Sun, Sand and My Cousin Abby Pt. 01

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My cousin Abby and I were not really close. We had hung out together as kids, of course, but as we grew into spotty teenagers and then young adults we only really saw one another at family a occasions like weddings and funerals.

What brought us together again was that we both went through marital breakdown at around the same time. We had a few phone calls between us – supportive ones. It was during one of these calls that Abby told me about the holiday.

She had booked a holiday for herself and her ex months ago (before she found out about his ‘other woman’).

“What are you doing first week of May?” She asked me.

Apparently she couldn’t get a refund, but she could change one of the names for a reasonable admin charge.

“Why the hell not?” I said. Abby was my cousin, what harm could it do?

On the plane we chatted easily. We reminisced about old times and bitched about our exes. We also joked that we wouldn’t find it easy to pull as we looked like a couple.

Abby was disarmingly frank about ‘needing a man’ and I reassured her that she was still a great catch and I had no doubt there would be a queue.

This wasn’t just flannel. Abby was pretty and slender. She had blonde, wavy hair and green eyes. She had turned up for our flight in tight, fashionable jeans and football top, She is a mad keen football fan. She looked great and I had to tell myself off for looking admiringly at her bottom as she leant forward at the check in queue. She would certainly have no trouble attracting male attention.

We arrived at the hotel late at night. Our room was large with two single beds, and a comfy looking sofa. She went first into the bathroom and emerged in a T Shirt nightie a few minutes later. I got a glimpse of her beautiful slender legs as she got into her bed. I felt sure I glimpsed the shape of her nipples through the cotton and told myself off again as I went into the bathroom to get ready for bed. When I had said goodnight and got into bed, I struggled to clear my head but soon fell asleep.

Next morning I went and hired a car while Abby went to the local shop for supplies. She had been to the island before, and knew the best beach was only reachable by car. She directed me to park at a roadside parking spot and then we had to walk down a long, steep path to a beautiful secluded beach. I was a little surprised when I noticed that some of the couples on the beach were naked! Was Abby a naturist?

“I have been naked on this beach before, but I’ve bought a bikini today, so don’t worry!”

We chose a spot and laid down our beach bags. I stripped down to my shorts, and Abby had had the foresight to put her bikini on underneath her T shirt and shorts.

Abby’s bikini was best described as ‘tiny.’ It was pink and basically consisted of triangles of cotton which just about covered the essential bits. I didn’t leave much to the imagination, and my imagination was troubling me a lot!

She was a seasoned sunbather, and made sure she turned over periodically and occasionally adjusted her towel so that she remained lined up with the gaziantep ateşli escort sun. When she wasn’t looking at me I couldn’t help admiring her form. The gentle upward curve from her back to her bottom was particularly fascinating me.

She chose this moment to ask me to apply suncream to her back! Oh what sweet torture. She reached behind her and unfastened the top of her bikini whenever she was on her front. As I applied the cream to her back I’m sure I heard a little ‘mmm’ from her. I took my time and made sure I went all the way from her shoulders to the top of her bikini bottoms, not wanting the moment to end. I might have sounded a little croaky when I asked if she wanted me to do the backs of her legs too. She answered in the affirmative and I could feel a stirring in my shorts as I got close to her peachy bottom.

“I’d better do your back too,” It was an instruction, so I obediently lay on my front as I felt her hands running over the back of my body too. It felt delicious.

Time went on and I must have dozed off. When I awoke, Abby was on her back, but this time she hadn’t replaced the bikini top. She probably concluded that it didn’t matter while I was dozing. Now I was transfixed by her beautiful breasts. She didn’t have particularly large boobs, but she had the most wonderful nipples. I imagined cupping one in my hand and sucking the nipple. She slowly opened her eyes, shielding them from the sun with her hand. When she saw that I was awake she reached for her bikini top.

“It’s OK,” I said, “I’ve seen a topless girl before!”

To my delight she dropped the top and set about unpacking our picnic. I then had the bizarre experience of eating lunch while my very attractive cousin’s very attractive breasts were about four feet away. I was trying hard not to stare.

“Are they distracting you?” She scolded.

“Sorry, I didn’t mean…”

“It’s ok, no harm done. At least I know they still look ok.”

“Ok? They’re beautiful, I’m just not used to seeing them!”

“And I’m not used to wearing clothes on this beach! I will get tan lines!”

“I don’t mind if you want to get naked.”

“I bet you don’t you naughty man. But could you cope? Maybe we should both be naked and then it will be even!”

Some kind of madness overtook me and I stood up, pulled off my shorts hoping that she didn’t notice that my cock was somewhat more swollen than it’s normal resting state.

“Not bad,” she said staring at my manhood. “Now you know how it feels!”

“It feels exposed,” I replied truthfully.

“You’ll soon get used to it.”

In a decidedly businesslike fashion, she slipped off the bikini bottoms and laid face down on the towel. I did the same and with considerable effort willed my cock to stay soft. I had to concede that feeling the sun on my whole body did feel good. Abby was clearly comfortable naked and soon we were chatting as easily as we had on the plane.

Suddenly, she jumped up.

“Race you to the sea.”

We ran naked into the sea, which bakımlı gaziantep escort was even nicer than being naked in the sun. The cool sea tamed my cock and I was able to ascertain that she was ‘naturally blonde.’ She had some wispy blonde pubic hair which looked neatly trimmed. I was also delighted with the way that her nipples became very erect in the cool sea. I was still very aware that she was my cousin. But I told myself looking didn’t harm anyone.

The rest of the afternoon passed off pleasantly enough. I grew more comfortable with being naked around Abby and there was obviously no danger of anything getting out of hand on this fairly popular beach. We even got chatting to another couple (also naked) and it felt quite liberating. I could get used to this naturism lark!

Back at our hotel room things seemed quite innocent when Abby didn’t bother to shut the bathroom door to shower. After all, we had decided it was okay to be naked in front of each other.

“How was your first day as a naturist?” She called out.

“I think I could get used to it.”

Now she was chatting to me through the shower curtain and so I undressed as I chatted to her ready for my turn. She didn’t bat an eyelid as she stepped out and I passed her a towel. As I took my turn in the shower, my mind was reeling a bit. This being naked in front of each other was certainly liberating and convenient. But I hadn’t had sex for months and Abby was damned sexy. It was so distracting and confusing.

I got out of the shower, and by now Abby was drying her hair with one of those captive hairdryers that is fixed to the bathroom wall in hotels. She had the large towel wrapped around her and I set about drying myself with a small hand towel. She finished drying her hair and picked up a bottle of after sun. She applied it all down the front of her body and then asked me to ‘do her back.’ I hadn’t been prepared for this but clearly didn’t have much choice. I began to come undone at this point. I had to stand right behind her and touch her wonderful body. I tried to be as detached as possible, but I could feel the familiar tingling in my groin as I smoother the lotion in to her back and buttocks. I hoped my lazy lob wasn’t too obvious.

“Your turn,” she commanded. Obediently I put the lotion on my arms, chest and legs and then handed her the bottle. By the time she had done my back and buttocks my lazy lob was too big to hide.

“Naughty,” she teased.

“Sorry, it has a mind of its own lately.”

“In my experience, all willies have a mind of their own! Don’t worry about it. You’ll have to have a wank later!”

“Not so easy when you’re sharing a hotel room with your cousin, is it?”

“Isn’t it? I rubbed one out last night while you were snoring!”

My mouth fell open. I think she even shocked herself with this confession as her cheeks were bright red.

“Sorry, shouldn’t have said that should I?”

“No, no it’s okay, it’s just the my ex would never admit that she ever touched herself.”

“Bollocks! escort gaziantep I bet she did. Everybody does from time to time.”

“Well I’m sure all men do but I wasn’t so sure about women. Anyway, at least I won’t feel guilty if I need one later when you’re asleep.”

We dressed and headed into town, ate a meal at one of the pavement cafes and then found a bar. We chatted easily and as we got through a few beers the conversation was wide ranging and free flowing. I liked the way that Abby also drank beer – and could clearly drink just as much as me. We returned to the subject of how were were supposed to pull when we looked so much like a couple.We didn’t find a solution. Neither of us fancied going out on our own. But we were both very frank about our sexual frustration.

As the bar emptied Abby said “looks like DIY relief for both of us tonight!”

“Well I certainly need to, so it’s a good job you’re okay with it.”

“Me too!”

“You had one last night, I didn’t.”

“That’s your fault, I wouldn’t have minded.”

“I didn’t know that, did I?”

We made our way back to the hotel room, and I drew the curtains. By the time I turned around, she was sitting on the loo with the bathroom door open, peeing noisily.

“Sorry, really bursting.”

Fair enough, I thought. I undressed and she flushed and began slipping out of her dress. So we brushed our teeth, and following her lead I didn’t bother to shut the door while I peed.

“How’s this going to work?” Abby said, “we can’t both wait for the other one to fall asleep!”

“Then we will have to both be awake, I suppose. Might be quite exciting.”

“I’ve never been in the same room as a guy wanking before.”

“Well I’ve never been in the same room with a woman doing it so that makes us even.”

By now we were both sitting on the couch, naked. This was certainly a bizarre situation. Abby got up and flicked lights on and off until there was just one reading lamp on. Satisfied, she came and sat back down on the couch. We were both a bit tipsy, and very, very randy. I started idly playing my with cock which seemed to be crying out for attention. Abby, to my delight, began playing with one of her boobs. My cock started to grow and stiffen and I stared dry mouthed as her other hand moved down to her crotch.

“You have a nice cock!”

“Thank you, you have a gorgeous body too.”

Already I was having to pace myself. My cock was threatening to go off early as she took her time arousing herself. I didn’t want that. Soon, she was moaning gently and arching her hips. I thought girls took longer that this. I started wanking myself, wanting to cum when she did. She let out a little yelp of delight as she climaxed, eyes closed. I hung on, in that moment I wanted her to see me cum too!

As she subsided a little, she opened her eyes and looked at me.

“Are you ready to cum?”

“Yes, I thought I’d hang on in case you wanted to watch.”

She didn’t reply, she just lowered her head and stared at my cock. I was now torturing myself, aching to cum but not wanting it to end.

“Cum for me,” she breathed.

I felt her breath. That was it, my cum boiled out of me in great splashes. She gasped. I groaned and flopped back on the couch. Abby went to the bathroom and brought me the hand towel.

“Did you enjoy that?” She asked.

“Couldn’t you tell?” I replied.

Then she gave me a hug and climbed in to her bed.

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