Got to Get My Mouth on Her

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INTRODUCTION: I don’t have a great relationship with ass-to-mouth (atm) but some of the butt play videos I’ve seen feature anal zaniness that is riveting.

As with my other story, “Alone at the Mercy of Strangers”, this story is an exploration of a sexual concept around which I have some ambivalent feelings. That previous story explores what might enhance a solo trip to an adult bookstore glory hole for a woman, from her point of view. This story accesses “atm” with a fantasy of my beloved man in bed with me, fucking a beautiful girl in the ass. Perhaps it will be a window for the reader to think through some things too.

I’m a bi girl. Deal with it. My fantasies about other women regard anal pleasuring. With an intense sexual attraction to a female partner in real life, the more I love her pussy the more I want to eat her ass. If that makes me seem a bit like a man, even a gay man, so be it.

Even my fantasies have fantasies, so as I write my mind wanders breathlessly to other dreams of my heart’s desire.


Dear reader, step into the role of the man I love. We’re a lucky couple in that this cool chick has come to bed with us and really wants you to fuck her in the ass. She’s our honored guest, so we’re considerate of her feelings here. I’m a hot girl with big, full lips kissing her little mouth. She’s biting and feeding on my mouth softly while holding me tight.

You’re incredibly hard as we both make sweet love to her pussy with our mouths and with our tongues and then both rim her. We lose count of how many times we’ve made her come, over and over again. You get down to putting your dick in her ass and her eyes roll back in her head. As you sodomize her she is shuddering and her pussy is getting wetter and wetter. You call me by name. “Come here.” I obey, wedging myself between you two lovers to lick right where your bodies meet.

The corona of your dick is slicked by my tongue as it pops in and out of her asshole. I lick where her asshole is stretched thin over your dick and then lick all the way up your shaft as it passes across my open mouth to stroke most of the way into her ass, and I tease the edge of her asshole as you stroke back out. Tasting. Working my mouth all the way around her widely stretched asshole to tongue it everywhere, poking my tongue up her ass alongside your dick. Holding my tongue there to feel you stroke past it.

You pull out of her ass and I suck her asshole into my mouth and stroke her deep with outstretched tongue. You press your dick between my open lips and her asshole and start popping past her sphincter and back out again, rapid-fire against my wet lips. I suck against the head of your dick and win the tug of war, pulling you out of her asshole into my mouth. Me taking the initiative.

You fuck my mouth deep a bunch of thrusts then alternate plunging into her asshole shallow and fucking a single stroke into my mouth. Pounding her ass and sliding between bursa eskort my lips back and forth from her asshole to my mouth. And then back up her ass.

I think about you shooting your come into her ass and my working my tongue in your come on the out stroke. She shudders with a ripple in her perfectly curved cheeks as you ram your dick down my throat a few times, then I gasp as you bury your dick to the hilt in her ass and fuck her hard and deep, slamming into her ass several times. You pull out and she reaches down to hold her asshole open to my tongue reaching inside her to caress every part of her I can get to.

In reality, I return to keeping my tongue and lips at the point where your dick enters her asshole and pleasuring her desperately with my mouth grazing the shaft of your dick. You slide in deep and come in her ass with a shuddering breath, staying inside her for every twitch of your muscles.

Then you pull out of her asshole and gently ease your come-streaked dick all the way down my throat. The smell of your come. You fuck my mouth deep. I swallow, then suck her asshole again while she works her wet clit to orgasm. She’s soaked. Her asshole squeezes open and shut with each contraction and I moan into her and eat your come out of her ass. There’s not a lot of it (and it isn’t, say, a solid mass floating out of her sopping cunt), but it still feels humiliating and nasty.

My thoughts, however, are nastier. I think about her squeezing your come out of her asshole orhangazi escort to let it drip into my mouth. In reality there’s a mildly sweet taste of lube, but my nose is full of the scent of her dripping cunt and her ass tastes good. I can’t get enough of it. I think about her squirting her come on my tits, and of you coming on my tits.

I pray you both will treat me to some degradation while I stroke myself off with vibrations. My vibrator is beside me on the nightstand.

In reality, after coming all over my face, she lies still with her eyes closed for a moment as her breathing slows until it is normal again. Before her eyes open again, her pert mouth is twisted into a pout. She tells me I’ve been a bad girl and need to be punished. On my knees. First you are to lash my tender, large nipples and generous breasts with a leather flogger, then hand me over to her tender attentions.

You have no post-orgasmic refractory period. You get hard by whipping my tits. Now fully rested after her orgasm, the gorgeous pouting girl gets up and plants her asshole down onto my mouth, pausing to stretch my mouth open with her fingers. I have my orders, so I reach for my wand vibrator. I’m going to come while I’m sucking her asshole. You’re standing over me, leaking precome onto my face and describing me in degrading terms, praising me for what I am doing in humiliating detail.

I think about her gently squeezing my nose shut to cut off my breathing.

In reality, she tells me exactly what it feels like to have my lips and tongue working her asshole. She is telling me how good it feels just when my orgasm hits me and I discard every vestige of control.

What you do next, now that you’re so aroused by what you’ve been seeing? That’s your business.

Thank you for reading!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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