Lesbian First

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I hung up the phone, totally numb. I had just called Jeff to tell him I couldn’t come home this weekend because I had a big exam to study for, and we wound getting into an argument, which culminated with him breaking up with me on the phone. I started crying hysterically, and couldn’t seem to catch my breath. I thought Jeff and I would be together forever, but he just told me not to bother coming home for him, because he didn’t want to see me anymore.

I grabbed the phone to call him back, and got a busy signal. I slammed the phone down, and then called my friend Rebecca. I had just met her since I had come to college, but we had quickly become close friends, telling each other things we didn’t tell anyone else. For instance, she told me she was a lesbian, and didn’t want anyone in her sorority to know. She was afraid of the gossip, and of maybe even being kicked out.

Becca answered, and through the sobs, I told her what happened. She said she would be right over, and to just try to relax and calm down. I sat there numb, but it didn’t seem like two minutes later, when Becca knocked on my dorm room door. I let her in, and she gave me a big hug, and let me cry on her shoulder. She guided me back to my bed, where she just stroked my hair, and rocked me slowly while I cried my heart out.

When I finally stopped crying, Becca asked me if I wanted to stay at her house for a few days. I’d been there several times, and the sisters all seemed to like me. She said she was sure they wouldn’t mind considering the circumstances. She said one of the main things sororities are for is support. I nodded my head ok, and she started packing my backpack with my books, and she folded some clothes into my laundry basket.

When she was done, she led me to her car, and put the basket and backpack in the hatchback. She drove to the Alpha Gamma Delta house, and walked me right up to her room. We weren’t there five minutes when one of the other sisters poked her head in the window, took one look at me, and asked what was wrong. Becca told her what happened, and she sat down beside me on the spare bed in Becca’s room, and gave me a hug.

About that time, Kim, the president of the chapter walked by, and then came in. Of course she wanted to know what was going on, and Becca told her the story. She told Becca that was tough, and sounded sympathetic, but that I couldn’t stay here because the chapter was currently suspended. (There was a problem with a black pledge being voted down, and another sister, Allison, who was about to be kicked out anyway, made racial charges) Anyway, she said they couldn’t risk someone thinking that this was recruiting, because they would revoke the sorority’s chapter.

Becca argued with her for a few minutes, before they took it out of the room. Stacy, the girl who was sitting next to me, just kept holding me, and saying that whatever happened, things would work out, and that she was here for me if I wanted to talk. Becca came back in, and said that we can’t stay, but that she would stay with me in my room instead. I nodded my head. I really didn’t want to stay there right then anyway. Becca grabbed a bag out of the bathroom that had all her toiletries in it, and then packed a small suitcase throwing the bag inside with her clothes. She didn’t bother to pack her books. She said she would just drop by tomorrow to pick them up before class. We walked downstairs, and out the door, with me carrying my bag and basket, Becca carrying her Esenyurt Escort suitcase. She walked right by Kim, and didn’t even look at her. We got in her car, and headed back to my dorm. Becca was mad, and said that Kim was just being a bitch for no reason. I nodded because she was like that a lot.

My dorm isn’t near as nice as her sorority house. For one thing, there are no private bathrooms. There are two per floor, with showers on one end, and stalls on the other. No real privacy at all. One benefit, though was that there is two beds per room. My roommate Jessie only came by once or twice a week to get mail, and stuff. We had been close in high school, but now I rarely saw her. She really lives with her boyfriend off campus. Her parents would have a cow if they knew. The only time she stays here is the rare cases when they visited. I had only seen them here three times, and once was when they dropped her off.

I dropped my books and basket of clothes on the floor and sat back on the couch. I was less upset now, and more mad. I wanted revenge. I just didn’t see anyway of getting it, and that made me even angrier. I jumped back up, and started picking up the few things I had placed on Jessie’s bed, and noticed it was still made from over a month ago, the last time Jessie slept here. I told Becca she could sleep there, and she stopped to look over at me. There was a look in her eye that I didn’t understand at the time, but I think now that she knew even then that she wasn’t going to end up sleeping there that night.

I sat down on the spare bed, and took my pumps off. Becca opened up her suitcase, and pulled out a bottle of Jack Daniels. Becca and I had spent several evenings getting drunk, and listening to music in my dorm, and I always had Cokes anyway. Becca got a Coke out of the small fridge I have in my room, and made two drinks. She stuck the bottle in the fridge with the Cokes, and other junk food, and then walked over, and sat next to me, handing me one of the glasses. I took a drink and I’m sure I immediately made a face. I never made them that strong for myself, but right now I was in the mood to get pissed drunk. I turned up the glass again, and took another big swallow. It didn’t seem so strong that time. Becca and me spent the next hour drinking, and talking about anything BUT the topic that was on both our minds.

At the same time, we both realized we had to pee, so we both pretty much staggered to the bathrooms, arm in arm, laughing about anything and everything. The communal bathrooms, which thankfully were closer to my room than the showers were, still seemed miles away. I’m not sure I could have walked to the shower side of the floor in my condition, and I knew I could drink more than Becca. We sat down in adjoining stalls, and tried to make each other laugh by making funny noises. For some reason being drunk was funnier than normal. Maybe it was just that we had blown off some steam by pounding drinks, but I felt more relaxed. We made it back to the room, and tumbled onto my bed, still laughing.

Becca leaned against me and said “What are you gonna do now? Are you going to try to get him back?”

I looked her in the eye, and she was looking directly into mine. Like I said before, I knew she was a lesbian. I was probably the only one she had told here. I broke eye contact, and looked at the drink I was holding on my lap. “There’s no way that’s gonna happen. He made that perfectly clear!” I İstanbul Escort started to tear up again, and Becca put an arm around me, pulling me up against her in a hug.

She kissed me on the forehead, and I turned my head up, just as she was going to kiss my forehead again. Our faces were right up against each other, and she kissed me very softly on the lips, almost a brush, the kind you barely feel. I looked at her, and she looked at me. My heart started beating really fast and hard, and I knew that I was at a real moment of decision. If I pulled away now, there would be this awkward moment, and then we’d have this thing between us. I could tell she was a little afraid too. We were really each other’s only real friend here. Maybe it was the alcohol, maybe it was still being mad at men in general right then, maybe it was just needing someone, but I remember leaning forward, closing my eyes, giving her an open invitation to kiss me again. She did, just a little harder than last time, still very light and gentle. That lasted for maybe five endless seconds, but then as if there was some unspoken agreement, we put our arms around each other and began to kiss in earnest, exploring each other’s lips with our own.

We sat there making out for I don’t know how long, before I pulled away. Becca looked at me like she was afraid I would stop. Her look changed to anticipation as I began pulling my t-shirt over my head. I dropped it on the floor, and reached back to undo my bra.

“Let me do that for you,” Becca said with a little quiver in her voice. I think she was as scared as I was, but I was way past the point of stopping now. She was and is a really good kisser. I scooted around, and turned my back to her, and felt her unhook my bra, sliding it off my shoulders before letting go. I still held the cups to my chest, but turned back around, and let my hands drop, taking the bra with it. Becca’s eyes dropped for a second, and then she looked back up into my eyes.

She started unbuttoning her blouse, and I took her cue, and said “Let me do that for you,” emphasizing the ‘you’ and my voice had the same quiver in it hers had. She dropped her hands, and let me. I unbuttoned her blouse, pulling it out at the bottom to get to the last one. I pushed it just off her shoulders, and left it there, unsure what to do next. At this point my bravery was beginning to abandon me.

Becca took the lead again, but shrugging off her blouse, and undoing her bra, letting both fall to the ground. Reaching out to my lap, she picked up my bra off my lap, and dropped it to the ground beside hers. Then she leaned forward again, and kissed me some more, and I think it was at that point that I gave in completely. I don’t remember any more doubts, as we continued kissing, caressing, and undressing each other until we were both completely nude.

Then Becca, still kissing me, held my head as she laid me down, and began kissing my left nipple, sucking gently, while caressing my right. I knew I was beginning to seriously respond, and was running my fingers through her hair, and I remember reaching under her to cup her breasts with my hands. She stopped holding my right breast, and reclined next to me, never taking her mouth off my breast, but that freed a hand to put between my legs. I opened them to her; I was so horny by this time. If she hadn’t started touching me soon, I would have, the need was so strong. I could tell I was wet, and she used some to Beylikdüzü Escort lubricate as she began rubbing my clit. I moaned, and closed my eyes, arching my back and surrendering to the feelings she was giving me. I reached down, and tried to get between her legs, but she whispered “No, let me do this for you first.”

I don’t know how long she stayed there kissing my breast, and lightly caressing my clit, but it seemed like I lay there gyrating my hips slightly, trying to increase the pressure so I could finish. Idly, I remember realizing that Jeff had never been concerned with me having an orgasm before he finished. It was more like a coincidence when it happened.

For the first time I experienced first hand, the difference between making love, and having sex. Becca sat up, and then bent over my waist, and then I felt the most amazing sensation as she began licking my clit, rolling it randomly with her tongue. That set me off immediately, and I tensed up, not able to breathe. I stayed like that, with my shoulders and feet touching the mattress and the rest of me arched off, for I don’t know how long, before I fell, and gasped for air before I passed out. It was by far the most intense orgasm of my life. J, and I had to fight to keep from screaming out. The dorm room walls were thin, and I have no doubt that half the dorm would have heard me.

I looked up at Becca. I could tell I was still flushed, because I still felt faint. “Oh, God Becca! That was incredible.” I just lay there, with my arm across my forehead, just trying to catch my breath, and stop the room from spinning. I got up on my elbows, and then sat up. I reached for her, and she scooted forward, until we were both on our knees, facing each other.

“Tell me what to do for you,” I said, a little afraid, because I had never done anything like this before, although I had had the odd thought about her.

“I’ll tell you just what to do, and I know you’ll like it as much me,” Becca said as she laid back on the foot of the bed, and motioned for me to lay next to her. I did, and we kissed for a while, gentle this time, and then I just began to go on instinct. I turned around in a 69 position, and began licking her clit. It was the one thing I KNEW would feel good to her. Her reaction proved I wasn’t wrong.

We laid together, licking each other, taking turns having orgasms for I don’t know how long, before Becca stopped me, and told me to get off for a second. I didn’t know what she had in mind, but I did, and she got up, and went to her suitcase. She brought out a double-ended dildo, and climbed back down on the bed facing me. Placing one end in her, she fell on her back and motioned for me to scoot forward, so I could take the other end. I did, and we scooted our butts together, with my right leg over her left, and her right leg over my left.

We just rocked back and forth. I loved it, and we just kept rocking back and forth, and I had at least three more orgasms, before I had to stop her. I was spent, sweating, and exhausted. I pulled away, and the dildo came free of Becca, staying in me. I reached down, to take it out, but Becca stopped me. “Let me,” she said, and proceeded to blow the end of the dildo sticking out of me. It was so erotic. She sucked on it, and pulled it out with her mouth, and then let it fall to the floor. Becca curled up next to me, and put one leg, and an arm across me, pulling up the covers as she did.

“I need a nap,” she said, and I couldn’t have agreed more. I had the best nights sleep that night I’d had since I came to college. I didn’t realize until the next morning, that I hadn’t even thought of Jeff the whole night. When I did, I had the realization, that he couldn’t hold a candle to Becca.

Good riddance.

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