A Day Off Work

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I guess I had known for some time really. Furtive telephone conversations that I was told were wrong numbers when I enquired; a hint of new perfume; sexier clothes and more carefully applied make-up. All the tell-tale signs that my wife was having an affair had been there for a long time. But who could really blame her? At twenty-eight years old, Susan was almost twenty years younger than me. I have always been well aware that it was not my looks or sex drive that she married me for, but more the attraction of the healthy state of my bank balance.

But my latest hint was more blatant – they she had been seen!

A friend who was aware of my crowing concerns regarding my wife’s likely infidelity had informed me that he had seen Susan drinking in a bar with another man – apparently much younger than me. My friend explained that he had watched the pair for nearly an hour as they canoodled in a quiet corner.

“They couldn’t keep they hands off each other.” My friend explained reluctantly. “Sorry to have to tell you, Mike, but I thought that you should know.”

I had to think what to do. I knew that if I confronted Susan she would only deny the whole thing and, without any real evidence, I couldn’t prove anything. Eventually I realised what I had to do – I had to catch her “in the act”.

It took a few days to get things sorted out and, working for a security company helped a lot – I was able to borrow all the hi-tech surveillance equipment that I needed for my operation. I planted micro-cameras all over the house and linked them up to a monitor in my private den at the back of the house. This room was mine and mine alone. I knew that nobody else would ever enter.

On Tuesday morning I kissed my wife as usual before heading off for work. To all intents and purposes it was a normal day; I was dressed in my usual dark suite and carrying my brief case. But, unbeknown to my slut of a wife, I had absolutely no intention of going to work. I parked my Mercedes around the corner in a secluded spot and pulled my cell phone. Calling my office I informed my secretary that I would be away for the whole day and not to expect me back until Wednesday. I waited patiently. Susan is a creature of habit and always hits the shower at the same time every day. I judged the time that she would just be going into the bathroom, locked my car and walked the short distance back home.

Very quietly, I let myself into the house via the back door. I stopped and listened. I could hear the water running upstairs and could just make out Susan’s voice as she sang along to some song playing on the radio in the bedroom. I smiled to myself; I had timed my re-entry perfectly. Slipping my shoes off and gently closing the door behind me I ducked into my den and locked the door. The monitor was already set up on my desk and as I switched it on the equipment hummed quietly to life. I took off my jacket, poured myself a drink and made myself comfortable. I had heard Susan on the telephone yesterday talking to another “wrong number”. I had assumed that she would be meeting her lover today but I didn’t know how long I would have to wait.

I flicked idly through the channels on the monitor ensuring that all the secreted cameras were providing picture and sound. As I tuned into the bedroom cams I could see that my wife had finished her shower and was padding wet and naked back into the bedroom. I looked at her as she sashayed across the room and remembered https://bursali.org happier times. She looked good. Very sexy. Her tanned body glistened with water droplets and as she gently towel dried her shoulder length brown hair her pert, firm breasts jiggled on her chest. I zoomed the cam in a little and could see that her nipples were a little stiff – from the shower, I wondered? Or from the anticipation of things to come?

Still naked, Susan picked up her cell phone and dialled. She was speaking softly and I couldn’t really make out what she was saying. She laughed suddenly and her face broke into a wide beam. Her hand was at her breast idly stroking the soft skin as she talked. She laughed again, this time a sexy, excited chuckle. I knew then that it was him on the phone – her bastard lover!

After a few more minutes of seemingly sexy chat and nipple teasing, the telephone conversation ended. Susan looked disappointed. She replaced the receiver and started to dress. Looking at the old jeans and sweater that she was pulling on I too was disappointed. It didn’t look like she was going to be meeting her lover that day after all. I looked at my watch and saw that it was still only early. I wondered how I was going to fill my day now. I half thought about leaving the cameras running and then leaving myself. It would be difficult to get out of the house unseen, I reasoned and so, therefore, I decided to give it another couple of hours.

It was getting a little dull just watching my wife as she wandered from room to room straightening cushions and dusting ornaments and so I was half asleep and listening to music through my headphones when I saw her walk towards the front door. My attention was back in an instant. I switched my music off and flipped the camera sound back to my headphones quickly. The doorbell sounded again in shrill tones.

“Hi David!” Susan cried as she answered the door to a tall, young looking man, “I thought you couldn’t make it today!”

The young man swept his arms around my wife’s slender body and pulled her to him. They kissed deeply and I felt the hairs on the back of my neck stand up.

“I got out of work,” her replied with a smile, “are you pleased?”

No answer was necessary from Susan as she practically dragged her young lover towards the downstairs bedroom. I switched cameras on the monitor and picked the pair up as they hurried into the room. They sat down on the bed. They were talking and I turned up the sound on the camera.

“Is your old man at work, baby?”

“Yeah, he won’t be bothering us today. Mike won’t be back until much later.”

“Great! But we gotta be careful.” David was almost whispering. “I think someone was watching us in that bar the other day. If he finds out about us now he’ll divorce you and leave you without a penny!”

Susan seemed highly excited about her lover’s unannounced and unexpected visit. She could hardly keep her hands off the young man and was currently stroking his thigh and nibbling seductively at his ear.

“I don’t want to talk about Mike now,” she said, “I want to talk about this!”

I watched as her hand slid over the obvious bulge in the front of David’s jeans and squeezed playfully.

“Just talk about it?” David replied, laughing.

“What else did you have in mind?” Susan teased. She was looking up into her lovers face and grinning wickedly while continuing to caress his bulge slowly.

“Mmmm…that bursa escort kız feels so nice, baby. You have fantastic fingers – a lovely touch!”

“Is it just my fingers you find fantastic?”

“Oh, baby!” David responded. I could see the bulge growing larger under my wife’s touch.

“What about the rest of me?”

“Mmmmm…your mouth…your lips……”

“Good!…anything else?”

“You pussy….cunt!”


“And your ass!…your tits…your feet…your toes….EVERYTHING!”

In a second, David’s zipper was down and Susan was hastily pulling his jeans open and hauling out a very hard cock. She cooed and sighed as she played with the hot, naked flesh in her fingers for a moment before guiding it towards her open mouth.

David sighed contentedly as his entire length disappeared into Susan’s willing mouth. He was big. Much bigger than me, I realised with a pang of jealousy. At least eight inches of solid meat was being swallowed by my slut-wife.

The noises of sloppy oral sex filled my ears and permeated my senses. I watched fascinated as Susan’s head bobbed up and down slowly, her hand rolling and twisting gently around her lovers long, solid shaft. David’s eyes were tight shut as he lay back clearly revelling in the sensations that my wife was causing. His hand slipped to the back of her head. His fingers entwined themselves in her brown hair and gently pushed her head downwards.

“Oh, baby! You suck cock so well!” he mumbled as he pushed his hips up and down a little.

Susan’s hand was now between his legs and cupping his heavy balls. Her fingers gently explored the sac and her lips locked around his shaft sucking harder and harder.

“Oh, shit! I’m gonna cum!” The young man suddenly cried.

Susan’s mouth remained sealed around her lovers glans and I watched her caress his balls as he climaxed. I saw her throat contract as she swallowed several jets of his cum. The white, creamy fluid began to ooze from the corners of her mouth.

“That was great baby,” David whispered as his dick slipped from between her lips, “but now it’s your turn. Lets get naked!”

I looked on as clothes were virtually ripped from bodies and thrown across the room. The couple alternated between giggling like schoolkids and fondling each others bodies until, with a burst of energy, David threw my wife back onto the bed. I watched as she looked up at him. No words were spoken and she slowly parted her long, slender legs. I zoomed the camera in and could clearly see the glistening moisture that adorned her puffy, swollen sex lips.

Susan gasped out loud as the young man dipped his head between her legs and swiped his tongue eagerly over her moist labia. His fingers spread her lips and I saw her hard, pink clitoris pop into view. David smiled at my wife’s gasped reaction as he used his finger to rub gently over the stiff bud and then dropped his head again between her thighs.

Susan’s lover was obviously keen to give her as much oral pleasure as he himself had received. He maneouvered her leg over his shoulder and spread her as wide as possible peeling back her lips as he tongued her pussy. I watched him as he greedily sucked away on my slut-wife’s clit. I looked at her. Zoomed the cam in on her face. Susan’s eyes were closed and her mouth open. Her tongue licked sensuously over her lips as her lover tongued her bursa anal yapan escort to orgasm. I watched her face contort in a mask of lust as he tipped her over the edge of ecstasy. I heard her cry of satisfaction as her hips bucked up towards him and her toes curled.

I suddenly realised that I felt a little uncomfortable in my seat. It wasn’t the fact that my wife was having sex with another man, it wasn’t the humidity of the day, it was the fact that watching my wife and her lover perform in front of me had given me the biggest erection that I’d had in years! I guessed that nobody would give a shit, so I unzipped my pants, pulled out my throbbing cock and began to masturbate.

Susan and David were now lying next to each other on the bed. They kissed and caressed each other openly as I watched.

“I want to fuck you, baby!” David murmured in her ear.

Susan looked up into his eyes and smiled warmly. Slowly she crawled over onto her hands and knees, her arms and legs spread wide with her ass facing her lover. As I zoomed in on her open and wet pussy I masturbated just a little faster.

“Do it, David,”she replied. “Do me. Put that big cock up inside my tight little pussy.”

With her perfect little pussy facing him, David was quite clearly not going to hesitate. His cock had hardened again while he had been attending to my wife’s vagina, and with a slow forward thrust he buried himself deep inside her body.

The room was suddenly alive with the sound of sexual excess. Both David and Susan groaned deeply as they coupled in perfect unison. His hands held on to her tanned hips and parted her buttocks gently as his slow rhythm began to build. Again, Susan’s eyes were tightly shut as I looked at her and her mouth opened in a guttural cry of animal lust.

I jerked myself a little faster as David also built up speed. I tried to time the movements of my hand with his deft movements but suddenly felt myself cumming. I held my breath and watched the screen as he thrust himself into her pussy over and over. I felt the cum ruching from my balls and a split second later experienced the overwhelming satisfaction of my first climax in over a month.

As my modest manhood wilted in my hand, David, by contrast had picked up his pace to an almost lightening speed. I watched him pull almost completely out of Susan’s wet slit and then plunge back into the hilt. Susan was crying out with every penetrating thrust and climaxing almost constantly; calling David all the names under the sun as he fucked her over and over again.

“Oh, shit, baby. I’m gonna cum again!” David cried.

In a second, Susan had pushed herself forward and allowed her young man’s throbbing, twitching cock to slide obscenely from her vagina. She moved quickly twisting her body around and grasping hold of David’s tool. Her right hand jerked him towards her open mouth while her left hand massaged his inner thighs and heavy balls.

At last she was rewarded. With a deep groan of satisfaction David released a veritable torrent of cum onto my wife’s face. Her hair and pretty facial features were soon matted with his creamy issue and I watched her use her tongue to lap up the liquid from around her mouth and painted lips.

I remained in my den for most of that afternoon and I confess that I masturbated again later as I played back the tape that I had recorded of my wife’s adultery. I thought about that tape; thought long and hard. There were two options as I saw them: Firstly, confront Susan with my evidence and watch her squirm, or……keep the tape box and my mouth firmly shut. The second option had possibilities I reasoned, especially if I left the camera equipment installed and secretly took the odd day of work again!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32