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Alex Coal

It was dark as she opened the door to the house. She closed the door before reaching for the switch. It was what she usually did. She sensed him before she felt him.

He reached around her with one arm pinning her arms to her body. The other hand covered her mouth stifling her scream.

“Quiet,” he hissed. “If you scream, I have to hurt you. Understand?”

Sue shook her head in the affirmative. Fear gripped her soul as she wondered what could be next. Her attacker slowly removed his hand from her mouth. She felt something cloth against her lips as the dark hulk slipped a bandana with a knot tied in the middle into her mouth. He tied it tightly into place.

Next, he unbuttoned her blouse, nice and slow, and slipped it off her shoulders. He liked the softness of her skin as he slipped the almost see through cloth off her shoulders and onto the floor.

Her bra was next. He unfastened the hooks and let it slide down her arms and onto the floor. He pulled her arms behind her back. He crossed her wrists and bound them with another bandana. She was now gagged and helpless. Her nipples responded with a will of their own. They stood up rock hard. His hands fondled her bare breasts. He played with her hard nipples. She surrendered to the pleasure that was coursing through her body. She moaned through the gag in her mouth.

He reached down and unfastened her pants. They slid down her legs and onto the floor. She slipped her feet out of the legs of the slacks. He slipped his hand under the band on her panties and slid it down to her aching clit. His middle finger explored the wetness of her womanhood. The panties slid down her thighs and onto the floor.

“Spread your feet apart,” her attacker whispered.

She knew the penalty for doing so. His invading hands and fingers would have free access to her vagina. She would be at his mercy. Her thighs opened as though they had a mind and a will of their own. And, as soon as she spread them open, his finger slipped deeply vbet into her cunt. She gasped as he began to fuck her with his finger. With one hand, he worked her nipples and her tits. With the other hand he finger fucked her. She was panting hard and moaning loudly through her gag. Her bound hands sought and found his hard manhood. She rubbed his cock through his pants with her hands. She came three or four times. To be honest, she lost count, but she knew she was cumming.

He stepped around in front of her. He was dressed in black. He had one of those woolen masks on that covered the entire face. Masks like the soldiers wore when they didn’t want anyone to see their faces. He took a firm hold on her breasts and began to walk backward. He led her, by her tits, into the next room. It was a bedroom.

He sat her down on the side of the bed. He knelt and tied her ankles together with another bandana. She was helpless to stop whatever fate awaited her. She wasn’t sure she wanted to stop whatever fate awaited her.

He stood in front of her. He removed his shoes and socks. Next, came the shirt he wore. She felt a tingle in her pussy as she saw his well toned body in the soft moonlight that filtered through the windows. Next, came his pants. Then, finally, his boxers.

His cock was erect and ready. It looked to be about eight inches and looked thick to Sue. She made a yummy sound when she saw it. She knew that his cock was for her, tonight. He kept the mask on. He walked to her. He helped her get on her knees before him. He removed the gag from her mouth and slowly slid his penis between her lips. She eagerly accepted his manhood and began to suck it.

He had his hands on either side of her head. He was slowly fucking her mouth as her head moved back and forth with the same rhythm of his hips. Her tongue felt good on the bottom of his cock. Her lips formed a perfect seal around his shaft. She wanted to taste his sperm. It was not to be. Not yet.

He pulled vbet giriş his dick from her eager mouth and put the gag back in it. He helped her back up on the bed. He laid her back on the bed and lifted her feet into the air. He had his choice. Her cunt was exposed to him. He could enter her dripping pussy and fuck the daylights out of her. He also had the choice of her tight little ass. He could take her in the ass if he so desired. Sue was certainly in no position to do anything to stop him. She was helpless.

Her rapist rubbed the tip of his cock up and down her helpless, exposed ass, rubbing it against her pussy and against her sphincter. He decided, for now to take her in her pussy. He stepped up against her body and pressed his hard cock against the opening of her fuck tunnel. The head of his dick forced the soft, wet flesh apart. Inch by inch he slowly penetrated her helpless cunt until he was fully inside of her. She couldn’t help herself, she moaned her approval and through the gag mmmphed, “Fuck me.”

He slowly pulled his cock from her pussy until only the head remained with its slippery confines, then he slowly began to make the return trip. Slowly, patiently, in and out he fucked her for over an hour. She lost track of how many times she came. She was totally a slave to his cock and she knew it.

He slowly removed his magical love tool from her well-fucked pussy. He untied her ankles and helped her to her feet. She was weak from having cum so many times. He laid down in the middle of the bed and pulled her to him on her knees. She knew what he wanted. She straddled his body and slowly impaled herself on his cock. He moaned his approval. He put his hands on her waist and thrust himself deeply inside of her. She began to rock on top of him, then she began to rise and fall with the rhythm of his hips as he fucked her. He took hold of her tits and squeezed them firmly as she rode his cock. She leaned her head back and moaned loudly as she came once again.

He vbettr lifted her up off of his cock and turned her until she was facing away from him. She once again, obediently took his cock into her waiting pussy. She knew that in this position, the reverse cowgirl, she would experience the deepest penetration of the evening’s festivities. “Now,” she thought, “it’s a party.”

She pogo-sticked on his cock as hard as she could. He was fucking her like a wild animal possessed of pure lust. She felt his orgasm growing hotter and hotter as he fucked her. She wanted his sperm. She wanted his hot, sticky man juice deep within her pussy.

He pulled his cock out of her pussy. Then, he turned her around and laid her on her back. Her ankles were raised and rested on his shoulders. He rammed his dick into her exposed cunt, savagely. Again and again, he rammed his dick into her pussy. She felt as though his cock would tear her apart. She just knew that he was going to fuck her to death. Then, he slammed into her one final time. His dick was deeper within her than she had ever felt a man’s cock go. His whole body shuddered and then she felt it, deep within her cunt. His seed began to fill her as he ejaculated into her. His dick spit out streak after stream of his hot, sticky love juice. One final blast from his man hose and he collapsed on top of her.

No matter how long she may live, no matter how many times she may get laid, she knows that she will never be fucked as she has been fucked by this anonymous man who had raped her this night. She didn’t know his name. He would not call her in the morning to tell her what a great fuck she was. She knew that she would not call the police.

He got up. He tied her ankles together then covered her with a comforter. She heard him dressing. When he had finished, he stood there for a moment at the side of her bed. He reached over and lifted the comforter and stared at her body for a moment. She wiggled her ass and shook her tits at him. She thought she saw a smile on his lips as he covered her once again, then left. She was able to work herself free in about an hour. She went and took a shower, then went to bed to get some rest. Tomorrow would be a busy day at work. She needed her rest.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32