First Meet

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They had spoke for months via the computer and phone and had now decided to meet. He had arranged to meet her at the airport and waited anxiously watching for her to arrive. He looks at his watch and then at the flood of people coming towards Him. Searching for her face. He spots her and His heart skip’s a beat. He stand’s still and wait’s for her to come to Him.

Looking through the crowd she sees Him. Her heart race’s. Looking at His smile as T/their eyes meet. Moving quickly she find’s her bag and make’s her way to Him. Not caring who sees her she drop’s to her knee’s, placing her hand’s behind her back, and lowering her eye’s.

“Hello my little whore.” He slip’s his fingers through her hair. Lifting her head up to look deep in her eye’s. Looking at her kneeling as she had so many times for Him in His Cyber dungeon.

“Hello my Master. ” Letting His finger’s lift her chin and looking into His eye’s. He smile’s down at her and slip’s His hand into His pocket. He produce’s a butt plug and smile’s at her. He had told her what He wanted her to do as soon as she had agreed to visit Him.

He help’s her up and hand’s her the butt plug. He pick’s up her bag and follows her to the toilet’s. He leans forward and kissed her hard on her lip’s, smacking her ass lightly as she head’s off. He watch’s her and smile’s as she wiggle’s her ass at Him.

In the toilets she find’s an empty cubicle and enters. Lifting up her skirt she slip’s the butt plug along her wet pussy lip’s to lubricate it. Bending over and slipping in the butt plug, biting down on her bottom lip as her anus refuse’s it at first but she slowly tease’s it in. Slowly pushing it fully in she stands up and adjusts to the new sensation it brings to her body. Pulling down her skirt and making sure everything’s in place she flushes the chain and leaves the cubicle. Washes her hands and makes sure she looks good for Him she leaves the toilets to find Him waiting for her. Approaching Him she taps Him softly on the arm to tell Him she’s there.

“All ok My little whore? ” He asks as T/they head of to the car park. He notices her walking carefully and slowly. He directs her towards His car, placing her bag in the boot.

“Yes Master. Thank You Master for the gift .” Smiling across at Him as she carefully sits down. Feeling the butt plug push deeper inside her anus she lets out a soft moan. He watches the look of pleasure on her face.

He reach’s across and cup’s her breast’s in His hand’s. He let’s out a moan. He’s wanted to do that for ages, just touch them. He removes one hand and Bahis Sitesi moves it down to the zip on His trousers. His eyes never leave hers as He undoes the zip and takes His semi hard cock out. He watches her lower her eyes and lick her lips.

“Please Master may Your little whore suck Your cock? ” she begs. Wriggling slightly whilst she awaits His reply. Many times she has dreamed about pleasing Him with her mouth, her whole body.

” Yes my little whore you may.” He grab’s hold of a fistful of her hair and pull’s her head down to the tip of His hardening cock. He let’s out a moan as He feel’s her lips kiss the tip of His cock.

Feeling His fingers pulling at her hair she let’s out a moan and lowers her head and kisses His cock tip. Flicking her tongue all over the tip and down under the rim. Licking all over , slipping her tongue tip into the slit at the top. Moving her mouth over the tip , taking the rim in between her teeth and sucking the head letting her tongue flick all over. Hearing His moans and feeling Him lifting His hips up she start’s to suck her way down to the base of his cock. Sucking slowly , teasingly up to the tip flicking her tongue over the tip.

Glancing up at Him she slides her mouth tightly back down to the base taking Him deep into her throat, feeling His cock hit the back of her throat. Sucking her tight mouth up and down His thick cock shaft. Flicking her tongue all over, His cock throbbing in her mouth. Hearing His moans and feeling Him push up into her mouth she starts to suck faster. Taking His cock deep into her throat then sucking it back to the tip.

He lifts His hips up high fucking her tight mouth. Feeling her teeth graze over His shaft. He lets out a moan and pushes down on her head with His hand. Feeling His cock hitting the back of her throat as He pushes. He pulls on her hair harder as He fucks her mouth. Ramming His cock in and out as her teeth graze down His shaft. ” That’s it My lilwhore suck it good. Suck out all Your Masters cum ”

Hearing His words she sucks faster taking His cock deeper into her mouth. Feeling His cock throb in her mouth she tightens her mouth and continues to suck up and down. Reaching down she starts to stroke the base of his cock shaft. Sucking and wanking His cock, mouth tight on His shaft. Hearing His moans and encouragement to claim her prize. His cock throbbing and pulsing as she flicks her tongue all over His shaft.

“OHHH My lilwhore your Masters going to cummm” He gasps. Lifting up His hips higher as He starts to cum in her waiting mouth. Swallowing Bahis Siteleri eagerly His cum as it squirts into her mouth, still sucking wanting it all. Sucking faster to get every drop out. Feeling His fingers pull harder on her hair as He cum’ s. Flicking her tongue under His cock rim and in the slit making sure His cock is clean. Kissing His cock tip and straightening back up in her seat. Looking up at Him as she sits back. Leaning forward He kisses her on the lips hard.

Reaching down sliding His hand up her inner thigh. Stroking His fingers up to the top of her thighs. Feeling the softness of her pussy as she spreads her legs for Him. Trailing His finger tips along her pussy lips, feeling the wetness. Sliding his finger inside her pussy lips and up to her clit, rubbing over it lightly. Feeling her shudder and hearing her moans He slides His fingers down inside her pussy inserting just the tip. Pushing it in and out her wet pussy, sliding it in deeper each time. Slipping in another finger as He slides them in and out deeper. Lifting her hips up slightly to meet His fingers as they go deep inside her wet pussy.

Rubbing His thumb tip over her clit as His fingers thrust in and out. Hearing her moans He thrusts His fingers in deeper, harder feeling her pussy tighten on His fingers as she fucks them.

“Please Master, please may Your lilwhore cum?” she begs. Moaning and writhing as He rams His fingers in harder and deeper. The butt plug in her ass and her Masters fingers inside her wet pussy.

“Yes my sweet lilwhore you may cum” He thrusts His fingers in harder and deeper. Watching deep in her eyes as she cums for Him.

“Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh Masterrrrrrr .” Feeling her body shudder as she cums on His deep fingers. ” Ohhhhhh yesssssssss Masterrrrrr” Gasping for breathe, clenching her fists into a ball as her orgasm takes over her body.

The smile on His face and the look in His eyes was all she needed as she shivered and smiled up at Him. He withdraws His fingers and touches them to His lips. Opening His mouth and sucks on them. Letting out a moan as He tastes her cum for the first but definitely not the last time. Sucking His fingers clean He smiles down at her. He lowers His head and kisses her lips. Letting His tongue flick over her parting lips as hers flicks out to meet His.

The journey to His house is filled with small talk about life and her journey. Occasionally she looks out at the passing scenery. He stops the car and gets out. He opens her door and she slips out and smiles up at Him. He retrieves her Canlı Bahis Sitesi bag from the boot, taking her hand in His He guides her to the front door. He opens it and follows her inside.

As soon as He opens the door she steps inside and again drops to her knees before Him. Looking up at Him as she parts her knees slightly and slips her hands behind her straight back. Reaching down He strokes her hair as a big grin spreads over His face. Placing her bag on the floor beside her He starts to walk towards the bedroom, glancing back to see if she follows.

Watching Him start to move she moves onto her hands and knees and crawls behind Him. Following Him into the bedroom , as He stops she moves back to her kneeling position. Turning round to her He holds His hand out to help her up. Taking His hand she rises to her feet. Standing before Him she wonders what will happen next but trusts Him explicitly .

” My ept you have pleased Me no end today by your actions here and at the airport. I was going to wait for a day or two but have decided now is the right time.” He moves away from her and opens a bedside draw. Reaching inside He lifts out two packages. Turning to face her He hands her the larger one.

Looking at Him then at the package she carefully opens it, wondering what’s inside. Opening up the box she finds a black leather collar with a ‘D’ ring on it and attached is a black leather leash. Looking up at Him again then at the collar. A broad smile comes across her face.

” For me Master?” she asks as she lifts it out of the box. Trailing her fingers over the leather collar and leash.

” Yes my sweet ept for you. To wear for O/our playtime and when W/we are alone. ” He takes the collar from her hands and places it around her neck, letting the leash drop onto her breasts. ” Now my ept the other one” He hands her the other package.

Wondering what could be in this one she lifts a finger to trail over her new collar. It was all she had dreamed of since He collared her online. Carefully she opened the smaller package and gasped with surprise. Inside was a gold collar, exactly the same as he had described to her as He had collared her online. Tears pricked her eyes as she again looked up at Him. A few tears escaped from her eyes.

Smiling down at her ” This one is for when W/we are out in public my sweet ept. I want E/everyone to know you belong to Me. That I own every inch of you.”

Dropping onto her knees in front of Him she looks up at Him.

“You own every inch of me my Master. Every inch of me is Yours to use as You desire. From this day forth I will wear Your collar’s with pride and honour Master.”

Taking the leash into His hand He takes her to the dungeon He has created for T/their pleasure. He knows that for the rest of her stay T/they will spend many hours in here.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32