Surprised Again

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This is the third part of the “surprised” series and I would recommend that you read surprised and more surprises before you read this. I appreciate all the nice comments I have received and tried to incorporate some of your suggestions, I hope you enjoy it. K


As it was a Saturday Dave had gone to play golf with his buddies and Paul had promised to help his friend with his car. Leaving me sitting alone in the kitchen, my face and body a mess, my legs all wobbly and my pussy throbbing a little from the fucking I had recently received. My mind was a whirl at the way things between Paul, Dave and I had developed so suddenly. I was both surprised and happy at how I had so quickly and willingly given myself to them in this new and exciting way. Promising them that I would obey them in all things and become their sexual plaything made my tummy lurch with excitement and anticipation.

I had a surge of excitement rush around my body as I looked back at what they did to me, and the promises that I had willingly made to them. The overpowering feeling of submissiveness that I was feeling was both liberating and fulfilling. I had always loved pleasing my lover and giving into him, but way they had dominated me this morning was a whole new thing for me and I loved it.

I truly did feel an overpowering need to satisfy them in any way they wanted me to, it was something that I, albeit sub consciously had obviously wanted and desired. However my husband and perhaps to a lesser degree my son had seen that in me and over the past couple of days had skilfully brought it to the front of my mind and got me to admit it and act on it. It was as if they had removed any responsibility from me for any of my libertine actions. I now loved the thought of being controlled by them, especially my son that was so taboo and so very exciting, he had certainly taken the lead this morning.

The day drifted past me in a haze my mind always turning back to the new situation I found myself in. I found it difficult to accept how my life had changed so much I realised that I was now a shared woman, I had two men to satisfy and keep happy, I could hardly believe it and that one of those men was my own son simply added to my incredulity and happiness.

I had taken a bath it was very relaxing and it soothed my aching pussy and limbs. I Did not know what I should wear to greet my men, something skimpy I imagined would please them so I chose a light summer tee shirt in white with no bra, it certainly showed of my breasts well, small thongs and a short summer skirt that I had only ever worn for my husband before, and a light touch of make up completed the look.

The telephone rang and I rushed to answer it, to find that it was Paul, my pulse quickened.

“Hi mum, how are you,” he asked

“I am great thank you, why the call?” I asked him

“Dad and I are meeting for a drink and thought you might like to join us,” he suggested.

“That will be lovely, just give me time to change,” I said.

“Don’t worry about that just come as you are,” he told me.

I chuckled, “I can’t do that I have dressed a little naughtily to meet both of you.”

“Have you indeed, tell me what you are wearing,” he told me.

So I described what I had on explaining just how short the skirt was and how the top was virtually translucent.

“That’s good you can come like that,”

“Oh Paul I cant,” I protested “it leaves nothing at all to the imagination.”

“You can mum and you will wear those clothes, just remember you promised to obey me in all things, be here in ten minutes.” He said sternly

“Ok then Paul, sorry I argued, I will be there as soon as possible.”

He told me the name of the pub we were going to and gave me directions telling me he would meet me in the car park then he hung up. I looked at myself in the full-length mirror and saw just how short the skirt was, I had only ever envisaged wearing it at home for my husband’s pleasure so it was much shorter than I would normally wear. It came down to about four or five inches below the cheeks of my bottom, I would need to take great care when I sat down I thought.

My breasts were clearly visible in this thin summer top and my nipples stiffened as I realised that anybody there would be able to see them. I could not believe that I was actually going out dressed like this; I thought I look very sluttish. However, my tummy had those butterflies again as I considered sitting in a pub with my son and husband dressed like this. But, as he pointed out I had promised to obey him and if this is what he wanted I felt duty bound to comply with his instructions.

Fifteen minutes later I arrived in the pub car park, I had never been there before and it was quite a way from the village we lived in, which was a relief I would hate for the locals to see me dressed in such a daring and salacious way. I was delighted to see Paul’s face when I stepped out of the car, he eyed me up and down approvingly and I felt a little bayan escort more confident then.

“You look so sexy, stunning,” he said “and dressed just like the slut you want to be and that you promised to be,” he grinned.

“Thank you I am glad you approve,” I replied with more confidence than I felt.

He led me into the bar; it was comfortably furnished and had a nice relaxed atmosphere. My husband came and greeted me giving me a hug and a kiss on my cheek,

“Wow look at you, you look beautiful.” He whispered.

He guided me to a high stool at the bar and as I hitched myself onto it I realised that my short skirt had ridden well up and was exposing a lot of my thigh and try as I might it was not long enough to pull down.

“Don’t worry about that just be comfortable and show yourself off,” Paul told me.

Comfortable was the last thing I felt, especially when I looked around the bar to see it mostly populated with men who were enjoying a drink before going home after their afternoon golfing or whatever. I noticed one or two men glance in my direction looking me quickly up and down. Paul came and put his hand high up on my leg and kissed me. It was as if he was claiming me, giving out the message that I was his, but that the others can look.

I took a sip of my wine and smiled at the two of them, we chatted about their day, Dave briefing me quickly about his round of golf and Paul telling about his day with his friend, Simon I blushed a little as I recalled that he was the third man on that first eventful night.

“I can see that you remember him,” Paul laughed.

“How can I possibly forget him, “I answered.

Both guy’s looked at me and chuckled. It was a nice moment as we all relived our personal memories of that exciting night.

“I know dad can certainly remember him as well, he has his own little memories of him that night.”

I though back to events and remembered that Simon had sucked on Dave’s cock, I looked at him and saw that he had gone bright red with embarrassment. It made me wonder for a second if perhaps he had enjoyed that moment more than he would care to admit, maybe he had even told Paul that it was exciting for him.

“Anyway Simon told me how great it had all been and wants a repeat performance.” Paul stated. “I think we owe him for helping out that night, we could not have done it without him, so I told him I would arrange for him to come around one night soon.”

My pussy twitched as I recalled his nice cock and I smiled at Paul then looked at Dave who was still a little embarrassed.

Paul went on, “I promised him you would give him a really good time,” he said to me and I merely nodded, “if that’s what you want then it will no problem.” I told him.

He looked at his dad and grinned, then whispered so as only we could hear him. “Simon also told me how he loved your cock Dad, so I promised him that he could savour it again and that perhaps you might even return the favour.”

Dave’s face was priceless his mouth hung open as if the words had evaporated in his mouth before he could speak them; his eyes were wide and staring. I wondered if this was the first shot in some sort of power struggle and that maybe Paul was seeking to effect total control over me and perhaps to a lesser degree his father. Certainly Paul was proving more effective more focused at controlling me and the events as they unfolded. Far better than his father had ever been, whereas Dave had a fertile and active imagination, being able to see and plan things, to my eyes they were a well-matched pair and would feed of each other beautifully. However, I could understand that there probably has to be an alpha male as it were, someone to guide and make decisions to sort of rule f the roost, just as happens in the wild I thought, with herding animals they always have a prominent bull.

In the deepest recesses of my mind and heart I hoped that Paul would come out on top in this struggle, after all Dave had all the years of our marriage to take advantage of my sub streak and lead me into this life style, but he had never really made the required effort. So perhaps, I thought it was time to give my gorgeous son his opportunity to take and train me, for him to give me what I had always secretly wanted, the experience of being truly sub to a caring loving man and I sincerely hoped that man would turn out to be my son.

Paul had sensed that his father was in a quandary and he seized his opportunity, I watched mesmerized as I saw Paul starting to affect some level of control over his father. I saw his hand deftly stroke Dave’s crutch area and was amazed to see that he made no effort to stop him, he was looking at Paul his mind obviously working overtime digesting this turn of events.

“Simon is a little bi and he told me how he just loved your nice hard cock and how he would love to have some more of it, but properly this time,” Paul informed his dad. “As he was so helpful bayan escort gaziantep to us I think its only right to cater to all his needs don’t you?” He was looking at Dave now and holding his stare. “Well dad you don’t mind do you.”

We waited with baited breath for Dave to either acquiesce or react with anger, his face was red and I could see his hands trembling a little.

He sighed heavily, “I guess not, but I have never experienced anything like that before.”

“Good man,” said Paul warmly, “you just know you want to and you also know that you will love it.” Then he paused for a second before adding, “you have always been a little bi-curious haven’t you, wondering how a cock would feel in your hands?”

I saw Dave gulp and look at us both, he never said a word, but he lowered his eyes and nodded. I was amazed I had never had any suspicions that my husband was bi-curious and interested in trying it out.

“I thought as much you devious bugger, I saw you eyeing up Simon’s manhood the other night and when you never complained when he sucked you I just knew it. Tell you what you can practice at home before Simons visit so as you are not so naive when he comes?”

Dave grinned sheepishly and sipped his drink; Paul winked at me and smiled. He had won this first battle I could see that and he knew it as I suspect did Dave. Paul had in that short time taken the first step to becoming the alpha male of our household and my heart skipped a beat. I took his hand and squeezed it lovingly hoping that he got the message I was trying to pass to him that I was happy indeed for him to be the main man. I leaned into him and kissed him softly.

He smiled at me and gave me a barely perceptible nod, and then I felt him easing my legs apart. I tried to resist for a split second and then accepted that he was now in all but words my new master, so I allowed him to spread my legs a little wider.

“Why are you dong this to me, showing me off in this way?” I asked him tearfully.

His face was serious and his eyes held a look of softness, he looked at me and whispered,

“Because you are mine and I can if I want to,” he said firmly.” But then in a more tender tone said. “More than that it is because you are truly a beautiful woman, you are very sexy and desirable. I want to show these people just what a gorgeous woman I have to love me.”

He paused and drew breath then kissing my forehead went on, “I love you so much more than you realise and I want people, other men if you like to envy me, I don’t mind if they see you like this and look up your skirt or at your tits I want them to appreciate your charms.”

Tears started to fill my eyes as he carried on, “I also want you to demonstrate to them how much you love and trust by allowing me to show you off like this. It will you definitely prove to them just how much you do love me and say to them look what he has got, but its his not yours but his.”

My heart melted I do not know how long it has been since a man showed me such love I felt light headed and giddy with emotion. He had won me over with his soft words and gentleness I heard the sincerity in his voice and saw the love light in his eyes. From that moment I knew for certain that I was his.

“Oh Jesus Paul I love you so very much as well you know that. You also know that I am yours now if you want me,” and as I totally relaxed my thigh muscles I said, “this morning I made you promises that I swear I will always keep. I want to be all the things I promised you. Show me off if you want to I don’t care just as long as you keep loving me, I will do anything for you.”

I felt him slide my skirt up a little more and felt his finger stroking my pussy through my wet thongs. My shame and embarrassment started to dissipate I laid back against my husband, who started to gently caress my breasts as Paul kissed and fingered me, I opened my eyes and saw a few men gathered around watching, but I was so turned on and so in love it never bothered me. I was happy for Paul to stake a claim to me in front of these strangers.

I felt him easing my gusset to one side and felt the cool air on my pussy lips, I was almost convulsing with excitement and I was being overtaken by my carnal urges as he exhibited me so crudely.

I heard one guy say “what a gorgeous cunt she has.”

Paul replied, “She certainly has would you like to feel it?”

I looked down as I felt another finger rubbing my wet cunt and I sighed in pleasure as I watched a total stranger rubbing my wet exposed pussy, he slid his finger into me and started a slow sensuous fucking motion.

“Lift your arse,” Paul said to me,

I did as instructed without hesitation and I felt him sliding my panties off. My legs were now spread obscenely wide and my unprotected pussy was on display for all to see. I just lay there looking as several men, with Paul’s permission of course, started to stroke and feel my cunt it gaziantep escort was heady and exciting stuff for me and never in a million years would I have ever dreamed of being so lewd. The fury that raged between my legs robbed me of my long held inhibitions and I laid back and revelled in the feelings that these men were generating in me. All the sexy attention and the sheer wantonness of my behaviour soon brought on an orgasm and as my body jerked and twitched I heard the guys gasping with some applauding.

Paul gave my panties to the first man saying,

“Here is a little keepsake for you,” then with a sly smile added, “she may want them back, so leave me you phone number and we will call you,” then looking at me said, “you will reward him properly for looking after them wont you.”

I guessed that meant letting this stranger fuck me, but I looked at Paul and then at the man who was now holding my panties and said with my voice shaking

“Of course I will, whatever you say Paul, it will be a pleasure.”

He then sat me up and the show was over, the men went back to their pints no doubt talking about the slut in the bar. Dave come and stood in front of me he was in total shock I think at what I had done, to see his wife so lewdly displayed and manhandled by so may men was something he never expected to see and in reality a thing no husband should ever witness. It was at this point that my son pushed home his advantage.

“You looked such a dirty slut laying there allowing all those strangers to finger fuck you,”

I made no reply at first just looking at him, my nerves were only just settling down. Then in a soft voice asked.

“Did you like it then, was that what you wanted me to do and how you wanted me to behave.”

He grinned at me and indicated his hard cock, which was straining against his trousers. “Yes as you can see I did like it,” he said with a giggle. “It was what I wanted you to do.”

Then looking at his father, but speaking to me said, “I wanted to demonstrate my hold over you and to have you show your obedience to me, and you were brilliant.”

I smiled happily and looked between my husband and son. The fact that Dave was uncomplaining proved that Paul was slowly getting the upper hand.

“So you now accept that you are my woman?” Paul asked

I nodded, “yes I do Paul I am your woman.”

“Are you now more my woman than dads then, will I be your number one man from now onwards?”

That was a difficult and embarrassing question and one I was reluctant to answer I looked at Dave and saw the hint of a smile and a slight nod of the head. He was giving me his blessing he was accepting that Paul should now be the dominant man in the family.

“Yes Paul, oh yes,” I repeated happily hugging him to me, “I will be yours forever you will always be the dominant man in my life, I will always obey you, be there for you and love you.”

He smiled at me his face beaming with joy and said “Ok then that’s sorted, from now on you will always answer to me, but if I am not there then you follow dads instructions is that clear?”

“Oh yes indeed sir I understand,” I replied enthusiastically.

Paul suddenly seemed to stand taller his victory almost complete, he finished his drink and Dave and I did the same.

“We will leave mums car here and collect it in the morning, you can drive and take the long route through the local town,” he told his father. Then looking at me said “you will travel in the back with me,” I nodded.

We all started to walk out there were many slaps on Paul’s back and squeezes of my arse, which I did not complain about. Every one wished us goodbye and hoped we would return soon,

“I bet they do,” said Dave with a chuckle.

That surprised me that he had so quickly accepted what had happened and apparently willingly taken on board that I was now his son’s woman. I happily observed that he did not seem phased by it whatsoever. I really did not want a war between them I would have withdrawn my promises if that had happened and gone back to being a faithful wife, as hard as that would now have been.

When we got to the car Dave slipped into the drivers seat and before I could get in Paul told me to undress.

“What here in the car park,” I asked.

With a grin and looking at two men who had just arrived he answered, “Yes undress here right now.”

I quickly pulled the top over my head and slipped the skirt off, I was standing naked in this car park. Understandably I suppose the two men stopped and looked unbelievingly as I disrobed as I got into the car I cheekily gave them a little wave. The car started to move smoothly away, Paul undid his trousers and got his cock out.

“Look what your slutty behaviour has done to me, come and suck it for me you dirty bitch.”

I quickly lowered my head and engulfed his cock with my willing mouth; I was still extremely excited from the events in the bar. His cock felt good in my mouth I loved the slightly salty taste. It was wonderful having my mouth so full of his hard man flesh; I sucked, nipped and gave as good as I could.

“Fuck that feels great you dirty whore,” Paul whispered and I redoubled my efforts I loved his praise.

“Your wife sucks cock brilliantly, she is such a dirty bitch,” he said to Dave goading and teasing him.

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