Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 95

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Upon their arrival in New York, Jessica met with Jane’s attorneys. The meeting went surprisingly well; apparently Jane had been very persuasive in convincing them that this was what she really wanted. The law firm also handled investments, and had been doing a very good job, so Jessica agreed to let them continue to manage most of the money. She learned that Jane had asked the firm to sell off her house and all her possessions — she had no desire to revisit her old life — and that the proceeds would be added to the account.

Jessica was a little taken aback to discover just how much money there was. She knew that Jane was well-off, but when she saw the actual numbers in front of her, she almost started choking. She had grown up poor, and although she was relatively comfortable now, this was on a different scale. She sensed immediately that life was going to change; the only question was how.

Afterward she sat in the lobby for a few minutes with Jane and Marie, excited, but also a little confused. Where to go from here? Well, they were going to need a place to stay that night. Jessica had always wanted to stay at the Four Seasons, so she got out her phone and booked them a suite there. The nightly rate was obscene, but she could afford it now, and was in the mood to splurge.

Now they would need a way to get there, so she called a limo service and ordered a black stretch. Barely 10 minutes passed before the long, sleek vehicle pulled up in front of the office. The driver’s door opened and a black-uniformed figure emerged and came inside.

The driver looked at them and asked, “Jessica Braden?” The voice was high for a man and low for a woman, and the uniform, hat, and sunglasses made it hard to tell much about who was underneath.

“That’s right,” answered Jessica, standing.

“Hi, I’m Rocky, and I’ll be your driver today.”

“A pleasure,” said Jessica, scrutinizing Rocky and coming tentatively to the conclusion that this was a female. Rocky was probably short for “Raquel” or something like that.

Rocky helped them with their minimal luggage and showed them where the bar was located in the back of the limo. Champagne seemed to be in order, Sincan Escort so Jessica had Marie pour them each a glass, and they drank a toast as the limo made its way through the city.

When they arrived at the hotel Rocky opened the door for them. The sunglasses were gone, and now she looked much more like a woman; her eyes were a lovely green, gleaming with a sharp but not entirely trustworthy intelligence. Before they parted Rocky handed Jessica her card. “Feel free to give me a call,” she said. “Anything you want in this city, I can probably help you find it.” She winked. “Anything at all.”

* * *

After checking in Jessica, Marie, and Jane sat looking out over the city. They had opened a bottle of Champagne and ordered a luxurious dinner from room service. Jessica felt well-indulged and happy but there was a yearning, too, for something more.

She looked over at Jane, whose face was bathed in the orange glow of sunset. Jane looked calmer and more beautiful than Jessica had ever seen her. Her burdens had been lifted, Jessica realized; she was free now to live in the moment.

“Jane,” said Jessica.


“I was thinking, maybe you’d like to go back to your real name now. It would be OK with me.”

Jane shook her head vigorously. “No. I want to be who I am with you, not who I was.”

Jessica nodded. She looked over at Marie, who was stretched out on the couch painting her toenails. “Marie, what would you like to do tonight?”

Marie shrugged. “This is nice.”

Jessica refilled her glass and started pacing around the suite. The problem with being able to do anything you want, she reflected, is figuring out what you want to do. She idly turned on the TV and started flipping channels. After a football game, an infomercial, and a reality show, she came across the face of Julia Roberts — never a favorite of hers, but it was enough to stop her channel-surfing for a few seconds.

The movie, she soon realized, was Pretty Woman, and suddenly a thought struck her. She had never once in her life paid for sex. She’d never needed to, and she didn’t need to now either; but the idea was immediately exciting. Now where did Escort Ankara one find a prostitute? She knew there were certain neighborhoods, but where were they? Or if you wanted a call girl, who did you call?

Then she remembered the card in her pocket, and two minutes later she was on the phone to Rocky, who answered quickly. “Hallo?”

“Rocky, this is Jessica Braden.”

“Well hello there,” said Rocky. Jessica could hear the knowing grin on the other end. “I hoped I might hear from you again. What can I help you with today?”

Jessica felt, uncharacteristically, a little sheepish. “Well, when you said… you could, uh… help with anything… I was wondering….” She took a deep breath, angry at herself for being such a wimp. “Do you know someone who could send a girl to my hotel room?”

“Sure,” purred Rocky. “What did you have in mind?”

“Nothing in particular. The most beautiful one available. Money is no object.”

Rocky chuckled. “Money is always an object, sweetheart, believe me. But I know what you mean. Let me make a couple of calls.”

About 90 minutes later, there was a knock on the door. Jessica had dimmed all the lights to create a romantic atmosphere and instructed Jane and Marie to shower and put on nice lingerie. With soft music playing and the city lights in the background, it made for quite an alluring ambiance. Jessica didn’t know why she was going to so much trouble to impress this person whom she would, after all, be paying, but somehow it seemed important. She felt a little nervous, like she had a hot date, and the tingle between her legs was like the buzzing of bees.

When she opened the door, she was impressed with what she saw. The woman was a little taller than Jessica, with long, straight black hair, generous dark brown eyes, and a creamy mocha complexion. She wore a simple black dress that emphasized her substantial boobs, but not in a slutty way. On the whole she looked gorgeous and classy, but not distant or unapproachable.

“Hi,” she said. “I’m Erica.”

Jessica ushered her in and took the opportunity to check out her ass — it was a little bigger than most, rivaling Ana’s in size, but undeniably Eryaman Escort Bayan exquisite. “I’m Jessica.” Again she felt the need to impress, and wanted to say something clever and charming, but nothing came immediately to mind. She told herself to relax; it seemed like the suite was doing the job for her, anyway. Erica looked around, nodding approvingly, and let out a low whistle.

“This is lovely,” she said.

“This?” said Jessica, waving dismissively. “It’s OK, I guess.” When she laughed, Erica joined in, laughing melodically and sweeping her hair back off her forehead with one hand. It was a charming gesture — practiced perhaps, but charming nonetheless.

They turned a corner into the living room of the suite, where Jane and Marie were each reclining on one of the large chairs. Jessica introduced them to the new arrival, and they smiled up at Erica, wondering what Jessica might have in mind for all of them.

With Jane and Marie in the room, Jessica found it very easy to slip into her usual role. She was the boss, and everything here belonged to her. All she had to do was decide what she wanted.

Walking up to Erica, Jessica put one hand to her cheek. Her skin was deliciously soft, her complexion flawless. Jessica slid the hand around to the back of Erica’s neck and pulled her close, kissing her sensually but firmly. Erica’s lips were thick, rich, juicy. She was going to be worth every penny, Jessica felt sure.

Stepping back, Jessica took a deep breath, determined to take this slow, enjoy every second. She gestured to Jane and Marie. “Girls, come give Erica a kiss.”

Jane and Marie stood and approached the call girl. The three of them shared a long, slow kiss with lots of tongue. Just then there was another knock at the door, which Jessica went to answer; it was a bellman with the vodka, vermouth, and cocktail shaker she had requested. When she returned Erica’s head was thrown back, lips slightly parted, as Marie nibbled on her neck and Jane kissed and licked behind her ear.

Sitting the supplies down next to the ice bucket, Jessica began to fix herself a drink. “Jane, Marie,” she called out. “Take her to the bedroom. Get her clothes off and tie her to the bed.”

“That’s going to cost a little extra,” said Erica as Jane and Marie each took one of her hands and began to lead her away.

“I know,” said Jessica, shaking her martini, then pouring it into a glass. “No problem.”

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