I have a young cheating wife chapter

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I was married to Marla {who I call Mar} for almost four years and had 2 children with her. My son and daughter were the main reason I put up with her cheating ways. I was 18 when Mar was 16 got pregnant and we married when she was just 17.

When the first baby was born I would watch my son giving Mar time to go out on the weekends with her friends.I believed her friends were girls, but I found they were not. The one that I knew of was Linda, who she was the closest to ,I never seen her other friends..

I had a job driving semi’s and was on the road ,usually 2 days on then having 2 days off. On my days off l made sure to keep her sexual desires fulfilled, even when she wore me out.I was only the second man she had been with before we married so it was fun experimenting with new positions,and toys. . When I on the road she would use any thing she could find to that would fill her appetite for sex.

I would bring porn magazines home where she could get ideas of what things she could use on herself , as well as me. In the beginning she was extremely tight,she spend hours using toys to get herself looser for me.After the first dildo I bought her it became much easier and more satisfying to have sex.

Now I have had a few girls before her and sex with them was doing it only once each time ,but with Mar she would want it more than once. The dildo’s and other objects were good ,they made her have more orgasms and gave me to recuperate. I was good at oral and my thick cock was good enough for her ,at least I thought it was.

It was one night when I came home she broke the news that she had sex with the land lord. She said that she used him just to get new furniture and it wouldn’t happen again, but it did.He kept on pressing her for more than a blow job until she finally gave in and let him fuck her. Since we were in our second year of marriage and had my son I forgave her. We then moved to a different town to get away from him.

Life with Mar was still the same and the sex still was intense ,it became more fun when she would suck me and swallow. She was the first girl that would ever let me cum in her mouth. She was the first to take my cock out in odd places and suck me off,then giggle asking if any one had saw her.Her girlfriend Linda would often come to visit , have dinner with us ,even spend the night when they went out.

There were times Mar would come in and shower with me while Linda would be in the other room waiting for her. She would suck me until I was came in her mouth then say I could fuck Linda when they came home.They then would go out for the evening leaving me hard thinking about what I might get. Mar would be even more horny when drunk and sometimes get undressed in front of her friend.She would try to get Linda to go to bed with us but she would always say no and sometimes would just watch.

I knew something was up one night when she and Linda went out and didn’t come home until much later.I woke up to Mar trying to get Linda again to have sex with me,they both were pretty drunk.

I never expected them to be bisexual but as I watched them kissing,and rubbing each other was escort karataş bayan pretty obvious . It also was erotic seeing them roll around in a 69 position both having a dildo.I became hard and was stroking my cock when Mar told me to fuck Linda. When I moved behind her and positioned my cock over her tiny hole she quickly got off the bed.

“Oh come on Linda” Mar said “you wanted to fuck Jake earlier ”, then they both began to argue.They argued for awhile about who was fucking who and sucking the others.

At the time I was able to see just how attractive Linda was as she stood naked attempting to put her cloths on.She was much thinner than Mar with tiny tits and hard nipples ,the hair on her pussy was thin and well trimmed. “I never wanted to go to their house” Linda shouted out “ but no you were so drunk you did them all”. Realizing what she just said, everything went quiet and Linda walked out of the room. I gave a stern look at Mar then followed Linda out of the room,forgetting that I was naked.

Linda was sitting on the sofa with her head in her hands crying when I walked over and tried to comfort her. “ Don’t go” I said and placed my hand on her shoulder but when I started to say more she looked up. Being face level to my hard cock she stared at it then looked up and again shook her head no.

“I can’t go” she said then looked away “Mar picked me up ,I have no car”.

I then realized I was naked and covered my cock,”let me get dressed and I will drive you”I said.I then turned away and went back in my bedroom and got dressed, Mar had rolled over and either was passed out or just hiding her face from me. I didn’t say a word, just grabbed my car keys and took Linda home.

It was a quiet ride until I pulled into Linda’s drive way ,then she started to talk. “You need to know if you were not married I would sleep with you”she said, taking my hand and gazing at my groin. She sighed then smiled “you are too nice to be with that slut” she said “why do you put up with her cheating”.

“She does have a problem, this is the third time”I said “and I told her three times and I am out. Besides I love my son so I need to get her to realize what will happen if she does it again”.

Linda just shook her head then cupped my cheek and kissed me”well if you do leave her call me”.

I don’t think I described Linda to you , but she is pretty. She is taller than Mar I would say 5’5,she is a brunette with long curly hair. She is quiet and reserved and doesn’t usually get angry like she did this morning. After seeing her naked, yes I would love to play with her firm and tiny breasts . Mar’s breasts are twice her size ,the floppy kind that was cause by having a baby ,she could leave bruises on me when she is on top..

I left Linda’s house thinking about what she said and wondering what she didn’t say.It made me think about Mar and if she did have sex with a few guys.She was still laying on the bed hiding her face from me so I picked up the clothes she was wearing. Everything was there but her panties,knowing she was drunk and playing with Linda I was sure escort bayan karkamış she left them somewhere.

I slowly began to remove the blanket then stopped waiting to see if she reacted, but she didn’t flinch. I noticed reddish rings on her ankles and I saw her ass cheeks were still red. I seems as if she was strapped down and by the look of her pussy she had been well fucked.

I sat down wondering if she finally fulfilled a fantasy she had about being gang raped. She did have me tie her to the bed once and fuck her with various size dildos.I do have to admit that I would have liked to have been there to see how it went down. I cautiously slid my hand up between her puffy red lips and found she was quite loose. She did have some cocks in her ,probably two at once,I said to myself.

I expected she would have woken up when I pulled the whole blanket off of her, but she didn’t. Sure enough there were red rings around her wrists and neck along with hickey’s and slap marks. Her long black hair showed signs that it had been pulled on and there were spots of dried cum in her hair and on her shoulders.

I had quite the hard-on looking at her used body , the longer I looked at her made me throw caution to the wind. I moved between her legs and pushed my cock into her ,expecting her to wake and push me away. Holy shit she was loose I thought,and she didn’t even feel me push balls deep into her and not hit the bottom.

She never did wake up but then again I didn’t last more than five minutes until I left a load of my cum alongside with who knows how many others.After pulling out and watching a stream of cum run out of her after I backed away then covered her back up . I took a quick shower and went to the sofa and went to sleep thinking if I was going to leave her or not.

I woke up early and went to check on Mar,she was still asleep so I left. In the van I found her purse , inside was her panties and also a business card. I went to have breakfast but before going in I looked through her purse a little more. I was surprised there was $500 dollars tucked away then I looked at the business card once again.

All The Joys Of Life,was what It read and had a woman’s name ,Joyce and her phone number.As I was eating breakfast I decided to call Joyce but all I got was a recording and had to leave my phone number.

Later on Joyce called me back and asked me where I got her number so I told her my wife gave it to me.”Yes”Joyce said”she said you would be interested , did she explain what we do”?

When I told her that she didn’t really give me details Joyce then began to explain what her business does. “We cater to bachelor and bachlorette parties, and Mar was a big hit last night. Her and her friend were the life of the party,she seemed to be well gifted in pleasing the young men. Starting with their bisexual play it really turned the boys on. Their ability to please them when they joined them was fantastic”,

Joyce then started asking me if I was bi sexual and would be open to performing in front of other women with another man.I explained that I have yet kilis escort bayan to do anything like that but definitely able to adjust my sexual appetite to what ever she was looking for.I then told her that Mar was still waking from the fun she had last night and I would be getting back to her.

“Good :she said” she was wonderful and I am going to use her again real soon”Joyce said “she definitely knows how to keep the crowd’s attention”.

After hanging up with Joyce I now know where the $500 came from,then thought how much Mar could make if I let her continue. I also wouldn’t have to worry how she could support herself if I divorced her.I went back home in a better state of mind ,but thinking about Linda.

Mar was awake when I got home and sitting in the kitchen ,still looking rough but gave me a hug. “I am sorry I fell asleep last night” she said “but I was pretty drunk, did you and Linda have fun”?

“No Linda was pretty drunk too”I said ,when I asked her where they went Mar couldn’t remember where they were.I took her hand “where did you get these”showing her the red spots. I rubbed her neck “or this” I said “ you should look in the mirror ,maybe those hickey’s will help you remember”. When she again said she was pretty drunk I tossed her panties on the table along with the card. “Call Joyce, maybe she will help you remember”I said “I called her and she told me”.

I then started to walk away and before I got to my van she caught up with me.”Wait”Mar said”I was drugged,I don’t remember anything that happened”.She began to cry “I’m sorry “she said “I wouldn’t have done it ,but I was forced to do it. I was supposed to have sex with Joyce,you know that I wanted to experience that. I thought I could bring her home for you for three some” Mar said continuing to cry as I started the van.

“Well Joyce is waiting for me now”I said then put the van in gear and began backing out. Mar was holding onto the mirror ,pleading to me not to go .She then slipped and ended sitting on the ground crying even harder as I started driving away.

It was only the last thing she said when I was leaving that made me go back to her.I am pregnant were the words that played on my mind.

I really wasn’t going to see Joyce, that was just to shake her up. I decided to drop by to see Linda instead and if she knew anything about Mar being pregnant.Linda still looked like she had a rough night when she opened the door ,but she welcomed me in.We sat and had coffee talking about what went on last night and she told me the whole story.They did know that they were going to a bachelor party and were going to get paid to have sex.She knew that Mar was going to be tied up and used like a whore and she was just going to keep the guys hard.

“Mar knew that she was pregnant ,that”s why she could took their cum inside her.” she said “besides by the size of their dicks I knew I couldn’t handle them”.When she got up to get more coffee she whispered in my ear ” I could take yours though”.After pouring the coffee she came back and placed her hands on my shoulders.”My parents won’t be home for awhile would you like to go play” then moved in front of me . She gave me a deep passionate kiss and pushed her hand against my cock feeling it harden,”I know you wanted me this morning,do you want me now”she said then took my hand leading me to her bedroom.

Well of course I did but will have to tell you about it in a next chapter.

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