Trick or Treat or Spanking

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It was Friday night of Halloween weekend. Halloween was on Sunday; most of the parties, special events, and trick or treating would take place on Saturday. So when six friends got together on Friday night, it was decided to have a quiet night in preparation for a hectic weekend. Before the get-together started they made a trip to a local thrift store. They bought a bunch of old clothes, weird color, hats, and such. They put together some beer and soft drinks, then ordered Chinese food around 7 p.m. Before the food arrived, they horsed around a little bit with the “costumes” they’d bought. Because they were all very comfortable with each other, there was a lot of stripping down to underwear and swapping clothes. When the food arrived, they settled in to watch a “fright night” marathon of older horror movies on one of the cable channels.

Around 9:30, their youthful high energy created some restlessness. It was tough for six 19-20 year old college students to just sit around watching TV. One of the group, Mike, had found a set of “Classic Halloween Trivia” questions on the internet and suggested they re-arrange their seating, then play what he called “Trick or Treat Trivia.” The television volume was turned down slightly. It was easy to follow the plot of these old horror movies without hearing the cheesy dialogue.

There were four men and two women in this group of friends. None of them were in a serious relationship with anyone else in or out of the group. Most of them had known each other going back to high school and they were all active in formal athletic activities at college.

For the next 30 minutes or so, they answered questions like “In the classic 1990 movie “Ghost,” what was Sam’s occupation?” and simply kept track of how many correct answers each player had. At that point a couple of the players had asked about adıyaman escort the “trick or treat” part of the game. A few different ideas were tossed around. A drinking game was suggested but the group was actually interested in not doing any serious drinking on this night. Someone asked “strip trivia” which got everyone laughing and then trying to figure out how to make that work. Eventually they came up with a combination of “strip trivia” and “truth or dare.” If you answered a question correctly, you got a “treat” which meant you could direct any other player to remove an item of clothing. If you answered a question incorrectly, you got “tricked” which meant the player to your right could give you a “truth or dare” type question or challenge.

Everyone in this group was pretty open sexually. Part of this was the general acceptability of sexual preferences and practices among these “millennial” students. But two bigger parts were that some of them had been sexually active with others, friends with benefits, and all of them had been in athletic situations where there was a lot of seeing each other in swimwear or track suits. In fact, every one of the six students had seen each other naked, including a late night skinny dipping session at one of their family’s summer cottages last summer.

The game progressed well, with some heightened excitement for the next hour. By that time every player had gained the right to challenge another with a couple “truth or dare” situations and every one of the players had lost items of clothing. Dave was now sitting on the floor with only a pair of tight fitting boxer briefs on; Karen was sitting on the couch with just her bikini panties and a sports bra remaining. Most of the others had maybe 2-3 items remaining. Somebody asked, jokingly, “What happens adıyaman escort bayan after Dave loses those boxer briefs?” And that’s when the party took an even more exciting turn. One of the women had suggested that for Dave, or anyone else who ends up naked, the “Trick or Treat” becomes “Trick or Treat or Spanking.” After a lot of laughing along with the heightened sexual excitement, everyone agreed that the change to “Trick or Treat or Spanking” would apply to everyone starting immediately. If you missed a question, you could opt to receive a spanking from another participant. The night got interesting pretty quickly.

Susan was the next player to miss a question. She still had her underwear and a t-shirt on — but everyone started daring her to take the spanking. She accepted the dare and actually picked Mike to give her the spanking. When she laid over Mike’s lap, he pulled her shorts off saying that spankings are always delivered on a bare bottom. He was strong enough to prevent her protest but, knowing this was part of the game, delivered ten pretty mild spanks to her bottom. He also took the opportunity to just rub her butt and thighs enough to spark both of their arousals. As luck would have it Mike was next and he missed his question. He opted for a “truth or dare” but the rest of the group booed and told him it wouldn’t be fair. So now he was about to be over Susan’s lap. But before that happened, she ordered him to strip completely naked, saying “in my house, when you got spanked, you got completely naked first.” Mike knew he was caught and there was not much he could do to hide the hard on from the rest of the group. And for those who could see it, it definitely got even harder as he placed it between Susan’s legs as she delivered ten spanks to his butt. Like Mike escort adıyaman had done to her, she also rubbed his butt and thighs but she pushed a little further by also grabbing his balls a couple times.

On an earlier “truth or dare” situation with Kevin, he was asked if he ever “experimented” with his roommate Steve. Everyone in the group suspected they had probably at least played around a little, even if it meant they’d just jerked off together. Most of the group suspected they were bisexual and maybe gay. Kevin had admitted that he and Steve were pretty open about masturbating in their dorm room and had frequently jerked each other off. So when Kevin missed a question, he started laughing and said “I’ve been thinking about asking Steve to spank me so now’s my chance.” He was already naked and now quickly sporting an erection. So the whole group enjoyed seeing Steve spank and play with his roommate’s bottom.

By the time the night ended, all six of the friends had spanked and been spanked by each other. Most of them were mild, more erotic than painful, but one of the men and one of the women actually asked for their spankings to be a little bit stronger. Everyone admitted that the spankings were major turn-ons from every perspective and during one break, more than a couple admitted that they had masturbated after receiving or watching spankings when they were teens.

The night ended with a lot of final “dares” although most were never expressed as the four men and two women connected with each other to make sure everybody got off. Kevin was asked if he’d ever sucked a cock, particularly if he’d blown Steve. When he admitted he hadn’t, the dare was put on the table and Kevin and Steve sucked each other’s cocks and each exploded. Susan and Karen were challenged to do a little “69,” which was followed by the other guys getting involved and giving them orgasms. They in turn got the last two guys off by some cock sucking and pretty quick hand jobs. Nobody lasted very long — after a night that quickly turned into a lot of sexual play, when the time arrived, every one of them came hard and fast. And they all agreed it was really “Trick or Treat or Spanking or…”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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