Summer Of Love

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Summer Of Love (sequel to In Camera and The Sins Of The Father)

My name is Helen. I’m 21, bisexual and blonde – at the moment – but I’m studying economics at Harvard so please don’t assume I’m dumb. I’m 5′ 6″ in my bare feet, slim and pretty, or so every guy I date tells me. And, since I earned nearly sixty grand last year working evenings as an escort – basically an expensive whore – I believe them. You’ve gotta believe a guy whose paying five hundred a night to fuck you, haven’t you?

Apart from pay dates, I have two regular lovers: My college roommate, B and my Daddy.

Yes, my Daddy. I’ve been fucking in the family for a year now and the cock that put me into Mom is definitely my favourite cock in all the world. How that all began is a long story: suffice to say that Daddy and I have a really trusting relationship – I tell him about everything I do and everyone I fuck – and my only regret is that we didn’t start sooner. I lost my virginity on Prom night and now I wish it had been Daddy who plucked my oh-so-ripe cherry that night.

I’m having a summer break from whoring as well as from college. This summer is just for Daddy and me. So far it’s been a blast.

* * * * *

“Put something on, Darling. Your father will be home soon.” Mom was unpacking groceries when I came in from the garden for some lemonade. I’d spent the afternoon working on my all over tan.

“Oops. Sorry Mom. I forgot.” When I went back out I put my bikini back on. It didn’t cover a whole lot of me anyway.

Mom came out a few minutes later in her own swimsuit. “Mind if I join you?” She laid out a second towel and stretched out.

“How was work?” I propped myself up to look at Mom. She’s where I get my figure from and she’s kept hers in great shape. I was looking for another reason too, but more of that later.

“Work was… work. We’re not as busy as I’d like, so it’s a bit tedious, but it does mean I get to see more of you, Darling.”

“Until I start work for Daddy, next week.”

“Did I hear my name?” Daddy arrived, looking very handsome in his dark suit. “So this is why my dinner’s not ready.”

“Men!” Mom sounded exasperated.

“Daddy, why don’t you lose the suit and join us?”

“Sorry Sweetheart, no can do. I’ve got work to finish.” He went in through the back door leaving us girls sunning ourselves.

“It’s getting cooler. I’m going to start the dinner.” Mom got up.

“I’ll sort the towels out.” I decided it was time to go indoors too.

While Mom was upstairs changing, I put the towels in the laundry room and slipped into Daddy’s study.

“Hello Sweetheart.” Daddy actually was working. I was surprised. “Nice bikini.”

“Mom made me put it on.” I pouted. “I was naked. See…” I pulled my bra cups aside to free my tits. “No tan lines.”

“Very nice.” Daddy looked at my breasts with undisguised admiration.

“None down here either?” He pulled me closer and yanked my thong down to mid-thigh.

“Just fresh, sun-ripened pussy. You were amazing last night. I had three orgasms watching you and Mom.” I’ve hidden a tiny video camera in their room because I wanted to see Daddy fucking Mom. That’s why I was taking such an interest in her figure in the garden: Mom’s really sexy.

“And she only had two.” He was stroking my labia now.

“You know what I’d really like?” I straightened my bikini top.


“To know what Mom tastes like.”

“You’re crazy.” Her shook his head. “Better get decent.” He took his hand away, kissing his fingertips. While I pulled up my thong, there were footsteps on the stairs. We heard Mom go into the kitchen.

“I’m going for a shower.” I said, hoping he’d take the hint. Sex with Mom in the house was a high risk, extreme sport that we both enjoyed.

* * * * *

Parry watched his daughter’s bottom as she sashayed to the door. He’d been sat in this very same chair, looking at pretty much the same view a year ago and what was true then was true now. Helen’s ass really was a thing of beauty. He quickly finished the email he’d been writing, sent it and turned off the monitor.

Meg was washing salad when he crept up behind her and, resting his hands low on her hips, nuzzled her neck. “I don’t know where we went wrong with that girl of ours. She’s so introverted, so… unsure of herself.”

“The new bikini?” Meg asked. “I had to remind her to put that on.”

“Really?” Parry feigned ignorance.

“Really. Are you going to change before dinner?”

“Right now.” Parry smooched her neck again before heading for the stairs.

He hung up his suit, threw his shirt and his underwear in the laundry basket, picked up a polo shirt, some slacks and clean shorts then snuck along the corridor to Helen’s room.

“I’ve been waiting for you for ages.” It had been about a minute actually. I only got out of the shower when I heard him come upstairs. “How long have we got?”

“About five minutes.” Daddy’s bundled up clothes hit the bed and his erection bobbed as he closed the gap between us.

“You’d escort gaziantep better find time to fuck me properly later then.” I took his cock into my mouth and started to work it with my tongue, cradling his balls in one hand and pumping the base of his shaft with the other.

“Baby girl. I was just thinking… It’s our anniversary in a couple of days… Oh God, that feels good… and we should do something to mark… the occasion… Ooh… That’s it Baby… oh…”

My finger up his ass always makes him go off like a bottle rocket. Normally, I take it easy, building up to his climax when giving him head, but right now we didn’t have the time to do it the old fashioned way.

So he got the trigger finger and I got a mouthful of Daddy’s jism which being a polite girl I swallowed. A little licking got the last few drops before he started to soften. “You were saying?” I asked as I wiped my finger and Daddy’s cock.

“Our anniversary?”

“That’s not until the end of the summer. It was after I quit being a web-cam girl and started whoring.” I only use words like whore and cunt because people think they’re negative. B, my girlfriend, says its like black people calling themselves niggers or homosexuals saying they’re queer. If you take back the words, they lose their power to hurt you. Did I mention I worked on web-cams, doing live nude shows, before I started renting out my cunt? No? Well now you know.

“Yes… but Wednesday is the anniversary of me discovering you on the Internet.”

“Oh. Papa’s anniversary.” Daddy had been jerking off to me for ages before I found out. His nickname had been Papasgotabrandnewbag.

“Exactly.” Daddy was dressed now, sitting beside me and fondling a tit as we talked.

“Ok. There’s a web-cam on my notebook. I’ll put on a show for you in here and you can jerk off to it in your study. Just like old times.” I wasn’t serious. I wouldn’t waste Daddy’s special sauce like that. “Just kidding. I’ll think of something. Trust me Daddy. Now get out of here before Mom comes a-calling.” I buzzed him and sent him back downstairs.

There’s a lot to be said for blowjobs. They’re quick, not at all messy, provided you swallow, and they don’t leave the room smelling like someone’s been having sex in it: All desirable things if your purpose is to see how close to his wife you can get a guy off without getting caught. Being on a different floor of the building was easy. Being in the next room was likely to be thrillingly risky, but risk engenders excitement and excitement makes men come quickly so that could work in our favour. Being in the same room as Mom was the ultimate challenge. I was still working on how to do that.

I picked out a short but not micro skirt and a pink camisole then went to see what was for dinner.

* * * * *

Parry gave up counting after twenty flashes of Helen’s smooth pussy. Every time Meg turned away, up went the little skirt. He was glad of his tight underwear and glad to be sitting down. All through dinner, Helen’s toes had been massaging his crotch under the table. Now, in the family room, Helen was keeping him aroused at a greater distance.

When Helen popped upstairs to the bathroom, Parry relaxed enough to feel safe standing up and went into the kitchen for another beer.

“Would you like anything?” he asked Meg as he passed behind her.

“No thank you, dear.”

He’d just sat back down when Helen returned with half a bag of candy. “Fancy a sherbet lemon, Mom?” She leant over the back of the sofa and proffered the bag to Meg.

“Why not? You know, I haven’t had one of these in years.” Meg took one.

“Daddy?” Helen asked, straightening up and, out of view of her mother, reaching under her skirt. Her hand returned holding a yellow lozenge. She winked at Parry.

“Sure. Thanks.” He caught the candy as it arced across the room to him. It was sticky. When he popped it in his mouth he was unsurprised that it tasted of pussy. Three sucks later it only tasted of lemon.

* * * * *

The telephone saved us from a night of frustration. It rang in the hall and I was nearest to the door. “I’ll get it… Mom! It’s for you!” I called out.

“Who is it?” Mom asked as she joined me at the foot of the stairs.

“Maisie. She sounds really upset.” I brought her up to speed before giving her the handset and going back to Daddy.

I lifted my skirt as soon as I was out of her sight. I twirled around in front of Daddy then bent from the waist, straight legged, to show him my ass.

“How long has that been there?” He was referring to the acrylic butt plug. I hadn’t had anal sex in four days, since getting home from college, and with our windows of opportunity being very small, I was using the plug to save wasting time on foreplay.

“Since I went to the bathroom.” I pulled out the smooth plastic, letting my asshole wink at him, sucked it once like a cock and pushed it back in. Men really seem to like that ATM stuff and Daddy’s no exception. He’s eaten a Hershey bar out of my ass – real chocolate, araban escort not a euphemism. I straightened up and sat down to watch TV again. It may not have been sex, but sucking that plug while Mom was only an open door away was risky enough to make me tingle.

Daddy’s taken to doing crossword puzzles as an excuse to keep a magazine on his lap most of the evening. I could see how much he needed that coverage right now. I’ve just got to get that in my ass tonight.

“I have to go out.” Mom reappeared suddenly. Five seconds earlier and she’d have learned all she needs to know about butt plugs. “Maisie’s had another fight with Jack. He’s left her again.”

“He’ll be at the usual motel. Want I should go and talk to him?” Daddy offered. Maisie and Jack split up about twice a year. There was an established protocol for dealing with it.

“Not tonight, dear. That’s your third beer. You know I don’t like you to drive after too much of it. Let Jack cool off for a night. You can go see him tomorrow.”

“Ok Honey. Is Maisie very upset?

“Yes. It sounds like a bad one.”

“Well let me know if you decide to stay over.”

“Sure, dear.” Mom bent over Daddy’s chair to buzz him, buzzed my cheek as she passed and was gone.

The click of the front door was like a starting pistol. My skirt was off before we even heard the SUV’s engine. By the time it’s rumble faded into the distance, I was wearing a smile at one end and a clear plastic plug at the other and was advancing on Daddy, intent on not letting him finish that crossword puzzle.

I did gymnastics and ballet when I was little so I’m flexible and have great balance. I touched my palms to the floor right in front of Daddy and swung first one leg then the other up into a handstand, held the position, body and legs perfectly straight, for a second or two then spread my legs into full splits, ankle, pussy and other ankle in a straight line.

“Pull it out, Daddy.” I couldn’t hold this pose long. He pulled on the disc as I pushed, popping the plug out of my ass. “Lick me.” I was starting to wobble but my anus must be really dilated in this position.

Daddy stuck his tongue right in my ass, easy for him, still sitting down. “Tastes… fruity.” He mused as I toppled away from him, quickly closing my legs to avoid crashing out completely.

“Watermelon flavoured lube.”

“Really?” He looked at the plug he was holding, shrugged and stuck it in his mouth like a Popsicle. “Mmm. Tastes good.”

“C’mon.” I pulled on Daddy’s hand. “I fancy a watermelon flavoured cocksicle.”

Daddy followed me up the stairs. I’ll bet you anything that he was looking at my ass the whole way up. Not just because he’s ass fixated, which he is, or because I’m callipygian, which I am, but because following a naked bottom up stairs is quite probably the all time best viewing angle. Try it sometime.

Of course the view of a girl on all fours, lubed and ready for it, has much to recommend it. It certainly held Daddy’s interest as he stumbled out of his clothes. He slapped my ass hard as he got on his knees behind me.

“Do you want to spank me first?” Only Daddy gets to spank my bottom. It hurts, if he does it properly, but even when it makes me cry, my pussy gets really wet. “I have been a naughty girl.”

“After.” Daddy slapped my other cheek just as hard before pressing his cock into me. I’ve had bigger cocks up my ass but Daddy’s is just right for me: Stretching me enough to feel full but not so much I have to build up to it with fingers first. He settled into a hectic pace, driving hard, fast and deep.

A dozen strokes with his balls slapping into my labia then he pulled out. “Suck me.” He dragged me round and thrust his slick erection into my mouth, pushing forward just shy of the gagging point. I sucked hungrily at his fruity cock for a few seconds before he pulled it out again and turned me back around to plunge back into my ass.

Three times he went through the same routine before he decided to stay in my ass for the duration. Then he really got up a head of steam, fucking me so hard we nearly bounced right off the bed. Daddy hadn’t been this rough with me for ages and I wondered what had made him this… masterful. I was climaxing steadily with a little help from my fingers, lashing my clit, when he heaved back on my hips, crushing his pelvis against me and flooding my rectum as he growled and groaned in ecstatic release.

Daddy slumped against me, exhausted, pinning me to the bed. His weight, pressing down on my back was pleasant and I always like feeling him soften inside me, whichever hole he’s using. My fingers were still massaging my clit too, so I was quite happy to lie there while he caught his second wind.

“That was intense.” I said, when he rolled off me, onto his back.

“That’s all I could think about when I was fucking Meg last night. Every time I see her ass, I think ‘What a waste.'”

“It’s a good thing you have a slutty daughter then, isn’t it?” I moved closer to suck arap escort his limp, sticky, cock clean. “I’d like to do this after you’ve fucked Mom.” God, yes! Licking Mom’s cum off Daddy’s cock!

“We’ll see.” Daddy was non-committal but I knew he’d get a kick out of it too. He’d do it if he got the chance. He was swelling as I finished licking around his foreskin.

“Are you going to spank me, Daddy?” I put on my little girl voice. “It’s naughty to let boys push things up my bottom, isn’t it?”

“Its very naughty. Mommy would be very cross with you if she found out.”

“Oh please Daddy! Don’t tell Mommy. I’ll do anything you say. I promise.” The role-playing has evolved over the half dozen or so times we’ve played this game.

“Anything?” Daddy sat up on the edge of the bed and patted his knee.

“Anything, Daddy.” I bent over his lap, waiting for his palm to fall. “Ow!” I didn’t have long to wait. Like his fucking, his hand landed hard and fast. My ass was soon stinging all over. I arched my back and one of his slaps landed right on my pussy making me yelp. Tears were welling up in my eyes already but I could feel Daddy’s cock, hot and hard, pressing against my belly. I knew he’d stop smacking me soon so he could fuck me.

Downstairs, the phone rang. Daddy stopped smacking and helped me onto the bed. I curled up in the foetal position, weeping softly. It had been a much harder spanking than before.

“I’d better get that. It might be your Mom.” He stood, erection bobbing in front of him, and went to answer the phone. When he returned, I was still sobbing, but my hand had crept between my thighs and was moving slowly.

“Was it Mom?” I asked, sniffling.

“Yes. She’s staying over. Maisie’s in pieces.” He sat on the bed and cradled my head. “I’m sorry, Sweetheart. Did I hurt you too much? You didn’t tell me to stop.”

“I didn’t want you to stop. I love you Daddy. You’re the only man I’ll ever let hurt me.” The pain had gone now, only the tingling heat remained. I was really sensitive and really really wet. “I want you Daddy. Now.” I rolled onto my back, wincing as my sensitive, tingly bottom pressed onto the bedspread. My legs parted, knees bent, revealing the glistening moisture on my pussy lips. “Please, Daddy.”

He needed no more encouragement to mount me. The missionary position may seem boring, but try it with a freshly spanked bottom. Daddy was still masterful, but less aggressively so, and I was lively because of my tender flesh. I writhed under him and orgasm followed orgasm followed orgasm until Daddy tensed and came with me, sharing my third climax.

We settled into a cuddle and Daddy held me close for the longest time. Finally he whispered, “I love you.” and kissed my neck.

“Turn out the lights, please… and stay with me tonight.”

Daddy got up long enough for us to get into bed properly and held me tight until

I fell asleep.

I woke up to go to the toilet at about 4AM and discovered my period was just starting. That would put a stop to some of our games for a few days. I put on a towel and some panties before I went back to bed.

In the morning I stuffed my cum-stained sheets into the washing machine. The time of the month turned out to be a good cover story for why I was washing them.

* * * * *

The rest of that first week was quiet. Daddy did get a proper blowjob every day, usually in his study while he watched videos of me getting fucked every which way by a cast of thousands. Ok, not thousands – maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but lots of men. Daddy gets so turned on when he sees me ‘working’ that I’m going to start sending him videos of all my dates when I go back to college. Anyway, after four days of that he’s pretty much up to speed on just how many different ways men can amuse themselves with his little girl’s ass hole. Not that they ignore my pussy, but you don’t go to an expensive restaurant and order the same pot roast your wife does for you every Sunday. Besides, I picked the kinkiest, dirtiest videos on purpose.

On Papa’s anniversary, Daddy learned all about tromboning because I licked his ass while I pumped his cock and he watched that nice Mr Deerborne getting rimmed and rubbed.

On Sunday while Daddy was playing golf and Mom was sorting out her closet or something, I decided I needed a shave. That was when I found I was all out of razors.

“Mom, do you have a spare – oh!” I didn’t think to knock. Mom was on the bed, naked, with the Rampant Rabbit that Daddy had bought her.

“I, err…” She pulled a sheet over herself as she sat up, seriously flustered and blushing to her nipples.

“I wanted a razor.” I said. I didn’t leave, didn’t apologize for not knocking and most especially didn’t look shocked. That’s because catching Mom playing with herself was no accident. I have a spy camera in there. Remember? If Mom had really been sorting out her closet, I wouldn’t have bothered taking my shorts and top off before going to see her.

“I…” Mom really was lost for words. Understandable really.

“Mom, it’s ok.” I went over and sat beside her. The vibrator was still buzzing so there was no point in her denying anything. “It’s perfectly natural. I’ve got a vanity case full of fantastic plastic. You’re still buzzing.” I gently reminded her where the background noise was coming from.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32