Her Name was Lucifer Ch. 03

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Note- Inspired in part by Bettie Page and Mrs 123z.


San Francisco, 1942.

Lucy Butler had accepted the offer of drinks and dinner from Alistair Bishop on only one condition. That he visit her house in Pacific Heights where she would be the hostess. They were known to each other from the time Lucy and her late husband Oliver were regular members of the same devil worshipping group as Bishop. It was while Lucy was browsing in a specialist bookstore on Haight Street for a copy of Agrippa’s ‘Three Books of Occult Philosophy’ that they bumped into each other.


Bishop had worshipped Lucy from afar ever since he had been introduced to her by her husband back in ’37. Oliver Butler had groomed the young woman in all that was fine and elegant. Soon after that he had inducted her into the small group he had formed of like minded occultists in the Bay area. Lucy had taken to the group surprisingly quickly and in particular enjoyed the practise of astrology. Being a young and red blooded woman Lucy also had an excessive sexual desire and it was all Oliver could do to keep her satisfied in bed. Apart from the satanic group making tributes to the moon and making the odd blood sacrifice of live chickens they also held sex orgies on those special occasions. Halloween, Walpurgis night, and Candlemas were just a few of the special dates in the Satanic calendar.


Bishop had been jealous when Oliver had taken care to isolate her even when the group had cavorted in naked midnight ceremonies and orgies. Lucy had been paired off with other women while Oliver indulged in his favourite fantasy of spanking or whipping the others. Bishop had in fact idolised Oliver and had developed a taste for sadism himself, studying and listening to his mentor. He had been surprised and upset when Oliver died of a heart attack at home. The group had quickly disbanded and Bishop had always had a nagging doubt at the back of his mind that Lucy may have had a hand in his death. The woman was still in her prime when she had inherited his house and his considerable fortune.


Lucy had always exuded charm and grace and was never seen in public without dressing in style. Today the striking brunette had on a chic one piece red dress with a two tier peplum in front and a panelled back. The neckline was high and collarless and on her head she wore a pill box hat complete with veil.

“It’s Bishop, isn’t it?”

Lucy lifted her veil and then removed her hat for a better look at the tall fellow. She briefly studied him and nodded at his not too shabby appearance. Her hand went to her purse and she put her cigarette holder to her scarlet lips and lit one up. With a slender build and brown hair he looked to be about six feet tall.

“Right.. Alistair Bishop, remember? And you’re Lucy Butler. Or should I call you Lucifer?”

She shrugged as he referred to her husbands pet name for her. He looked at her long, glistening black hair that tumbled down her creamy shoulders in a shimmering ebony mane. Her bangs met her arched brows and the intended look accentuated her pale complexion. She met his gaze with bright green eyes beneath long and exotic lashes. He pointed to the book in her hand.

“Still into that stuff?”

The group had decided that with the death of Oliver they were just an aimless bunch and they had all gone their separate ways. Most, like he, had abandoned the notion of Satanism and returned to a normal existence.

“Have you heard that Hitler is influenced by the occult? He studies his horoscope before making any important decision.”

“Agh. That weasel of a man. And such a stupid moustache.”

He looked around the empty shop and shot a sideways glance at the clerk by the door.

“Well. Makes you wonder how a weasel has come such a long way. Maybe he got help from you-know-who.”

Bishop turned his thumb down, like a Roman Emperor and raised his eye brows.

“Say, you want to come back to my place? We can chat about some of the old times together. You’re the first face from the old group I’ve seen in ages.”

“Very well. I accept.. But you shall visit me, not I you.”

Again she fished inside her purse and produced a small white card.

“Here is my address. Come tonight, after dark.”

She made to leave the bookstore and placed the book before the clerk.

“Here is where I live. Wrap this up and have it delivered.”

Her eyes darted to Bishop as she blew smoke from her pursed lips. Oh, Lucifer. How very much I should like to fuck your brains out, thought a horny Bishop.


Bishop pulled up outside the large house that had been built in the style of the Mission Revival. Most houses in Pacific Heights were of the Victorian England style and he had fond memories of visiting here when Oliver was alive. In particular he had been fascinated with the selection of whips, floggers and the like. The sadist had made one room into a playroom for he and his wife complete with bondage kuşadası escort table and other devices of restraint.

It was ten o’clock when he drove into the enclosed courtyard and parked his 1940 Plymouth. Going through the exterior arch he rang the doorbell at the main entrance. He waited outside for a good two minutes before he pushed on the heavy front door and discovered it was unlocked. Entering the large hallway he looked around at the familiar view of the antique furniture, Arabian rugs and expensive vases.

“Good evening, Mister Bishop.”

Lucy appeared from behind him and he spun around to see her dressed in a magnificent ensemble. A green gown in edged nylon was draped over her voluptuous figure. The neck was tightly gathered and led out to a wide vent that displayed her heavy bust. The short hem had no chance of hiding her garter belt which held up a pair of sheer black stockings. On her feet she had a pair of strapless stiletto heels with six inch spikes that caused her to tower over him.

“My stars, you are a real beauty.”

“Thank you. Have a drink?”


He sat on an armchair and Lucy brought him a glass of the amber stuff. She sat on a couch next to him and a silence fell as they drank. For some reason Bishop felt a growing unease as his hostess stared at him without a word. He struggled with conflicting emotions as a caged bird made noise and he looked up to see a black raven flutter its wings on his perch. The moonlight shone through the biggest window as Lucy stood up and became a silhouette in the path of the light.

“I’ve waited along time for this moment. Have you?”

Bishop drained his glass as his unease heightened to a sense of foreboding. Did she want him for sex? Or something more sinister? Lucy tottered over to him and Bishop squared his shoulders as she sat on the arm of the chair. The whisky hit him and lulled him with a warm glow. He felt her hand on his bicep and saw her come around to his front. The next second the raven haired vixen was straddled on his lap and before he could react his hands had been flattened to the chair arms and handcuffs were secured about his wrists.

“The hell!”

He frantically tried to move but despite using every ounce of his strength he was incapacitated. Lucy rose up and then bent to his feet and tied each by some rope to the front legs of the chair. Try as he might Bishop realised his drink had been doctored and he felt as weak as a kitten.


Lucy adjusted her hair that had gone slightly askew and Bishop looked at her great heaving breasts. Bishop felt a prickle of sweat run down into his eye from his brow and then he flinched as suddenly the open palm of Lucy met his left cheek. Another followed and he began to see stars and hear a ringing in his head. She bent again at the waist and undid his pants and dragged them down over his feet and off. His half hard cock flopped out and it was immediately grabbed and squeezed.

“Oliver was most protective of me was he not? Or was he just happy for me to be spared the pathetic men in our group.”

Bishop hissed through clenched teeth as her long nails raked his bare thighs up and down.

“I was aware that you desired me, well, who wouldn’t? I take pains to look this good. Oliver never really appreciated what he had.”

“Is that why you killed him?”

Lucy stopped talking and flicked out her tongue to the tip of his now erect cock. He took in a sharp intake of breath as her mouth became a large O and slowly sank down on half of his length.

“Not such a bad cock.”

Her big eyes considered his as she pulled back with a loud slobber and then licked the entire underside of his hose. She went down on him again and his prick was taken to the back of her throat. Lucy held him inside her drooling mouth before releasing him once more with a deep inhalation of air. The rush of hot breath on his cock made his balls tighten and the urge to grab her by the hair was thwarted by his bonds. His hips rose up off the seat as he sought her mouth for further attention.

“You see my dear Oliver. Oh, you don’t mind my calling you that? No? You see Oliver, I am only able to achieve sexual satisfaction by inflicting pain and humiliation on others. I suppose it is the result of my late husbands conditioning. It matters not. I intend to see that you suffer tonight. Suffer pain and punishment so that I may have my fulfilment.”

He watched as the stunning female removed her dress and let it slip down to her heels. Her bra and underwear followed and she stood before him in just her garter belt and nylons. He was mesmerised by her naked beauty. The large breasts perched on her chest. Her hour glass figure with the slim waist and slightly rounded stomach, and her tender thighs with the thatch of dark pubes that hid her cunt.


Lucy brought her left stiletto up and worked into his scrotum. Bishop screamed as his testicles were divided and his sensitive flesh kuşadası escort bayan was worried. The grinning hussy moved from his ball sack and explored his asshole with her spike of a heel. She applied some pressure and massaged his prostate as Bishop lifted his butt up from the seat. Unable to hold back his cock erupted and several spurts of white cum splattered onto his belly.

“You god damn bitch!”

“Was that not to your liking? I AM surprised. There is just no pleasing some people. Sleep now. We shall play later.”

Bishop did feel fuzzy in the head and his breathing became shallow as he dipped forwards and lost consciousness.


Bishop awoke in Oliver’s special room and he took in the very same things as when it belonged to Oliver. The rope that hung from the ceiling. The table and chair with several cuffs and gags. Floggers, chains, paddles and a rather ominous spreader bar. He lifted his head and found himself on the floor, naked and cuffed from behind. Lucy was busy in the far corner and was still had stripped down to stockings and stilettos. Six black candles illuminated the room as he sat up lop sided.

“What was in the drink?” He managed to utter from dry lips.

“Just a Micky Finn. Enough to keep you out while I prepared…things.”

As she spoke he tugged on his wrists and tested the strength of the handcuffs.

“Take a look at this.”

Lucy pointed to a wooden pole that stuck out of the floor to about three feet high. The top had an adjustable opening upon which a six inch black dildo pointed to the ceiling.

“Ah, how many times did Oliver make me ride that dildo while he spanked my ass. Happy days.”

Although still a tad groggy from the knock out powder Bishop let his eyes take in Lucy’s naked form as she walked around. In her left hand she brandished a heart stopping bull whip.

“What mischief do you intend?”

His cock bobbed in front of him as she approached him. His wrists were grabbed behind him as he was pulled up from the floor. He was pushed down at the waist and prodded in the backside as he was made to move to the far wall where a metal contraption had been prepared. By pure luck the single lock police set of handcuffs made a reassuring click and opened up. He jumped up and Lucy recoiled in surprise and raised her hand with the whip. Bishop swung his right arm and socked her one in the jaw. She fell to the floor like a collapsed house of cards and Bishop loomed over her and watched her tits rise and fall.

“That was surprisingly easy.” He thought as he rubbed his aching temples.

No time to lose now as he gathered up the tall woman in his arms and carried her to the large bondage barrel. The heavy construction was made of polished wood and stood on four stubby legs parallel to the floor. About each leg were four cuffs of back leather fixed by chained links. There appeared to be a top and bottom end and Bishop laid the unconscious Lucy on her back across the barrel. A circular collar, big enough for a persons neck, hung down and Bishop snapped it around Lucy. With her head nestled at one end, her long hair hanging down to the floor, Bishop locked her wrists and ankles in the cuffs.


Lucy came around slowly and her naked body arched up off the timber as her toes touched the floor and her arms settled into the awkward position. The only real contact of her body on wood was where the bottom end of the barrel met her taut buttocks and the nature of her drawn out legs meant that her splayed vulva was displayed in a most obscene manner. At the other end her shoulders kissed the barrel, just.

“Oliver. Oliver! Untie me this instant.!”

“Not used to the shoe being on the other foot, hmm?”

He came to where her head hung back and she could see that he was still naked. She stared in mute horror at his smiling face which was upside down in her eyes. In her helpless state her breasts heaved as she panted and she sobbed unashamedly, unable to grasp the situation. Her husbands student had become her captor and she looked on wide eyed as he gloated over her and licked both her tits. Both his tongue and teeth toyed with her swollen nipples and his hands caressed her flanks as he did so. Vainly she fought against the cuffs that restrained her but the way he had secured her neck meant all her struggling was futile.

“No, no!”

Lucy groaned in desperation as his right hand moved between her opened thighs and fondled her cunt. Her back arched as she jerked and quivered on the barrel. Now his mouth met her slit and the leggy brunette wailed loudly. His tongue plunged inside her pink lips and he breathed in her essence. Hot and wet now he lapped and kissed and when he reached her clitoris Lucy felt her juices seep from within and ooze out over her ass crack. Every muscle in her body screamed and corded, and every pore overflowed and her astonishing body glowed in a sheen of sweat.

“Bastard, bastard!”

Her eyes glared and her nostrils escort kuşadası flared open as she began to laugh hysterically in a broken defeat. Her clit was stabbed at and Lucy surrendered herself to the erotic torment of her wracked body. He gripped her by the hips and licked her from anus to clit in a wide sweep that left her nether regions soaked in spittle. Her pussy was now plump and red as she neared her climax. His tongue fluttered all around the her hard little nub like a humming bird as she was taken by her orgasm, an orgasm like no orgasm she had ever known. She groaned in a twisted sort of satisfaction as he wrung her orgasm from her.

“My turn I think. How I dreamed of this.”

Rubbing his hard dick Bishop came to the end of the barrel where her head hung down. With her neck secured tightly her mouth was perfectly positioned for him to give her a skull fuck. He grabbed her head and shoved his erection into her screaming mouth. In a desperate attempt to inhale Lucy sucked his length in at the same time. Her lips tightened and her eyes streamed as he moved his cock back and forth. He looked down at her upturned face and saw the snot bubbles explode as he face fucked the witch.

“Take it all you cunt!”

Lucy mumbled with a mouth full of man meat as he glided in and out of her velvet mouth. His bell end began to bump the back of her throat as he quickened his thrusts Then Bishop lost it. Leaving just his swollen cock head between her ruby lips he ejaculated with four pelvic thrusts and his hot cum dribbled slowly from the corners of her wet mouth. As his cock drooped Bishop shook his head to focus his bleary eyes.

“And now for a lesson in retribution.”

He grabbed her by the hair and forced her to look into his eyes. Then he stepped back and the panting man undid her left foot and raised it up to a hanging ring that was attached by a chain to the ceiling. Lucy twisted madly as her other foot was also lashed into a metal ring. He turned to a metal wheel and wound it in a clockwise manner and slowly Lucy was hoisted upside down, her head close to the floor at the head of the barrel and her toes pointing to the ceiling. Her wrists remained in the leather cuffs and she would not have been at all surprised if her arms were to leave their sockets. Bishop picked up the very same leather whip that Lucy had intended to use on him and jerked it in the air with a resounding crack.

“You wouldn’t, you couldn’t.”

Lucy wracked her neck as sperm still ran out of her mouth and then convulsed as the whip came down hard on her taut buttocks. The naked brunette shrieked as another blow hit her left cheek even harder. She bucked violently but was held fast by the ankle rings and wrist cuffs as the cruel instrument came down again and again on her soft derriere. Her ass burned from the lashes from the whip which rose and fell with unerring accuracy. “Agh!”

“What a delightful shade of red. Pity you can’t see it.”

Bishop referred to her crimson streaked bottom that displayed thin lines that crossed at the juiciest part of her perfect globes of flesh. Blood was now evident and several blobs rose up from the pale whiteness of her butt. Lucy wept in bitter humiliation when Bishop began to administer an upward assault between her upper thighs and whacked her vulnerable sex. The blows hit her cunt and the base of her ass cheeks and a wet heat pulsed from her pussy. More searing lashes fanned out over her thighs as the helpless woman swung to and fro from her ankles.


Bishop laughed and mocked her ironic words as she shamed and punished her as she dangled upside down before him. Apart from the pain from the whip her limbs strained from the unique suspension. Her cunt stung from the erotic agony of the whiplash and the realisation that she was filled with a rabid sexual gratification shocked even her. It was she who was always the oppressor but now she had been bested by one more skilled than her. In a sense it was this knowledge that was harder to accept. That a man could draw out her sensuality by a series of wicked but delicious treatment had amazed her.


The long whip cracked in the air and snaked out to strike her big breasts. Again and again she was hit and dark welts rose up and burned her throbbing nipples.

“Can’t…can’t…take much more.”

“This is for Oliver.”

With all the force he could muster he swung his arm behind him and connected with her belly, tits, thighs and cunt. He blotted out her blood curdling screams as she swung away from him and then back. The entire front of her once captivating body ran red with blood and huge welts were left on her peachy skin.

“Ugh, ugh!”

Lucy began to feel light headed as the attack stopped as suddenly as it had started. Her upper body heaved with the need for oxygen and a surge of stomach acid filled her convulsing throat. She heard a thud then and managed to screw her head around to see Bishop crumpled in a heap.

“What drug…did you use…on me?”

Blood ran out of his nose as he gasped for air.

“Antimony potassium tartrate. Got it from Chinatown.”

Her slurred words came out of puffy lips as she blinked hard.

Bishop vomited loudly and his bowels opened and he howled from his defecation.

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