The Cabin

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They had rented the cabin for two weeks every summer for the thirty years of their marriage, so it held many memories, but it was also a place he could be alone, now that she was gone.

She had passed away nine months ago, and he hadn’t taken any time to grieve. He just couldn’t with the relatives around.

So, when Harry called to ask if he wanted it again this year, he mentioned it to the kids. Kevin had started a new job and couldn’t get off. Rose was having a difficult pregnancy, leaving only Allison. She being the youngest and a junior in college, would have no interest in spending a week or two in the sticks, without cable TV, or Internet, with her Dad.

But Jake decided to take the time off anyway. He could do some writing, maybe get some closure, and probably finish off a few cases of Bud and some fine Scotch.

He made the announcement at their weekly Sunday dinner, which wasn’t so weekly anymore, with all feeling the effects of Mom’s passing. All three were there, with two spouses included and they all seemed to think it was great that he would get up on the lake, away from civilization, back to the place he loved.

All except Allison. She seemed disturbed by it. She was back in her old room for the summer, and after the others left, she helped clean up.

“Why didn’t you tell me before?”

“Huh? I figured I’d tell the whole lot of you at once.”

“Dad, I’ve been home for two weeks now. I know you didn’t decide today, so why couldn’t you give me a heads up?”

“Alli, why are you upset? Did you want to come?”

“What if I did? It’s too late now.”

“Honey, I remember how you hated it up there once you were grown. You said you’d rather be home with your friends.”

“Yeah, I know.”

“And do you really want to be stuck on the lake, three miles from the Post with nothing but that little boat and a radio?”

She found herself lying in bed that night, thinking the same thing. Dad still hadn’t come to terms about Mom. He shouldn’t be left alone. Didn’t anybody else see how hurt he was?

No, of course not, they weren’t sleeping under the same roof, didn’t hear him at night when he drank, and would play those old songs that reminded him of Mom.

At breakfast, she announced, “We’ll take both cars. If I get tired of the place, just take me back to the Post and I can drive from there.”

Jake sipped his coffee, knowing to argue was futile. After all, she was her mother’s daughter. The same strong will. He had begun looking forward to being alone, but it was nice that she wanted to look after him, and recall some fond memories.

The seven hour drive passed with occasional calls to each other on their cells, which would be useless at the lake, with no cell towers for miles.

They arrived at the Post, got the key from Old Joe at the desk, who offered his condolences about Mom. The sun had set, and they loaded their bags as the wind picked up.

“Some storms in the area. You better get to the cabin before one hits. The basics are there from the Collins family. You can come by tomorrow to stock up.”

So they set out in the 12 foot row boat with an Evin-rude slapped on the back, and made their way into the night. The winds were stronger, and the overcast skies allowed no moon light, but they stayed close to the shore to keep their bearings.

“I think I felt a drop,” Alli said.

Mountain storms came over the trees with little warning, since they were almost like in a bowl, limited skies. And so did this one. In two minutes, they had their parkas on, in five, they were soaked through. The lake was rough and the small boat barely inched along. Jake remembered the old Summer Camp a short distance on the right side. It had been abandoned gaziantep escort bayan last summer and hadn’t been reopened.

“Honey, they have a pier, we could tie up there and wait for this to blow over. All the buildings seemed solid?”

They made their way to the pier, with Alli jumping up and expertly tying them in. They grabbed their bags and raced up the muddy path, to the first building. It was more a shed and was locked, but next was a Day room, for the smaller kids. Jake tried the door but it was locked and used his elbow to pop a small window in the door, allowing his hand to open it.

Once inside they stood staring at each other like drowned rats, and Jake couldn’t help but smiling.

“What?” she asked. This happened one other time, before you were born, just Kevin, and your mother was furious at me for bringing them up here. She swore she’d never come back again!”

Alli smiled. “I can just hear Mom screaming at you, in that voice: ‘Jake? Have you lost your mind? I know you had it once, you married me!”

Jake marveled how she sounded just like Mom, and his smile felt forced.

The room was pretty clean, considering. No obvious sign of creatures, and since the place was abandoned in mid-session, it was left in a hurry, meaning like they planned to be back. In the cupboard were old food stuff, all crackers and bread far from edible, but a few cans of Chef Boyardee raviolis, and the pot belly stove actually had dry wood inside it!

Jake made sure the flue was open, then got a small fire going, and it lit the room, too. There were blankets for the kids at nap time, and they were extra soft.

“Come on, before we get pneumonia, lets get out of these wet clothes.” He had removed his parka and tore his shirt over his head. The Blanket felt dry, and his body heat immediately provided warmth.

Alli hadn’t move, just stared at him.

“It’s okay, Honey, nobody will see, and no sense opening our bags in here.”

She turned her back and began to unbutton when Jake understood her hesitance. He said, “There’s another room over there, I’ll go explore,” leaving her alone.

“Thanks Dad.”

“No problem, Baby.”

The other room had a cot and not much else. We can move this out by the stove, for warmth, he thought. He was about to tell Alli when he stopped.

Across the room, in front of the glowing stove, she stood, naked, her back to him. She had the blanket low, around her waist, and was soaking up the heat, her whits skin brilliant in the light, her long blond hair, splayed out with her fingers to dry. She clearly did not expect him back so soon, so he would wait.

And he did, watching her as if in a trance. My little girl is a woman! Look at her, she’s extraordinary!

He felt himself becoming aroused and immediately felt badly. His youngest daughter, barely 20, looking so much like a woman, so alive, making him feel alive again.

He looked out the window, driving the thoughts from his mind, willing his erection to dissipate. When it was more manageable, he cleared his throat and saw she had covered herself and was sitting by the fire.

“There’s a cot in here I can bring out, that’s about it.”

Alli stuck her head in the small room. “That’s it? It took you that long to find the cot?”

He couldn’t tell her he had a hard on for his daughter, so he said nothing.

They dragged it out, and ate their Ravioli they had heated on the stove, hungrily. The storm hadn’t lessened. If anything, the wind was howling even more.

The mattress was decent and he said, “We might as well get some sleep, honey.”

“Okay, Daddy, you get the inside, I get the outside.”


“Of the mattress. You closest gaziantep escort to the stove, because of your age, and me behind you.”

“What? No! First off, you get the bed alone, I’ll be fine on the floor. And secondly, what do you mean because of my age? I’m only 49!”

“I know, Daddy, and you’re in good shape for a guy your age, but the floor is cold and hard. That’s what I really meant,” lying, hoping he bought it.

He grumbled something and she said, “Dad, I used to cuddle up with you not long ago, when Mom would get up early for something. I loved your rough whiskers! And your smell!”

“I don’t smell.”

“I know, I just meant… Oh Daddy, let’s just try to get some sleep!”

And he tried, but she was too close, and the visions of her by the light of the stove was too much.

She laid facing the fire, with him behind her, both half-fetal, and their bodies curled in a way that they seemed locked together.

His eyes were wide awake and he smelled the rain in her hair, and how it glowed, and she wriggled ever so slightly against him, so that his crotch felt her rump applying pressure, however unintentionally.

We should have kept going! If they capsized, they were close to shore! Oh, that’s silly, why take the chance.

He heard her light snore, more of a hum, and she seemed to be so warm against his crotch, and the inexcusable happened again, he felt his manhood begin to stir.

He had not been with another woman. His wife was his whole life. And with her illness, it had been over a year since he slept with her.

Alli shifted slightly and his cock would not obey! It was growing, and seemed to have a mind of its own. Neither wore underwear, so just the soft blankets separated them and his cock seemed to know it!

He was full extension now, seven inches and thick. Thank God she was asleep! What she would think of her Dear Old Dad now!

She moved again, this time more dramatically. She pressed back against him and he had no place to go. If he cleared his mind, he might weather this storm after all, but then it changed.

Her hips didn’t move this time, her arm did, from her front, to her hip, where it stayed, as if deciding, then it slid down to scratch her ass!

Damn! Trapped like a rat!

But her hand didn’t go into her blanket, it went into his, and where ass would have been his cock was. Her small hand found him there and wrapped around it.

“Hmm, Daddy, I’m flattered.”

“What? No, what are you doing?”

“What I wanted to do long ago, and what you wanted me to do.” She laid on her back, still holding him, and their eyes met.

“Alli, no.” He tried to move her hand, but she would have none of it.

She began stroking him. “Daddy, I’m not a kid anymore, and far from a virgin. I’m on the Pill, and you need release, obviously.”

“I’m your father.”

“Yes, I know, and I love you very much.” She kissed him, and she loved it.


“Call me Alli, or any name you want, but I’m not your baby tonight, Jake. Tonight I am yours to take.”

His little brain took over control of the body, and she lowered the blanket between them, her soft breasts pressed against his chest and she took his hand and led it to her nipple.

He marveled at how full they were, a grown woman’s breasts, weighted, but firm, and he toyed with her nipple as she moaned.

She kissed him again, sliding her tongue passed his lips, finding his own.

Jake’s whole world came down to this cot, and the woman who shared it with him. He bit at her nipple and she arched her back, offering it to him.

Her leg was over his hip, and he could smell her feminine scent. She was as gaziantep escort bayan ilanları ready as he.

She climbed up over him, leading him into her hungry hole, feeling the head first, spreading her lips as she climbed higher and gave him better access.

He was on his back now, with her above him, and she was beautiful, the lights giving her a halo, as she began the slow rhythm, up and down, crying out slightly.

She hadn’t expected him to be so big, having only peeked when he was soft after a shower. But now, inside her, she was thrilled at his size.

He almost called her Allie but stopped,and just said, “you’re gorgeous,” and kissed her again.

She smiled at that, moving faster, not sure how long he would last, if it had been as long as she thought.

And she was right. His rhythm was off, couldn’t get anything going, he was in so much need to release but holding back.

She slid off the cot onto the floor and took his throbbing boner in her hand, smiling up at him. “I want to see you cum, Jake.”

She went down on him still watching him, her eyes wide at his width. He was closer than she thought, and within a minute he let loose, grunting as he let loose the first, then second and third. And she swallowed it all, staying there to collect any remaining semen.

He drew her to him. “I really needed that!”

“I could tell,” she smiled, licking her lips, and they kissed again as they pulled the covers over them. The kisses led to touches and he felt the urge again, but wanted to taste her this time.

When he began kissing her chest and working his way down, she was surprised, pleasantly. He kept going, shedding the blanket , working his way down to her sweet spot, where he dove in tongue first.

The young guys at school who did this, mostly discouraging, were not into it, and barely tried at all. Jake was good. It showed that he liked it

She was rocking her head, never having had such feelings. Her body spasmed uncontrollably and she shouted out, “Oh, Daddy!” breaking her own rule, but she didn’t care.

“Daddy, I’m cummingggggggg!”

And she did, and he felt her fingers in his thick mane, trying to pull him into her. He kept licking until she settled back, spent.

Her voice was low, almost demonic when she said, “Fuck me, fuck me now!”

He had every intention of doing just that. He was on his knees ready to enter, but she barked, “No, not there!”

She spun beneath him, and raised her ass to him. “From behind ,where I first felt you!” she growled.

He held her hips and slipped his cock under her and she grabbed at it, finding her wetness for him and he dove in, and she groaned.

He was in up to his balls on the first thrust, and this time it felt so right, and they began to rock to that music only lovers hear.

She mashed her head into the mattress, feeling her father’s cock digging deep inside her, and she reached under and teased her clit as he rammed her.

He held those hips, watching her move below him like a basket of snakes, so much ooze around his cock, and he could hear the slurping noise as he left then rammed again.

She was whimpering now, “Please, please, make me cum again, please!”

He felt a renewed energy and slammed harder and faster and her breathing became shallow and she cried out, “Yes, Yes, Yes, Yes!” and he thrust one last time and held her as he came deep inside her and she screamed out, “Oh, Fuckkkkkk!”

They slumped together, as they had first climbed into the cot, him behind her, this time with his spent cock lying between her cum covered thighs.

When sunlight woke him, she was up already, dressed. She had found some instant coffee and non-dairy creamer and boiled some water. They sat, sharing the cup, neither one speaking, both embarrassed but neither regretting it.

Finally, Jake said, “I hope this isn’t gonna change how you feel about me.”

“If it changes at all, its that I love you more.

And I hope you feel the same.”

They spent the next two weeks expressing their love, many times.

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