A Weekend Camping Trip

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We arrived at the camp sight. As soon as we got there we unloaded the car and set up our tent. I blew up the air mattress and put it in there and made up our beds while you set up the gas stove and collected fire wood for our fire. You found two perfect sticks for us to roast s’mores with later that night.

After we set up everything we wanted to go swimming to we headed up to the bathrooms to change into our swim suits then we talked down to the lake and went swimming. Afterwards we went back up to the bathroom to change back into our clothes and went back to the campsite and we just hung out.

I made dinner. We had hamburgers with some macaroni and cheese. After we finished eating you made a campfire and we had some s’mores. After a while I sat on you lap and you held me and we just talked.

You started kissing my neck… sliding your hands up to my tits… rubbing them… then you slowly moved one of your hands between my legs… rubbing my pussy threw my pants. Sucking on my ear you told me how bad you wanted to fuck me. How you wanted to slide your cock in my pussy. You told me to get up so I did. Then you grabbed my hand pulling me towards the tent.

You turned your flash light on so we could see what we were doing. I told you to turn it off, everyone will be able kuşadası escort to see if they walk by. You just grinned at me as you took your shirt off. You pulled my shirt off, kissing my neck. You then started working your way down between my tits, working your way back up to my mouth. Kissing me hard as you unbuttoned and unzipped my jeans. You slowly slide your hand down my stomach; sliding your hand under my thong as you slide your middle finger softly up and down the slit up my pussy. I start moaning into your mouth as you slowly slide your finger in my pussy. You slowly started rubbing my clit making me moan louder. You slowly start pulled away from me biting on my bottom lip. You pulled my tits outta my bra and you started sucking on my right tit as you start playing with the left one with your other hand, making me moan even louder as you slide two fingers in my pussy slowly fingering me. Moaning for you to go faster, you start to go faster getting me worked up, making me soaking wet.

Sliding your hand out of my pants, you start to undo your pants, sliding them off. I pushed you down on your back. I straddle you as I slowly kiss you, sucking on your bottom lip. I take my bra off so you can feel my tits against you as I slide down your body, slowly moving my way to your ear, sucking on it. I slowly move further down your neck, down your chest. I start twirling my tongue around your nipples, biting them. I start moving my way down your stomach, licking my way down your abs. I slowly move your boxers lower and lower followed by my lips kissing my way further and further down. I stop right above your cock. Pulling your boxers off, throwing them aside I look at you licking my lips, slowly moving towards your cock. I slowly grab your cock kissing your head. I start twirling my tongue around the tip of your head slowly putting it in my mouth. I slowly start sucking on it while looking up at you. I slowly slide my lips further down your cock, sucking on it, sliding my tongue up and down your cock. I start sucking on your cock harder and harder. I feel you growing harder in my mouth. I slide your cock out of my mouth.

You grab me, pulling me towards you. I can feel your hard cock against the inside of my leg. You start kissing me, kissing your way down between my tits, down my stomach, down my abs. Your slowly start twirling your tongue around my belly button, licking my stomach. Slowly sliding my pants off, throwing them aside. You slowly kiss my pussy, licking your way up my slit. Sliding my thong off, throwing it aside.

You slowly work your way back up my body. You slowly tease me. Sliding the tip of your cock in me till I can’t take it anymore. I slam up against you shoving your cock deep in me. You start moving in and out of my pussy while I move my hips with you so you slam deep into me every time. Kissing my neck and you go faster and faster. I put my legs around you pulling you closer to me, digging my nails into your back. You slam harder and harder.

You sit up pulling me on your lap. You start kissing me, putting your hands on my hips as you start to bounce me up and down on your cock. I grab onto your shoulders as you bounce me harder and harder on your cock making me moan louder and louder. You catch one of my tits in your mouth, sucking hard on my nipple making me moan louder. Bouncing me harder on your cock I start digging my nails into your shoulders. Moaning louder and louder as I’m getting closer to cumming, feeling your cock sliding in and out of my pussy, hearing you groan as your about to cum. Hearing your cock slide in and out of my pussy, moaning louder and louder as I’m about to cum. You grab my hips harder as you slam me down on your cock as you thrust in me, making me scream. I dig my nails deeper into your shoulder, cumming on your cock. You slam harder and harder into me, shooting your load deep in me, slowing down as you finish. We collapse on the bed, covering up with the blankets and just go to sleep.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32