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The affair between us had finished over a year ago, not through any bitterness or diminished desire but down to the concern of being caught and ruining not just our own lives but those of our partners and children too.

It had been good while it lasted, albeit far too brief in my opinion but we had had fun. Only ever managing to get together properly once before an email raised too many suspicions for the affair to continue. You had managed to talk your way out of the trouble the email caused but we both thought it better to not risk any further contact and the affair ended.

There was still the odd random email between us, we both worked in the same field and occasionally one had some useful information to help the other but it was all work and nothing like before, until you mentioned a conference you were attending out of town. My heart jumped as I read your email again. I checked the dates and the location and once again just to be sure.

I too was attending the same conference, hotel already booked and arrangements all in place. It would be too much to hope that you would be staying in the same hotel but once again luck was on my side and we were both booked into the Old Mill Hotel, the same place that was holding the conference.

I left it until only a couple of days before the conference to email and tell you I was attending too, not quite sure what your reaction would be and hoping that if it was negative that you didn’t have enough time to rearrange your hotel to somewhere else. The response I got back was the complete opposite with a promise that the three night stay was going to be lots of fun.

The conference was a two day event but with it being a solid five hour drive I had booked in for three nights so I wasn’t driving home late after a full day’s work on the second day of the conference. That still didn’t stop me from doing almost a full day before though and with the long drive I didn’t reach the hotel until almost 9 o’clock. The check-in was pretty brief, for some reason I always book in the name of Mr Brown, a throwback to younger days when I didn’t necessarily want everyone to know who I was. I’d use the same name for taxi’s, takeaways anything you could book over the phone really just in case I decided last minute not to do it and then have someone chasing me for messing them around. It sort of became pointless with mobile phones and caller-id but I never dropped the habit of using Mr Brown. No wakeup call or paper were requested and a quick check told me bar meals were still being served until about 10 o’clock.

With that I headed off to my room. Just as I left the receptionist told me Mrs Brown had already checked-in which I half ignored and half thought must have been meant for someone else.

The hotel was difficult to describe, modern rustic didn’t quite seem right but the original old oak frames of the Mill house still formed the shapes of the rooms and halls but modern twists brought everything up to date with a touch of style without killing the charm of the old beams and woodwork. The ceilings were low and the doors were small. The corridor that led me to my room was a twisty maze of hallways going up and down steps completely disorienting me from the original direction I had set off in.

By the time I found my room I wasn’t sure if I was at the front or the back of the hotel, at least I was on the ground level, and it looked like a quiet part of the hotel with only a few rooms this far away from the reception and bar.

The door had a traditional lock and key, no electronic swipe access here and as the key fitted into the lock I realised I would have to duck to avoid banging my head on the frame as it swung open. The lights in the room were already on, as was the television I noticed as I closed the door.

From the door I couldn’t see much of the room, there were storage closets on my right hand side and I could see the edge of the bed but most of the room was hidden around the corner from where I stood.

“Hello!” I shouted, conscious that I may well be intruding on someone else’s occupied room by mistake.

“Ah, Mr Brown I presume” you reply poking your head around the corner. A huge smile on your face at my surprise. “That must make me Mrs Brown for the week then.”

Stepping fully into view I get my first sight of you in over a year. You are dressed only in a cream camisole top that barely reaches your thighs, the smooth material covering you but not hiding the shape of your curvy breasts distorting the thin fabric.

“Can I get you anything?” you ask backing away slightly as I walk into the room, my bag and suit carrier dropped on a convenient chair as I step into the main part of the room and ignoring it completely focus entirely on you.

As I get closer you stop and wait for me to reach you, one foot supporting you while the other is slightly behind your standing foot with your toes pointing at the carpet, knee raised fractionally like a heron standing in a pond. Your arms hang softly Konya Escort by your sides and your eyes watch me as I bring my mouth ever closer to yours.

Our lips touch and my hand brushes the hair softly off your face. The kiss lingers and you open your mouth, your tongue pressing against my lips which opens and accepts your intrusion. My arms wrap around you as I bring you close against me as our lips crush against each other.

Your arms wrap around my neck pulling me down to you removing the need for you to stand on tip toe. My hands slip down your back onto your bare ass, your camisole lifted slightly by your raised arms and my hands cup your butt cheeks. It takes little effort to lift you as I straighten up. Most of your weight supported through your arms around my neck and with the aid of my hands on your ass you are easy to pick up and carry.

As I move you wrap your legs around my waist, our kiss still uninterrupted as I walk to the side of the bed before gently laying you on your back and you sink into the soft folds of the fluffy duvet.

Our kiss continues passionately, you run your hands through my hair before you drift your hands to my shirt and begin tugging it up trying to remove it from my trousers.

Breaking the kiss I undo my tie, slipping it off my head with it still tied in a loose knot. Instead of unbuttoning my shirt I drop the tie over your wrist, pulling it tight before wrapping the tie around your other wrist and tying another knot to hold your wrists together. I push your arms above your head flat on the bed forcing your breasts to rise slightly on your chest. Tying your wrists only took a few seconds, but I could already feel my eagerness and excitement growing in my underwear.

Whether you wanted it to happen or just accepted it, you didn’t resist or make a sound as the tie bound your wrists, your legs still wrapped around me as I dropped my head to resume our deep and now more urgent kiss.

My mouth travels over your face and neck, kissing you lightly along your throat down to your collar bone. I untangle your legs from behind my back pushing your knees up and apart as I slowly kiss down the thin strap of the camisole towards your breast.

My lips feel your nipple through your top, your hard bud poking up defiantly against the cream camisole and my mouth opens to accept your offering. My mouth and tongue swirl around your nipple to some small sounds of pleasure, at the same time I can feel you pushing your hips up against me pressing your pussy against my chest looking for additional attention, but that will come in time and for now I suck and tease your hard bud through a now damp camisole top.

I lift my head to move to your other breast I see the wetness from my mouth has made your top almost transparent, your dark areola visible in the centre of a small transparent patch concentrated around your nipple. I repeat the same service on your other breast, my hand now squeezing and pulling on your breast and nipple through the damp material as your noises grow slightly from having both breasts pleasured simultaneously.

Slowly I kiss down your body, moving away from your breasts. Your camisole top has hiked up and exposes you completely from your bellybutton down. My kisses moving from silk to skin as my mouth drifts slowly south.

The last time we made love you had a small pubic patch above your pussy, wispy blonde hairs with a life of their own, curly and on the edge of being wild. Today you have a small strip of hair, trimmed and short only a centimetre wide directly above your pussy, the rest of your skin is soft and smooth. My kisses and tongue glide across your smooth skin tasting you slowly, moving ever closer to your waiting pussy.

As my lips touch your lower belly you push your knees wider apart urging me to touch you, to lick you, to satisfy your burning desire. My kisses move to your inner thigh, my nose pressing your skin and your trimmed pubes and you gasp as the slightest contact with your lips is made.

I don’t know how long you have been waiting for me but you are already wet, a shimmer of moisture coating your lips and a definite sheen just above and below your pussy. My guess is you have been touching yourself as you waited, teasing yourself, getting yourself hot but not off as you waited.

The sweet smell of your juices a reminder of our last time together, two hours of bliss, exploring each other’s bodies, fucking, kissing and fucking some more.

Our last time was during an extended lunch break, and while there was no rush we both knew that time was going to be limited. Now as you lay half naked on the bed we both know there is no clock, no time limit and absolutely no need to rush.

My tongue teases along your lips, the tip tracing agonisingly slowly up and down the length of your pussy, delicately brushing your lips as I savour your sweet taste. I can feel my cock, rock hard inside my trousers begging to get involved but I force myself to have Konya Escort Bayan patience and wait until I am ready.

My teasing is beginning to frustrate you, your legs spread wider and your hips lift to push your hungry pussy in to more contact with my mouth but I was ready. Your pussy opens like a flower with your movements, now I can truly see how wet you are. You glisten with dampness but my tongue still doesn’t lap at your pink, wet folds. I use the tip of my tongue just below your pussy, on the skin between your cunt and your asshole tasting a little more of your excitement that you left from earlier. You moan at the sensation and I can see your heavy breasts rise and fall with a definite change in your breathing.

I place my hands on your spread inner thighs, holding your hips down to prevent you thrusting your pussy up and getting the contact it needs then slowly begin trailing my tongue back up along your spread lips, still with just the slightest pressure against your intimate skin all the way up to your hooded clit, giving it the gentlest of licks before moving away and retracing the path along your pussy.

Over the next five or maybe ten minutes I drive you nuts getting close to your clit, now unhooded and proud, all the time listening to you moan and plead for release. I am barely touching you but you are on the edge. A little more attention on your clit to quicken your breathing before moving away as you teeter on the brink of your orgasm again and again. Your pussy is positively leaking now, and still my tongue only grazes your lips and clit with a feather touch.

From all of your wriggling and squirming your camisole top has ridden up somewhat, my view from between your spread legs now includes the heaving undersides of your breasts as I dip my tongue to sample the latest dribble of juice escaping your inner folds.

I am sorely tempted to stop my teasing and force my mouth hard against your pussy, I know from your current state that you would cum within seconds if I applied any sort of pressure on your throbbing clit. It was all I could do now to prolong the inevitable and prevent you from cumming by using only the lightest of touches, but each time my tongue grazed against your lips and clit you edge closer to your release.

Softly I place my lips around your clit and suck. The effect is instantaneous. You moan and I feel your hips lift beneath my hands and face, you manage to push your pussy firmly against my face briefly before falling back against the bed as you begin to cum. A little more pressure on your clit and you moan again, your stomach clenching in time with your pussy as the ripples of your orgasm wash out from your core.

Still my tongue plays with your clit, firmly now flicking it relentlessly. Your moans changes, long drawn out guttural moans of pleasure being replaced by short breaths and gasps as the orgasm rolls on and on. Wave after wave of pleasure washes over you, a flood leaking from between your legs as you cum again and again. The prolonged orgasm is pleasurable at first, extending the high you are riding but the high masks the sensitivity of your clit and as the high fades the sensitivity is magnified and another sensation races to the front of your senses. It isn’t pain as such but a strange discomfort, your clit being intensively flicked and sucked. Your pussy still pulsing slowly as you try to get control of your breathing.

I’m not sure you are aware of it but as I continue to lick your clit you are grinding your hips below me, a small circular move that moves my tongue all over and around your clit. From holding your thighs open I move inwards until my fingers reach your pussy. Spreading your lips wide giving me a close up view of your beautiful pussy. My tongue dips inside your folds for the first time today and pushes at the entrance of your hole. Another liquid is here, thicker than your juices, creamy almost foamy. The tip of my tongue pushing past your cum and opening your tight hole as another moan of satisfaction comes from your mouth.

My tongue is only a brief visitor but it returns to flick once again at your clit. Leaving my finger room to press against your flesh.

My fingertip meets no resistance as I slowly push the tip just inside your pussy, then withdrawing it again. I push it in again, deeper this time, up to the second knuckle, holding it still while I lavish a wave of flicks on to your clit.

You are making noises again, a combination of moans and pants. I feel like a musician using your pussy as an instrument to make you sing. With my finger fully inside your pussy and your clit being licked and sucked your noises rise to another crescendo as you cum for the second time in so many minutes, your thighs slamming together around my head blocking out some of your screams of pleasure but also holding my head in place so both my tongue and finger continue to play with your pussy.

This orgasm doesn’t seem to last as long as the first, which is fortunate Escort Konya as my tongue was beginning to go numb and my head throb from the pressure of your thighs clamped around my ears.

Eventually your thighs relax and the mews and pants of your post orgasmic breathing are no longer muffled by your fleshy thighs.

Slowly I withdraw and pull away from your prone figure on the bed. Standing upright as I begin to remove my shirt and trousers, tossing them both aside along with my socks and underwear.

You haven’t moved since I took my face out from between your legs, your chest still rising and falling with your breathing, your camisole still only just covering your tits. You still have your arms above your head, my tie around your wrists although the knot looks loose and ineffective now.

Laying prone on the bed you positively glow with satisfaction.

You still haven’t moved as I climb onto the bed, quickly straddling your chest with one knee either side of your torso and my balls almost resting on your tits.

My cock is standing proud and erect, foreskin pulled back and the head fully exposed. Bobbing in the air some eight inches above your cleavage. Your eyes are watching it and your mouth has already opened, ready to suck me if I move any closer.

I move my hands to your breasts, still just about contained inside your camisole top and squeeze them together inside the material. My thumbs pick out your nipples and begin flicking over them as my palms and fingers push and squeeze your breasts together.

A small adjustment and I manage to push my cock between your breasts. Slowly releasing the pressure against your breasts to allow my cock to slide fully between them, disappearing from sight, swallowed by your flesh and hidden further by the camisole.

Your warm soft tits pressed around my cock feel fantastic. Even more so as I begin to use your tits to wank my cock in long slow strokes up and down the length of my shaft. I go slowly, controlling myself. It would be so easy to get over excited and fuck your tits hard and fast, spilling a torrent of cum over you and relieving myself but I want to savour you slowly.

Your eyes are still watching my cock, the end pushing against the camisole material as I push fully between your breasts and the tip stops inches from your mouth. The feel of the silky camisole cool against my cock compared to the warm skin of your tits as I manhandle your breasts against myself.

After a few moments I push your camisole top up and off your breasts, giving me an unrestricted view of your large breasts, my cock still nestled firmly between them, slowly sliding between them.

Your breasts have a patchwork of red and white marks from where I have been holding them firmly and squeezing them together. Released from my grip, gravity pulls your breasts apart slightly but they still sit high and proud on your chest, nipples pointing towards the ceiling, hard and extended.

I tweak both nipples between my fingers and thumb, rolling them between my digits before giving them a playful squeeze and pull, much to your delight if your squeal is anything to go by.

But you are still watching my cock. Your eyes locked onto it just out of reach. You know you could bend your head forward and get very close, maybe even just get your lips onto me but you want more than to kiss it. I can tell and the way you open your mouth running your tongue against your bottom lip makes me want to let you have it.

It is a little ungraceful but I shuffle higher up your body, my knees now level with your head and my cock bouncing directly above your open mouth. I feel you tongue flick at my balls moments before your hot breath is on them, then your lips and I feel your mouth close gently followed by sucking on my full sack.

Taking my cock in hand I very carefully ease my balls out of your mouth, not something to be rushed unless you want to feel instant pain. Your mouth is wide open and eager to taste my cock but I slap it against your cheek before running the head over your upper lip.

Holding myself still in front of your face you open wide and push your mouth over my tip, closing slightly and running your tongue around the captured head. Slowly you take more before pulling back and plunging your head forward again to take me deeper into your mouth.

Now it is my turn to mew softly as you work up a rhythm sucking my cock and taking me deep inside you. You stop short of taking me inside your mouth completely, I guess you can only move your head and neck so far from your position on the bed. I know from our previous times together you can take me all the way but the view from above of two thirds of my cock disappearing between your lips is still as good as any memory and the feeling is even better.

Before I lose myself and allow you to push me past the point when I lose control I pull out of your mouth and move from straddling your head. My hand casually drifts across your body, fondling your breast and nipple briefly before slipping down across your belly to your pussy. Instinctively you spread your legs a little as my fingers brush against your mound, much to your pleasure I stop and rub them against your lips but don’t delve inside you as you might have wanted.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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