A Birthday to Remember Ch. 03

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I hope you enjoy the third chapter of my story. Please read the first two chapters before this one to put the story in its correct context.

I put the coffee to my lips, a double espresso, it was still too hot but I could taste the sweetness, normally I didn’t add sugar, this morning was an exception, I needed a caffeine and sugar kick who knows how much wine I had drunk but it was far more than normal. My head was weighty my eyes gaunt, mouth waterless my skin ashen and limbs throbbed yet inside me I felt the fire of life burning. I tried my coffee again and looked out of the window another beautiful May day blooming. My thoughts turned to yesterday, a birthday I would never forget, “Is it a birthday I wanted to forget? Or a birthday I wanted to repeat?” I took another sip of coffee. “No I never wanted to forget it, repeat it? I don’t know, certainly not straight away.” I admit I did enjoy it, it was fun, new and if I’m honest exciting but I’m not a lesbian, my hope is one day I’ll meet a new man, not a woman, I will fall in love with him and he will fall in love with me. There will be no children; I can’t offer that to a man. Perhaps that is why he left me? Though he knew I couldn’t have children early in our relationship. Perhaps he had lied to me? To himself? To us both? I wanted to take my mind away from that I wanted to think about yesterday. I wanted to enjoy the memories and revive that night together.

I pulled my robe tighter I could smell Helen; it was the one she wore last night. I breathed in deeply; it was a nice scent a combination of Helen and her perfume it was comforting it made me feel warm inside, I smiled.

I drank the last of my coffee I wanted another first though a glass of water and two aspirin, my head was still pounding. I thought about Helen, “Where had she gone?” I expected her to be in the bed when I awoke, it was late when I awoke past ten o’clock but I did expect her to be there or woken me when she left but nothing not even a note. My mind started to race “Was she embarrassed or regretting last night? Was she disappointed https://www.escorthun.com with me? Did I get things wrong? Did I not give her any pleasure?” I didn’t know, many a question few answers, the story of my life over the last few months.

The lounge was in a state the remnants of the food and wine, I started to clear up, all the while trying to find answers to my questions, I had several answers to each question though which answers were correct I didn’t know. I cleared the worst of the mess now to sort myself out, the coffee and pills were starting to take effect. I went to the bedroom there on the floor the babydoll Helen had bought me. Not a normal present I thought not from a friend but she had explained why, it was nice of her to think of me it was nice to think she found me attractive, she must be mad! I bent forward to grasp it as I straightened I came over dizzy; I sat on the edge of the bed and settled my head. “Time for a bath.” I thought.

I ran the bath, I felt I deserved no not deserved wanted a taste of luxury, pampering some pleasure I added the oils lit the candles and with the jets on low I removed my robe letting it fall to the floor and slipped into the bath. I lay there my eyes open watching the light from the candles dance on the ceiling breathing deeply enjoying the scent they gave off. I was in my own domain cut off from the world where I came to escape to relax to reflect. I closed my eyes my thoughts again were about Helen of last night the pleasure I received the feeling of tranquillity as I slept in her arms. I hadn’t felt that way for so long, for long periods within my recent life I thought I never would. I increased the power in the jets the water caressing my arms my legs my back my whole body. Why did she leave me this morning? I wished I could have just said goodbye to her to thank her for the love she gave me. In my mind I could see Helen and myself making love together on the bed yet I was watching the scene from afar, I felt at peace I wished she were here with me now. I moved, a jet of water brushed against my nipple, it felt like Helen’s tongue I moved again the jet now concentrated on my nipple I felt it harden my fingers focusing on my other nipple It was Helen’s fingers gently playing not my own. Was this my fantasy? Or did I desire the reality of Helen? I don’t know another question cascading through my mind. I pinched a little harder my back arched from the pleasure it gave dulling the questions within. My hand went to my thigh I wanted to touch myself I wanted the experience of the feelings from last night. I stroked my stomach my fingers brushing my pubic hair but not letting them get closer I so wanted my fingers on my pussy but wanting to build the anticipation. I couldn’t wait any longer my hand moved down my fingers tracing the outline of my pussy; I let out a small moan I wanted it to be Helens not my own. A finger found my clit my moaning a little louder than before, two fingers rubbed my clit the pressure and pleasure slowly increasing in tandem. I wanted more I wanted my clit to enjoy the sensation my nipple was receiving. I took the shower and removed the head directing its jet on my clit. I jumped I screamed the feeling was too much but I wanted it I held it there my other hand starting the exploration of my pussy. I pushed two then three fingers inside me they felt rough the water washing away my juices but it felt nice my fingers fucking my pussy the shower jet attending my clitoris. I opened my legs further my feet now on the top of the bath stopping me sliding. Harder my fingers fucked me closer the jet went to my clit. I was starting to scream the feeling was intense the feeling was of Helen last night; I called out her name begging that she would be with me now. I could see her I want to feel her I wanted her to feel me. My screams my moaning growing in intensity with the pleasure my body was feeling. I wanted to cum the feeling was close I concentrated on the feelings I was giving myself I thought of last night I thought of Helen. It hit me a tsunami of pleasure running through my body my clit and pussy on fire, another and another I couldn’t take anymore, I dropped the shower in the bath and slowly removed my fingers from my pussy, my body slumped the water supporting me. I lay there delighting in the last ripples of my orgasm. My thoughts were of now and last night and of course Helen. Slowly my body returned, recovered my breathing lessened Motionless in the bath the questions gone away.

I opened my eyes the water was losing its heat I wanted to stay but knew I could not. I climbed from the bath without drying I put Helen’s robe back on; I wanted to experience her once more. I went to the bed and lay down. Helen’s scent rose from the pillow as I rested my head, it was a scent from heaven. I closed my eyes and rested.

Sleep was broken by the sound of my phone had Helen called me? Had I missed her call? I wanted to hear from her speak to her but scared of calling her myself. I picked up the phone, it was a text; it must be from Helen. I opened the text, my heart dropped it was not Helen. Why had he sent me a text? I didn’t want to hear from him, for months we had only spoken through our lawyers, why now? Why contact me now? Why ruin my day? You bastard. I wanted to throw down the phone I didn’t want any connection with him. Why I didn’t just delete it I don’t know, I wish I had but I opened the text and read. What was he saying? He must be lying? Why was he saying these things? Did he really hate me so much? How did he know? I finished reading, my body trembling I felt so cold my fingers went limp and I dropped the phone as tears poured down my cheeks. I needed to speak to someone I needed to speak to Helen. With two hands I managed to pick up the phone, I called her number it rang and went to her voicemail. I called again with the same result I was screaming at her to answer I called a third time still to voicemail. I dropped the phone and fell to the bed. I cried I shouting for help, there was no one here to help me. I needed to speak to Sally I picked up the phone I tried to call her my hands trembling too much to dial her number, I threw the phone in anger to the floor, I didn’t know what to do, I wanted to bury myself within the bed a familiar sensation entered my body, I was feeling alone, lonely and scared.

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