Watertight Lust

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“Are you sure this is ok, Filip?”

Nicolas shifted his weight on the couch, eyeing the box in his lap. It was about half a foot long on each side, but felt heavier that it looked. The labels slapped across it were crammed with symbols, notations, neatly typed notes; they looked awkwardly out of place on the cube’s sleek metallic exterior.

His friend Filip stood in front of him, closely watching the cloud of doubt hanging over him. He waved his arm dismissively, as though fanning those passing doubts away.

“It’s just one prototype, Nic. The dudes back at the lab won’t even miss it, I promise! Besides, aren’t you at least a little curious about it?”

Filip pressed down on the box’s lid, a playful smirk dancing across his face.

“Just think about what you’re holding! This is the next evolution in clothing — nanotechnology, infinitely customizable! That sounds pretty fucking cool, admit it!”

“I mean, I’m not saying it isn’t cool. It’s just…” Nicolas looked up, fidgeting with the box. “This is company property. If your bosses find out, you could lose your internship, right? And this thing isn’t even tested…”

Filip rolled his eyes, parroting Nic’s objections with his hands. “Yadda yadda, you worry too much. These suits so close to release, so who cares if one gets out a little early? Besides, haven’t you been worried about your spot on the swim team? This would be perfect for you!”

He couldn’t deny that. Nicolas was proud of his performance on the college swim team so far, but during his current junior year his times had plateaued despite his best efforts. The incoming class of freshmen had some truly impressive competitors that were looking to bump him off the team. A truly skin-tight suit could give him the edge he needed, even if it meant using stolen tech.

Filip sat down next to him, putting an arm around him reassuringly.

“I’m just trying to help you out, Nic. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity – are you really going to wait until these bad boys hit the mainstream? By then you’ll be off the team and it will be too late. You know what passing this up could mean for you.”

“I know your right but, this doesn’t feel right. Even if no one finds out…”

“Look, just try it on and see what you think. That’s the least you can do after I took such a big risk getting it to you.”

Nicolas glanced back at the box, nodding slowly. “Sure, I can do that at least… I mean, you can still return it afterwards.”

A grin flashed across Filip’s face as Nicolas stood up. “Of course! I have a feeling you won’t want to part with that suit though. It’s seriously next level!”

“Yeah, yeah, I get it. Just wait here while I put it on, ok?”

He hurried out of the room before Filip could answer, slipping into the bathroom and shutting the door. He slumped against the door and sighed, his shoulders sagging as though weighed down by his lingering guilt.

“I just have to try it on, nothing else. It doesn’t matter now if I keep it, it doesn’t matter…”

His words bounced off the bathroom walls, hollow and unconvincing. But it was enough for now.

He began peeling off his clothes, revealing his toned, slender physique, the product of years of training and competitive swimming. Combined with his slight tan and wavy blonde hair, he perfectly fit the image of a laid back surfer, although his body hadn’t brought as much luck with the ladies as he would have liked. Being the shy and non-committal type hadn’t gotten him very far in the dating pool.

Now fully nude, he turned his attention back to the box itself. Those intimidating labels still stood out, but Filip had assured him that they weren’t important. Aside from those, the only noteworthy feature was a slightly raised button on the top of the box. There was only one thing left to do.

He placed the box on the bathroom counter, pressing the button before he changed his mind. The top of the box expanded slightly with a sharp hissing as the airtight seal on the box was opened. What was now the box’s lid slid off readily enough, finally revealing the suit Filip had raved so much about.

It didn’t look much like a suit though; to Filip, it more closely resembled a cube of jello than anything else. The glossy green cube was flush against the sides of metallic box, with no handholds or straps in sight.

“Uh, Filip? Do you know how I…?”

“Just dump it out, Nic! You’ll figure out the rest fine – not like you can break it or anything! At least I don’t think you can.”

“Uh, yeah sure.”

He gingerly flipped the box over, letting the cube slowly slide out until it plopped onto the counter. It wobbled slightly, sliding until it bumped against Escort İstanbul the wall and came to a stop. Now that he had a better view of it, he could see golden streaks running across it’s translucent surface. Green and gold were his school colors… it would be easy to make the suit resemble his college uniform.

He scooped up the strange cube. It definitely didn’t feel like nano-tech, or at least not what he thought it should feel like. The texture was similar to latex, but softer and squishier. It was cool to the touch and very slippery, to the point it was difficult to keep a hold of even with both hands.

“So… do I just…?”

Going almost off instinct, he raised the cube up to his body. The latex began deforming as it touched his chest, melting out of his grasp and over him. He gasped, shivering as the cool material flowed over his shoulders and around his torso. It oozed down his arms, back, and chest slowly, spreading itself thinner and thinner the further it went.

“What the-! Filip, this stuff is — mmph!”

He winced as the cool latex enveloped his crotch. It felt like wading into the deep end of a cold pool — even as a swimmer, that sensation never became bearable.

Fortunately for him, the discomfort didn’t last for long. The latex more readily matched his body’s temperature the thinner it became; by the time it had rolled down his calves and shins and around his feet, he couldn’t even feel a difference. The texture changed as it warmed as well, becoming less slippery while retaining its mesmerizing smoothness. The green latex was broken up by thin golden lines running around his neck, wrist, and ankles, along with two pinstripes going down his chest.

Nicolas turned to the mirror, a smile inadvertently growing as he admired his new look. He was used to wearing skin tight swimsuits, but this was on a whole other level! It conformed to every inch of his body perfectly, and felt so light and flexible it may as well have been a second layer of skin.

Filip’s excited voice from outside interrupted his self-admiration.

“Well, how is it? Don’t keep me waiting, let me see already!”

The bathroom door slid open and he he strode out into the living room, his entire body encased from the neck down in green latex. Filip looked him and down, whistling as he admired the results.

“Damn, it looks even better on you than I imagined! Just go ahead and admit it, I can tell you like it!”

“Yeah, I gotta give you props on this one. I’m honestly not sure if I can bring myself to part with this — the range of movement is incredible!”

Nicolas spread his arms out and bounced on his tip toes, still amazed at how free his body felt. The suit effortlessly stretched and twisted with each movement, always adhering perfectly to his toned body.

“It really is something else seeing it up close. I can’t take my eyes off you!” Filip walked up to him, his gaze shifting from his chest to his ass, taking in everything in between. Standing next to each other the contrast was apparent — Filip’s frame was shorter and stockier, his frizzly black hair framing a rounder face, his complexion brown and earthy. Standing next to his taller green-clad friend, it looked like first contact with an advanced alien species.

“Now that I get a good look, this stuff is incredibly smooth. I wish I could’ve seen you putting this on!” Filip firmly grasped Nic’s shoulder, stroking the smooth material and tensed muscles beneath.

Nicolas gasped at his friend’s touch — it felt completely different through the latex, a mixture of throbbing pressure and deep rolling pleasure. He pulled away quickly, shuddering as the sensations subsided.

“H-hold on, that felt kind of weird. Are you sure this suit is working properly?”

“It’s working fine, even better than I hoped, in fact! Does this really feel wrong to you?”

He reached out again, this time grabbing Nicolas’ ass and squeezing firmly. That pleasure rippled out again, wrapping his thighs and crotch in faint throbbing.

“What are you doing?! I’m serious, it feels… it feels…”

Filip grinned, watching the confusion and pleasure washing over his face.

“Don’t worry Nic, I’ve got you. You’re going to enjoy this, I promise.”

He pushed Nicolas backward, forcing him to topple onto the couch. Nicolas squirmed anxiously, now painfully aware of just how exposed he was — he may have been covered head to toe, but the latex was so tight he might as well have been naked.

“This isn’t funny anymore Filip! Just tell me how to take this stuff off, please!”

“Oh no, you can’t take it off. Only I can do that.”

Nicolas stared in disbelief, trying to process what İstanbul Escort Bayan he was hearing. Filip chuckled and tapped his forehead.

“Didn’t you read the labels? The suit operates off of a neural link — and it’s already hooked up here! Unless you walked through the 15-step recalibration process written on the box, of course. And as for those ‘weird feelings,’ well…”

He leaned forward, groping Nicolas’ crotch through the latex. He squirmed helplessly under the assault, an involuntary moan escaping his lips.

“… turns out that covering up all this skin means losing a lot of tactile feedback. The suit compensates by inducing the lost sensation directly, but the lab boys were hesitant to simulate pain for obvious reasons. They scrapped this prototype for going a bit overboard in the opposite direction, but personally I think their missing out — it’s perfect as is!”

“B-but why me? You had the suit, you could’ve used it. I don’t-“

Filip squeezed down on his crotch again, cutting off his objections. He could feel his crotch growing and straining against the fabric.

“God, you just don’t get it, do you? No wonder you’ve struck out with so many chicks, you can’t read the room to save your life! I’ve wanted to get my hands on your sexy body since freshman year, and the perfect opportunity just dropped into my lap. You’re the only one who could have not seen this coming — although part of you seems to be getting the picture.”

He shifted from applying pressure to firmly stroking Nicolas’ growing bulge. Nicolas watched in disbelief as the fabric warped around him, molding to fit his cock. His shaft popped upright, its entire length save for its head sealed within the glistening latex – he hadn’t realized just how turned on this surreal experience was making him!

“Hope you don’t mind if I change the suit up a little — it’s not like it matters either way though, the entire suit being under my control and all.”

Filip settled onto the couch next to Nicolas, still stroking his shaft through the glossy latex. Each firm pump sent throbbing ecstasy pulsing through him, immense and irresistible. His legs parted involuntarily, and his hips bucked upwards into the handjob.

“No…! Please, it’s too much, you can’t…!”

His protests were silenced once again by a rough kiss from Filip. Despite not being covered in the latex, his head still flooded with throbbing desire as Filip’s tongue and lips overpowering him. Before long he was kissing back despite himself, his arms pulling their bodies together as his hips continued thrusting and rocking. His body seemed to have mind of its own, one driven by lust.

Filip finally relented, pulling away from his ragged partner and standing over him. Nicolas’ body hung limp, still overwhelmed from the intense sensations. To his sex-addled mind, the only thing that mattered was that his cock was no longer being stroked, no longer flooding him with pleasure. He reached out and began jerking himself off, moaning in delight at how good it felt through the latex.

“Oh no, we can’t have that! I don’t want you enjoying yourself too much just yet.”

For the first time he felt the skinsuit move against him, forcing his hands away from his crotch. The latex covering his fingers melted together, forming mittens that couldn’t bring him to release even if he could reach his cock. He moaned desperately as he squirmed, his painfully stiff erection wobbling about.

“Don’t worry, I won’t leave you unattended to. This should keep you busy while I get myself ready.”

As he spoke, Nicolas felt the latex solidifying around the base of his cock, forming a tight rubbery ring. He watched helplessly as the ring began slowly stroking his base, vibrating as it edged him. At the same time, the fabric over his nipples solidified into thick pads, and began vibrating just like the ring. He lurched back and forth, gasping an unable to speak — this was all too much! The entire suit felt like it was humming around him, constraining his movements — he was trapped on the couch, sealed in a skin-tight prison of pleasure.

As Nicolas thrust and bucked against his restraints, Filip took the opportunity to fully undress. He was solidly built in his own right, and his chocolate brown skin was completely shaved from the neck down. His bulging cock twitched erratically, belying his anticipation of what was to come.

“It was such pain to get everything shaved! I don’t know how you constantly go through that for swimming, Nic – you better appreciate what I’m doing for you.”

He walked back towards his friend, the suit’s vibrations reducing in intensity as he drew near. He straddled Nicolas, pressing Anadolu Yakası Escort their cocks against each other and grinding down on his hips, reveling in the silky sensation of the skinsuit. He grabbed Nicolas’ chest for support, pressing his thumbs down directly onto his erect nipples.

Nicolas was enveloped in an explosive wave of pleasure — it had felt good enough get jerked off and making out, but somehow direct skin contact felt even more amazing!

“Fuck! Fuck, it’s so good!!”

Filip grinned, leaning down until he was lying directly on top of Nicolas. His friend was completely at his mercy, a giant sex toy for him to enjoy. His hands explored Nicolas’ glistening body, ravenously groping his ass, hips, and arms without restraint, Watching his face contort in pleasure was only turning him on even more!

“We’re not done yet, Nic. You’re not cumming until I’ve enjoyed every inch of you, the suit will make sure of it! Just enjoy the ride.”

He began kissing Nicolas’ pecs, salivating over the suit and suckling on his perky nipples. Nicolas held the back of Filip’s head and pressed him deeper into the kiss; Filip was more than willing to be guided, eagerly switching between both of his nipples, kissing and biting them through the latex. He worked his way up Nicolas’ body, planting kisses along his chest and neck as Nicolas gripped onto him desperately. His breath grew more ragged as lust enveloped his mind.

“Filip please! Fuckkk, fuckk me!”

“Sheesh, so impatient! But I won’t lie, I need to feel the inside of this sexy body, so we’ll have it your way!”

He stood up, gripping Nicolas’ hips and flipping him over roughly. Nicolas winced as his cock head brushed against the couch, his muscular ass vulnerable and exposed. He could feel the latex wedged deep in his crack moving, throbbing against his asshole and slowly spreading it. His mind was so consumed in lust he felt no apprehension about what was about to transpire.

Filip prodded his waiting ass, salivating over his prize. He could hardly contain himself as he slowly pressed in, spreading Nicolas’ cheeks wider and wider as his cock slid through. The latex stretched inwards with him, so smooth and slick that no lubricant was even needed — although he could only dream about how amazing this would feel with extra lube!

Nicolas grunted at the fullness in his ass, swinging his hips back to push even more of that amazing cock in him. His body was somehow even more sensitive inside his asshole — waves of heat and pleasure emanated from his core as Filip began thrusting into him, each thrust punctuated by a mesmerizing ‘thwap!’. The latex being pushed deep inside him began vibrating, only compounding the overwhelming sensations flooding his core. His cock felt like it was going to explode all over the couch, but the tightness of the latex around his base blocked off any chance of orgasm.

“Fuck! I can’t believe this ass has gone unfucked for so long — you’re a natural!”

Nicolas moaned and grunted, the little reason he had left worn away by the rhythmic pumping. He was practically melting into the skinsuit, unable to tell where he ended and the suit began. The cock thrusting into him was grinding incessantly against his prostate, pushing him against the edge of orgasm again and again!

Filip was barely resisting the urge to cum himself. Nicolas’ tight, slick asshole gripped and sucked him perfectly with each thrust. Watching his friend mindlessly ramming his ass backwards, gripping onto the couch for dear life; hearing him grunting and squealing in ecstasy, completely at his mercy — it was making him hornier than he had ever been in his life!

“Fuck, I can’t hold it any longer! I’m cumming!!”

Filip grabbed Nicolas’ hips and thrust into him one last time, finally letting his cum explode into his ass. Pump after pump of creamy jizz poured into him, spurting out and leaking down Nicolas’ ass crack. At the same time, the ring around Nicolas’ base loosened, finally allowing him to cum as well. Thick ropes of cum shot out onto the couch as he squealed in pleasure, an orgasm so intense gripping him he could hardly feel his legs!

They both came for what felt like minutes before their orgasms finally subsided. Filip pulled free of Nicolas’ ass and collapsed forward onto him, holding him close and kissing him deeply. Nicolas kissed back as best he could, his mind still drowning in the amplified pleasure from his skinsuit. Even in the afterglow of his orgasm, being held and cuddled through the suit felt surreal.

“Mmmm, I can tell you right now you aren’t taking this suit off any time soon! I’m going to enjoy playing with you for hours on end…”

Nicolas smiled up at him, his eyes dreamy and glazed over. He knew that Filip was right; this suit was a part of him now. It wasn’t going anywhere — and there were countless hours of orgasmic bliss in store for him in the coming weeks.

He couldn’t wait to dive into this sexy new life!

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