Summer Break Pt. 01

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I had the pleasure of waking up early this morning to a bright sunshiny day, for no apparent reason. I’ve nothing planned for the day, except to gas up the boat. We used it all weekend and it’s nearly out of gas. We did lots of water skiing and lots of soaking up the sun’s rays. By the time we finished last evening, all of us were tired, so I volunteered to give the boat some tender loving care in the morning.

My Dad owns a 17-foot Master Craft. It’s fast and maneuverable. I really like this boat. It’s not as fast as a speed boat, but it moves comfortably over the water at 50MPH. It’s enough for me and the rest of the family and very popular leisure on the weekends. During the week, it only gets used if I take it for a ride mostly, which is becoming my favorite pastime for the following reasons — my sister.

We’re a family of four. My sister is a real bitch and I avoid hanging out with her at most any cost. I go to extremes to avoid her, which is the main reason the boat is my favorite entertainment.

On the plus side, I love my sister. She’s a fox by anyone’s definition. She has a slender body, perfectly proportioned, good looks, but she knows it. I protect her, if I need to, but other than that, she’s on her own. I don’t speak ill of her, except to myself. I’ve no desire to make a bad situation worse.

She just graduated from high school a week ago and doesn’t have a boyfriend, which pains me that much more. She spends far too much time at home, with me. I’ve little time to myself, especially when our parents are at work.

Mom and Dad look and act young at their ripe age of 46. They have energy I wish I had. They’re also slender. Dad is strong with visible muscles, which I’m fully aware of. He’s kicked my ass twice to straighten me out when I got out of line, but still, I don’t mess with my Dad.

Mom has the face of an angel and a body built for sex. I don’t see her in that light and I don’t know why either, I just don’t. Same for my sister. My friends always want to come over and hangout by the pool, hoping either or both of them will make an appearance and they don’t most of the time. My friends just want to lust after them. Not much fun for me.

As for myself, I’m 19 years old, a year older than my sister. I survived my

freshman year of college with flying colors, according to my parents, and it’s summer break. I’ve been home for three weeks and I’m looking forward to having lots of fun with the boat.

I’m also looking to find a temporary girlfriend for the summer, actually, more a friend with benefits. I won’t describe myself as the athletic type, but I do maintain a fit body and I exercise on an irregular basis. Mom says I’m handsome, but you know how Mom’s are about things like that.

I still haven’t met the one girl I want to spend lots of time with. I’m in limbo with my search for her while I’m attending college. I want to excel at my education so I can support myself. That’s a priority for me.

Because my sister spends lots of time at home, I try to spend as little time there as possible. I use the boat as an escape mechanism to avoid her. Today is no exception.


I get out of bed up shortly after I wake up, even before my sister stirs. Mom and Dad leave for work early, long before I get up. I gather some leftover’s from the fridge for breakfast and sit down at the table to consume, but wouldn’t you know. Guess what shows up.

My sister is in one of her more ‘jovial’ moods, so I finish my breakfast quickly and leave before she has any colorful metaphors to share with me.

I give my body a good stretch as I leave the house to face the sunny morning on the water. I jog down to the dock to get a little exercise… very little exercise. It’s going to be another hot day and I can feel the humidity already. By the time I reach the dock, I’m sweating.

Arriving at the Master Craft, I begin the chore of removing the canvas covering and exposing the interior of the boat to sunlight. I fold it up and store the cover in the bow.

I open the motor cover to vent the area of fumes, check the bilge for excessive water accumulation and check the oil level. Then I get to work picking up the trash we left in it the day before. I stow the life jackets, skis, tow lines in their normal spots.

I wash the windows, clean the dirt off the interior, then proceed to do the same to the outside, as far as I can reach. When I’m done, she looks as good as gold and I’m smiling.

By now, I’m sweating like Niagra Falls in a rain storm and I’m ready to jump in the lake to cool off, but before I do, I start the motor to warm it up, then close the motor cover. I jump in the lake and swim around a bit to cool off.

When I get back on the dock, I allow myself to drip dry as the hot sun beats down on my darkening skin. It doesn’t take long for me to start sweating again so it’s time to get gas in the boat.

I untie the lines and the boat is free. Settling in the driver’s seat, I back the boat out of the slip and into the clear, reverse directions, gaziantep escort bayan and give it some gas. The Master Craft moves through the water like a hot knife through soft butter.

As soon as I clear the marker buoys, I open the throttle and it takes off like a bat out of hell. In seconds, it reaches 50 MPH and I’m wearing a big smile with the wind in my face, and the speed under my feet feels good. But, it’s short lived because the gas pump comes up very quickly at that speed.


I dock the boat with precision and tie her up. As I’m knee deep fueling the boat, I hear the padding of foot steps approaching me. My back is facing the dock, so I can’t see who it is. Then, the padding stops and the bare feet speaks.

“Hi Steve. Long time no see.”

I turn my head to find a perfect body clinging to a fairly small bikini that hugs her features perfectly. Teri Thorton, a brief high school girlfriend, is staring at me with an adorable smile on her face. I release the nozzle and it stops pumping gas. I turn to face her and smile.

Two years ago, Teri was my heart throb. She’s beautiful, smart and very popular at school, way too popular at school. I swear I was into her big time, but things just didn’t work out for us. She looks as HOT now as she did back then.

She has a perfect figure and slender curves with a baby face complexion that knocks your socks off. Her look of pure innocense makes her popular with the boys.

Too bad for me. I didn’t want to compete for her back then. We were an item for a week when I found out she was seeing other guys while seeing me, so I lost interest in her. I never did fuck her, but I sure as hell wanted to.

“Hi Teri. Long time no see yourself.”

There’s another boat waiting to get gas so I have to make a decision.

“Let me finish here and we can take a ride, if you like.”

“Sounds good to me.”

I hold her hand as she carefully steps aboard the boat. Teri assumes the seat next to the driver and when I finish fueling, I pay the bill and return to the boat.

I untie the bow line, come aboard, start the motor, untie the stern line, stow both lines and push off. We depart the dock, slow, at first, then I open her up after we clear the marker buoys, most likely to show off.

As we race across the water, I try to speak to her, but the wind and motor noise literally drowns us out.

I stand, with one hand remaining on the steering wheel. Teri joins me moments later. We try to talk again, but the wind is now blowing in our face, so I went to plan C. I slow the boat to half throttle and the motor begins to purr like a kitten and the wind noise reduces. Finally, we can have a conversation, or hear ourselves think, or both.

“Hi again,” I said. “How have you been the last couple years?”

“I’ve been okay, I guess. How bout you?”

“I’m still alive, last I checked.”

“Funny guy. You were always funny, as I remember.”

“I try. Sometimes I’m not that successful, but I’ll take an E for effort.”

“You got it… So what have you been up to the last couple years?” she asks.

“I graduated high school and just completed my first year of college. You?”

“I just graduated high school and taking the summer off before I head to college in the fall. Nothing too exciting. What’s your major?”

“I’m taking computer science. It’s exciting for me and one hell of a challenge. I look forward to it.”

“I bet. Sounds like it’s right up your ally.”

“What are you majoring in?”

“I’m taking literature to start. I may change my major. Not sure at this point… To change the subject, do you remember why we broke up?” she asks with an innocent look on her face, as if teasing me.

“We were an item for a very short time. I’m actually surprised you even remember me at all… But, I guess you were too busy with other guys that lined up for you. I didn’t feel I was on your list of favorite boys you wanted to spend time with, so I backed off.”

“Shame on me Steve. And shame on you for not being more aggressive toward me. You look HOT, two years later.”

“Thanks. I didn’t expect that response though.”

“I mean it Steve. Two years has been good to you. I recognized you immediately, when I saw you. You have changed for the better. I like what I see these days.”

“That’s surprising to hear. You didn’t think that way two years ago. What has changed?” I ask.

“You changed… and I’ve changed as well. My friend noticed you first and when I saw you, I just stood and walked over to visit with you. If you only know how HOT you look, you wouldn’t ask that question.”

“Guess I better get educated. Are you a good teacher?” I ask.

“I am indeed,” she replies.

Then she pushes herself in front of me and rubs her ass against my crotch. It feels good so I let her continue. She reaches for my free hand and places it on her flat stomach. I pull her into me, then move my hand to her tits. If she can be aggressive, so can I. I cup the first anal yapan gaziantep escort one I feel. That did it.

Being a week day, there are few boats running the lake so we’re good for few or no spectators. I head for a small deserted island and stop the boat, throwing the anchor overboard and tie it off. I check the water depth gauge and it registers close to twenty feet so I kill the motor. I’m feeling good at this point.

Teri, does not waste any time. She takes her top off and her tits search for my eyes. She has to break my stare after a minute or so.

“So, you like my tits do you?”

“They’re perfect,” I blurt out, then get my act together. “Sorry for staring. You surprised me… I always liked your body Teri. Your tits are perfect for your stature. Self supporting, nice perky nipples. I can stare at them for years and not complain. But, you never did anything close to this when we were in high school.”

She gets close to me and mounts me. My hands go straight to her ass as she wraps her arms and legs around my body. I’m a little taken aback by her aggressive actions, but love the feel of her body against mine. I knead her ass and it feels so good. It makes me think of my last girlfriend.

I take a step backward and sit down on the motor cover. There’s a cushion on top and it blocks some of the heat from the motor, but it’s still a tad warm. I’m paying close attention to her body so I place both hands on her tits and start working them to stiffen her nipples.

“True, and thanks for the compliment. They’re yours for today, as much as you like.”

“I’m blessed. What did I do to deserve them for the day?” I ask.

“You were in the right place at the right time, and you look so HOT. Irresistible even.”

“We have a problem then,” I reveal.

“What?” she asks.

“You’re over dressed.”

She smiles, saying, “So are you. Take my bottoms off please.”

“Sure, I learned how to do that a few days ago.”

She laughs and is smiling as she slides off me. She stands as I lean toward her, hook my thumbs in her bottoms and, several swift moves later, making her laugh in the process, it lays around her ankles. She kicks them out of the way while I sit there, admiring her incredibly sexy, naked body.

“I’m sure you did… Funny. You make me laugh. Always did. You approve?”

“More than that… You just won an Oscar for best summer body.”

“Just summer?”

“I’ve got to start somewhere you know.”

She laughs and gives me an unexpected hug.

As I continue tracing her body with my eyes, I can’t help but notice her bare pussy.

“How did you know I like a smooth, bare pussy on such an attractive girl?”

“Just lucky I guess… Stand up, please.”

I stand and she wastes no time dropping my damp bathing suit to my ankles. When my cock springs free, she opens her mouth, taking in a breath of fresh air, then it turns to a wicked smile, and opens her eyes wide.

She stares and I appreciate her response. My cock is getting larger, growing before her very eyes. She looks at me and I look at her.

“You have a beautiful cock Steve. Time to make it feel much better. Lay back on the motor cover. I’m going to suck your cock until you fill my mouth.”

“Don’t I have any say in this?” I ask with a smile.

“Always the funny guy…”

I smile, park my ass on the cushion and lay back while she squats between my legs and fondles my cock with both hands. Her inspection makes me feel good.

“Like what you see?” I ask, unable to resist.

“No… I love what I see. How long does it get?”

“Around nine and a half inches, give or take, and it’s yours for the day… But if you rather not, we can pick another day.”

“You’re a funny guy Steve. That’s something I remember very well…,” she says with a smile. “And your cock is fat too… Time for me to get busy.”

She attacks my cock with a very wet mouth and soon, I find myself in ecstacy. She has to adjust to my size and coughs several times, but she finally gets it all in.

My god, I’m thinking, this girl has skills. She has me hard in no time. It doesn’t take long for that deep feeling to percolate in my balls.

“I’m going to cum Teri.”

She increases her efforts on my cock and soon, it erupts. Her cum management needs work cause it dribbles out of her mouth, dropping to my stomach.

After I shoot my last load in her mouth, she swallows the last few drops and starts her cleanup work as I lay there wondering what the hell just happened to me. Holy crap! If I’m not careful, I could get use to this treatment.

“Wow,” is all I can mumble.

“Wow is right. Your cock is huge and I love it. That’s one thing I don’t remember about you.”

She stands up and I do the same. She mounts me and I walk her to the stern seat as she kisses my neck and cheeks. I park her on the seat with her ass on the edge.

My face suddenly appears next to her pussy and I lick antep escort her, and lick her, and lick her until she’s moaning and squirming. I warm her up by kissing her lips and sucking her clit.

Then I move to the inside of her thighs and lick her there, then back to her pussy and clit. She’s moaning and squirming so much she pulls me up to her.

“God Steve. Fuck me already. I want that big fat cock in my pussy. You have no idea. Stick it in now!” she orders.

I stick my cock in her pussy, as ordered, and slowly push, and push, until I can go no further. She’s incredibly tight for a well-used pussy.

She has my full length and I look at her, noticing her eyes have disappeared into her head and her mouth is wide open, then she closes her eyes. She’s in ecstacy and is cumming on my cock already. Talk about a short fuse.

“Oh my god Steve. Stay there for a minute. Your cock fills me to the brim. It feels so awesome.”

Being the nice guy that I am, I give her the minute, checking my watch frequently, then start fucking her, slowly. She giggles, then moans as my cock slides in and out of her pussy.

My knees begin to feel pain so I retrieve a couple cushions and put one under each knee and continue fucking the perfect shape before me. Man, she’s one HOT piece of ass. I fuck her silly and she has three orgasms before I fill her pussy, causing her fourth orgasm.

I’m dripping sweat so as I sit next to her, trying to catch up to my breathing, I have to ask.

“Skinny dip?”

I jump in, not giving her a chance to reply. She follows in my foot steps and hits the water next to me. When she surfaces, she brushes the hair from her face, wraps her arms around my neck and gives me a kiss I will remember forever.

We begin sinking and go underwater as we continue to kiss. Then I break it and we return to the surface. I reach out to the boat and hold on as she takes possession of my cock, stroking it with renewed vim and vigor.

I kiss her again, a bad habit of mine, and she wraps her free arm around my neck. My free hand rubs her pussy clean, rubbing it softly, but thoroughly.

“Let’s get back in the boat,” she instructs.

I get aboard with no problem, then turn and help Teri back aboard. We’re naked and do not care if anybody is watching. Nobody is, so she wraps me up, kisses me again and I hold her tight as I return her kiss. I’m actually starting to like this girl.

“I want to sit on your cock and fuck you cowboy style.”

“What’s taking you so long?”

She smiles.

I park my ass on the stern seat dripping wet and Teri straddles my lap. Slowly, she slips her pussy over my cock and I can feel her pussy gripping me. She’s giving me an amazing sensation. I’m feeling good at this point, but her best is yet to cum (sorry, come).

She puts her head back with her eyes closed and fucks me for what seems like hours. She rides my cock like it’s the end of the world and I love her for doing it.

I reach for her tits and knead them, pinch her nipples, then I force myself to pull her to me and kiss her. She stops her efforts when I did that. A few strokes later, she releases her cum all over my cock. Little do I know, she added two more orgasms to her queue before then.

“We’re going to have to do something about that short fuse of yours,” I said to her.

“We can fix that with lots of practice. Think you can handle me?”

“As long as it’s practice, I can handle you just fine.”

Teri continues fucking me slowly as she adjusts to my size. She’s tight as hell and I’m on the edge once again. When she bangs on my cock, that’s all I need to fill her pussy full of my cream, and that triggers her next very intense orgasm.

She falls on my chest, staying like that for several minutes. Finally, she raises up and gives me another of her adorable looks, then kisses me. This time, her tongue explores my mouth and I welcome the intrusion.

“You’re not done yet, are you?” I ask.

“Just give me a couple minutes, then you can fuck my brains out.”

My cock is still buried deep in her pussy so I continue to remind her it’s there.

“We can call it a day if you want,” I add.

“Are you tired of fucking me already?”

“Not a chance. Just thinking you’ve had enough for a while.”

“In just a few minutes, you can take me again. Your cock makes me cum so fast and hard it’s not funny.”

“Excuses, excuses. Just tell me how you really feel,” I said with a smile.

She laughs and gives me another look from her arsenal of adorable looks.

“I just did and I mean it. You have an amazing cock.”

“The better to please you, my Dear.”

She gives me the most adorable smile. It makes me melt into her arms, but I hope she’s too wrapped up in ecstacy to notice.

No wonder she had so many boyfriends in high school. She’s a great fuck and now, I know it and appreciate it.

My cock is still inside her pussy and I wiggle it slowly inside her. She’s still on top of me so I can’t move much, just enough to let her know it’s there. She gets the hint, wraps me up and holds on tight.

I stand, with her clinging to me, carry her to the motor cover and lay her on her back with her ass hanging off the edge. I put my hands behind her knees, move her legs on my shoulders, lean over her and plant my hands on the motor cover on either side of her tits.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32