Callie’s Summer

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Before I go anywhere with this story I want to introduce myself. My name is Callie and I’m 21yrs old; I’ve just finished a degree in drama and am currently modelling to pass the time. Last summer was very interesting for me, but this story especially was one of my favourites…it’s amazing how well best friends get to know each other.

When I was 14 I went away on holiday. While I was there I ended up kissing another girl – you know, schoolgirl experimentation and all. Well I remember the shock on my best friend’s face when I told her what happened…and then again a few years later when I told her that I was bisexual. But then I was the one who got shocked! Whatever I did, she seemed to follow. I went away to uni and always came home with the stories of what I’d been up to. It seemed that Beth wanted some fun too.

My cousin and her friend were staying at my house for a week on holiday, and one morning we decided to go shopping. I invited Beth too, so that we could go off in twos and then meet up again if we wanted. As it happened, that worked out well, so off Beth and I went, browsing the windows for inspiration. We came across a new sex shop that neither of us had been into yet. Beth was a bit shy and didn’t want to go in, but me, being a drama student, didn’t mind this kind of thing and I was intrigued and excited at the thought. I grabbed her hand, and dragged her in.

We spent a while looking at all the sexy undies – Beth wanted something new to surprise her boyfriend with. Their sex life had become a little dull recently and she wanted something new to spice things up. Nothing suited her right…. until we came to the sexy outfits. She picked up “the whore” with a leather corset and see through netted red skirt and dashed off to the changing rooms. After a few minutes she called me in to see what I thought.

“Wow!” I gasped. I hadn’t had a chance to look properly at the outfit before Beth had run off. The corset fitted her snugly and did great things for her figure, including her breasts. The leather stopped half way up so that most of the breast including the nipple could protrude from the rest of the outfit. The skirt was short and didn’t really have much purpose at all; beneath this she wore a black lace thong that she’d had on before. From there down, Beth’s long supple legs stood, complete with her knee high boots.

“You look fantastic,” I continued. “Extremely sexy!”

“Why Anadolu Yakası Escort thank you! Do you think Jamie will like me in this?” Beth hands roamed down her chest, and she played with her nipples to make them stand nice and erect.

“Uh…uh, he’d b…be crazy not t…to.” I stammered, my sight transfixed on Beth fingers rolling her pink nipples round, pinching them and pulling them away from her body.

“The most important thing is Callie, do YOU like me in this?” Beth purred sexily. She strode over and pulled my face towards hers before I had a chance to say a word. Her lips met mine, and she kissed me hungrily. She put one hand around my waist pulling me close; the other was caressing my neck and shoulders. As we kissed, I could feel her breasts pushing into mine, her nipples rubbing against the fabric of my t-shirt.

“Is everything ok in there?” called the assistant from outside the cubicle.

“Yes thanks,” I answered, “everything’s fine!” As the assistant walked away I repeated my words, “everything’s fine!” and pulled Beth back into the kiss that we’d been interrupted from. My shock had dispersed, and this time I wanted more. My hands went straight to Beth’s breasts, and I stroked the silky smooth skin and played with her nipples, just as I had watched Beth do earlier. Beth’s hands were also on the move. She went up my t-shirt and stroked my back before plunging a hand down my jeans to tickle my butt. Suddenly she pulled back and looked at me.

“I think I need to go buy this outfit!” she beamed.

“To be honest babes, I don’t think you do. I’d only rip it off as soon as we get home. It would be a waste of money. But it’s up to you…I mean, Jamie might like it.” My mind was swirling with what had just happened. I’d fancied Beth secretly for some time now, and hated the idea that this would just be a fling and that she’d go back to Jamie and I’d get hurt. I didn’t have to worry for long.

“Jamie’s history Callie. If the rest of you is like the way you kiss, I’m never going back to men again. I want you, and no one but you.”

We kissed again, and then Beth got dressed. We left the store in a hurry, both with flushed faces and huge smiles. Wandering through town we ran into my cousin Harriet and her friend Tara. I started making excuses for going home early.

“Oh, hey guys. Um, listen…. Beth and I are gonna Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan make a move home, I’ve got a stinking headache and could do with a lie down.” At this point Beth stifled a laugh by coughing. My cousin bought it though!

“Sure Callie, that’s no problem. I hope you feel better soon. We’ll catch up with you tonight for dinner or something. I hope your cough doesn’t get any worse Beth!” Harriet and Tara sailed away laughing to themselves. I started to wonder how far their friendship went. Were they sexually involved too? Beth grabbed my arm and we raced off back to the car park.

“Oh Beth!” I said as I pulled her into an urgent kiss. We’d got home fairly quickly but the journey seemed to take forever. At last we were back at the house, in privacy in my room. I sat down on the soft double bed and pulled her towards me. Beth straddled over my lap and held my face in her hands, the way that made me feel so special.

“I want you Callie, I want all of you. And right now you are wearing way too many clothes for my liking!”

Beth’s hands found the bottom of my t-shirt and pulled it up over the top of my head. I kept my arms up in the air as her hands stroked down my skin and she kissed down my chest to my breasts. Gently lifting a breast out of my black lacy bra, she teased the nipple with her tongue, making me moan in response.

“Hmmmm, someone seems to like this. Want me to nibble just here?” Taunted Beth.

“Oh, that’s so good Beth!” Beth’s teeth grazed over the sensitive skin, and I knew that I wanted more. “Bite them Beth, please!” Beth looked at me with a little surprise and then did as I had asked. It felt wonderful. I could feel my pussy juices seeping through my wet panties and into my jeans. I needed release soon!

“I want to see you Beth, I need to see your body.” Beth was wearing a simple summer dress, which I pulled off over her head. She hadn’t worn a bra, so her gorgeous voluptuous breasts met my eyes once more. Beth lay back on the bed, and I hooked my fingers through the sides of her black lacy panties and I brought them down as she lifted her hips. For the second time that day Beth had shocked me.


“Do you like it? I started doing it a few months ago and I’ve never looked back. It makes everything so much…. more.”

Beth’s pussy was clean-shaven. It looked beautiful, Escort Anadolu Yakası like a little girls; all clean and smooth and extremely inviting. I was drawn to touch it. As my fingers touched the skin I heard Beth give a little sigh and she spread her legs farther so that the lips opened, ready for investigation. Her sweet smell entered my nose and from that point I knew that I wanted to taste her, to tickle her clit with my tongue, and probe her tight wet hole that lay before my eyes.

I moved forward and opened her lips farther with my thumbs. Knowing how sensitive she must be I was aware that I was being very gentle…the moans from Beth coaxed me farther, and she writhed on the bed as applied my tongue to her hot wet pussy. I darted my tongue in and out of her hole, and then licked upwards to her clit. She was so wet and warm, my own pussy ached to be touched, juices dripping, but I concentrated on the task in hand. I teased her, going in circles around it. Her hips pushed upwards as I teased her. I placed my mouth over her clit and gently sucked, pushing two fingers inside her simultaneously. As the pressure increased, Beth came with a loud moan, her legs squeezing my head in between.

“Callie, where on earth did you learn to do that?! Oh, I’m heaven. No one has ever made me feel that good. Oh, honey, I bet you’re aching for it aren’t you? I think we’d better swap places!”

As Beth moved on the bed, she reached up and pulled me into a kiss. Some of her pussy juices had dribbled onto my chin, and she showed great pleasure in licking them off my face and kissing me, her taste still with me.

“Mmmn, I want to see how you taste baby,” she said, and tweaking my nipples on the way down, undid my jeans, and yanked them off with my panties in one go. Almost immediately I felt Beth’s fingers pushed into my pussy. The feeling was immense and I knew that it wouldn’t take much for me to come real hard. Beth’s tongue pushed at my clit, as my moans got louder and louder.

“Oh! Oh Beth, please, oh, that’s so good. A little harder, I really need to come!”

As I had done with her, Beth suckled at my clit, the most amazing feeling; I had two fingers playing with my g spot – something that others had trouble finding, and Beth’s other hand moved to my arse, just stroking. The feelings were building up becoming increasingly tense.

“Ah! I’m, I’m coming! Aaaaaaaaaahhh!”

My hands gripped the sheets as the waves took over my body. Beth then slowly subsided and came to lay beside me. We caressed each other lovingly; I was still panting and felt a little dizzy from the immense orgasm that I’d had. “That was amazing Beth. Thank you.”

“They always say that no one knows you like your best friend!”

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