Touch Class Ch. 18

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It was now Sunday morning. The eight of us were sprawled buck naked and ripe with sexual aroma over the big bed and each other. I woke up and smiled as I took in the scene around me. I started idly playing with myself, not wanting to disturb the others or enlist a playmate. My genitals and crotch were still permeated with lubricant, so it was easy to knead myself without friction.

Soon Melissa, who was next to me, stirred and stretched, her pretty tits deforming in alluring ways. She turned my way and saw what I was doing. My eyes connected with her lovely hazel ones and we both smiled. “May I help?” she whispered.

“Mmmm, yes, that would be nice.”

She tenderly stroked my now half-erect cock. Then she took over working it with her hand as I lay back. Her furry pussy was fairly close by, so I put my hand on it. It was wet and I played with her clit, then inserted a finger in and out. She brought her face to my groin and started deep-throating me again. She cupped my balls with one hand and used her other hand to rub my anus, eventually sticking a finger inside.

It was hard for us to keep quiet or still, and others were waking up anyway. Ashley went and got the bowl and had a swig. She offered it to me and I drank some, too. Gretchen was up and Ashley had to pee, so the two of them repaired to the bathroom. Gretchen sat in the tub and Ashley stood over her. Gretchen put her mouth right Escort Çankaya on Ashley’s pussy and Ashley voided her bladder. Gretchen finger fucked herself with one hand and Ashley’s cunt with the other as the piss was shooting down her throat.

Melissa had me fully erect now and I suggested we fuck. She reluctantly released my cock and lay back. I mounted her and plunged inside balls-deep. Shiri and Christine positioned themselves at Melissa’s feet and started massaging and then licking and sucking them. Jennifer and Karen were on either side of Melissa and started rubbing her tits, getting the nipples puffed and the tips erect, then began sucking them. We rolled onto our sides so Karen could get behind Melissa. Jennifer lubed Melissa’s ass and helped Karen implant her raging erection in Melissa’s virgin rectum. Once Karen was securely stationed with her meat past Melissa’s sphincter and well up her butt, we rolled back so that Melissa was now resting on top of Karen and I was on top of Melissa. She was now royally double-skewered by the two of us. I reared up so that Jennifer could lie on top of Melissa like she had the night before. Jennifer’s pussy, complete with its magnificent clit, was stuffed in Melissa’s face, while Jennifer used her hands to pry open Melissa’s labia and suck her unsheathed clit. Gretchen and Ashley rejoined us, each taking up a position on either side of Melissa and Ankara Escort Jennifer. They lay down, their heads behind Melissa’s, their bodies stretching alongside hers. Both of Melissa’s hands were free, so they each took the one on their side and guided it to their crotch. Melissa took the cue and began feeling, then fingering, their horny cunts. Gretchen and Ashley French-kissed as they both inserted a finger in Jennifer’s butt, which was sticking out all nude and hot. They wedged their free hands between Jennifer’s and Melissa’s bodies and tweaked those gals’ tits as best they could.

Melissa was in heaven. She soon came, then rapidly attained that advanced state of continuous climax. Her pussy and tits kept secreting fluid. Periodically Ashley or Gretchen would retrieve their hands from Melissa’s tits and lick her tit-cream off, then put their hands back on those fine hooters. Jennifer lapped up the pussy juice that flowed from Melissa copiously or shot straight into Jennifer’s mouth. As Shiri and Christine continued sucking Melissa’s toes, they fisted each other with one of their arms and fingered Karen’s butt and mine with their other. Karen and I each reached a hand toward Ashley and Gretchen’s crotches, supplementing Melissa’s purchase on their pussies by penetrating their puckered anuses with our fingers.

We kept up this lust-slaking architecture for almost an hour, everyone Sincan Escort moaning, quivering, coming, and focused on pleasuring whoever they were plugged into. I was surprised that Karen could take all the weight on her, let alone for so long, but she did. Finally we all became exhausted and needed to change positions. Melissa stayed put, essentially cumatose. I shot a built-up scrotal load far into her vagina and rolled onto my back. Jennifer screamed in ecstasy as she orgasmed, and crawled off Melissa. Karen blasted a bath of her jiz up Melissa’s butt and got out from underneath Melissa. Shiri and Christine sprayed cunt gunk from the fisting and let go of Melissa’s toes and Karen’s and my butts, to lie back, legs spread wide. Gretchen and Ashley had retrieved their hands from Melissa’s and Jennifer’s chests, and Jennifer’s ass, frigged each other to their umpteenth climaxes, and lay back like jello.

A few of us wanted to shower, and did. A few others were hungry and went downstairs and finished off more of the pizza. The rest of us conked out on the bed. Later the folks who had showered came back to bed, and the ones who’d eaten came back up and rejoined the group on the bed as well. Libidos began reviving, some communal cum was sipped from our love bowl, and frigging, fingering, sucking, humping, and coming commenced anew. This continued all afternoon. Eventually Melissa said she needed to get home soon, and not long after, Karen and Gretchen also spoke of going. So the amazing reunion wound down, the gorgeous women dressed and said their farewells, and I was left alone to clean up my place and grinningly reminisce on the best party I’d ever been part of…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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