Vacation In Amsterdam

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This is one of our best adventures to date. Since my wife had started her new career, we had paid all our bills, and saved up several thousands of dollars, so we decided to start doing what we both love to do, travel! One of the first places that we went to was Amsterdam. It quickly turned into not a vacation, but work for both of us. Well, mostly Tracy that is. Hope you enjoy reading about our visit.

We first picked Amsterdam because not only of its beauty and old culture, but we were also curious about its Red Light District.

The first day that we got there, we did some sight seeing but mostly rested from our plane ride and jet lag. On the second night we paid a visit to the world famous district. We didn’t find hookers on the corner like we had thought. The sex business was run just like a business, in stores and various shops. The women for sex were displayed in the shop windows, as was just about everything and anything that you could think of. Tracy was not even bothered by the numerous men that we came across while walking the streets. For that matter, neither were any of the other women that we came across. There were a couple that asked where she might be working. This didn’t really surprise us because we were both dressed in jeans and t-shirts with a light jacket on. Tracy had her hair in a ponytail but with no bra on underneath her t-shirt, her tits swayed back and forth and were visible from a distance.

After about two hours, we were both feeling a little horny and when we came across a place that offered live sex shows, we could not help but go in. As we walked in talking English, a middle aged man approached us in a hurry and said, “you two are just in time for work, follow me this way.”

I said to the man, “We are not here to work, we are on vacation”.

The man said that he was sorry that he though we were the couple that the agency sent over to fill in for the couple that would not be coming in for the sex show. As he was saying this he was also looking up and down Tracy and within a few seconds of saying his apology, he asked if we were interested in doing the sex show. We both smiled and looked at each other. We both answered the man together say, ateşli gaziantep escort “Sure! Why not.”

You should have seen the big smile come across the man’s face. He then asked if we had been tested and if we knew the fees. Our answer to both was no.

We followed him to a room that had want looked like a nurse and gave a blood sample. The man was telling us that everyone was tested once a week. He started telling us the fees and how often his employees worked and what was done and expected while at work. The women would pick which guy or guys that she would work with if there were extra guys there at the time. The woman would be paid what worked out to about 500 dollars per sex scene and the guys getting 100. The women were expected to do at least two sex scenes when at work. After each show, she would then go to what they called the fan room where the guys that get finished watching the show would ask her any questions and get to take pictures with her. The pictures would cost the guys 20 each per picture in which the woman would get half. If she were up to it, the woman would also get to go to the private room for thirty minutes and entertain the man as he called it.

I asked, “Just what kind of entertainment would they do?”

He smiled and said, “The woman would fuck the customer. The customer would pay 300 dollars and the woman gets 250 of that.”

He went on to say, “That we shouldn’t worry about that part that if my girlfriend was not up to doing that, that it was okay.”

I looked at him and said, “That Tracy was my wife not girlfriend.”

The man then went on to say that the other guy was already waiting a while and that we had ten minutes until show time.

He lead us off to a change room in which when he opened the door, there already was a young man, fully nude, waiting for us. As the man introduced us, the other guy just smiled and shook our hands. We could also see his dick starting to get hard. The owner reminded us to get naked that the show was about to begin.

It only took Tracy and I about two minutes to get naked since we were not wearing much anyways. The other guy ateşli gaziantep escort bayan watched Tracy striping and by the time she was finished, he was hard as a rock sporting a good nine or ten inch cock. Tracy smiled and at both of us as she wrapped her hand around the guys cock and gave it a little tug.

Just then a yellow light turned on and the stud said that it was the two minutes warning light and that when we get the green light, it was show time.

Tracy turned and said, “Well he is all ready to go so let me work on you.”

I must admit I was nervous. Tracy however soon got me past my nerves. While she was stroking my cock and all, the stud had come up behind her and was running his hands up and down her whole body. We could both tell that he loved grabbing on to her huge tits. When the green light came on, both of us guys were flying high masts.

When we walked into the room, all you could see was glass windows. There were about twenty such windows in a circle and in the middle of the circle was a foam padded, elevated platform, turning around and around. The booths behind the glass windows, which were darkened, were not much bigger then four feet wide. You could tell that they would only fit one person at a time.

Stud just grabbed Tracy by the hand and had her lay down on the platform on her back. I just stood there like an idiot for about a minute or so. He quickly straddled Tracy’s chest, wrapped her tits around his dick, and started tit fucking her. I just quickly went up to her pussy and started rubbing it to see if she was wet.

Wet! Her pussy was running. I then started rubbing my cock up & down her crack getting it lubed up. Lifting her legs up in the air and over my shoulders, I slammed my cock into her cunt. Tracy let out a very loud moan as I did that.

As the platform rotated around, I mad sure to pull my cock almost all the way out before slamming it back into her cunt over and over again for all to see. By this time, Tracy was holding her tits around the guys cock and the guy in turn was holding Tracy’s legs for me and pulling them as far back as possible I ateşli escort gaziantep didn’t know how long this sex show was to last so after about ten minutes or so, I pulled out of her cunt and blasted a huge load all over her hole. I then sat back to rest from the drilling that I just did and to catch by breath.

Stud then helped Tracy back up onto her feet and lead her over to the first window. He bent her over, put her cunt up against the window, and then stood in front of her to put his dick into her mouth. As he was stroking his cock in and out of her mouth, you could see some guy in the window get up against the glass as if he was fucking her cunt. He didn’t last long and squirted his load all over the glass.

At the next window, he put her face towards the glass and stuffed his dick into her cunt. Again, as he fucked her cunt, the guy in the booth stood up against the window and jerked off until he sprayed the glass with his load as if he was cumming on her face.

This went on and on until she had been at all of the windows with most of the guys popping their loads. At some windows, he would turn her around and fuck both holes with the other guy in the booth.

At the end of the line, he lay Tracy back down on her back and really started working over her cunt. When he was almost ready to pop his cork, I wondered where he was going to dump it. My question was soon answered as he pulled out, walked around to Tracy’s head, and blew stream after stream of cum onto her face and into her mouth. When he was finished, Tracy was covered in cum.

As I stood up to get a better look, I had a raging hard on again and just slipped it into her cunt again. Once it was all good and lubed up, I flipped my wife onto her hands and knees and mounted her ass. I really pile drove her ass for all I was worth as the other guy clapped on. I didn’t however last long but put on just as good a show as the first time making sure that I pulled my cock out as far as possible before driving it back into her for all to see.

When it came time to cum, I pulled out and had Tracy pull her ass cheeks wide as I shot my load into and onto her gapping ass hole.

As I sat back for a couple of minutes and Tracy just lay there motionless, the Stud gave me the high five and said for me to listen to the other guys. All you could hear was the banging on the walls and glass all around giving us a standing ovation.

Soon, both the stud and I helped Tracy up and lead her back to the change room.

If the comments left are good, I’ll fill you in on the next part of our true story.

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