swallowed the pill.

Over the course of the next month, I underwent several faint, but noticeable changes in my body. My penis was constantly throbbing, not in a painful way, but enough to make one notice, and my nipples had become much more sensitive than I had remembered. I had just taken up running again and attributed the nipple sensitivity to that. The throbbing, I’m sure was a result of the pills working.

With a smile, I opened the bottle marked for month two and gulped down another pill with a glass of water.

The changes were more apparent the next month. My dick had indeed grown to five and a half inches and was a bit thicker. I was now average! I had also lost fifteen pounds, which I again attributed to the running, and my nipples had increased further in sensitivity. It was so unpleasant while running that I had begun to apply band-aids before my daily run.

As I climbed out of the shower one day, I caught a glimpse of my reflection in the mirror. I took a second, and then a third look before wiping the small amount of condensation that had gathered on the mirror, but my reflection stayed the same. My pecs looked like they had grown larger and my hips looked slightly more pronounced.

I shrugged it off, thinking my runs had somehow redistributed some of my body weight, as I grabbed the bottle for the third month and popped a pill. I made a notation on my calendar to remember to order the next shipment of pills and headed back to my bedroom to get dressed.

The last three months pills arrived not a day too late as I had just finished my last one the day before. The package again contained a hand-written note, thanking me for my continued use of her product and a request for feedback.

Happy to, I thought to myself. After all, they seemed to be working wonders. My penis was now over six inches and roughly three and a half inches in circumference. I hastily scribbled down my new dick size, in my newly-acquired, neater hand-writing, and mentioned the gentle throbbing, but assured there was no pain. I added a gracious thank-you and sent it off.

I neglected the parts where my chest had grown to the point where I appeared to have small tits and that my hips and ass had become much more curvaceous. Several times I caught myself admiring the way it looked in the mirror.

I still had no suspicion those changes were because of the pills, merely thinking I was finally seeing the effects of my workouts. With another glass of water, I gulped down the first pill for month four and sat down on the couch to watch sports center.

The end of month four brought some very noticeable changes and I started to get worried. I definitely had tits now, a small B-cup I guessed, that bounced uncomfortably when I ran. Out of necessity, I discretely ordered several sports bras online via a trial and error process until I finally got my size right.

As much as I hated to admit it, the provided much needed support and to a certain extent, felt rather good. I felt like I was constantly being hugged around xslot Giriş my chest, a feeling that I had rarely felt before. They also provided a soft cushioning for my now ultra-sensitive nipples and I was able to stop using the band-aids.

My ass had also continued to reshape and grow. Most of my jeans no longer fit and I had taken to wearing sweatpants and basketball shorts everywhere.

I also noticed that my hair was growing much faster, yet at the same time I was losing body hair, not that I had much to begin with. My pubic area and legs were now completely bare and just a trace of my armpit hair still remained. I didn’t mind this change as much, my skin felt much smoother than before. The hair on my head was now almost shoulder length again, and incredible feat since I had buzzed it again just before I had started taking the pills.

It was the last realization that I finally put everything together. All of these changes had started when I began taking the pills. I grabbed the pamphlet where I had left it on the kitchen counter and frantically searched for contact information. On the last page, Dr. Branson’s phone number was listed. I quickly fished my phone of my pocket and dialed the number.

On the third ring, a woman answered. “Thank you for calling Dr. Branson’s office. My name is Melanie, how may I help you?”

“Melanie, I need to speak with the doctor right away.” Shockingly, I hadn’t noticed that my voice had become softer. I hadn’t really talked to anyone for an extended period of time and just hadn’t noticed.

“What is the nature of your call, Miss…”

“MISTER!” I screamed into the phone. “My name is MISTER Jeff Powell and it’s regarding those Powerful Penis Pills.”

“Terribly sorry, sir. I’ll put you through right away.”

With that I heard a click and soft elevator music began to play. It did nothing to calm my anger.

After a minute or so, I heard another click and the music ended.

“Dr. Branson speaking, what can I do for you today Mr. Powell?”

“Your damn pills are turning me into a chick!”

“Excuse me, Mr. Powell, but I’m going to have to ask you to calm down…”

“Calm down?” I felt my blood boiling in my veins. “Your pills have given me tits!”

“Mr. Powell, please relax and just listen for a moment, can you do that?”

I took several deep breaths, but said nothing.

“Thank you, Mr. Powell, now please just listen. You have nothing to worry about. With all the hormonal changes your body is going through, it is perfectly natural for your body to try to balance those hormones in the only way it knows how. With the amount of testosterone you are taking in with our product, your body is trying to fix that imbalance by upping the amount of estrogen. Month six is specifically designed to right these changes.”

She took a deep breath and continued. “Now your frustration is entirely understandable but now I need you to understand something. This is our first human test trial the side effects were a bit more pronounced than we intended and for that I’m deeply apologetic, but I assure you month six will make everything right. I am more than willing to return your money if you are unhappy with our product at the culmination of the six month program. Is that acceptable, Mr. Powell?”

I was silent for several moments, still processing all of this new information. If month six was going to change me back to normal than there was certainly no reason why I shouldn’t finish the program.

“Mr. Powell? Are you still there?”

“Yes, yes I was just thinking. I guess that will be alright.” I hung up the phone and made my way into my bedroom. Slumping onto the bed, I grabbed the remote and turned on the TV hanging above my dresser. A re-run of How I Met Your Mother was on, but I paid little attention to it.

If I was going to be stuck like this for awhile, I might as well come to accept it. I’ll just be angry and frustrated the otherwise and that certainly isn’t healthy.

As I lay there on the bed, millions of thoughts were rushing through my head, straining to grab my full attention. I had always been more of a boob-guy than ass, but I had caught myself staring at the reflection of my ass more and more lately. And I had to admit that the sensitivity in my nipples wasn’t unpleasant, quite the opposite in fact. I just hadn’t been used to it.

I curiously ran my hands over my chest. A wonderful shudder passed through my body as I rubbed my nips through my cotton shirt. I hadn’t gone running yet today and wasn’t wearing a bra. My dick instantly began to stir in my shorts.

I hadn’t done any masturbating while I had been on the pills, fearful that it might interfere with what the pills were doing to my dick. But four months is a long time, especially for an eighteen-year-old with twice the amount of raging hormones going on inside.

There wasn’t much I could do as the need to drop a load overwhelmed me. I quickly ripped off my clothes and grabbed some Kleenex. I lay back xslot Güncel Giriş down in the bed and began to softly knead my breasts, paying extra attention to my super sensitive nipples. The pleasure seemed to shoot straight the tip of my hardening dick, and I began to knead harder.

I switched it up and began to tweak my nipples. My dick was now fully hard and begging for attention. While my left hand continued to play with it’s breast, my right hand seemed to guide itself down my abdomen. Another powerful shudder rocked my body as my hand glided over my now hairless pubic area. The smoothness was incredibly erotic and I stopped to explore the sensations I was receiving from the skin alone, not having touched my cock yet.

I pinched my nipple lightly, and immediately felt the beginning of an orgasm building in my now robin’s egg-sized testicles. Wanting to see if I could actually orgasm without touching my pole, I brought my right hand back to my other breast and mashed my tits together while simultaneously twisting each nipple.

My body violently bucked back and forth as wave after wave of pure pleasure swept through my body. Load after load of pent up cum exploded from the tip of my dick, splashing against my stomach, chest, and up into my face.

I couldn’t focus on anything; I just rode the wave of bliss. Finally, I started to come down off my sexual high and everything began to come back into perspective. I had just had the most incredible orgasm of my life and hadn’t even touched my penis. I chalked it up to the four months of withholding, but couldn’t help but wonder if it was the pills.

I opened my eyes and was instantly reminded that I was covered in my own cum. Some dripped off my chin and onto my soaked breasts. I let out an involuntary chuckle as I probably looked like I had just left a bukkake party.

With both of my hands, I wiped off my face and found that more than I had thought. Just from my face alone was more cum than I usually had when I had masturbated from before, not to mention the rest on my chest and abdomen.

It shimmered in my hands, reflecting off the sun shining in through the big bay window overlooking the beach. It looked almost like the hollandaise sauce my grandparent’s used to make with Eggs Benedict every Sunday. I had been my favorite meal…

I brought my hand to my mouth and like my index finger clean. So sweat… so salty… I had to have more. I greedily licked my hands clean, careful not to waste a single precious drop. A large pool had gathered on my stomach that I scooped up and eagerly gobbled it up. For the next five minutes I cleansed the cum from my body as best as I could, ingesting it all.

Much to my dismay, there wasn’t an endless supply of the delicious drink. I eyed my still rock hard cock, begging it for more. Several more drops oozed from my tip and they were instantly in my stomach, joining the rest of their brethren.

But I still hadn’t had enough. I wrapped my hand around my dick and began to furiously pump it into submission. It took maybe ten or twelve jerks before I felt my testicles begin to tighten when I was suddenly struck with an idea. I quickly released my throbbing monster and felt the building orgasm subside.

I half rolled backwards, forcing my feet into the air over my head. I lay on my shoulders and neck, legs spread so that my cock was pointed directly at my mouth. With flexibility I never knew I had, my body bent in such a way that my cock was incredibly close to my face.

Curious to get a taste, I stuck out my tongue and struck gold. I could barely lick the tip of my engorged head, but it was enough to send me over the edge once again. I opened my mouth wide and was rewarded with a second huge explosion of cum. Spurt after spurt hit the back of my throat and I was forced to swallow several times.

The jism I had missed dripped over my eyes and into my hair. Worried that any was going to go to waste, I let my feet fall back onto the mattress and quickly began recovering all of my spilt seed. I hungrily licked up the rest, sucking my fingers clean.

With a smile, I rolled over and looked out the window. A large, finger-like cloud drifted by, seemingly pointing at me. It suddenly hit me what I had just done. I had just gobbled up two insanely large loads of cum and even basically sucked my own dick! I shuddered in disgust. What the hell had come over me?

I raced to the bathroom and jumped in the shower. I furiously began to scrub every inch of my body clean, but when I got to my chest and nipples, I was instantly hard again. One part of me was totally repulsed at what I had done while another desperately wanted to do it again. It had felt and tasted so good, pleasure said to my mind. I’m not gay! Mind shouted at pleasure.

While the two were at war with each other, I was still scrubbing my breasts and my dick was roaring for attention. It’s need to be fulfilled soon overwhelmed me. I bent over as far as I could, just in time to catch the first strand that shot out from my throbbing cock. I couldn’t bend over as far as I had before, but I managed to catch a mouthful of my delicious spunk as another immensely powerful orgasm ripped through my body. Had it not been for the walls of the shower, I would’ve collapsed to the floor.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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