Mesmerized Ch. 01

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Special thanks to J ForNever for editing my little story even though she was sick THANK YOU!

Chapter 1: Wow

I have always been attracted to older black women. Especially those who were passionate about something. That is why when I first saw Reverend Bianca D Rosen at the Christ our Redeemer Temple of Faith in Southern Alabama, I was mesmerized.

As she stood at the pulpit expressing how disappointed she was about the Churches communities lack of involvement outside the Lord’s temple, I could only stare. She had a tiny button nose, narrow expressive eyes that turned into slits when she smiled and pearly white teeth with two dimples on her cheeks. She had long dread locks swayed from back and forth as she outstretched her arms emphasizing her point.

From the pulpit she emitted power, determination, hope, promises, and (to me) sexiness. I could not keep my eyes off of her. Every step she took, every jump, every scream, every movement she made I made a mental note of it. And whenever she looked in my direction, I would imagine that she could see only me, and was talking directly to me.

In short, I needed to meet this magnificent woman. I wanted to know everything about her, what drove her into becoming a preacher, what was her childhood like, when did she convert to god, what was her favorite color, if you could have been anything other than a preacher would you, I wanted to know EVERYTHING. But I had a problem, I am extremely shy to women I was attracted to. I could never muster up the courage to speak to them so instead I would just monitor their movements and see how they would behave from afar; can you guess what degree I’m studying?

I have just completed my first year in college at University of Alabama within the field of psychology and was currently staying at my mother’s apartment because I did not feel like paying rent. I was working two jobs at the time to pay for my college fees when my mother invited me to her church. I would consider my faith being moderately serious because I feared that I would not be able to have as much fun that I hope in the future I would eventually experience. Within University I did go to church every Sunday, and bible study right after as well as on Wednesday and Thursday. I convinced myself that if I became closer with God that maybe I could be a door man or something because of my sexuality (heterosexuals get all the fun).

So as I watched the pastor from the pews my mind would sometimes drift into sinful territory about sexual acts within the church while no one was there. Like me being on top of her, both naked laying down in one of the pews, she would be grabbing my Mohawk in a death grip as I would slowly lick the shallows of her collar bone as my hand would just as slowly descend down her body and softly stroke her pussy. My breath began to quicken as I would imagine how wet she would be as well as the sounds that she would make as my long fingers would enter her and softly stroke her pearls. Mmmm I could imagine…

“Imani, are you alright?” My mother has a habit of grabbing my wrist and apparently she felt my pulse quicken. In a panic I quickly snatched it away and smiled at her.

“Yeah I’m alright” I assured her as I looked back at the pastor and continued “It’s just that this pastor is so passionate compare to the one back in Uni. It’s like I can feel her love and devotion to God as I sit here and her urgency to have her members commit…. It’s remarkable, beautiful even” Crap, I looked back at my mother as she looked back at me in confusion.

I have yet to tell my mother about my feelings for the same sex so me referring to a women as beautiful might have seemed a bit strange, but then she turned her head back to the pastor and mumbled “must be a poetry thing”.

I sighed in relief.

Chapter 2: Getting to know you, getting to know all about you~

It was finally mecidiyeköy escort the end of church when I got up determined to meet the pastor, but every step that I took made me more nervous. What if she doesn’t like me? What if she thinks I’m just a child, what if she thinks that I am weird? Before I could even get face to face with the pastor I got cold feet and backed out.

At home I did an hour worth of research on Bianca to see what I was getting into. Turns out there was nothing. No Facebook, Instagram, twitter, snapchat, or Beebo. I could not find anything that would lead me to believe that I have a chance with this woman. Even when I looked upon the churches website, there was nothing indicating that she was married or ever has been, which was a good thing. I ended my search watching videos of her preaching noting the outfits that she wore as well as the different hairstyles she used and became once again, mesmerized.


I could not get the women out of my head, I had to see her, I had to talk to her somehow.

Bible study was on Wednesday at 7:00pm and I was there with my mother’s boyfriend’s son hopping not to be seen with the boy in the assumption that I might be his mother.

“Excuse me…”

Said a voice to my left and my heart instantly dropped. It was Bianca wearing a black women’s suit with a white top underneath. Her dreads hanged loosely down her back as she leaned into our pew.

“Our sessions get a bit intense here but we do have a children’s church for your son.” She stated in that deep breathy voice of hers that still had enough feminine vibrations that you could still tell that it was a woman without looking.

When she spoke to me I practically jumped out of my skin. This was the last thing I wanted her to assume about me but before I could correct her I was up on my feet and grabbed the boy’s shoulders.

“Where?” I asked in a high pitched voice.

“Just out of the sanctuary into the rooms that says children’s church, I could show you if you want me to….” She offered but I shook my head, thanked her, and quickly ushered the boy out of the sanctuary.

I fucked up, not only will she think that I have a kid but also that I am was a weirdo! I wanted to cry out my frustration but I had a ten-year-old who needed to go to bible study. That is when I began got angry, it is biologically impossible for me to have a ten-year-old son if I was only nineteen. Yes, I do have the body of a 24-year-old, me standing about 5’10, hour glass figure which I usually kept hidden under baggy clothes, and an ass that would make Jennifer Lopez’s look like soiled pancakes, but still! My youthful features such as my expressive hazel eyes, my innocent gap toothed smile (it is I tell you), and my bleached blond Mohawk should tip off that I’m not really on the 20 and up wagon yet.

Once I got the boy to children’s church I quickly went back into the main sanctuary and took a seat in the very back. The soloist singer was singing, “blessed are we” while my eyes followed the pastor’s movements for she sat 8 pews ahead of me and was clapping.

My mind wandered again into sin but this time instead of the pews we were in a bed and I was spooning her from behind while one of my hands were between her thighs, patently stroking her petals. She would mumble “Mmmm that feels good” as my tongue would lazily slide up and down her neck while sometimes nibbling her ears. I would make a slow entrance with two fingers and she would gasp at first, but then she would grind her hips to my fingers with more gusto. I would whisper “do you want more?” in her ear, already knowing the answer but loving teasing her. She would say “Oh please Imani, fuck me with those fingers har-” and before I knew it the pastor was up talking about disciplining children.

Her eyes roamed around the room and would briefly settle on mine but then she şişli escort would move back. This means that she notices me! Because you’re an idiot, my mind commented as I thought back at our first encounter. I sighed depressed as my phone began to ring, I quickly grabbed and left in a panic. Outside once again it was my mother to assure that I was still at bible study because she wanted to join after she gets her nails done. Angrily I told her yes and hanged up on her mid-sentence as I walked back in the sanctuary. When I came back the pastor looked at me and I mouthed “I’m sorry” and quickly sat back down. She just smiled and continued on with her sermon as my desire to know her grew and grew.

Chapter 3: Finally getting to meet her

It was Sunday and I had made mind to join the church which really did not make any sense because I had to go back to school in August but due to my research I learned that if I were to join the church I have to spend 20 minutes in the pastor’s office for a talk. When I learned this my heart swooned for the opportunity.20 minutes, alone, with the pastor! Who would not want to be in the same room, breath the same air, talk directly to the one and only Bianca D Rosen?

So on this Sunday I was happy and excited. I was wearing a pink and white buttoned down long sleeve floral shirt with white pants and white sandals (Yo, size 12 feet does not fit in heels). I was dancing smiling and praying through the whole service, my whole being vibrated with excitement because I knew that I was going to meet with the pastor.


Service was finally coming to an end when the pastor asked the question “Was anybody looking for a church home?” Before she could finish the sentence I was running down the aisle with a 1000 watt smile on my face, looking like I just won the lottery.

As the church clapped for me my eyes only sought out Bianca’s who was looking straight at me smiling. My heart skipped a beat as she came closer with arms outstretched for a hug which I gladly accepted but with closed fist because I knew my hands wanted to roam. In her arms I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Vanilla was the scent that greeted my nostrils as I took in the scent of her and almost made me delirious with lust. It was much to short when she moved out of my arms and went to the others that decided to join the church the same day. But I didn’t mind; I was going to have a 1 on 1 with the pastor, me and her, alone, in the room in a few moments

Come to find out after service I was going to have to make an appointment to meet her which was slightly disappointing and more frustrating when the assistant won’t even pick up the phone! After a week of running up my phone bill I finally got through and had booked an appointment on the following Thursday. I screamed in excitement as I rushed out the door to buy new clothes. Going to the mall I told myself this is a do or die situation and I needed to stage this thing right or I will never know this woman in the intimate setting that I wish. That means something daring, something sexy, and something mature. That day I bought a new pair of black jeans, as well as black and gold collared shirt. I bought new stud earrings, lipstick, rings, shoes, underwear, bra, and Victoria Secret’s temptation perfume.

It was Thursday when I knocked on Bianca’s office door. I just bleached my used to be blond Mohawk into white and I felt confident! But the moment that I heard her say come in it drained away in an instant. When I walked in Bianca was wearing a Crimson Tide jersey with a pair of jeans. As I approached her huge oak desk she greeted me with another one of her beautiful smiles while I returned it with a nervous one.

“Welcome to the Christ our Redeemer Temple of Faith Imani.” She said as she stood with an out stretched hand.

I firmly took and shook it but quickly let it go when I realized taksim escort that my hands were sweaty.

“Thank you for having me.” I replied nervously taking a seat.

“Well Imani, tell me about yourself.” She said calmly as she folded her hands on her desk and leaned back looking at me.

“Well, I’m currently attending Alabama University pursuing a degree in psychology so that I can work with women that has been affected by spousal abuse as well as homosexuals that are struggling with their identity.” As I spoke my confidence returned because she wasn’t looking at me but a paper she was writing. When I mentioned homosexuals she briefly paused but continued to write, this time with a hint of a smile.

“That is very interesting, what led you to that degree field?” She asked looking in my eyes with so much intensity that I had to look away.

“Well, I just love people and I don’t think that feeling is reciprocated enough. Especially with those who like the same sex.” I looked into her eyes again “Right now they are hurting the most because of the shooting in Orlando as well as the day by day discrimination they experience and I think that it is disrespectful that most churches openly humiliate gay people because it goes against the bible.” I paused and tilted my head in question “does your church do that because if so I will have to take back my request to.” I ended sternly still looking into Bianca’s eyes.

Bianca did not respond for a long time and I started to assume that she was not going to answer, which pissed me off. I might be going gaga over you but if you cannot except the person that I am I would never be able to look at you the same.

But then she did something that I would have never expected, she laughed. She laughed long and hearty to the point where she had tears in her eyes.

“My, my, my, how old are you again? You sound way very mature for a 19-year-old.” She said smiling whipping her tears, while I sighed in relief.

“You don’t have to worry about that Imani, here at Christ our Redeemer Temple of Faith we are open to all those who believe in God despite their sexuality. Here we believe in love that our father has shared with us and try to share it throughout the community as well as within the church.”

“Phew that’s a relief because if it wasn’t I would have had to leave.”

“I can see that you are very passionate about homosexuality, which I understand because of your age but I hope that you have the same passion as you grow older.” She ended while writing something down.

I tilted my head in question and before I could stop myself “why would I lose something that is a part of me?”. Oh shit, I just practically admitted I was gay.

“Well,” she paused in her writing and looked at me “as you get older, sometimes your values will change and-

“That will not happen.” I said staring in her eyes more intently then before. “When I make up my mind about someone, it is not a passing fancy. It is real and it is something that I care about, therefore making it important to me.”

Bianca paused again looking back with an unreadable expression until a bell rang.

“Well Ms. Williams that’s our timer it was a pleasure talking to you.” She stood and outstretched her arm and I did the same and there was a strange zap of electricity that was exchanged between us, that wasn’t there before. I looked in her eyes, wondering if she felt the same thing, and the smile that she had confirmed it. I took my hand back before I did something stupid to break the moment.

“It was nice talking to you to Pastor.” I said turning towards the door,

“Ms. Williams?”

I turned around and saw the pastor was still standing.

“I was wondering if you were doing something tomorrow so we can discuss some new projects that will benefit those who need the most love you were talking.”

I beamed, maybe I do have a chance!

“Yes, I will be happy to join you to disgust the church.” And to know more about you.

To be continued

Comment please, would love feedback as well as suggestions for part 2~ And this is my first story so be gentle.

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