His Ch. 09

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The city had been going through a rebirth of the downtown area and new restaurants and clubs had sprung up in the old “tannery district”. She found herself in a very busy area, especially for that time of day. The address was for “The Fingers”, a dance club that was well know to the more hard core party goers, and it was already crowded with yuppies and well dressed students.

She parked and went in. The music was loud, and she could barely hear the hostess as she asked her name so she could be called when they had seating. When she told her, the hostess excused herself and soon returned with an envelope.

“This was sent for you,” she said and handed her the envelope.

She opened it and the note said:

“Your next task is to sit at a table and look available. I want you to seduce 8 men and 2 women to the point that they want to leave with you. You cannot, of course. Dance with them. Excite them. Tease them. Go into the back room with them, whatever you have to do to tantalize them. Let them feel your tits and ass and even your hot cunt, for I know you will soon need that touch if you do as I require. When you have accomplished this, then leave and you will be instructed where to go next.”

She folded the note and placed it in her purse. She took a deep breath and moved to the waiting lounge to be called for admission.

Ten minutes passed and then she heard her name. She was seated on the upper deck about 4 feet above but next to the dance floor. She had a good view of the dancers. A long bar was on the opposite side near the wall, and there were tables scattered between.

She ordered a drink and waited. She noticed a couple of men near the bar looking at her, but they didn’t approach her. She was getting anxious, wanting to get this over with so she could get back to Master.

“Excuse me. Would you like to dance?” She turned to face a man standing at her left side.


They went to the floor and danced through two fast songs and then a slow one was on. He took her in his arms and as the music progressed she felt him pulling her closer. She encouraged him by leaning in so that her face was against his chest. His hands held her tight against him and she could feel him becoming aroused. She pushed back against him and they both were excited. The song ended kuşadası escort and she started to her table.

“Let’s go somewhere so we can talk,” he pleaded.

“Sorry, I have to meet someone,” was her reply.

She had barely sat down when she was approached again.

“I loved watching you dance,” he said. “will you dance with me?”

She rose and walked to the floor again. He grabbed her and pulled her tight. She allowed him to rub his hard cock against her also and soon his hands were cupping her ass, squeezing and feeling. She was starting to get that same flushed feeling she knew so well.

They danced out of the center of the floor into an area that was less well lighted, and she felt one of his hands move from her ass to her breast. He squeezed and felt it through the dress, and she could tell when he discovered that her nipples were sticking through the bra underneath. His cock stiffened against her as he twisted her nipples through the fabric.

“God, I want you.”, he breathed into her ear.

She responded only by parting her legs slightly so that he could press his leg between hers as he hunched against her. She knew she was starting to drip as she felt wetness not only in her cunt, but on her upper thigh.

She made her way unsteadly to the table and took a drink.

Hands reached for her and men one after another plied her with compliments and pressed their cocks against her. Countless hands groped her ass and felt her tits. He dress was rumpled from being crushed under hands and hard cocks. Her cunt was soaked and she felt that wetness further down her legs.

She was a bundle of nerves, so horny and needy and she still had not fulfilled the task. Many more than eight men had approached her, but no women had. She scanned the room looking for one that would make eye contact with her.

She had never been with another woman, but she had thoguht about it and had friends that had experimented, and with great pleasure, so she wasn’t turned off by the idea. She just hadn’t had the right opportunity.

Nothing. There were dozens of ladies, but none were alone and returning her look. She was getting frantic as the night went on. SHe danced with the men that asked, hoping that some lady would see her on the floor and then sitting alone kuşadası escort bayan and be brave enough to come to her, but it didn’t happen.

She finally got up and walked to the bar. There was an older woman at the end, and she started toward her. She looked up as she approached and removed her purse from the stool next to hers, in invitation.

“May I join you?”

“Yes, honey. I bet you’re tired from all that dancing.”

“Yes, and lonely too.”

“You didn’t look too lonely to me,” she laughed.

“Yeah, I have been busy, but I was bored with all of the same old bs lines.”

“Less talk and more action is my motto.” She laughed again and took a drag of her cigarette.

“Would you like to dance with me?”

“Honey I would love to do so many things with you.”

They stood and her new friend guided her to a smaller dance floor at the end of the bar. It was secluded and darker, and empty.

She found herself dancing then with soft hands holding her and carressing her back so tenderly. And her perfume and cigarette smoke combined to give a senuous and dangerous phermoic scent, and she relaxed as tender hands felt under her dress and slipped between her legs and then were pulled up into her gushing cunt.

Her legs were weak as she tried to keep moving, but she only wanted to lie down and have this woman take her and use her for whatever purpose she desired. And she knew that if she was offered the chance she would lap at her pussy with a lust and need that she had never felt with a woman before.

The music had stopped well before they realized it, yet they stayed in that position, holding each other, arms tightly wrapped around each other.

She broke the spell when she remembered the purpose of her visit.

“I’m sorry. I can’t explain, but I can’t…” The words trailed off as she rushed back toward her table, but when she neared it, she saw others had been seated at it when she was gone.

She walked toward the entrance and near the hall that lead to the restrooms, she saw a young woman sitting alone. She seemed to be crying, and when she looked up, her eyes were wet.

“Are you ok, hon?”


“You sure?”


She started on and then she heard the girl call out to her. “Do you need escort kuşadası a seat?”


She sat down and in a few minutes, they had become friends, and whatever had been so painful earlier was wiped from the girl’s mind.

“I saw you dancing with those men and then that woman up there. You’re pretty hot.”

“Thanks hon. Are you coming on to me?” she laughed at the irony of using that phrase.

“No. I. Uh” the girl stammered.

“I was just teasing you. Why don’t we dance. It’s ok for girls to dance together and it will take your mind off of everything else plus it’s good exercise.”

They started to the floor but as they walked she looked up to the bar and saw that the older woman was gone. She guided the girl to the small dance floor on the deck.

They danced for a few minutes before a slow song came up, and she took her new friend’s hands and pulled her closer. She felt her melt into her arms and they swayed together, unmindful of the rest of the club around them. Slow and sensuous, tender and passionate. Two women together almost as one. She leaned down to the girl and softly kissed her lips, and felt her mouth warm and wet as she opened up for her.

They kissed for a very long time. It was such a tender and meaningful kiss. The kiss that only a woman can give another woman. And their hands moved across their bodies cautiously and then they explored each other.

She guided the girl’s hands down to her lower stomach and pressed it against her mound and then took her hand and helped her reach under her dress to feel her rubber panties and the hole that surrounded her wet hot pussy. And once there, the girl’s fingers rubbed between her lips and slipped inside and they curled up and probed her and fingered her pussy like her own fingers knew to do.

She rocked back and forth on the girl’s hand and she reached down and rubbed her pussy through her slacks and they humped each other. Mouths locked together, with eyes closed, they were blind to all else. Fingers rubbing cunts, hands squeezing tits, moaning, groaning and cumming on and for each other.

She finally shook herself back to reality and they straightened themselves up. It was almost 11 o’clock.

She knew she had to go, for Master still had more in mind for her. They kissed one last time and she rushed out to her car. Her cell phone rang almost as soon as she was inside.

“Your last task will be done at the Hamilton Arms. Suite 212. Go there now. I will meet you,” He said, and then he hung up. She started the car and pulled onto the street, on her way to meet Him.

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