A Sweet Summer Surprise

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Even though my ex-boyfriend Todd and I had broken up, we still managed to remain close friends, and he often accompanied me to various social occasions. Todd and I had been together for fourteen months during my beginning years in college, and our romantic relationship ended on good terms.

After graduating from college, Todd moved out west to take a job but we still stayed in contact with one another. As time passed, I realized that I missed being with him and thought about him often. But I never considered that possibility that Todd and I would be getting back together anytime soon. Later, he told me that he was seeing someone, so I ruled out that possibility.

Naturally, I was surprised when he called me earlier this spring and told me that he wanted to come see me. He told me that he would schedule his vacation days, so he could spend time with me. I told him that I’d make some plans, and then I’d let him know them as soon as possible.

Just a week later, I called him and told him that I’d be vacationing in South Carolina for a week in June. Of course, I invited him to visit me. I’d be vacationing with a few of my friends from college, and they even assured me that they didn’t mind me inviting Todd to visit.

I think I should tell you that Todd is a very handsome young man, and I know for a fact that at least a couple of my friends were jealous that I had landed such a handsome hunk. Todd is six foot tall and weighs around one hundred seventy-five pounds with dark brown hair and brown eyes. He has a very masculine, toned body with buff arms and strong abdominal muscles. Additionally, his clean-cut appearance was very attractive, and I also knew that he cared not only about his appearance but his health and physical fitness as well.

As you can probably imagine, I was certainly looking forward to seeing Todd and hoped that we would be able to spend some good quality time together. I had told him that I was dating, but I wasn’t seeing anyone exclusive or in a serious relationship. I never bothered to inquire about his love life, assuming that he was still with his current girlfriend.

Unfortunately, it rained on the first day of his visit, so we spent most of it in our condo, playing cards and watching some of the local daytime television programming. This included a few of the daytime talk shows that are well-known for pushing the envelope with subject matter. I rarely ever watched much of that stuff, but I could see why people like it so much. It certainly was entertaining. All those inbred fouled-mouth idiots fighting and cheating on one another. It made us all laugh, but the sexual subject matter got me rather aroused.

Somehow, I think Todd sensed it, too. We had a lot in common, including a sense of humor and a healthy interest in sex. Our relationship before we broke up had always been very physical, as neither he nor I were shy of being affectionate or sexual for that matter.

Later in the afternoon, we decided to drive into the city. I particularly wanted to buy some alcohol, such as Jose Cuervo Gold 1800 tequila and Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. We stopped at a local food mart, so I could add my own selections to the community liqueur stash back at the condo. While we were there, I noticed Todd had purchased an adult magazine.

I asked him jokingly on the way back to the condo if he had bought a Playboy, so he could have masturbation material. He laughed and said that he didn’t buy the current issue of Playboy but a magazine with stories and letters about sex. I was almost immediately curious about the contents of the magazine that Todd had purchased, and I asked if he planned on sharing that magazine. I think he was surprised with my response and said that he might be willing to share.

After dinner, Todd and I excused ourselves and went into his bedroom, which he had to himself. I asked Todd if he would consider loaning me his magazine for a night, and he told me that he would be more than happy to do so. But he also mentioned that he had a better idea.

As you’d probably expect, I was more than willing to allow him to share his idea. He said that he kuşadası escort thought it might be better if we read the magazine together. I told him that sounded like a fair compromise to me and asked if he wanted me to read to him. I read some of the letters in the magazine to Todd.

Todd and I were each lying on his bed, enjoying the tales. I was excited to be reading them out loud for Todd to hear and couldn’t believe that these letters were incredibly sexy. I could tell that Todd was aroused as well, and I had to control my urge to touch and caress Todd. I was hesitant to do anything that might endanger our friendship, and I certainly didn’t want him to think badly of me either.

The next morning the sun came out in full force, and the day was hot, sticky and humid. We did some of the usual vacation activities, such as catching some rays on the beach, swimming and even rented jet skis. Later that evening we played cards and drank cocktails. I enjoyed my favorite drink, a margarita swirl, while Todd sipped on a long island ice tea.

Around midnight Todd leaned over to me and whispered to me that he was going to get ready for bed. I asked if he wanted me to tuck him into bed, and he said that he could handle that himself. I looked into his eyes and grinned, knowing that I was sending him signals that I wanted to do more than just tuck him into bed.

I decided that I would turn in as well, and I went into my room to look for something to wear to bed. I looked through the top drawer in the dresser that I was using and pulled out a black lace-up satin slit with string lacing on the right side of the slit. Then, I also selected a pair of lace v-strings with two dainty wrap-around waist bands. I laid out my sleepwear selections on my bed, and then walked down the hall to the bathroom.

I stopped by Todd’s room on my way to the bathroom. I stopped outside of his room, noticing the door had been left ajar. I was about to knock and say goodnight and then on impulse I decided to peek inside his room. I watched as he climbed into bed, wearing a sexy pair of striped, shiny boxers. I couldn’t tell for sure, but I assumed that he was wearing silky boxers. I found myself wondering if he had worn those for me, hoping that there would be an opportunity for me to see him wearing them. I loved the sight of a good-looking man in silk boxers, and I was almost sure that Todd would remember something like that.

Anyway, I had intended on knocking on his door, just so I would have an opportunity to say goodnight. I realized that it seemed that he had turned down my invitation, because he was involved with another woman and that he was committed to being true to his significant other.

I didn’t want to startle him, and I also didn’t want to put him into an awkward situation, so I passed on the opportunity to say goodnight. Instead, I went into the bathroom to prepare for bed, and then I went into the bedroom that I was sharing with my friend Tonya.

Tonya had retreated to our bedroom earlier in the night, and I walked into to find her still talking to her boyfriend on her cell phone. I undressed and slipped into the black, satin lace-up slit and black lace v-string that I had laid out on my bed. I informed Tonya that I’d be turning in for bed, and she promptly wrapped up her conversation. Then, she went out to the join my other friends who were still awake.

I noticed that she had left our bedroom door opened, so I walked over to shut it. As I reached for the door handle, I looked out in the hall and saw Todd standing there. He was only a few feet from the door. Almost immediately, I found myself wondering if Todd had been standing there unknowingly. Had he watched me undress?

As such thoughts passed through my mind, I didn’t feel embarrassed or even bothered by that possibility. Instead, I was intrigued by that erotic possibility. I stood there speechless for a few moments. “Hi, Todd,“ I said, gazing at him in a way that I was sure showed that I was surprised to see him standing there.

“Is that a new outfit?” He asked.

I nodded. “I thought so, because I don’t ever recall you wearing such sexy stuff to bed. “I remember that you tended to prefer wearing comfy nightshirts, pajama sets and shorts and tanks to bed.”

“I still do, but I also have invested in a new wardrobe, including my lingerie and undies collection. You know I’m not a college gal anymore.” I quipped, smiling as I wanted to emphasize that last piece of information.

“Yes, I know that, “Todd responded, “I must admit that I’m pleasantly surprised. You look very sexy.” I was staring into his eyes, as he uttered these words, grinning sheepishly as he complimented my bed-time clothing

Without saying a word, he reached out and placed his hand on my belly. He rubbed the smooth fabric of my nightgown, as he gazed into my eyes. I didn’t know what to say or what to do. I was terribly confused, and I think he sensed it, too.

“I know you I never told you this,” he said, whispering into my ear. “My girlfriend and I broke-up three weeks ago”.

I looked at him, staring at him inquisitively, and blurted out, “What?”

He almost immediately brought his right hand to my mouth, placing his forefinger in front of my lips. “I’ll explain later”, he assured me, while gesturing to me that I didn’t have to say anything else. “Let’s go to my room,” Todd said, glancing into my eyes.

I was so thrilled to learn this information that I think I was in some sort of daze. He reached out and took hold of my hand. A few moments later, I acknowledged that seemed like a good idea to me. “Let’s do that” I said.

Todd led me into his bedroom, and I moved toward him as soon as we stepped inside his room and he closed the door. He placed his hands on my breasts, fondling them through the material of my slip. Then our lips met. Our kiss was so passionate, and as familiar as though we had never been apart. My hands dropped down to rub and squeeze his butt through his silky boxers.

I could feel his cock hardening inside his boxers, as he pressed his body into mine, so that my belly brushed against his forming erection. “I want to be inside you, “ he whispered into my ear, as he hoisted me up by his hands. I was shocked that he seemed so eager and displayed such desire.

I wrapped my arms and legs around Todd’s body, and he carried me over to his bed. I quickly tugged down his boxer shorts and watched in delight, as his hard cock popped out. I could feel the crotch of my v-string clinging to my moist pussy. I was already really aroused, and I was certain that he knew it, too. I was breathing heavily as Todd crawled onto the bed with me.

Todd and I resumed kissing. He pushed my satin lace-up slit up over my hips, exposing my breasts. I reached over and grasped hold of his hard-on at its base, and I began to gently stroke his shaft. I alternated by stroking my entire palm along his shaft and brushing my fingernails along its length, and Todd responded as I had expected, sighing and moaning out to me how wonderful that felt.

Meanwhile, Todd stroked and caressed my breasts with his hands. It was evident that he certainly remembered how I liked to be touched, and I found myself wanting him more badly as time slowly passed. Then, I felt his right hand travel downward over my softly, rounded belly. He slipped his hand inside the waistband of my v-string and felt my wet pussy.

He worked one finger and then two fingers inside my womanly opening, plunging them in and out slowly. My body responded to his touch like a music instrument being played by a talented musician. I ached for his touch and found myself reflecting back to the wonderful memories of a very satisfying, past sexual relationship with him.

“Oh god, my pussy is so wet now. I can’t wait to have your cock inside me, “ I moaned. Todd must have been encouraged by that remark, because he responded by sliding my v-string panties off. I moved my legs apart and lay there spread-eagle, as he climbed on top of me.

Todd rubbed his hard cock between my wet pussy lips, teasing me with the head of his cock. I titled my head backward and closed my eyes, anticipating the sensation of his cock entering my warm, moist tunnel. As he pushed his cock inside, I gasped with pleasure. “Oh, that feels so good,” I panted.

I had missed and unintentionally forgotten exactly how wonderful Todd’s cock felt inside my pussy. But now these vivid thoughts and sensations were coming to life again. Apparently, he also had missed the feeling of being inside of my pussy and even told me just that.

His stiff cock was sliding in and out of my pussy, and soon, Todd was increasing the rhythm of his thrusts. “Not too fast…this is perfect, “I uttered, as I moaned and sighed with each of his deep thrusts. But he didn’t; Instead he thrust his cock into my pussy harder and then would slow down, returning to a slower, deeper thrusting motion.

My pussy fit snugly around his cock as it slid in and out, and I was thoroughly enjoying the presence of a man’s cock inside my pussy for the first time in over 8 months. I could sense that I was so close to climaxing, and uttered in a high-pitch tone of voice, “I’m going to come Todd!! “

“Please don’t stop darling!!”

Sure enough, I felt my body tense up, as I pushed my hips upward to meet his thrusts. I called out loudly that I was going to come. I was in such a trance that I had forgotten that my friends were still awake, because Todd had to remind me about the others. Todd must have thought it was time to try a new position, because he rolled me over. Without even asking, I knew what he had in mind and lifted my ass upward. Todd wasted no time driving his rigid cock into me from behind, as I kneeled in front of him. I was on my hands and knees, and Todd was behind me on his knees, thrusting his cock into my pussy again. Soon, I was moaning and sighing with a renewed desire.

Just a couple minutes later, Todd was ramming his cock into my pussy from behind. I could feel his hairy sac bouncing against my venus mound. It was also incredibly sexy to hear the sound of his pelvis hitting my ass cheeks, as well as the sound of his cock plunging into my pussy.

I started pressing my ass backward, meeting his thrusts with some of my own. I felt so comfortable with Todd, and I sensed that he wasn’t holding back either, as neither of us seemed to be inhibited at all.

Todd and I were both breathing heavily, as our sweat covered bodies conjugally met. Todd was uttering out moans of pleasure, as he continued sliding his cock in and out of my pussy. “Oh, Baby I’m coming,” He moaned, informing me of what I had anticipated by his thrusts and guttural moans.

I felt him come inside me, shooting his load deep inside my pussy, while his entire body jerked, and he struggled to continue thrusting into me. I pushed myself backward, hoping that he would enjoy the feel of my pussy sliding along his cock as he came.

Todd collapsed on the bed, and I snuggled up against him with my back pressing against his chest. Todd whispered into my ear, “Wow, just like old times.” I certainly couldn’t disagree; the chemistry between Todd and I was still there, and the only question to be answered was whether or not we wanted to pursue that. But I wasn’t too concerned with that at the time, or so I had to convince myself.

I didn’t know what to say, but I turned my head back and smiled, looking into his eyes. I was still eager to continue, but as we cuddled on the bed with out hearts beating fast, I realized that I’d rather snuggle. We were both still catching our breaths and were also covered in a shiny sheen of sweat

When I got my second wind, I whispered into his ear, “I guess I should continue buying the same sexy lingerie and undies”. I turned my head to the side to meet his eyes with mine and smiled, and he told me that he didn’t think it was necessary to respond to that. However, he did say that he wanted to emphasis that he was pleased with the new additions to my wardrobe.

Before I drifted off to sleep, I thought about all the possibilities for the next four days, and then I glanced back at him to see a smile on his face. Somehow, I think he was thinking the exact same thing.

(I hope that you enjoyed reading my first ever posting, and I’m considering writing a series of stories and maybe more. Don’t forget to vote, and please know that you are all welcome to leave feedback, too.)

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