The Seduction of Simon Ch. 03

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After her intense session with the four young faculty members at her school, Miss Prim had gained enough confidence to plot her seduction of Simon, along with two of his buddies, Ray and Isaac. As it worked out, she had volunteered to coach a small chamber group…as Simon sang, Ray played piano and Isaac played clarinet.

She hurriedly mounted the steps to her second floor studio. It was a beastly hot day, and she could hear the three young men rehearsing inside. Isaac and Ray were only 18 and very handsome. Ray was about as tall as Simon and very skinny, while Isaac was short and compact, about 5′ 6″ and 135 pounds.

Miss Prim opened the door and greeted the young men. They seemed surprised to see her in just a lightweight short dress which revealed part of her aqua bra. She quickly noticed they were all dressed in nice fairly loose trousers, sneakers with white socks, and button down shirts.

“Hi guys” Miss Prim smiled her widest evil smile. “Hot enough for you?”

They groaned in unison, wishing the 2nd floor had air conditioning.

“We’ll just have to do the best we can” Miss Prim

stood in the center of the room and started to coach the boys. As the rehearsal progressed she frequently bent down to give each man a nice view of her aqua bra. After about 10 minutes, there were unmistakable bulges in the three mens’ chinos. Miss Prim decided it was time to make her move.

“I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t take the heat in here. Let’s have the rest of the rehearsal in just our underwear”

You could have heard a pin drop as the three mens’ jaws dropped and their eyeballs popped out

“Our UNDERWEAR??” Simon was incredulous.

“Yeah, what’s the big deal, you’ve been in your underwear in front of your girlfriends, haven’t you?”

Very reluctantly, the three men shook their heads.

Miss Prim grinned…”there’s always a first time for everything…I ‘ll go first”

With that, she Maltepe Escort lifted her thin dress over her head. The boys gasped as her matching blue panties and bra became visible. Miss Prim kicked off her shoes and sat down in a low chair, giving the men a great of view of her huge titties poking out of her bra. The bulges in their pants were becoming much more pronounced.

“Ok, guys, your turn”

They shook their heads in unison.

“w-w-wee can’t” Simon said.

“what’s the matter boys, aren’t you wearing t-shirts?

Once again, the three young men shook their heads…it had been too hot to wear them.

“well, then how about undershorts?”

This time they nodded yes…none of them had ever thought of going commando!

“What kind?” she turned to Ray first.

He turned beet red as he stammered “b-b-oxer shorts”

and you Isaac?

Isaac thought he was going to faint “b-b-oxers”

“and how about you, Simon?” Miss Prim was persistent.

Simon looked at the ground and wanted to die “b-b-oxers too”

“Looks like I’m going to have to sweeten the pot” Miss Prim smiled. “I’m going to undress each of you down to your boxers and socks. Whoever has the nicest boxers….she paused triumphantly…will get a blow job with his cock and balls poking out of his boxers”

“A BLOW JOB??” Simon croaked.

“Yep, a blow job” Miss Prim was going to have to act fast. She walked over to Ray first and unbuttoned his shirt. He muttered and swore under his breath the whole time, but let her do it. She then repeated the same procedure to Isaac and a very reluctant Simon, who fought her the whole way. But Miss Prim persisted, quickly taking each boy’s sneakers off. Now all three were bare chested and their short white socks were turning Miss Prim on. Only Simon’s boxers were visible above his slacks, about 2 inches of baby blue fabric.

“Now it’s time for the unveiling”

Miss Prim İstanbul Escort kneeled in front of Ray, who was practically hyperventilating at this point. He made a loud grunting sound as Miss Prim quickly undid his belt and zipper. His slacks immediately fell in a heap to the floor, exposing his lightly hairy very thin legs and cute blue plaid full cut boxer shorts. The right leg of his boxers was tented fully with his ample endowment. Then, Miss Prim moved to Isaac, who was sweating profusely. She unbuckled his belt with tantalizing slowness, drawing his zipper down and slowly pushing his trousers to his feet. Isaac sported red plaid tapered boxers, with adorable little slits in the side. His legs were moderately covered with dark brown hair and Miss Prim couldn’t help but rub her hands up and down them. Finally, she turned to Simon, who was practically crying at this point.

“p-p-p-please don’t take off my pants”

“Sorry Simon, it wouldn’t be fair to the other guys” With that, she undid his zipper and belt quickly, and excitedly shoved his pants down. Simon had very hairy legs covered with curly black hair, and his baby blue boxers really turned her on.

Miss Prim took in the gorgeous sight of the three young studs clad in only their boxers and white socks.

“This is a close call…but lucky for Simon, light blue is my favorite color”

“Oh my GGGGOOOODDD!!!” Simon screeched. He couldn’t believe that in a matter of seconds Miss Prim’s lips would be wrapped around his aching cock which was trapped in the left leg of his boxers.

“I want Simon in the middle with Ray and Isaac on either side” The men quickly took their positions. Miss Prim ran her fingers over the bulge in the left leg of Simon’s boxers. With exquisite slowness, she pushed his cock toward the center fly slit. Simon moaned loudly watching the inevitable progress of his dick toward the opening. Finally, Miss Prim gave his wang one Anadolu Yakası Escort strong push and all eight inches of his endowment sprang out of the fly of his boxer shorts. She reached in the wide opening and fumbled out his enormous meatballs. Then she lowered her mouth to his appealing organ and took down 4 inches in one gulp. Simon let out a wail that probably could have been heard down the hall. Miss Prim continued stuffing more and more of his prick down her mouth until all eight inches were inside. Then, she deep throated Simon vigorously as he let forth every swear word in the book. At the same time, she reached into Ray’s boxers on her left and Isaac’s boxers on her right. She jacked on the two long and thin prongs furiously, causing both boys to groan and grunt loudly with pleasure. After giving Simon a prick tongue bath for two torturous minutes in which his whole body shook, Miss Prim turned her attention to his meatballs. She licked one ball sac at a time, forcing her tongue to go way back almost to Simon’s buttcheeks. He howled in pleasure and tried to keep from holding back. But after another 2 minutes of heaven, he knew it was time to blow.

“I’m going to PPPPPPPoppppppp!!!” Simon wailed as the Load of Loads blasted out of his prick and into Miss Prim’s mouth. She swallowed all eight healthy spurts, enjoying the taste of Simon’s seed. His orgasm was so intense, it was enough to bring both his buddies off at the same time. With moans of lust, Ray and Isaacs pricks shot huge loads all over Miss Prim, running down to her bra and panties. The force of the three mens’ orgasms was so intense, they collapsed in a heap on the floor, along with Miss Prim, who had experienced at least 5 intense orgasms as she was blowing Simon. After a few minutes of heavy breathing, Miss Prim was finally able to get up. She spoke in a hoarse voice.

“Guess our session is over for today….next week we will have another boxer shorts contest and the winner….she took a long pause…will get to screw me”

The men uttered a sharp intake of breath, nodding as well as they could in their absolutely spent condition. Each immediately tried to think of the sexiest boxers they owned….it was going to be a long week!!

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