Herworld Chronicles Ch. 10

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The next morning Nilok was dressed in white knee-length leggings and nothing else but his collar and leash. After they had eaten the girls hitched a horse from a stable block at the end of the garden to their small open carriage from the side of the house. They then joined the steady stream of carriages and pedestrians on the road to the Market Square. Nilok had plenty of opportunity to survey his new ‘hometown’ which had been thrust upon him. As the carriage struggled up the incline on a narrow road which breached the stark granite uniformity of the houses hiding the recess in which the homely villas sat, he looked behind him to see larger elegant carriages appearing through a narrow gap in a wall between a similar row of houses in the distance, all another storey taller, which lay beyond the villas’ recess. Nilok realised that dwellings of a more affluent design must lie beyond the upper stark row of granite housing; the whole thing was designed to give onlookers from beyond the city wall an austere view of a granite faced fortress, not unlike a barracks or prison; the reality was that there was more than an element of decadence beyond the façade; a hidden decadent community which thrived amongst the warrior-like people which Nilok would soon experience.

Nilok noted that the faces of the people upon the road to the market seemed to change uniformly as they moved past the granite housing. It was as though they had entered into a different world, where any liberal sense of posture should not be shown. From this point Nilok could see over the top of the granite perimeter wall, to the inviting forested hills beyond, that far off it was as though he were looking at the tops of several raw cauliflowers. Just the same, the mere sight of those trees gave him hope of being amongst them, with this place far behind him.

The road opened out into a huge square, where the market nestled centrally; the perimeter buildings lined with various retailers; drapers, grocers, chandlers and the like. To one side of an elevated display gantry was a smithy’s workshop; the clanging of iron being worked, audible above the hubbub of the gathering crowd and vendors who erected small stalls close to those retailers, to display their wares. Nilok was taken by Marcia to a holding pen where other grim faced slaves waited; a numbered card on a chain was placed about his neck and Marcia bade him farewell. He looked back to see Zeta holding Tara; her puffy eyes red with sadness. A large ferocious looking woman with a spiked rod and small sword, marshalled the slaves into a room below the gantry; a ladder leading to a trapdoor above. After about half an hour, slaves began being taken up through the trapdoor in threes. He looked kuşadası escort through the gaps in the boarding at the front row of the crowd outside; all women, those there for the show bayed and taunted, whilst the occasional arm was lifted aloft as active bidders showed interest. The noise of several pairs of feet resonated on the boarding above as market assistants helped display the human goods to the eager crowd.

He was led up through the trapdoor with two others; only then could he take in the full extent of the crowd which was huge. He could also now clearly see the three cages hung on the wall above the walkway he’d traversed on arrival, the gilt ironwork glinting ominously in the bright morning sun. Nilok pondered the fate of the three occupants and wondered how they had tried to escape and where they had gone wrong. His attention was soon diverted to the crowd once more as bidding began. Three women approached the male to his left; a skinnier but younger male, who looked terrified. One of the women pointed to his number, whilst another first made him open his mouth to display he still had teeth, had him turn full circle to allow a view of his general anatomy, and then dropped his leggings. The crowd jeered as the more slender of the two cupped his balls, whilst a sneering buxom woman removed her panties and had him sniff them. The women applauded and several bids were made as the hapless slave’s cock rose to order at the womanly scent. A tall woman of about 40 made her way smiling through the crowd to the gantry door where a woman with her hair in a bun added details to a ledger, as the skinny male was brought down to her.

A similar show was made to the exhibit on the other side of Nilok; this was a man of similar age, but somewhat portly; the women made much fun of his tiny cock which jutted out like a large pencil as he took the scent. The derision was of no consequence to him, as he was led away to be greeted by two somewhat senior women, who led him away as though he were an item of grocery. There was almost a hush about the crowd when the women on the gantry turned their attentions to Nilok and pointed to his number; several hands went up as did the level of sneering and jeering from the crowd as they waited for his display; Nilok’s cock was already bulging in his leggings, having seen the prior displays, and the women were not disappointed when his leggings went down, to reveal a firm and attendant member. Nilok held his breath as a lady with a gavel he could now see, having been brought forward for display, pointed as hands went up and down. Eventually, an elegant chestnut haired woman of about 50, attended by two younger females made her way through kuşadası escort bayan the crowd. Nilok swallowed hard as he recognised her as the buxom woman with the horse-whip who had viewed him at the garden. He was led away to be given to her.

She looked at Nilok with a pleasant smile, and the two younger women covered their mouths as they giggled and eyed the bulge in his now re-fitted leggings. The ledger lady spoke as she scrawled.

“Deanna of Downlands House… slave.. six feet…white…hair brown…eyes blue…medium endowment.” Marcia, Zeta and Tara came forward.

“We’re so glad it’s you Deanna; he deserves a good home, he’ll work hard, we know that from watching him before he was caught.” Deanna could not help but notice how Tara had grasped Nilok’s arm like she did not want to see him go. Deanna smiled.

“Tell young Tara she is welcome to come and visit Downlands whenever she wants. I can see it will help keep our new slave perky. Not that he won’t be receiving that sort of attention anyway.” She glanced at the two young girls with a wry smile as they tittered and blushed; they were looking forward to seeing how well Nilok worked too.

Tara squeezed Nilok’s arm and they looked at each other with wide eyes as they parted. Deanna and her girls led him away to their transport and the girls sat either side of him as the fancy covered carriage started to wend its way back up the one road that was familiar to Nilok in the whole of Femina Bastia. The two pretty girls were sweetly scented, and they cuddled up to him as though he were a new bedroom toy. Nilok’s cock swelled as their delicate little hands wandered bit by bit across his thighs; each girl wanting to be the first to make the first daring touch in the desired area. The hands were retracted rapidly when Deanna turned slightly from her position with the whip at to the fore of the carriage.

“I hope you girls are behaving yourselves back there, we don’t want our new slave thinking his new place is one of purely entertainment.” The girls kept close to Nilok and settled for squeezing his arms as the carriage passed Marcia’s villa and carried on up the road toward the second granite terrace. Nilok looked back down the hill at the rooftops of Marcia’s villa and the trees in the far distance as the carriage traversed the slope and passed diagonally between the second façade that was the larger granite terrace. The girls smiled at Nilok’s facial expression as the carriage mad e a slight descent into a second recess; here was yet another suburban world with large manor houses and mature trees. As the carriage began to ascend again he could see open areas of parkland which skirted the base of escort kuşadası the central citadel which loomed over everything else; Nilok wondered about the women who lived there and no doubt controlled the community.

The large houses and their grounds curved round in a great arc in either direction, almost in a complete circle; the citadel backing onto a sheer, almost mountainous hillside, its face impossible to climb for a good 100 feet or so.

The carriage moved through a central tree-lined avenue populated by large detached houses; in the front gardens of some sat the mistress of the house, reading books whilst sat on benches or swing-seats; the males tending the vast gardens. The carriage swung into ‘Downlands House’ a large residence with six or seven bedrooms and as many receptions and lounges. The two girls virtually pulled Nilok from the transport, in their haste to show him where he would be staying. His buxom new mistress wasted no time in following; she too was eager to become closely acquainted with her new charge.

Nilok was taken to the rear of the house which opened out onto a huge veranda and decking. A woman of about 30 was busy toping up a hot tub with hot water. Nilok was stunned as his new mistress walked past him, naked, stepping down into the tub; his cock stiffened as he watched her ample cheeks thighs and breasts descend into the tub. The girls skipped by, their clothes trailing, and they too dipped their nubile bodies into the steaming water. The woman who had filled the tub approached him as he stood, still trying to take in what was happening and his new surroundings. She stripped naked in front of him, and then undid his leggings; his cock poked out firm and erect, much to the young girls amusement, and to the obvious pleasure of Deanna, who eyed him with a pleased look of satisfaction. The blonde woman took his hand.

“I’m Carla. I shall keep you busy here when Mistress Deanna does not require your personal attendance. Let’s have a nice relaxing dip and get to know you.” She walked him down into the tub, which was a little small, given the size of the house. Deanna sat one side of him and immediately took his cock and softly nursed it in her hand, teasing him to maximum stiffness.

“Yes I know, it’s a little cramped in here; one of your first tasks will be to dig a large hole just over there, and we’ll have ourselves a tub twice the size of this one built.” Nilok looked to where she was pointing, to where a spade stood in ground where the topsoil had already been disturbed to show the dimensions. One of the girls squeezed in the other side of Nilok and his hand was taken beneath the water and nestled between her thighs; the girl tried to look interested in the conversation as Nilok gently fingered her soft little pussy in the warm water. The hands of the two other females soon became acquainted with Nilok’s masculinity within the water too. He may have been captive again but it seemed his confinement would not be too unpleasant.

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