Stripping for Uncle Ray Pt. 02

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This is a short one: Gives me more room to build the series than the first one did.

Jenna took the cup of coffee Scotty handed her and turned back to the computer. “What do you think? Is it too much?” She asked Scotty, who raised an appreciative eyebrow.

“I am a big fan of too much. You know I like a challenge, girl.” Scotty laughed scooting his chair up next to her. “I have the Tux so you will be fine on that. That dress, girl!”

“Maybe I should ask if this is a violation of the law?” Jenna asked shrugging.

“I always say, ask forgiveness not permission.”

“This is my Uncle’s business though.” Jenna bit her fake thumbnail lightly, not trying to break it just nervously nibbling.

“If it is an issue you just plead dumb.” Scotty smiled evilly. “If you want this to be here before next weekend you need to rush order.”

Jenna bit her lip and placed the order. “This is going to be so bad.”

The following Friday, Jenna pulled into the parking lot behind the club in the early afternoon. She was only a shift away from earning the tuition she needed. She was going to have to talk to Ray about her class schedule. She wanted to make sure there was no conflict with the ad schedule and her classes.

Jenna grabbed the garment bag and the overnight envelop before opening her car door. She did not see the gentleman hanging out in the shade at the side of the building until she was standing beside her car fumbling with the key fob to lock her car.

“Baby J.” The man panted as he headed for her. She turned quickly to face him. “I have been waiting all day for you to show up. Will you marry me?”

Jenna crinkled her nose looking around for the camera crew, surely this was a prank. The man dressed in clean khakis and a baby blue polo shirt, dropped to one knee and pulled out a ring box. The lid flipped open to show a round cut diamond at least 2 carets. Jenna gasped.

“I hope you like it, if not I will buy you another one.”

“I am sorry, what is your name?”

“I am Grant. Grant Selas. You danced for me Tuesday and I just knew. You know how sometimes you just know.”

“Not really.” Jenna said edging toward the back door of the club. “Listen Grant, I appreciate this but I am going to be late for work.”

Grant crawled after her and grabbed her hand. “Wait, please.”

Suddenly the back door burst open and there was Bruce. Jenna felt weak with relief as the mountainous bouncer crossed the lot towards her. “Problem Baby J?”

“Um, Mr. Selas here seems to have some very strong feelings. I am not sure but I thought that there was a rule about dating the clients.”

“Yes, there is.”

“But we wouldn’t date. We would just get married.” Grant said still gripping her hand and kneeling.

“That is even more frowned upon.” Bruce said breaking his hold on Jenna’s hand. He slipped between them and she quickly bee-lined to the door. She made it through the door just as Ray hit the back hallway.

“What in the fuck was that about?” Ray yelled. Having watched on the monitors in the security office when Bruce had alerted the staff to trouble, it hadn’t take Ray long to realize what was happening.

“Some guy proposed to me.” Jenna shivered.

“Why?” Ray asked jealousy riding him hard. “Are you seeing somebody? You have a boyfriend?”

“Um, no. He was at the club Tuesday and I danced for him, I guess.”

“Are you kidding me?”

“I swear, I didn’t do anything to make him think-“

“Fuck, I know that. But it is a bit early to have stalkers, you have only been dancing a week, for cripes sake.”

“There is a time period for stalkers? What like a mandatory wait period?”

“Do not get sassy. I swear I will take you to my office and spank that ass.”

“Oh, Uncle Ray, do you promise?” Jenna whispered naughtily.

“Minx. Don’t you have a show to prepare for?”

“Sir, yes sir. I will get right on gaziantep escort top of that, sir.” The wink that she threw over her shoulder as she walked away was what almost broke him. He had not seen her since Tuesday and his balls ached with the need to unload into her. She sauntered away with an extra sway in her hips that made his cock pulse to life. Ray turned away and headed to the parking lot to back up Bruce.

He stepped out in the sunlight and saw Bruce chatting with the man steering him to his car. The man reached into his pocket to hand Bruce his wallet. Bruce flipped it open and snapped a photo of the license. The man took it back with a hearty handshake headed to his car to climb inside.

“What was that?” Ray said as Bruce approached.

“Seems that Baby J has some big fans.” Bruce said. I took his license plate down and got his license photo to keep by the front door. I will call Detective Jefferies and ask him to keep an eye open. J needs more security though.”

“I gathered. Let’s call the detective before we get too far gone.”

Bruce pulled out his cell and placed the call as they headed back into the dim interior.

Scotty grabbed Blake’s arm as he stepped into the strip club with a group of 6 others. “I know it is naked women but it is my best friend and I totally want to see this. Trust me it is going to be fun.”

“Hey, I am down.” Chuckled Chelsea, a very butch lesbian at the back of the pack. Blake giggled at her as he reluctantly agreed to stay. They all paid the bouncer and headed to a table near the stage. The group of 4 boys and 2 women settled in. Chelsea grabbed her girlfriend Lilly’s hand and rubbed the back of it. “Just to warn you, I may get a lap dance. Jenna is a bit of a fantasy. No hissy fits, understand.”

“Fine. But do not touch her.” Lilly scowled.

“I don’t think we are allowed to anyway.” Chelsea laughed. Her shaved head glimmered in the stage lights as they chatted.

Blake leaned in close to Scotty. “This is so trashy, I love it.”

“I know, you can practically smell the cum on the floor, it is so gross.” Scotty smiled back. He really hoped he would have a minute to introduce Jenna to Blake. For a first date there was some real heat and sparkle between them.

Jenna checked her “wedding dress” lingerie in the mirror one more time before she headed to the side stage. Bruce was placing her tuxedo clad dummy in the correct position with it’s back to the crowd, as she peeked through the curtain. Dressed in a white frothy lace corset with a petticoat lace skirt, a bouquet in her hands she looked like a very slutty bride.

She stepped out on the darkened stage as the heavy beat of Billy Idol’s White Wedding began to play. She walked up to the dummy slowly before facing it fully holding her bouquet. She raised up on tip toe to mime a kiss before tossing the bouquet and turning the dummy profile to the crowd. She danced rubbing herself against the mannequin, then stopped dramatically and gripped something through the crotch of the slacks. She let her eyes go dramatically wide before unfastening the pants and letting the strap on dildo poke free for the audience to see.

Scotty whooped loudly as the huge 12″ black cock shimmered in the light. The collective gasps and groans echoed about the room. Jenna turned the dummy so the cock pointed straight at the audience as she rubbed herself up and down the back of the faux groom.

She did a squat with a knee flare before rolling around the front of the prop. She went from kneeling face level with the cock, up to the standing and wrapping her leg around it. She stood tall then turned and bent at the waist. She paused there with the cock against her ass and her skirt thrown over it to hide where it was. She took a moment to bit her lip and soften her face in rapture, showing the entire room her pleasure at being “filled” by such a huge cock. She adıyaman escort rotated her ass dramatically against the dummy did a series of bends, then stood upright clutching the dummy’s hips with her head thrown back as if she was orgasming.

The money flew. She dropped to her knees and crawled across the floor catching sight of Scotty and the crew. She blushed brightly but kept moving, collecting tips as she went. Scotty smiled and flashed thumbs up at her. She smiled and shook her head at him before finding the old guy at the front of the stage that insisted on putting the money in her g string right close to her clit. The cowboy hat next to him went for the tits. All the while Ray fought his erection as he stood close to the bar. As the song ended, Ray signaled Bruce, who smiled and nodded.

Jenna was panting heavily as she exited the stage. Bruce went to deal with the mannequin before delivering Ray’s message. She dumped her money in her bag and headed to the front to see Scotty. As she passed through the room, men were waving cash at her trying to get her to give them some personal time. She ignored them as she honed in on her best friend clapping gleefully.

“What are you doing here?” Jenna asked in a furious whisper.

“I had to see how much of a stir this was going to cause. Well done, slut.” Scotty swatted at her ass. “Let me introduce you to Blake. We just met at the Cat Nip. Blake this is my best hag Jenna.”

“Shh, Scotty, Baby J. Things are already getting weird, I do not need my real name on anyone’s lips here.” Jenna said before leaning over to shake Blake’s hand.

“Girl, that was like porn, hot. I mean if I went for that. But a BBC in the B-U-T-T, you know that is my thing for sure.” Blake’s kidding smile made Jenna laugh. Just beyond them Chelsea was trying to get her attention.

“J, let me get a little grind.” Chelsea said holding up a $50. “Lilly said it was okay.”

Jenna rolled her eyes but headed over to Chelsea anyway. The song that Candy was dancing to was classic stripper anthem, Def Leppard’s Pour Some Sugar on Me. Jenna tucked the money in her cleavage and straddled Chelsea’s thigh. “No touching. I am serious. Bruce will kick you out.”

Chelsea placed her hands on the back of her seat and slid forward until her covered cunt was pressed against Jenna’s thigh. Jenna sighed and began to move to the music. While Candy danced the room watched Jenna grind on the bald woman. Candy growled as she circled the pole.

Bruce watched as Jenna started the lap dance smiling because the lesbian woman was drooling into Jenna’s cleavage as she humped her thigh. Jenna was so plush that every small move she made looked like sex. Ray impatient for Jenna to come in stepped into the main room to see Bruce staring at something rather than gathering Jenna. Ray stormed across the room only to be brought up short by Jenna grinding on some bald dude.

He started to head that way when Bruce intercepted him. “Chill man it is a lap dance not a fucking orgy. Though if I could watch that dyke go down on Baby J, I would be okay if it was.”


“That is a lesbian.” Bruce laughed. Ray growled knowing that he was acting like an idiot. The song drew to a close and Ray made his way over to them. He grabbed Jenna’s arm and looked at the gathered group, including one very turned on bald woman. “Please excuse us, J is needed in another area.”

Scotty’s eyebrows scrunched in confusion. “Who are you?”

“I am Ray, I own this place.” Ray said not pausing as he dragged Jenna to the office.

The door closed behind them and before Jenna could even make a peep he was on her. “You look like a virgin waiting to be turned into a slut in that dress. I mean to be the one that turns you.”

Ray’s mouth covered hers in a deep kiss that blotted out the universe as his hands groped her g-string clad ass. akkent escort He yanked the g-string down until it fell to the floor of it’s own accord. “Uncle Ray is going to give you away at your wedding but not before he takes that virginity. You are going to walk down that aisle full of my cum like the little whore niece you are.”

Jenna moaned and pressed against Ray’s huge engorged cock through his pants. He pulled back and lifted one of her breasts free of the corset before latching onto the nipple and sucking it hard. Jenna clawed at his back trying to get more. More friction, more contact, more of anything she could.

Ray yanked open his pants allowing his cock to fall free, before pressing her back to the door and pulling her leg over his hip. He bent his knees until his cock positioned itself at her opening and thrust hard and deep stilling as they both moaned in relief and ecstasy.

“Every fucking time you take that stage, I want to look away but I can’t. You are so fucking tempting.” Ray began pounding away at her slamming her against the wall with every thrust of his hips. “Tempting little vixen.”

“Yes, yes, yes, Uncle Ray. Ahh, fuck. Yes.” Jenna could feel the insane pressure of her climax coming. His cock was lighting fire with every rough slide and withdrawal. Her toes curled and her stiletto fell from her foot at the small of his back. She gasped and panted as the pounding continued.

“I am going to ruin you for your husband. You will spend your nights dreaming of my cock plowing your depths. It is a good thing we are family and I can visit as often as I like. Slutty Baby J. Oh fuck you feel so good. Just like a cum slut should.”

“Yes, Uncle Ray, hurry before my soon to be husband comes to find us.” Jenna whispered. “Daddy is going to walk me down the aisle filled with your cum. And after the ceremony I am going to make the groom go down on me so he gets to clean up your mess before he fucks me for the first time as man and wife.”

Ray grunted and growled as she spoke. He pressed his thumb to her clit and moved it until she cried out and came. Ray felt her channel tighten and draw at him as he surrendered and filled her full. Whomever cleaned that mess up would be at it for a while.

Jenna leaned back against the door breathing heavily. Ray pressed against her too worn out to move. Their breathing was the only sound in the room but was not loud enough to drown out the sound of California Girls by Katy Perry, blasting in the main room. Jenna felt the fog lift.

“Oh, fuck I am up next and I haven’t changed.” She reached for the door and ran, one shoe missing and her g-string wrapped around the one shoe she still had on. She zoomed through the main room without heeding what she looked like.

Ray took a moment to rearrange his clothes before he went out to watch the next set. As he stepped up to the bar he saw Bruce heading toward him with a scowl on his face. Behind him was Detective Jefferies, looking like an extra from NYPD Blue, in an ill fitting sport coat and what appeared to be a jelly stain in his shirt.

“We got a problem boss.” Bruce said as Detective Jefferies drew closer. “He wants to arrest Baby J.”

“Why? What the fuck?” Ray demanded.

“It is illegal to use a dildo and perform sex acts in a strip club.” The detective said.

“She did not perform sex acts she pantomimed.” Ray said through gritted teeth.

“I think I can probably get her on prostitution as well.” The detective gave a side eyed look that made Ray want to puke. This detective wanted something. It wasn’t Baby J in cuffs… at least not for booking, anyway.

Jenna raced to the dressing room and quick changed into her catholic girl uniform, grabbed her lollipop and headed to the stage. Rusty the DJ had dressed her dummy in the priest gear, so she was good to go. She stepped on the stage and began her dance. As she began her flare kicks at the edge of the stage, it was more than apparent that there was cum glistening on her inner thighs.

Scotty gasped and made horrified eye contact with her, just before he whipped around to locate Ray standing at the bar. Scotty turned back to her mouth agape and Jenna knew that he knew her dirty secret.

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