Affair of the Body 03

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Jeri spent a sleepless night and only stopped herself from masturbating because she wanted to save her energy for Rain. Antony called early but she couldn’t focus on him, her mind fixed on fantasies of touching and being touched by Rain. She finally told Antony she needed to go to the bathroom, said “I love you,” and hung up. When seven o’clock rolled around Jeri stared down at the street and dialed Rain’s number. Rain’s phone rang once before she answered.


“Can I come down now?”

“That depends.” Rain sounded bored but Jeri detected a smile in her voice.

“On what?”

“Are you drunk?”

“No. So can I come down?”

“I have another question to ask first.”

“Fine, ask it.” Jeri’s arousal started to turn to frustration.

“Are you glad I made us wait?” This time she sounded serious but Jeri detected a teasing note in her voice as well.

“No. I’m not.”


“I’m not. I haven’t been this aroused in years.”

This time silence came from Rain and Jerilyn thought about Rain’s question and her answer. Jerilyn knew she wasn’t drunk last night but she did drink more than usual. And waiting had burned away her apprehension. Plus, it may be cliche, but she felt respected. Unfortunately she didn’t respect Rain the way she should. She saw the other woman as a sexual object more than she saw her as a person which made her question everything. Jerilyn closed her eyes and rested her head against the cool glass. Thinking about her motivation and attitude made her see herself in a way she didn’t like, which made Rain right to wait. “I’m glad.”

“Are you ok?” Rain sounded concerned and the subtle teasing vanished.

“Yes. Actually I think this is the best I’ve been all day.” Not completely true, but close enough. “Can I come down now?”

“Sure, come straight in.”

Jerilyn disconnected the phone and headed for the door. Instead of running like a racehorse on fire, she took the trip at a sedate pace. She wanted to think but her thoughts were such a mess she couldn’t follow a single coherent thought.

When she got to Rain’s door she couldn’t barge into someone’s home even if she had been invited. She decided to follow Rain’s invitation but in her own way.

Jerilyn knocked on the door, waited a second or two, then walked in. Like a doctor visiting a patient.

“Hi!” Rain was in her kitchen working at the counter. She smiled at Jerilyn over her shoulder. “I’m starved, I’m making a salad for dinner, do you want some?”

“Please.” Jerilyn hadn’t eaten, she’d been too agitated. Now that her mind was in a different place she realized how hungry she was. “I’m starved too.”

“Why? Have you been too busy to eat?” Rain sliced a cucumber with quick efficient strokes.

“No, but I had something on my mind.”

“I bet you did. Here, can you wash this please?” Rain handed her a head of romaine.

“How was your morning?” Jerilyn took the lettuce and washed each leaf. It wasn’t from nervousness this time, but the result of watching a documentary on food. Now she had images of germs crawling all over vegetables.

“Busy! I managed to over book myself and gave twice as many massages today as usual. My hands are so tired.” Rain pushed the cucumber slices into a large bowl then started on a tomato. “Plus I had to give a card reading to a skeptic. Boy, was that ever fun. Why do people who don’t believe in tarot readings pay good money to have their cards read? It makes no sense!”

“People are weird, I guess.” Jerilyn handed the lettuce to Rain. She chopped half of it up and put the other half in a towel then set it in her fridge. “At least you had a productive day, all I did was clean my spotless house.”

They sat at Rain’s small kitchen table and ate in comfortable silence. Wine was conspicuously absent. When they finished, Jerilyn cleared the table. “You made it, so I’ll clean up.”

“You don’t have to do that, but I’ll let you.” Rain leaned back in the chair and stuck her legs out in front of her. “I have to confess, you had me so turned on last night I gave myself four orgasms. I hold you responsible.”

“Glad I could help.” Jerilyn finished loading the dishwasher and leaned back against the counter to look at Rain. She wore a white tunic, either an oversized shirt or a small dress, made from heavy cloth. Either way she showed a lot of leg when she stretched them out in front of her. Judging by the way her breasts moved underneath it, Rain didn’t put on a bra. Even so, the thick material blocked any outward signs of arousal.

Jeri thought about her own clothing choices. While Rain wore something comfortable and unrestrictive, Jerilyn chose something less comfortable, a red satin spaghetti strapped dress. It was designed for a dinner party or a formal occasion. She didn’t bother with a bra either and she knew her nipples showed. She also left her panties off, she wanted as little between her and Rain as possible.

“Lets go to the couch.” Rain got up and led the way around the table. Unlike Jerilyn’s apartment where a wall separated her kitchen from the living room, Rain’s had an open plan. Nothing separated the kitchen from the living room Maltepe Escort except furniture. Jerilyn sat on the end of the couch, relieved and disappointed when Rain sat on the far end. “What’s up?”

“What do you mean?”

“When I talked to you on the phone earlier, you were happy and excited but something changed. I teased you about being drunk then you got serious and now you’re distant.”

“You made me think too hard, I had to examine my motives.”

“You have motives now? Are they honorable?” Rain spoke with a lilting lightness, like she thought this was all a game. Unfortunately, to Jeri it wasn’t.

“No, my motives are not honorable.” Jeri wondered if she wanted to sabotage herself or if she wanted a basis to build a real relationship. “I realized I don’t respect you.”

“You don’t?” Rain sounded like she didn’t believe it and her knowing expression made Jeri wonder if she had some insight that escaped Jerilyn.

“No. I was looking for sex, am looking for sex and I saw you as an object to fulfill my need. You’re convenient so I was less interested in who you are than in how to get you in bed.” Jerilyn rested her head on the back of the couch and stared at the ceiling. “You deserve more. Everyone does.”

“Last night you seduced me harder than most men.” Rain sounded angry; anger didn’t fit her personality well. “You seduced the hell out of me, made me so horny I brought myself off four times. That doesn’t happen very often, just so you know.”

“I’m sorry.”

“I guess it’s a good thing we didn’t fool around last night.” Rain gave a melodramatic sigh. “It’s obvious the only reason you came on to me was because you were drunk. To top it off, you came down here dressed so sexy, looking so hot, it’s almost impossible to keep my hands off you. I don’t like being teased. At least not when the person teasing doesn’t follow through. No sex for you tonight, that’s for sure.”

Jerilyn whipped her head around to look at Rain who faced the window giving Jerilyn her profile. Even as Jeri tried to puzzle through Rain’s behavior, she noticed Rain watching her from the corner of her eye, lip twitching. She was teasing her. Jerilyn sighed, relieved Rain wasn’t mad, but wondered why. Even a third generation hippy should want to be respected. Regardless, Rain forgave her and still wanted sex, otherwise she wouldn’t be making this a game.

“No sex for me, hunh?” Jerilyn scooted closer to Rain until they sat shoulder to shoulder. “What if I decide I want to, respect or no respect?”

“The answer is no. I won’t do it.” Rain turned her head but didn’t move so much as an inch away.

Jerilyn breathed in her ear, slow and gentle. “What if I beg?” Jerilyn moved in closer until her chin rested on Rain’s shoulder.

“No. I told you, I don’t like being teased. No sex for you.” Rain sounded a little more serious this time, but not in the way of holding her ground. No, her seriousness seemed more like a way to keep her self control. That was all the encouragement Jeri needed.

“I’m sure you mean it, but you don’t mind if I try to change your mind, do you?” Jerilyn stood in front of Rain. She didn’t know why, but being aggressive gave her a confidence she didn’t normally have.

“It won’t work.” Rain stared up at Jeri and she knew it already had worked.

“Then I guess if I do this, it won’t make a difference.” Jerilyn slid her dress straps off her shoulders. She didn’t have enough bust to hold the gown up so the fabric slithered down her torso. She did have wide, sensuous hips and the satin bunched around them, setting low enough for a few wisps of pubic hair to peek out over the top.

“No, it doesn’t do a thing for me. Time for you to go home.”

“I guess I better try harder.” Jerilyn leaned over and put her lips on Rain’s. She felt Rain’s lips stretch into a smile before returning the kiss. When the kiss ended and Jerilyn pulled away she realized how different kissing a woman was. The texture of her lips felt the same, but Rain used them so differently. They felt softer, more pliant, more nuanced, unlike any mans kiss in her life.

“It’s about time.” Rain smiled up at Jerilyn and pushed a lock of hair behind Jerilyn’s ear before caressing her cheek. “I liked that. Do it again.”

Jerilyn kissed Rain again, a quick kiss this time, just enough to keep the passion engaged. Then she slid onto the couch next to Rain. They turned in each others arms until their lips met again.

Jeri lost herself in Rain’s mouth. She had forgotten how much she missed kissing. Even though she was married and every make out session led to sex, she found she enjoyed the passion and intimacy of a kiss. She missed kissing when sex wasn’t the goal. Kissing Rain was like rediscovering her youth. Even if tonight didn’t lead to sex, Jeri believed she would be satisfied. Just like when she first dated Antony. They had some nights filled with kissing and maybe the occasional touch of a body part that should have been off limits.

Kissing Rain was so new, like discovering her sexuality again. Jeri had to stop this, she didn’t know how long they kissed, but she was dizzy and breathless. Her Maltepe Escort Bayan body thrummed with desire. She drew a shuddering breath as she pulled back from Rain to catch her breath.

Rain’s chest heaved making her look as aroused as Jerilyn. “Wow.” Rain wiped sweat off her forehead. “I don’t think I’ve ever reacted to a kiss like that before.”

“Lets not stop.” Jerilyn leaned forward, opening her mouth for the next kiss, but Rain stopped her with a hand on her shoulder.

“Give me a minute.” Rain’s eyes fell to Jeri’s bare breasts and her hand slipped from her shoulder until it covered a lust swollen mound. “I’ve never regretted a one night stand.” She stared at Jerilyn’s breast as her fingers traced the small swell to its tip then squeezed the engorged nipple. Jeri moaned and felt her vagina clutch in sympathetic pleasure. “Third generation hippies and free love, you know.”

“This can’t be a one night stand.” Jerilyn’s head lulled back and her eyes closed, her attention centered on the way Rain made her breast feel, her whole body feel.

“It won’t be, this feels too good.” Rain circled Jerilyn’s nipple with a languid finger then moved her hand to the other breast. “I need to address the respect issue first.”

“If I’d known how you kiss, I wouldn’t have made such an issue of it.” Jeri clutched the back of the couch with one hand while kneading Rain’s thigh with the other. She couldn’t think while Rain manipulating her breasts.

“I’m glad you did.”

“What?” Jerilyn had a hard time paying attention to Rain’s voice when her hands gave her so much pleasure.

“I said.” Rain released Jerilyn’s nipple and stared at it for a second. “I said I’m glad you mentioned it.”

“Why?” Jerilyn moaned at the loss of Rain’s hand on her.

“Because it proves you do respect me.”

Jerilyn opened her eyes and stared at Rain, admitting to herself she was a little angry. She didn’t want to talk, she wanted to be made love to. “I respect how your hands make me feel.”

“You respect me as a person. Otherwise, you wouldn’t have made such a big deal of it.”

“You’re right.” Jeri wasn’t really listening. Instead, she watched the way Rain’s chest heaved for breath under her shirt.

“It’s important you hear this.”

“I’m listening,” said Jeri. Time enough later to worry about what she said.

“No, you’re not, but it’s ok. I want you to know that I know that you respect me.”

“I do, I really do.”

“You’ll remember tomorrow, you’re trying to find your balance right now.” Rain put her hand back on Jerilyn’s breast. “Do you know what this feels like? What it feels like to touch another woman’s boob?”


“You’re about to find out.” Rain smiled as she pulled her dress off over her head. Then she grabbed Jerilyn’s hand and placed it on her heavy breast.

Jerilyn almost swooned when she felt the other woman’s soft flesh and squeezed it ever so gently. It felt pliant yet resistant. Jerilyn ran her hand around the gentle slope, felt the swell grow beneath her fingers. She scrapped her fingertips over the crinkled areola and nudged the swollen nipple. When her fingers reached the underside, she pushed up, feeling its weight. She ran her fingers along the base where the curve of her breast connected to her chest. It fit perfectly to the roundness of her finger.

She traced the outside curve next with her knuckles, skimming Rain’s skin so lightly the beautiful, soft, feminine flesh didn’t move. When she got to the top, where the line of breast led to Rain’s shoulder she reversed direction. Jerilyn trailed a path back down underneath, then wondered up the inside curve. She made the same journey two more times then cupped Rain’s breast, lifting it in her palm while her thumb and fingers framed either side. Someone trembled but Jeri didn’t know who and didn’t care. Jerilyn hadn’t blinked the entire time she explored Rain’s breast, her eyes never strayed from where her hand connected to Rain’s body. She squeezed, making the puffy nipple more prominent, it swelled toward her, beckoning, like a mermaid on rocky shoals. Jerilyn followed the beckoning, moved in closer until her open mouth surrounded the crinkled, swollen disk. When her lips touched Rain’s skin, she sucked, feeling the pliant flesh extend into her mouth, filling her. Her tongue flicked across Rain’s nipple, like when she kissed Rain. The texture was so different, filled with bumps and ridges across the areola while the nipple swelled, hard and rubbery. She ran her tongue along the skin surrounding Rain’s areola and sucked harder, feeling Rain’s breast mold against her teeth. Rain tasted of sweet incense and massage oil. Jerilyn bit down, barely denting Rain’s soft flesh with her teeth.

Rain cried out. The world crashed down around Jerilyn as Rain’s cry broke her trance. Jerilyn released Rain’s breast and backed away, she didn’t think she bit hard enough to hurt. She opened her mouth to apologize, to beg forgiveness for hurting her but cut herself off. Rain hadn’t moved. Her eyes were wide and unfocused. Her body jerked in little spasms and she sucked in deep, shuddering breaths. She looked Escort Maltepe radiant as a thin sheen of sweat covered her body.

Jerilyn stared at her, not knowing what to do. Rain’s body stayed locked in her awkward position for at least half a minute before she blinked her eyes back into focus. She looked at Jerilyn and smiled. “Wow.”

“Did I hurt you?” Jerilyn’s hands twitched to touch Rain but she checked the motion. She didn’t know what Rain wanted or needed and didn’t want to risk turning her away. “I’m sorry, I won’t do it again.”

“Oh, yes you will!” Rain slumped back on the couch and grinned. “I didn’t think that was possible.”

“Think what was possible?”

“I’ve heard about it, my mom talked about it once, but I thought she made it up.”

“Made what up?”

“You don’t know?”

“Know what?” Jeri resisted the urge to yank her hair. “What is it I’m supposed to know?”

“Babe, you made me come my brains out!”

“I did?” Jerilyn had a varied and inventive sex life in their early marriage, but she always needed more than breast play to bring her off. It wasn’t supposed to work like that. Was it?

“Well, yeah! Where were you?”

“But I didn’t . . . you know . . . touch you down there.” Jeri glanced at Rain’s panties. Her legs were spread lewdly showing definite signs of Rain’s arousal.

“Apparently you don’t have to.” Rain still grinned and wiped her forehead then blew a few stray strands of hair out of her eyes. “No one has ever done that to me before.”

“Made you orgasm?”

“Made me come by playing with my boob. It’s like you made love to it, worshiped it.” Rain closed here eyes and shuddered. “Maybe it’s you, maybe it’s because this is a first for us both. I don’t know, but it was amazing.”

“This isn’t fair. I came to you to take care of my needs and you’ve finished before I even got started!” Jerilyn gave her a pout, but inward she preened. She felt proud and confident for giving Rain an orgasm without needing to go between her legs.

“Who said anything about being finished?” Rain sat up and caressed Jerilyn’s leg. “I just need to catch my breath.”

“You’re not done?” Jerilyn usually finished when she came. Of course, it had been so long she might have enough sexual energy built up to have more than one orgasm herself.

“I’m not close to being done. It’s only fair I return the favor.” Rain’s hand caressed up Jerilyn’s leg, along her side and over her ribs until her fingers traced circles around Jerilyn’s breast. Since Jeri’s were so much smaller, Rain couldn’t do the same things Jerilyn did. Somehow Jerilyn expected Rain had her own ideas on how to please her.

Jerilyn closed her eyes and gave herself over to the sensations Rain gave her. Her fingers started with a light touch on Jeri’s skin making large figure eight’s around her breasts. Each time, she moved in closer to Jerilyn’s nipples. As her touch continued, Jerilyn’s nipples hardened, aching to be touched while her breasts swelled with lust. It had been so long since she had been touched there. Rain seemed to know exactly how to touch her, must be the massage training. When at last her fingers slid across her nipples it seemed like they had a direct line to her clitoris.

Rain’s hand stopped moving between Jerilyn’s nipples and settled over one breast while she moved her mouth over her other. Jeri gasped at the sensation. She felt a path burn between her nipples and her sex. As Rain sucked hard, pulling her breast away from her chest with exquisite suction she flattened Jerilyn’s other breast with her palm. The conflicting sensations of push and pull brought her passion to a new high.

Rain ran her tongue over Jerilyn’s hard nipple flicking it, pulling on the line connecting her sex to her nipple. Then, like Jerilyn did to Rain, she bit down. The magical string drew tighter, making her passion build. She was close, so close, but couldn’t fall over the edge. Her body refused to explode in magical fireworks. Rain moved her hand around on her breast until her puffy nipple popped between her fingers. She gently closed her fingers around the sensitive bud.

Jerilyn cried out and writhed involuntarily. Now two lines of pleasure stretched between her aching breasts and her wet, needy, pussy. The triangle of pleasure made her desire climb to an altitude she never reached before. She heard herself moaning and needed her orgasm. She moved her hand between her legs but Rain intercepted it.

“I’ll take care of that.” Rain’s free hand moved between Jerilyn’s legs, skimming over the bunched fabric of her dress then under it along her thigh. Her fingers found Jerilyn’s engorged lips. That light touch almost sent Jerilyn crashing into ecstacy, almost. Rain sucked harder, pinched harder. She dipped her fingers into Jerilyn’s sopping pussy. When she pulled her fingers out, they were slick with Jerilyn’s essence. Rain slid her fingers along Jerilyn’s lips until she touched her clit again. Rain made little circles over Jerilyn’s clit with her slick fingers. That did it. Pleasure filled Jeri’s existence. She didn’t know how her body reacted. She might be screaming and thrashing or frozen like a statue. All her concentration focused on the pleasure working her body. It had been too long since someone gave her any release. It went on and on until the orgasm subsided into the stupor of afterglow. She floated on the edge of sleep then jerked awake with a start when she remembered where she was and who she was with.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32