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Jessica had been working for a small, private company, where she was one of six data analysts. She worked directly for the owner, Gabe, who also managed the other twenty-three employees in the office. She was doing alright, but had been at the same level, and getting the same pay, since she joined the company nearly four years ago.

When her husband’s company down-sized, causing him to lose his job selling mechanical equipment, their finances got extremely tight….to the point where they were barely making ends meet. The job market was especially tight at the time, so his prospects for getting a new job looked slim. After thinking about it for a day, or so, Jessica decided to meet with her boss and see if she could convince him to give her a raise.

The following day she waited until all her co-workers had left for the day, then stepped into her boss’ office and settled herself in the chair facing his desk.

She had worn a low cut silk blouse that day….no bra….and a narrow, hip-hugging skirt, with 4” heels…hoping her appearance might help influence the conversation. She leaned forward, so that her 35DD breasts swayed back and forth slightly as she said, “I need a promotion and a raise, Gabe. I’ve worked here four years with neither, and my husband just got laid off, so our finances are a mess.”

With his eyes locked onto her jiggling tits and impressive nipple bumps poking through her silk top, Gabe stood up and stepped out from behind his desk. He leaned his butt back against the front edge of his desk, and said with a grin, “Hold on there, Jess….I can’t just hand out promotions and raises willy nilly.”

“Well, Amy and Sandy both got promoted this year, escort gaziantep manken bayan and I do more work than either of them….I really need that raise.”

Gabe chuckled and said, “Well, Amy and Sandy both stay late one night each week and do extra work with me, so they’ve earned their promotions.”

“I can stay late sometimes….what do I need to do to get promoted?”

Gabe laughed, leaned forward and slipped one hand into Jessica’s blouse and began caressing her right tit. With the other hand he gently pinched her left nipple through the thin silk fabric.

“It depends on how badly you want it….”

Jessica’s eyebrows shot up when Gabe grabbed her boobs, but she stayed where she was and reluctantly let him fondle her tits for a while as she said, “B-b-but….I’m married, Gabe.”

Gabe smiled at her and said, “So are Amy and Sandy….if you want that promotion, this is how you get it. So….do you want it?”

Jessica hesitated….then lowered her eyes and nodded.

Gabe grinned and said, “Excellent…I’ve had my eyes on these tits ever since you started working here. Go ahead and unzip me and pull out my cock….I think you know what to do from there.”

Jessica leaned forward and unzipped Gabe’s pants, then reached inside and fished out his prick, which was already starting to grow from anticipation. She was a little surprised at how big it was….almost 9”….and he wasn’t even fully erect yet. She let it hang between his legs for a few seconds as she looked it over. It was pretty impressive….it stuck out from his hips with a bulbous tip that seemed to weigh it down….causing a smooth bend escort gaziantep masaj yapan bayan in the shaft so that the head was pointing at the floor in front of her.

Still leaning forward, Jessica reached out with one hand and lifted Gabe’s cock….hefting it, like she was weighing it in her palm. As she began sliding her hand up and down his stiffening pole, Gabe unbuttoned her blouse, and pushed it off her shoulders so her boobs could swing freely beneath her. He playfully slapped them to make them sway back and forth for a few seconds, then grabbed her nipples and gently pulled on them, before releasing them to watch them bounce back and jiggle.

“My God, Jess….these tits are amazing! I’m so glad you decided to ask for a raise.”

After a minute, or so, of enjoying her wobbling boobs, Gabe reached out and grabbed the back of her head and pulled her farther forward, encouraging her to take him into her mouth. Jessica opened her mouth and sucked the tip of his penis inside, bobbing her head back and forth while she continued to stroke his now fully erect shaft.

Gabe closed his eyes and continued to fondle Jess’s tits with one hand, while using his other hand to pull her head back and forth on his cock, rocking his hips into every forward motion and murmuring his pleasure.

“Holy shit, that feels great, Jess…..yeah, just like that……yeah…..yeah…..keep going…..yeah….my God, that feels good…..”

Jessica sucked and stroked Gabe’s rigid pole for several minutes until he suddenly pulled her head hard into his groin and held it there while he blasted several streams of hot, creamy gaziantep masöz escort bayan jizzm down her throat.

“Oh, yeah….keep going….I’m gonna cum…..yeah….yeah….aaahhhhh…..aaahhhhhh….God, that feels fantastic…. hmmmmm….yeah…..nice….hmmmmm….”

Jessica struggled to contain the explosion of cum in her mouth, and some managed to trickle out past his shaft and down her chin….some of it even dripping onto her wobbling tits. She swallowed as much as she could, then continued pumping his glistening shaft, pulling every drop of cum out of his cock until his balls were finally empty.

When Gabe finally finished cumming, Jessica stroked his softening prick for another minute, or so, then released it and let it flop down between his legs, where it wobbled and swayed…..spent, but still impressively long and thick….the bulbous tip swinging back and forth like a pendulum.

Still catching his breath, Gabe gasped, “Holy shit, Jess….that was amazing. You’re definitely getting a promotion.”

Jessica pulled her blouse back on and began buttoning it up, while Gabe’s flaccid dick continued swaying loosely between them.

She said, “What about my raise?”

Gabe nodded and started stuffing his flaccid cock back into his slacks, saying, “OK, Jess….here’s how it’ll work….you stay late one night a week, and you’ll get the raise you’re asking for, starting in next week’s paycheck.” As Jessica finished buttoning her blouse, Gabe reached out and grabbed a handful of tit in each hand and added, “I have to admit, Jess….you’ve certainly earned it.”

Gabe told Jessica she could stay late on either Mondays or Thursdays, explaining, “Amy and Sandy stay late on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, and I’ve got date night with my wife every Friday after work, so either Monday or Thursday….your choice.”

As Gabe helped her up from the chair and walked her toward the door, Jessica – still in a bit of shock – murmured, “Thursdays, I guess….”

Gabe smiled, squeezed her ass and said, “Perfect,” as he opened his office door and ushered her out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32