A Conversation with Janie Ch. 02

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Hi Janie

You probably thought I’d forgotten you. Sorry about that. Things cropped up!

By all means show Lynn my pics, if you haven’t already, and tell her all about me. I’d love you to take some of each other and post them to me. I’m already getting wet at the thought of examining your vulvas and gazing on your erect nipples. Tell her that I too would love to feel her sweet wet pussy and slip my tongue inside, whilst fingering her clit. it would be great if she could describe for me your sex together, and what she thinks as she fucks you.

My Heather is twelve years younger than me, and has a most luxuriant forest of pubic hair which spreads down her inner thighs. I adore combing them with my fingers as I suck her nipples. She has bigger breasts than me, with large dark areolae and chunky nipples. There are lots of those little glands on them as well, around the circumference. She loves me to fuck her with a banana, or push grapes up my vagina, eating them as I expel them, covered with my thick juices. Her juices are so tasty and sweet. She manages to ejaculate when she cums – not spurts really, more like trickles of cum.

Mmmmm I’m getting horny now – I think I shall have to play with myself.

Do tell me how you are darling.

Sarah xxx

Darling Sarah…

It seems like forever since I heard from you, but I’m so pleased that you still want to have sexy fun with me. I’m afraid Lynn had second thoughts and has found herself a new boyfriend. It’s a shame but these things happen and as you know, we have to move on. I still want another woman to have me though… and I’m all yours if you want me Sarah.

Although it’s early day’s and quite presumptuous of me to say, but there’s a new female at work I really fancy. We’ve been out for a drink together after work, and I love the way her eyes discreetly undress me. She’s married I think, but I’m sure she’s bi… and if anything does happen between us I’d love to share it with you. Oooh Sarah, your email has really turned me on. Mmm… I can taste your juices from here. Cum back to me tomorrow during the day if you can… I want you to fuck me…

Kisses xxx Janie

Wow Janie

Sorry about Lynn. But she was a good fuck while it lasted. The new lady sounds promising though. Tell me more about her – have you hugged and kissed yet? Try to get into a hug with her and let your hands rest on her bottom. That’s a good signal. And when you’re cheek to cheek, inhale her hair scent and tell her that it’s provocative. You’ll soon know whether or not she’s up for it.

I’d love to fill in for Lynn though – I shall peel half of a banana before slipping it into my vagina, give it a generous coating of pussy juice, then have you suck it before slipping it into your pussy for me to lick off your juices. Mmmm sharing a cum-coated banana with you sounds so horny.

I’m just off to see Heather for ‘coffee’. I shall tell her all about you. No doubt we’ll have a little play-time – maybe exchange knickers for the rest of the day!!! Soooo sexy to know you’re wearing your lover’s damp knickers!!

Love you darling. Give your pussy a feel for me.

Sarah xxxxxxxxxxx

Oooh Sarah…

I just had to feel my pussy for you when reading your message. I’m sooo wet and horny trying to image what you and Heather are up to. My pussy tingles at the thought of you telling her about me because you both sound to me like perfect lovers. I take it you’re both married girls who just love to have sexy fun? How I’d love you to slide a banana up my pussy Sarah, then watch you lick it before I kiss you and taste my own juices on your tongue.

I’ve never had grapes in my pussy, but it sounds sooo erotic. and I would love to suck them from your sweet pussy… I will tell you more about my new friend later, if you cum back to me, but I have to go out myself now for an hour or so.

Love to lick you! xxxxxx


Mmmm Janie

Have you talked about sex with your new friend? That’s usually a good opener to explore sexuality. You could mention that you are in touch with me on Literotica and see what her thoughts are on sexy chat.

Right now though, I would love to feel my fingers trailing up your inner thigh, searching for that wonderful secret gem you have between your legs, and explore the hidden treasure, testing the softness and wet lips.

In fact I just want to FUCK you!! NOW!

Sarah xx

I’m here gorgeous Sarah…

It’s getting sooo cold here and I need your hot pussy to keep me warm. I’d love a pic of you Sarah. I truly want you to fuck me, as my hubby isn’t interested in me.

I’m seeing Betsy at work tonight, so I’ll tell you more about her tomorrow. But as I said, it’s early days and although there’s been no physical contact between us, I will certainly test her out like you said and give her a hug to let her know I’m interested. I can’t wait to see how she responds.

Love you lots XXXXXXXXX Janie.

That’s great Janie!

Yes – cold here as well. bursa escort Sorry to hear your hubby has given up on sex with you though – so soon! Is he much older than you? Mine is 15 years my senior, so passion is definitely lacking – though we usually have sex once a week – Sunday am! Then, while he’s in the shower, I finish myself off thinking about sex – dogging or other women!! Nowadays it’s often you darling!

So you work evenings? Well, maybe we can chat on line sometime. Maybe an orgasm or two? Good luck with Betsy. Hope she’s one of us! I must say, though, that sex with other women is preferable to other men. I don’t fancy being unfaithful. But women don’t count, do they?

Lots of love and kisses and fumbles between your legs.

Sarah xxxxxxx

Hi Sarah…

Thank you for your lovely message. Just to let you know that I’m due out at 5-30, so would love you to make me nice and juicy before I see Betsy … you can certainly kiss me and give my pussy some loving attention if you can spare the time.

I have been much more satisfied in the past by other females, and I can certainly manage without sex from my husband. Yes, he’s a lot older too, but equally, I’ve had sex with women older than him and they’ve been fantastic! One lady used to love kissing and finger fucking in public places… and we both had amazing orgasms together in the cinema!

xxxx Janie

(Next morning.)

Mmmm Janie!

You’re probably in bed right now, so I can sneak my hand between your wet thighs … disturb your dreams of Betsy and all the other sexy women you’ve fucked – I love the story of sex in the cinema … stifled orgasms on the back row. I hadn’t realized that you’ve had lots of other women darling. So experienced. Come to me then, and make me cum … I’m waiting for the touch of your fingers and tongue!!

Did you manage to feel Betsy then??

Sarah xxxxxx

Hi Sarah… I’m sorry I missed you this morning. I was up early too, but I’ve only just been able to gain internet access and it’s so frustrating!

Anyway, how are you today? I’d love to email with you if you have time? I didn’t mean to sound so experienced with other women. In fact, I’ve only had four girlfriends and these were spread over a number of years. Right now I only have the hots for you and Betsy. But I’m taking it slowly with her, although she did ask me to go for a drink last night after work which was really nice. I put my arms around her and gave her a hug as we parted… and it lasted much longer than the norm. By the way she smiled at me afterwards, I guessed she enjoyed it as much as me.

But this morning I woke with some very sexy feelings. I swear I felt a feminine hand stroking between my legs… was it yours?

xxxxxx Janie

Yes Janie.

It was mine! Exploring your gorgeous pussy and getting you wet. I heard you gasping when I touched your clit and slipped my two middle fingers deep into your precious jewel. When I started to finger fuck you, you moaned with pleasure, your thighs trembling with lust. My lips found your nipples, sucking them, feeling them harden and erect. As I found your little bum button with my other hand, you started to squirm and whimper. I pressed my index finger up your bum, startling to bum-fuck you in rhythm to my pussy fucking. Deeper and faster. Your legs are really shaking now … your bottom is lifting from the bed. You breathing is shallow – your moans more urgent. I’m leaving your nipples now to push my head between your thighs, inhaling the delicious scent and tasting your sweet juices. Mmmm so much juice there! I can feel you starting to cum now – your muscles contracting and flexing. Oh yes! You’re gasping for air, your head thrashing from side to side, eyes screwed shut. OMG Janie – your body is going into convulsions of agonizing bliss as your orgasm suddenly explodes. YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! strong convulsions of lust racking your body as you cry out. OH GOD! you shout. FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!

Then you subside, exhausted. I come up from your pussy and kiss your mouth, sharing your cum.

Sarah xxx

Hi Sarah.

I had a nice surprise on Saturday when Lynn called in without her boyfriend. Hubby was out for a couple of hours, and it didn’t take long for Lynn to flirt with me again. If you’re there, please cum back to me and I will reveal all!

Janie. Kisses XXX

Hi Janie.

When will you be on line darling??

‘Right now, my beautiful fucker! Oooh Sarah… you are amazing. You really know how to turn a lady on… my pussy is sooo creamy. I can imagine how Heather must feel when you’re together. How did you know that I love my bum fucked too? With your fingers up my pussy and Heather’s in my bum… I would be in heaven!! Cum back to me Sarah… I want you sooo much.’

‘Hey Janie. Where are you? I need your fingers on my pussy and your lips on my nipples. Cum for me darling.’

‘I’m here gorgeous Sarah… our messages crossed!’

‘What a shame, missing each other like that. Good to hear bursa escort bayan Lisa was back though.’

‘Hubby is late back tonight at 6-30pm, so I’m all yours! I’m meeting Betsy for coffee in the morning, so hopefully a little progress can be made… verbally at least.’

‘So are you and Betsy discussing sex with each other? When will you manager to get your fingers inside her pussy I wonder?’

‘I’m leaving in 30 mins to meet her. Care to make my pussy all creamy before I go?’

‘What are you wearing? I have time to slip my hand along your inner thigh. Finger tips only though. Your crotch is warm and rather damp. Mmm I can caress your pussy though your knickers, middle two fingers stroking back and forth as far as to your bum.’

‘Well, it’s bitter cold today, but I’m wearing a short skirt and white sweater, but no bra… and my nipples are hard at the thought of you feeling my tits.’

‘So I don’t have far to reach up your skirt then to feel your soaking pussy. Mmmm – no bra. Stiff nipples. Here I cum. Sucking nipples and fingering pussy. Delightful!’

‘I’m getting nice and wet darling.’

‘You must be feeling extra horny right now. Good luck. Will she get a glimpse of your boobs??’

‘Mmmm… kiss me Sarah and let me feel your tongue in my mouth while you’re stroking me. Oooh yes, I’ve waited such a long time for your touch.’

‘There! I nice long French kiss, tongues lashing while I push my hand up your jumper to feel your boobs. Mmmm the certainly are big and stiff. You smell delicious darling.’

‘Yes please… I really do want you Sarah… you are sooo sexy. You’re making me sooo horny and confident to make a move on Betsy. I’ll be thinking of your hand up my skirt when I’m talking to her.’

‘Mention you’ve been having a sexy chat with me, letting me feel your private bits and pieces.’

‘I’m loving the way you arouse me Sarah. I’m sooo wet!’

‘Maybe I should crouch under the table and get my head between your legs, a tongue fuck you while you’re chatting.’

‘Yeah… that would be amazing. I would cum in seconds! I will mention that I play with you to Betsy and see how she reacts.’

‘Good luck! A final feel of your creamy pussy before you go. Mmmm Wow! Soooo wet! Scoop juices onto my finger tips and lick them! Mmm delicious and tasty. I can taste Janie’s pussy. Amazing. I do believe you’re ready to cum right now. A quickie!! Just for Sarah.’

‘Oooh Sarah… I want you to have me right now! I want to cum for you. Kiss me and finger my clit.’

‘I want you too Janie. I’m going to caress your pussy, slip two fingers deep inside he dripping vagina, with the thumb stimulating your clit. My lips are latched on to your nipples. I can feel your thighs trembling.’

‘OMG Sarah! I’m fizzing here!’

‘You’re weak at the knees – they’re sagging as your belly shakes. I can hear you moaning through the gasps. Yes! Yes Janie! Definitely ready to cum for me.’

‘Oh Sarah. Now I best go or you’ll make me cum before I’ve even started! OMG…my panties are soaking wet and I’m longing for you to fuck me Sarah. I just have to …’

‘I wish I wish!! Think of my sensitive fingers.’

‘Oooh FFUUUUUUUCCCKKKKKKKKKKKK Sarah… (Pause.) You’ve made me cum big time! My fingers were yours up my pussy and it felt amazing to think you were fucking me. Now, you naughty but gorgeous lady, I have to change my panties! Then I must dash. Please cum back again later.’

(That same afternoon)

‘Are you there, Janie?’

‘Gosh… I’ve just switched on the computer and here you are! Do you have time to spare Sarah or will hubby be back?’

‘I’m OK at the moment. How was your ‘coffee’ time?’

‘It was very interesting and promising. Betsy was there waiting when I arrived, and as soon as I took my coat off I noticed her eyes on my tits. I kissed her on the cheek to say ‘hello’ and again as we chatted she kept lowering her eyes to glance at my protruding nipples. It felt really nice… and I thought of you making me cum which made my pussy tingle with excitement.’

‘So? What next? Did you chat about sex?’

‘Yes, we talked about sex… and I told Betsy about you! She actually said that she’s not very happy with her boyfriend at the moment, so I told her my hubby’s useless in bed too… which led me to mentioning you and how much you can turn me on. She was all ears, and smiled when I put my hand on hers across the table. Our knees were already touching under the table, and when I brushed my calf up against hers she never moved away.’

‘That sounds as though she’s interested. What else did you tell her about me? Did you mention my stories on Literotica? Perhaps she’d like to send me a message?’

‘Yes, I told her that you’re an amazing writer of erotica and where your stories are, but she’s still at home with her parents – not married as I originally thought – and doesn’t have internet access there, so I invited her to my place sometime so she could read a few. And what’s more, bursa sınırsız escort Betsy said she’d like that! Did I do well?’

‘Very well, darling. A good fuck?’

‘Not with Betsy… but I want one now with you Sarah. You make me feel incredibly horny!’

‘Are you still wearing your skirt?’

‘No gorgeous Sarah.’

‘No skirt? Then how am I going to feel your gorgeous pussy?’

‘I’m not wearing my skirt… I’ve taken it off. Lol! You can have your hand in my panties whenever you like now.’

(I was interrupted unfortunately. )

‘I guess you’ve gone already, so I’ll finish telling you about Betsy so you can read it when you come back.’

(Back to email.)

So Sarah, here we go.

It may not sound much but our eye contact, my hand on hers and legs touching under the table was so sexy. Betsy seemed relaxed too talking about sex with me. which is nice because she’s only in her 20’s. She’s slim and gorgeous with small breasts and a nice firm body with long hot legs. There were more furtive glances at my tits when I mentioned you… and how much you turn me on, so I was really excited when Betsy said she’d love to come to my place sometime and read your stories. Then when walked arm-in-arm back to our cars, cuddled up against each other in the freezing wind. I kissed her on the lips to say goodbye, and she wasn’t opposed to that either.

Maybe you can offer some sensual advice for when I see her again at work? Hurry back Sarah because hubby will be back around 5-15pm.

Janie xxx

Hi Janie.

You did very well indeed. It’s important not to rush these things, let things develop in their own time, otherwise it sends the wrong signals. When is she coming round to yours? That will be the time to make physical contact – when Betsy’s into reading some of my lesbian conversations. And when she does, I can get mt hands into your panties and give you a good erotic feel, feeling your muscles contract and respond to my touch. Mmmm.

Eye contact is very important in sending signals. Combined with physical contact, the interest is shown quite clearly. You can bet that Betsy was as horny as you, with wet knickers to show for it. She sounds really nice and beautiful. There’s no doubt that she’s interested in erotica and is up for putting it into practice. Probably has to rely on masturbating for a good orgasm if her b/f is not much good.

So when you see her, apart from saying how much you enjoyed you chat together, mention how attractive you found her. You are so looking forward to her coming round to your place – you hope she meant it. And, you hope she doesn’t mind you saying so, but you found her a real turn on this morning. Tell me how she responds.

When she comes round to yours, give her a big welcoming hug, resting your hands on her bottom as you kiss her lips. Then, sit beside her looking at the computer and, as you get into my stories, let your hand rest lightly on her thigh. Wait for the response. Don’t rush it. If she rests hers on yours, you can gently start to rub her, putting you arm round her shoulder. Then things should take their own course. A soft lingering kiss, hand caressing her blouse. Mmmm how I wish I could be there with you. When will all this take place?

Sarah xxx

Mmm Sarah …

To feel your hand in my panties while Betsy’s here will be sooo erotic. We didn’t make any arrangement as yet, but I’ll see what develops next week. Are you there Sarah? I want to chat with you.

Janie xxx

‘Yes darling. I’m here again!’

‘Wonderful! Are you okay to play with me Sarah? Tell me what you’re wearing because I want to visualize how hot you look as I kiss you.’

‘Long skirt and thick woollen jumper to keep out the cold. Hoping that it doesn’t keep out your exploring hands. So, kiss me and let your hand wander up my jumper to search for my tits. I want to feel you close and intimate.’

‘Ooooh Sarah… I so much want to feel your tits and please you in any way you want me to, I’d love to watch you unzip and wriggle out of your long skirt.’

‘No, I want you to get your head underneath the skirt and press your face to my crotch, inhaling my aroused scent before stimulating my clit with your tongue, and slipping fingers inside my pussy.’

‘Ooo yes please Sarah!’

‘I shall just lie back, with open legs, enjoying the feel of your breath on my vulva, tongue exploring every crevice, pushing against your mouth.’

‘I will Sarah… just take off your skirt and lead me to your sofa.’

‘There! I’m lying in the corner of the sofa. My hands are reaching over your shoulders to fondle your erect nipples. Aware of your belly trembling with lust, and your bottom jerking.’

‘You taste fantastic Sarah. Sweet delicious juices.’

‘I can feel my own trembles and shaking thighs. Mmmm I want to feel that special excitement filling my body as I start to begin my orgasm building up.’

‘You whole body is shaking with lust. My fingers are playing with your bum.’

‘ OMG Janie. I’m nearly cumming. OMG – your tongue is killing me. Go for it! EAT ME. Suck my clit. NOW!!!

‘Mmm… You don’t waste any time do you? Okay my darling, just lie back and relax, open your gorgeous legs wide and let me in. Mmm… your pussy smells and tastes divine. My tongue is caressing your clit and you move your bum to the edge of the sofa.’

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