A Mysterious Encounter

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Big Tits

The time and date had been set a few days earlier. Now, on the day of the meeting, she wondered if this was what she really wanted. Hooking up with a total stranger was totally out of character for her, but hey, what did she have to loose, and more importantly, what did she stand to gain.

Preparations for the evening began, and the hot, soapy bath washed away any lingering doubts, paving the way for the excitement that had been building within her. She emerged from the tub refreshed. A lady must always be prepared for the unknown, she laughed to herself. The unknown raced through her mind. Who was her mystical online interest? She knew so little. There were only two facts that she was certain of: one was his love of big nipples, the very reason for their initial contact, and his deep desire to have his cock sucked. Whatever happens after that is uncharted territory she said to herself, but her curiosity was taking over and she felt a slight dampness grow between her legs.

She quickened her pace as she realized time was slipping away. Punctuality had always been one of her peeves, but her daydreaming left her with less time than she hoped. She rushed through her closet, grabbing an outfit that she was sure would leave a lasting impression. A sheer red blouse and a black skirt that nicely outlined her tight, firm ass were her choice. Black fishnet stockings, a red satin bra, panties and garter, and her 5-inch black pumps completed her ensemble.

Ready or not she sighed to herself as she walked out the door. Into her car, she drove to the predetermined meeting place. They had decided on a local Italian eatery known for its impressive cuisine and atmosphere. Pulling the car into a parking space, with a few minutes to spare, she caught her breath and tried to calm her fears. Quickly glancing in the mirror, she did a once over; satisfied with her appearance, she exited the car and walked towards the entrance.

As she reached for the door, a strong arm brushed past her, opening the door. Turning her body slightly in order to flash a quick smile to the kind man, he reached up and pinched her nipple. “Mark,” she gasped as he tightened his fingers on her growing bud.

“Sherry,” he spoke kuşadası escort in a deep, husky voice, “it will be your pleasure, as well as mine, to accompany me into this fine establishment.”

Taking their place inside, his hand never left her ass. She loved to be touched, and she was certain this night would not leave her wanting. They were quickly ushered to their table and she sat down. Mark positioned himself next to her, close, but not touching. He had an apparent aura, something that instantly made her feel drawn to him; although not sure of this feeling, she decided she would not fight it and instead let it lead her where it may.

Their eyes locked in a content gaze, his arm gently hugging her shoulder; she knew that this was destined to be a night of wild passion. As she placed her hand on his leg, gently tracing his cock, she could feel it swell. It always fascinated her how a soft touch or suggesting word could cause something to come alive. The hardness of his cock jolted her and she could feel her pussy shiver.

She placed her hand upon his face, and with a soft breath, she kissed his lips; first outlining his lower lip with her tongue, and then the upper. Lost in the gaze of his deep green eyes she knew what she wanted.

Sitting up straight, she pushed her chair out slightly, just enough to allow swift passage of her body down and under the table. Once under the table, she was free to feast on the vision of his cock; so full, screaming to be freed from its constraints. As she positioned herself between his legs, she leaned down and placed her lips close and blew hot, moist air, causing his member to twitch. Reaching up, she undid his belt, unzipped his pants and released the growing monster that was fighting for freedom. To her delight, before her, a large, hard rod, red with anger begged for her kiss.

Licking his sack, she gently rolled his balls in between her fingers. She knew he was enjoying her performance; his cock jerking in delight was her applause. Working her way up with wet kisses and a swirling tongue, she reached the top. Slowly she licked, flicking her tongue in his slit, tasting his precum…a delectable delight in her mouth, one she knew she could become addicted to. She worked him in her mouth, pulling him farther and farther down her throat. Tightening her muscles, she took on a slow, rocking rhythm. Feeling his member pulse, she rushed into a frantic pace, faster and faster. She knew he wasn’t far from emptying his sweet load down her throat and this pleased her to no end.

She was so content in her task at hand that his first huge load startled her. Quickly gulping, making sure to drink it all, she milked him empty. The amount of cum she swallowed amazed her but left her with a satisfied feeling. Licking him one last time, she made sure he was totally clean and there was no waste. She neatly rearranged his package to the way she found it. With a devious grin, she slid her way back into her chair.

The dinner was pleasant, and conversation flowed. Sherry quietly wondered if this night would continue or would be short lived. She felt a chill roll up her spine when Mark suggested checking out a local blues club. The club was a short distance and they could walk from where they were.

They exited the restaurant through the back door leading out to an alleyway. Mark reached for her hand and pulled her close. She was caught by surprise on how a simple gesture made her pussy drip with anticipation. There was no denying it, no matter how hard she tried, she wanted him; she needed him to drown the searing desire that burned through her soul.

He must have sensed her longing, and sharply spun her around, pinning her up against the building with his strong arms. With the weight of his body, the bricks scraped down her back, but she hardly noticed; the only thought that occupied her was his raging hard-on grinding into her pussy, her clit swollen, yearning to be touched.

With a smooth motion, he hiked up her skirt, pushing her panties down, and without effort slipped two fingers into her hot, juicy slit.

A slight moan escaped her lips as she thrust her hungry cunt against his fingers. Her tits were aching to be touched. “I want you to bite my nipples, they’ve been waiting patiently for your attention,” she cried out. The sharp sting of his teeth made her squeal with delight. Catching her breath, she managed to whisper, ” Oh God, please fuck my tight little pussy.”

Without notice, he spun her back around, pushing her breasts up against the wall. She heard the sound of his zipper and knew she would be satisfied.

He teased her with his hard cock, rubbing it up and down her, entering her just briefly before pulling back out. “Please, I cannot take this, please, just please, fuck me” she hollered.

“In due time sweet pea,” he whispered in her ear. “I like the way you can take care of a man, and I’m declaring ownership of you and your cunt. I will always have the final say in its actions.” Without warning, the force of his cock speared her, slamming her face into the cool bricks.

“Ah fuck yes,” was all that left her lips. Swinging her hips, meeting his thrust, it didn’t take long for her to feel the rumbling of her orgasm. “Oh Mark, oh yes baby, I’m cumming,” echoed through the alleyway. With the quickening ripples of ecstasy overtaking her body, she was lost in the moment. She had never came with such intensity, such excitement. Somewhat shaky on her feet, she kicked off her panties and tucked them into his pant pocket.

With a wicked grin, she pulled him close. “It is your turn, my lover. Let me work my magic on you again,” she sneered. “I want to taste our mixed juices,” she cooed as she teased his wanting member.

Oblivious to the passersby’s, she frantically worked his cock in and out of her hot mouth. With her tongue running rampant, licking him from his ass to his gorgeous balls, she felt him stiffen and quiver. She was thrilled that she could elicit such a response. Feeling him squirm with each lick provoked a sense of pride in her to know she was doing her job properly.

“Please Mark,” she yelped in between sucks. “I need to drink from you, give me a taste of your hot, gooey cum. I’m so thirsty for you,” she called out.

Growing to mammoth proportions, she loved the feel of his swelling cock in her mouth. It’s where it belongs, she quietly thought to herself. She sucked with reckless abandon and soon the time was here. With his dick deep in her throat, he pumped what seemed like gallons of his goodness down her throat. Will it ever stop flowing out, she wondered, not that it mattered. She had found her calling; Mark’s cock was all she required.

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