Finding a Lost Puppy Ch. 11

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Morning came with a banging jolt as a heavy thunderstorm belted its way outside. I had a disturbing uneasy sleep but felt rested as I laid there letting myself awaken slowly in his arms. He was right in teaching me the ways of my bad habits, I would need to pay attention to his tutelage. I remembered the unsettling dream, I was on that cliff hanging on for dear life from the orgasm I wanted so desperately. When he told be to cum, I howled like a banshee in heat and let it wash over me. So much more satisfying and draining as my soul seemed to be part of it. I understood what he was trying to tell me. My pussy was actually on high alert this morning already, the dream I reasoned. I was actually in a high sexual state last night but died with his teaching. He had done it on purpose to make me more understanding and build my wanting desire. He had every right as I am his desirous thrall. Hell with desirous thrall, I was his sex slave and toy through and through.

Now I know why the Master was always awakened with a blow job to start the day. To show Master, he had done a wonderful job caring for his slave the day before. I wanted to do it, not as a responsibly, to show my love and a start to another glorious day. I didn’t even hesitate, it laid flaccid as I pulled the covers down enough to see. I licked my lips and probed with my tongue. It took time as I kissed, licked and sucked it like a straw to make it harden. I remembered what he taught me last night, don’t rush and let it build. It had to be the same with a man didn’t it? At least one that could control their sexual emotions. My thoughts and actions led to my pussy burning with desire, that is what he wanted and I felt his reasoning. Normally I would have had my fingers relieving that need already instead of letting it mount. I kept up with my mouth pleasuring his need and not mine not realizing what I was doing. I was partially in another place as I sucked his cock slowly. I was so much into the pleasure I didn’t even know my lips were pressed against his sac and I hadn’t gagged. That is until I felt the head of his cock engorge, I knew what was coming and slid back enough so I wouldn’t choke or gag and let the yummy spurts erupt into my mouth drinking it all down. Not losing a drop and made sure his cock was empty.

I was on that cliff, ready once again for that swan dive I knew was not coming. It was a rush I had never felt. I could feel the hot wetness between my legs and the unrelenting fury in my loins. I rolled over wanting so desperately, wanting my fingers in my snatch to feel the pleasure, my legs spread, hips bucking in the air. I steeled myself not to do it, I wanted to calm down and stay that way for him. I didn’t even feel him move as I was lost on myself not wanting to dive off that cliff, to remain there enjoying that pleasure, the one of need, want and desire. Then I felt the hard stinging slap to my pussy through the tight thin materiel of my shorts and soaked panties. I screamed in pleasure but still stayed on that cliff, though prepared to dive any second. My hips bucking wildly and my back arched. He slapped me again and pinched my sore nipple that drove me further down the path.

“Cum for me Snoopie.” He ordered. The order pierced my wanton revery and I dove off that cliff and splashed into the sea of dreams. I screamed in pleasure as wave after wave of tingling sensations swept through my body. Flailing as if I was drowning, my back arched as far as it could go with my pussy in the air so much my back started hurting. I crashed back onto the bed, the tingling still running rampant through my body thoroughly exhausted by the ride of my life, breathing and panting hard. I opened my eyes to see my Master smiling at me.

“I see you understood and took my observation to heart Snoopie. Wasn’t that much more enjoyable? He asked knowingly with that soothing lilt of his.

All I could do was nod my head yes. I couldn’t believe the joy in my heart. I wondered what it would have felt like with his cock in my cunt. I knew that was coming sooner or later, more sooner I hoped.

“Did you enjoy your morning blow job Master?” I asked not caring about my own pleasure.

“Yes Snoopie. Very much so. You learned quickly though I am not sure how after last nights episode.” He praised me.

“I was focused on your pleasure and mine swelled as a result, Master. I got lost in both at the same time but a piece of me remained focused on your pleasure and knew what was going to happen and when. I succeeded without thought to myself.” I analyzed what happened.

“What about your pleasure Snoopie?” He asked again.

“It wasn’t about mine, yours Master. I would have ridden that feeling all day if necessary as you were right. The feeling might drive me insane without relief at some point however.” I replied truthfully.

He just smiled and winked at me.

“Come Snoopie. We need a shower as we have work to do yet and it won’t be easy as I am still afraid.” He ordered.

The wig had come off sometime during the mornings battle. I stripped and joined him in the bathroom. I would need to wash my things this morning as they were soaked with my juices Betturkey and sweat. I am glad the bathroom has a double sink. He treated me like a queen once again this morning. I wore white this morning as I had Madonna going through my head, touched like a virgin for the very first time. It was very fitting I decided.

He put on more classical music but sounded more like rock opera than the soft sweet melodies of last night while I fixed breakfast. I was dancing and swaying to the beat of the music as I fixed eggs, bacon and toast. So much better than going out to eat. I delivered the plates of food and then the orange juice. After I had done it, I thought I should have brought his food then mine instead, I had already brought the coffee. I was displeased with myself and sort of grrred. He heard me and knew I had made a mistake and realized it myself and didn’t say a word. Before I seated myself however, he grabbed my leash and rose to his feet and led me toward the door.

“On all fours Snoopie.” He commanded. I did as he ordered not knowing what was going on.

“Snoopie, the paper is at the door. I need it first thing every morning. This is to remind you of that.” He gave me a standing order.

I didn’t even think about how I was dressed as he opened the door with my tits on display to anybody that might be there. The paper was there and he wanted me to retrieve it like a dog I figured out. Of course it was too big to put in my mouth. I picked up the paper and he guided me back to the table where he reseated himself and I presented him with the paper. Tomorrow morning I would do that first so I didn’t have to crawl like a dog, humiliation was a key in learning I discovered. We enjoyed our breakfast after that as he read the paper and ate. He praised me for my cooking ability and that made me blush with joy.

We then went to the spare bedroom to continue with the work. He put together a spanking horse that looked like he had built himself. That was the final piece in the long crate. He opened the next crate and removed three bundles, some long, some short and set them to the side. There were three cabinets which he mounted on the wall, he open the cabinets which were lined in red velvet and had several hooks. I looked on in rapt attention until he unraveled the bundles and began placing the contents in the cabinets. First, were menacing whips including a long bull that he wrapped around the inside of the longest case in the middle first, then the others. Then several floggers of varying shapes, sizes and lengths. The last were several crops that to me seemed almost the same. Several things went thru me at the same time, joy, apprehension and fear. I knew what my fans could do if I made a mistake like the last time. I wanted this at the same time and knew I could trust Master. I also knew what could happen if I didn’t pay attention or he made a mistake.

Now I understood his fear, he didn’t know me or my boundaries and was worried that he would treat me like her by accident. I would have to be understanding and stoic at the same time I realized. I couldn’t let his fear and mine ruin us. He came to the last crate, the smallest of the three, and he hesitated, crying once again.

“I don’t know why I kept most of this. Some of it needs to be thrown away and replaced at a minimum.” He cried out in tears.

I had to hold and sooth him, kissing away the tears until he calmed down. Everything had been meticulously wrapped. Several items that looked like they could be framed pictures were on top about twenty in all. Next was a pure white silk gown wrapped in plastic. I hung it in the closet for him as he started crying once again. I couldn’t figure out the relevance until I hung it in the closet, it was her wedding gown, simple elegance for a special ceremony. No wonder he had problems and wanted my free input, the loving memories of his past to haunt him. I had no clue as what to say or do that would help, even with me understanding the pain and anguish he was going through.

Next was a white silk robe with a dragon pattern of red, blue, brown and green with a hungry glaring look. I hung this in the closet next to the gown. That dragon almost made me start weeping as well as I understood its meaning all too well. I let him keep crying as that was the only way he could let his pain out I decided. Then four picture albums I decided that I placed with the others. I imagined they contained their life together. The remainder, he was right, needed to be thrown away. The contents of the dresser that was against the other wall. Several gags, collars and cuffs that looked well used and a few well worn from use. Many vibrators, plugs and balls as well as cleaning supplies, old and expired. Then came the clamps, these were serviceable, some cheap and some very expensive, weights and thin chains. These I decided we should keep. I figured out that is why he wanted me there and free to act. He was a distraught mess and allowed me to take charge of the situation and help him the only way I knew how. He knew my snooping tendencies and I would have delved into it sooner or later no matter what.

I started unwrapping Betturkey Giriş the pictures, he tried to stop me but I continued after a tug of war. The first was a closeup picture of her holding a single rose in her wedding gown, her finger pricked by a thorn on purpose as the blood ran down the green stem. Her hair was coal black, though it looked like a wig. The next was another wedding picture, her in her gown Master in black leather pants shirtless. They were holding her collar passing it through the fire of hell, the tag etched prominently, MY WIFE. The next was the leash she bestowed upon him, frozen in ice while the flames melted its confines. The next was them kissing passionately, her with the collar and leash on as he lovingly held it. I started my crying as I held him. So beautiful, how could I even come close to measuring up. I thought of the one wig, the raven black one, it was almost the same as hers. He warned me that it might look like he was making me into her image, the thought made me smile as the words I told him gave me comfort and the resilience to continue.

There were several pictures of her in different poses, head shots mostly, she had a sexy and alluring face I must admit and always wore a wig I am sure. There were several of them together as one would imagine. One of her in a sexy leather dress and six inch heels that looked like one of those special beauty shots. It was remarkable, if I didn’t know better we could have been sisters though her tits were a bit bigger, large B or small C maybe. Then came the pictures of her naked in the suspension frame. Her pierced nipples and breasts stretched by a thin chain barely discernible, the breasts themselves reddened, light red marked welts across her stomach but an infectious lip licking smile on her face is the one I loved the most. All of these mentioned needed to be hung on the wall as a salute to one he loved so dearly, not hidden away in a box in a back room. I would soon join that wall with our own pictures. I was sure of that as I had promised.

He sat there, wiping the tears from his eyes and face, idly watching as I hung the pictures on the remaining wall with care. I centered the beauty shot and placed the wedding photos around it. I found a picture of them that looked like a prom photo, then circled that with pictures they had become with the remaining best framed pictures. I took a long look at the prom photo as it seemed like her natural hair, a light brown. It seemed like she had cheap extensions added to cover up bald spots, it made me realize he knew about problem hair as she had some kind of disease. That was the reason for all the wigs he bought me. Him wanting my nipples pierced, though I didn’t have the guts to do it myself. I thought it funny there were no pictures of her in PVC. That is when I started going through the photo albums. Picture upon picture of them together and with friends thru the years, she was always in her favorite wear and sometimes leather. I figured out the beauty shot must have been a present for him. The only other memento was the rose that still had the blood streaked stem that was somehow preserved and encased in solid glass that I centered on the dresser. Maybe it wasn’t real but sure looked lifelike, I couldn’t tell. I also placed the photo albums on the dresser as they had a place in his heart as well as mine.

We were done except for removing all the trash. He was better, composed and even smiling at me like a kid. I had held my promise, though I didn’t need to say a word. He let me do what I thought was absolutely necessary. A thought came to mind however about the robe and a picture.

“Master, though I know I can speak freely. This desirous thrall has two requests if it wouldn’t burden you?” I asked. He looked at me lovingly with those dark brown eyes that make me swoon.

“Yes, my loving Snoopie. What is your desire?” He asked with awe in his voice.

“One, I want a beauty shot picture in the outfit I wore the first night to hang on the wall with my public collar. Second, I beg of you to allow me permission to wear the dragon robe in this room, I know that is what it is meant for. The wedding gown I would never touch under any circumstances, I know what it meant to the two of you. Someday, I want that, but I will have my own, my way.” I asked hardened in my own words.

“I agree to those simple demands Snoopie.” He said lovingly.

I could see the surprise in his eyes of my simple requests. He stacked the crates not checking the rest for contents as he knew everything was removed that meant anything and everything. We kissed and hugged passionately, then left the room. He locked it behind him as I went to make us some lunch. I opened a bottle of wine to celebrate as I thought it was the right thing to do. The guest buzzer sounded while I was fixing things, Master answered it. A few minutes later there was a knock at the door and Master answered it. I was surprised he didn’t have me with him to greet the guest. I set his sandwich on the table along with the wine. He was talking to an older gentleman I did not know. Master had a bag in his hand. I went and got Betturkey Güncel Giriş my food and placed it on the table and stood there waiting. The man was gone by this time.

“Snoopie, come here.” I walked over slowly wondering why he wanted me at the door. He took a jewelry box out of the bag. Opened it and removed its contents. He slid a ring over my middle finger then locked a bracelet around my wrist with a dainty chain connecting the two in chrome. He did the same with my other hand. It locked somewhat tight and caught my wrist bone so it wouldn’t move forward and the chain kept it from sliding back too far. I had full range of motion so it wouldn’t get too tight or too loose. They were beautiful to say the least. I gave him a happy kiss and went to my knees.

I wondered if I had to give him two blow jobs for this present. I just smiled at the thought as I got his pants down. I gave him another slow loving present in return savoring my actions as I went. I don’t know what overcame me as I grabbed his hips and pounded myself on his cock with abandon. It didn’t take long after that as his cock head grew, I wanted to know and now was the time. I impaled my mouth on his cock and let him squirt down my throat, stream after stream. He didn’t force me or nothing and I made sure he was empty before retreating and catching my breath. He fell to his knees kissing me forcibly several times. I knew I had beat several of my fears today and his also. I was turned on and it felt great as I let my pussy stew and simmer. I knew they were for public display but I didn’t want to take them off just yet as he handed me the boxes. We sat down and ate as I admired my new gifts with pride. He just smiled that knowing smile. I took them off and put them with my collar before I cleaned the dishes and took care of yesterdays clothes as they had dried. I cleared the table and did the dishes in no time and we had another glass of wine.

“Snoopie, the next delivery will be different. I was going to surprise you but you earned the reward of knowing. You will only do this when I order and I am present or give you specific orders to do so. The stylist will be delivering your wigs, you will pleasure her as she pleasured you.” He ordered.

Oh boy, more rules to follow. Something I have only done once and I didn’t enjoy the affair. This could be good or bad depending on me, I had to make Master proud of me. I took a large gulp of wine hoping it would help calm my nerves. He also told me I had to get my apartment in order as a moving company would be there on Wednesday morning to pick up my things. That shouldn’t be hard as I only need to dispose of my now useless homemade toys and gather a few other things up that I wouldn’t want them seeing. It wouldn’t take long, and neither would the move. I was actually happy and in a better mood.

It was two hours later when Madame Dane showed up with the heads and wigs. I was at the door of course with Master holding my leash. I was ordered to take the wigs and put them up. She was wearing a black corset and short black leather flowing skirt with five inch heels with a one inch platform and a dark red neon wig. I placed them on a shelf in my portion of the closet, I decided to change into the shorter blonde wig. I had thought about the neon blue but it seemed to clash. I also changed into my public collar, leash and ring bracelets. I checked my makeup and added red lipstick to match my nails. I wanted to look immaculate for myself and hopefully Master would agree with my choice even though it broke the rules.

Madame Dane and Master were sitting on the sofa chatting and drinking a glass of wine when I returned.

“Holy Fuck, she is absolutely delectable!” Madame Dane commented upon seeing me. I was proud of myself that I had done the right thing in her eyes at least. Master looked at me with raised eyebrows and smiled.

“Thank you Madame Dane. More wine, cheese, fruit?” I replied and asked graciously.

“I changed my mind Master Green, I would dearly love this beauty to eat me.” Madame Dane stated. I looked at my Master to see if he would order. The nod of his head was enough of an order.

“As my Master desires Madame.” I stated with growing confidence.

I didn’t hesitate since I didn’t want to disappoint Master and literally fell to my task. She had already gotten into position for me with her legs spread and scooted near the edge of the couch. She was wet with desire, I believe from my doing. She had her clit hood pierced along with a ring in each lip with a little bell on all three. I licked her like I thought I would enjoy along with pulling her piercings every now and then. All our bells seemed to chime in unison. Sucking her clit piercing in my mouth made it easy for my tongue to tease her clit. I probed her depths and tasted her tasty treat as I remembered the horrible taste from the last episode. She was different, sweet like honey with the hint of cherry. It made me probe harder and lick with abandon. I felt her starting to tense and her breathing rapidly increased. I attacked her clit then stuck two fingers deep inside her slowly, then finger fucked her trying to hit her G-spot. She quickly started bucking and held my head with both hands. Her legs tightened around my head while I heard her muffled screams as her body arched, pulling my head with her. I kept lapping her creamy juices as she calmed down to the limp state still wiggling. She finally had to pull me away.

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