Hands Off

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Hands off the Head

I was at Home Depot when I saw the graffiti in the bathroom. It suggested that a man would blow me for free.

I didn’t care that he was a fag – I just wanted a blowjob. I imagined an effeminate little guy kneeling in front of my glorious cock while I stood there pounding his throat.

I sent an email to him and agreed to meet at his house to get head. No strings, no reciprocation, I just had to not grab his head, which would be a challenge for me because I loved to control the action.

The next day I arrived at his house and knocked on the back door as asked.

I was surprised that he was a normal looking guy – for a dickswinger.

We went to his couch where I removed my pants and shorts indifferently then sat down awaiting my pleasure.

He took off his own pants, crouching between my legs, wherein he started sucking with no fanfare, but more skill than anyone had demonstrated before.

My only complaint was that instead of handling my balls, he was jerking on, what was no doubt, the kind of diminutive penis that makes a dude turn to cocksucking.

A few minutes into it, I put my hands on his head, pushing my wonderful cock a little deeper into his pitiful mouth.

He pulled off, scolding me, “Hey, I said hands off.”

I promised not to do it again. But five minutes later I couldn’t help myself. I grabbed his neck, thrusting my cock all the way down.

Joe, that’s what he said his name was anyway, sat back on his ankles coughing and warning me he would stop if I kept it up, then he added, “You need to sit on your hands.” So I did.

But I was helpless to stop myself. Only a few minutes later and I was yanking his head up and down on my cock. I heard him choking and spluttering but I just didn’t care if a cocksucker liked it or not.

Joe jumped up, making me fear he was going to stop. He came back with a short segment of rope. “Give me your hands or it’s over.”

I was too far gone not to get a BJ at this point, so I agreed to have my hands tied behind my back.

Getting back to business he resumed sucking my desperate cock.

He was fantastic and I was sure I would be back for regular draining.

It was feeling particularly good, especially when he licked my balls. Then I had the urge to wrap my legs around his back, gaining leverage to fuck his face. His weak body felt less muscular than mine, wrapped up in my legs like it was.

Swearing, Joe grabbed my belt and lashed it around my ankles in a flash. It didn’t seem too tight and I figured I could wriggle free if needed.

My blowjob started up again with a predictable rhythm. I lifted my hips and he pushed his lips down my shaft in perfect harmony.

I was getting closer and closer to my impending orgasm when he pulled off for a second saying, “I don’t know you well, so don’t cum in my mouth. I love a good load, just not yet.”

I was mad: a blowjob without swallowing was hardly a worthy blowjob.

I had been so looking forward to rewarding him with a mouthful of thick creamy spoo. It was a shame not to give him my manly seed, it’s what he really wanted.

Just when he plunged down, and timing it perfectly, I thrust upward as hard as I could, driving my thick cock all the way down to the balls.

I had planned to cum with his lips pressed to my belly but I couldn’t stop him from escaping.

My dick jerked and throbbed in aborted orgasmic twitches. I failed to cum, with only a miniscule pearly drop of spooge leaking out.

I yelled out, “Don’t stop. I’m coming.” Then followed that immediately by, “Shit! You made me lose it.”

From his inferior position down on the floor Joe glared at me, “I warned you! I think it’s time for you to go.”

Helpless I begged, “Please no. I thought you queers liked it. Just keep sucking.” Then, looking down at him I threatened, “Suck my cum or I’ll never come back to feed you again.”

He had the nerve to laugh in my face, “You think I live to suck cock? There’s a lot more to a guy than being gay- which I just don’t happen to be. I’m every bit as straight as you, it’s just, well, I have a hobby.”

I laughed back, “You fuckin’ faggot. You think cocksucking’s a hobby? It’s not a hobby, it’s a disgusting perversion. I don’t even let my wife degrade herself by letting my dick get near her angelic lips.”

Then to add punch to my words I added, “Now get back to it and finish what you started, you quitter.”

Calmly he sauntered over to another chair and sat down appraising me seething, “So you think you want a blowjob?”

He was starting to see reason, so I smiled smugly.

He began again, “You seem to like it deep and rough, and consent doesn’t seem to be too important to you.”

He lit a cigarette, “Do you like face-fucking?” I’d never seen a guy smoke a cigarette naked before and Bayan Eskort it must’ve been a fetish for him because his dick started getting hard as we talked about facefucking. In its half hard state I could see that it was more normal sized than I’d given him credit for.

“Oh yea,” I answered. “Face-fucking is the best.”

“He teased me playfully, “And would you still like a face-fucking if it were hands free?”

“Oh yea. A hands free face-fuck would be fantastic.”

His mood changed to demanding. “Well, we’ve got a problem with your hands and your aggression. How are we gonna keep you from trying to dominate the situation?”

I shrugged, “I promise I’ll stop being so dominant. Get back to it and I’ll stay still.”

Joe took out his phone and turned on the camera to video our conversation. “Repeat after me, ‘I want a hands free face-fucking and I promise to be submissive. I’ll stay completely still and let you do it how you want.'”

I might’ve missed a word or two but I repeated the promise not to be aggressive, close enough for government work.

Joe leaned his phone up against a lamp, still recording. “Hey,” I objected, You’re not gonna record this, are you?”

Standing next to me he fondled my cock, “Yes I am. That’ll keep you in line.”

My cock regained its full impressive hardness and I really did want a nice slobbery throat-job.

However, what happened next made me rethink my whole outlook on blowjobs and gayness in general.

Joe climbed up on the couch where I was sitting so that he was standing in front of me, his feet straddling my thighs. His own quads were more developed than I’d noticed before.

This put his cock right in front of my face – and boy did it look a lot bigger now. I’ve always thought of mine as impressive, but I think his might’ve been both longer and thicker.

With his left hand leaning on the wall he grabbed his package with his right, holding it out prominently, “I’m gonna put my penis in your mouth now, and you’re gonna cooperate.”

“No fuckin’ way I’m doing that!” I exclaimed in the strongest voice I could manage considering how helpless I felt.

“I think you are.” He shot back, “You see, you sent me an email from your company account and if I choose to I can contact your boss.”

I looked at him like he was a monster. To damage a guy’s career like that…”

But it got worse, “And your wallet has also fallen out of your pants. I’m sure your address is in there…and I know you’re married.”

The implications terrified me. My heart sunk, so I did the only thing I could: I begged.

“Please don’t do this. I didn’t mean any of those things. It was just talk. I’m sorry.” His cock filled out, growing to an angry red thickness.

I saw no hint he would relent. I tested the bindings but they held strong.

Then, begging more, “We can just go back to the original plan. Or I’ll just leave.” He tapped the firm cockhead roughly on my lips a number of times.

Expecting a sudden violation I whimpered, “Please be gentle.” Joe rubbed his big leaky dick all over my face leaving unsavory skid marks.

I changed my tune, holding on to any hope, “You know, standard blowjobs are better than face-fucks. How ’bout I just give you a normal blowjob?” He placed the tip of his spear right at the entrance to my lips and waited.

If I begged any more my mouth would open and some of his dickhead would fall in. Breathing heavily through my nose, I had no choice but to suck in the musty odors of the larger man’s groin.

He scowled down at me from his height, “If it’s to be a regular blowjob then you’ll do it willingly. If you don’t start soon, then I’ll know that you want a face-fuck.

I looked at his dickshaft aimed at me, fearing it ramming down my throat. Then I thought back on times I’d fucked a face: I thought about the gurgling and coughing, the crying eyes, and the pleas to stop. I didn’t want to be the one on the other end of a threatening shaft for a change.

I opened my lips to reluctantly allow a more normal blowjob to begin.

The tip of Joe’s penis fell inside like I’d predicted. There was a gross wetness there as well as a cheesy taste. Slowly the realization that I was tasting the combined flavor of foreskin and precum dawned on me. I hated it.

Joe simply said, “Willingly.”

I felt it jerk once on my tongue, it also made contact with the sides of my cheeks. My lips contorted as my mind wrestled with the idea of willingly sucking on a nasty cock.

My lip’s contortions only made it rub disgustingly against the places where it was touching me.

Above me Joe repeated, “Willingly.” Then added, “Say this: ‘I want to suck your cock’.”

I glanced up. The expression on his face told me he was enjoying my plight. “I tried saying it, “I… want to…” His Anadolu Yakası Escort dickhead was still between my unwilling lips so what I got out was garbled and unintelligible.

Joe pulled out, “Say it again, for the camera.”

Relieved to be free of the repulsive intrusion, I tried again, “I want to…”. Then I froze, almost crying.

“Say it. Say it clearly. I can always edit the video.” He slapped me with his cock and it actually hurt. “And you can say it as many times as it takes to get it right.” He cock slapped me painfully again.

This next time I got it right, sobbing, but loud and clear, “I want to suck your cock.”

He was a demanding task master, “You’re doing better. But I don’t like it. Make me believe you. And add a ‘Sir’.”

I did better, “I want to suck your cock, Sir.”

Joe laid his cockhead between my quavering lips again, “Suck.”

I twisted my lips around, both trying to grasp his cock with my lips and to avoid touching it at all. I pressed my bottom lip to his frenulum but was afraid to bring down my upper lip. Then I brought my upper lip down but was too grossed out to simultaneously use my lower lip.

Joe growled, “You’re not doing a good job at all.”

Finally I forced myself to close my lips completely around his cock. I couldn’t believe a whole cockhead was in my mouth – probably dripping spermy swimmers. I imagined tiny sperms traveling to all corners of my body, polluting my being.

Joe said, “Good. Now piston your head.”

It was awkward. His cock didn’t always go in in a straight line, sometimes going sideways into my cheek

In response he started guiding my head.

He started going faster and faster. Deeper and deeper, until he rammed his way into my throat. Breathing became hard and I had to struggle to breath through my built up phlegmy sputum, all the while making a most uncomfortable gurgling.

The way he was holding my head, it was laying back on the top of the sofa cushion, tilted upwards.

Trapped between the cushion and his cock, I could only look up into his eyes: pleading with him to stop. My vision was clouded by my watery eyes, which must’ve looked like a tear streaked mess.

With his forehead leaning on the wall way above me, he suddenly grinned widely. “Hey! Guess what? I’m fucking your face and your hands are still tied behind your back. This is the hands-free facefuck you asked for!”

Unexpectedly he stopped thrusting while buried down my throat

With my face turning red, he asked, “Are you liking this?” I shook my head adamantly.

“So you don’t want to keep going? I suppose you don’t live to suck cock. I suppose you don’t want to do this again tomorrow?” Wide eyed I shook my head again.

“Well, I’ll tell you what, if your cock is soft, I’ll stop. But if it’s hard I’m gonna fuck you silly, then invite you over to do it again tomorrow.”

“So what do you think? Is your cock hard?” I shook my head violently.

“Then your cock must be soft.” I nodded vigorously.

I actually hadn’t been thinking about my cock at all. Obviously it would be soft given how awful this was. I wished as hard as I could that it was soft.

“Oh, you can’t see it?” He knew I couldn’t see it but was taunting me.

“I’ll help you.”

He reached back with his foot, pinching my cock between two toes.

To my horror I felt his toes squeeze my turgid member, proving the worst.

He was going to keep forcibly fucking me. But I would not return tomorrow. I was a thousand percent certain until he reminded me that he had my email and address. I was a prisoner to his desires.

Joe said, “You’re not looking so good. Kinda blue. Oh, that’s right you haven’t been breathing for a while.” When he pulled out, my chest heaved and I gasped desperately for air.

“Is that better?” he asked. It was nice to breath so I smiled weakly.

“You know, I promised to fuck you silly. But I don’t really like face-fucking as much as I like a more tender BJ. There’s nothing more beautiful than a wife who does it from a place of love. Would you like to do it willingly? Will you do it like a doting wife?”

I didn’t even remember the staged speech he had me give for the camera earlier. Nevertheless, I jumped at the chance, begging to escape the facefucking. Not only did I say it, but I said it sincerely, “That would be great! Would it be alright if I give you a beautiful blowjob? I’ll make it tender if you let me. I’d love it if you’d let me do it that way.”

Joe helped me get down onto the floor kneeling between his legs. I was still tied but I was glad not to be trapped and force fed.

I leaned forward sucking his towering cock into my mouth quite willingly. I licked and slurped. I sucked hard and I sucked tenderly. I kissed his big pole all over to show my appreciation Pendik Escort at being allowed to give a regular blowjob. I even nibbled on his balls – that was how glad I was not to be face fucked.

I felt his toes squeeze my hard cock again, proving yet again that on some level I liked this.

Joe spoke sweetly, “I could untie your right arm…”

I stopped sucking, his majestic pole protruding obscenely from my lips. I looked in his eyes, questioning why he would make that offer.

He made it again, “If you like, I can untie one arm so you can jerk off while sucking my dick. We might even time it so we cum together. Would you like that?”

I still had the unbearable need to cum. “Yes.” I answered. “I’d really like to beat my meat while sucking you.”

He didn’t fully trust me. First he secured my left arm to my waist. Then he untied the rope that bound my right to the left.

With my right free, when my lips touched his gorgeous cock again, I was already stroking my subordinate cock.

However, as I sucked, I had the urge to touch it. Taking my hand away from my dick I wrapped my fingers around the thick shaft, enjoying the feel of manly cock skin.

I jerked it while sucking, even pulling drops of cum up through his tube into my mouth. When I impaled myself as far down his rod as I could I massaged his balls.

Joes hands had been laying relaxed at his sides, then gently he touched my face, lifting my chin so I looked into his now kind eyes, “Do you want to change places?”

It didn’t seem right. I’d come this far. He was so close to the big O. I was close to cumming too, if we changed places I might lose my orgasm again.

I shook my head calmly then applied all my efforts into getting him off.

Joe began a slow movement, making love to my mouth. His enthralled groans were like compliments. I’d been at it for a while, but I was no quitter. I wasn’t going to stop till I’d cum.

With a final grunt his hands stroked my shoulders softly and Joe said, “I’m coming if you need to pull off.”

Call it Stockholm Syndrome, but there was no way I was not going to receive the fruits of my labor. His cum flooded me. I was torn between jerking his cock or mine and in the end I pulled on his, milking it for all I was worth.

Eventually we stopped. Sitting on my heels I admired his spent dick. I looked at my own, throbbing between my legs, “If you’re still game I really truly promise not to grab your head.”

“Nah,” Joe said content, “I never feel like it after I’ve come. But you’re welcome to come by tomorrow.” The invitation was so jovial. It sounded like one buddy offering to hang out rather than like an offer of a blowjob.

I asked Joe if I could at least jerk off while looking at his cumpuddle. But I was denied.

When I got home I jerked off before my wife got home, then later fulfilled my husbandly duties as well. All the while my thoughts were on his gorgeous cock making love to me.

That night as I slept my horniness dissipated.

The next morning I got an email suggesting that I arrive about three-thirty. But I no longer remembered the experience so fondly. Now my thoughts went to the coughing and choking when he fucked my throat. I ruminated on the odors and helpless feeling. He was a fag and he made me go a little way down that path.

I sent a reply, “You’re a filthy cocksucking pervert and I never want to see you again.”

Maybe an hour later he sent a video showing me begging to suck his cock. The way it was edited it looked like I craved a facefuck, worse I was saying I wanted a hands free face fuck. The audio was overlayed upon pictures of me with his cock jammed down my throat. You couldn’t see my tear streaked face, though you could clearly see my excited erection.

A while later I received yet another email. “My Farling, ever since we were joined in marriage I’ve taken seriously my role as a husband. Datenight is too important to miss and is set for our regular three-thirty time slot. Please don’t be late. If your employer is making you work late I can send Mr. Hancock a plea to let you come to me, your new husband. It’s your choice to be my devoted spouse, in which case I would enjoy going down on you. Or, since I own you, we can complete our matrimonial obligations like we did before. Yours Truly, Joe.

A chill ran through me. Getting a blowjob from a random stranger was one thing. Being described as a wife was quite another.

I began writing an email in reply.

Part 2 is planned.

Author’s note:

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I try but don’t always succeed in creating a good story. Please add comments so I know what I’m doing well and what to improve on. If you want to talk I’ll answer your friendly comments.

I often attempt to create tension in the main character’s motives. In turn, this often means that characters in the story have flaws and might not even be nice to each other all the time.

I really appreciate polite comments!

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