The Women of Honey Hollow Pt. 09

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Chapter 48

Sue and I had some quiet time and I asked if there was anything she wouldn’t do. She laughed and said she thought maybe a horse would be too big, I didn’t know whether to take her serious or not so I laughed along with her and said she didn’t have to worry about size with me. She assured that size didn’t matter if the person that the cock belonged to knew what they were doing. She said that in her experience the guys with the big cocks just relied on their size to do the job and didn’t have any imagination and yes there really were some things she wouldn’t do, “Animals, bdsm or pain, probably a few more if she thought more about it”.

“Don’t worry about you being the average size baby, you definitely have imagination to go along with it.”

I knew I was a little bigger in girth but I wasn’t a porn star by any means. She told me about a few other things she had been involved in like group sex, a little lesbianism when needed and she had a large selection of toys. I wasn’t surprised at any of her revelations and we relaxed over a drink.

I asked her if she was more relaxed now than she was when she came to my door and she rubbed her pussy and winched a little and said, “YHEA Baby, I sure am.”

After a while she excused herself and left for home.

I relaxed the rest of the day just changing the bed sheets and picking up around the house putting things back where they belonged. I made a note to pick up a lock box on my next trip to Knoxville to put the DVD’s in. I didn’t feel comfortable leaving them in a position to be “misplaced”. I checked my security system and everything seemed normal.

The rain had stopped and I went to check on my garden, everything looked like it survived the transplant process and I was sure the seeds would germinate and start sprouting in a week or so. I saw a few weeds around the plants and pulled them while I was there.

I was feeling lazy and just lounged around for the rest of the day thinking about my life and the twists and turns it had taken in the last year and a half.

I hoped I had made a difference around the valley in the year I had been here. I had my ego stroked almost on a daily basis and didn’t want it to go to my head. I know the women loved my brand of loving and I tried to show them that I was more than a man attached to a cock they needed occasionally. I tried to give advice when asked and took an interest in the towns business and social issues.

I had to be careful with the young girls, they were expressing their love for me and although I loved them also I wasn’t in love with them. I think that could cause some trouble or I could live with the three soon to be five of them and be fucked to death in a short time, add the other women in my “harem”. “Oh my god what have I gotten myself into?”

Sue had hinted more than once about a threesome with Janice and remembering the recent action I had with her I wasn’t going to encourage a session with the both of them.

Jasmine was a great partner to be with, and I could bring her off in record time. She was more than willing to do almost anything and I think we did everything except anal sex.

Grace was probably the easiest to be with, not demanding at all but just accepted whatever we did with one another. She liked straight sex with just a hint of kink thrown in. She would come over just to talk or fuck and sometimes we went shopping in Knoxville together. Her father Jim was my predecessor in the valley and I had to wonder if the women fucked him to death.

Carol was Julie’s daughter and just after her 18th birthday had her first public cock fuck at the Thanksgiving party. After that there was no turning back and she was wild as hell when you got a cock in her mouth or cunt.

Mary just liked to fuck and didn’t care where it was. Her two adult daughters Rachael and Jenny were just as horny as their mother and a foursome with them was death defying. Neither of them would take no for an answer but they recognized my limitations and amused themselves during my recoup period.

The rest of the group was just as good and I looked forward to taking care of each and every one of them.

I was looking forward to the opening day of trout season and I thought a little exploring might be in order so I put my boots on and headed for the stream behind my house.

The water was a little high from the mountain runoff and would probably be just right in another two weeks. I went downstream for about a mile or so and found quite a few good places that I thought would produce fish. I was getting hungry for trout just thinking about it.

On the way back I paid more attention to what was around me and found a path, hidden by undergrowth but still passable. I followed it for a few hundred yards and it finally opened up into a nice glen that was surrounded by hardwoods and would be a shady spot in summer. I wanted to keep this in mind in case I ever wanted to have a picnic with sometime. I retraced my steps back to the stream and walked back home.

Chapter Belek travesti 49

Spring was nice and my garden was looking great. My “harem” kept me busy and Carol was becoming quite a woman. Jenny kept asking when I was going to fist her and I would have to try it sooner or later so she could see if she could do it. I was sure if she could she would be like her sister and swallow my hand almost to my elbow.

Another holiday was coming up and I was wondering what was being planned. I was sure that Memorial Day would be “memorial” for sure. It was only a few weeks away and as usual I would be the last to know about the plans. I was usually just expected to bring my grill expertise, sharpen my drink recipe’s, and keep my cock working. We had a few wild parties in the past and my “harem” would take care of each other if I was resting so I didn’t have to worry about fucking every one of them.

My curiosity got the better of me and I called Grace to see what was going on. She just laughed and said for me to show up when the time was ripe, and cum prepared for a good time. That really got me wondering what the hell was going on.

I got a call from Lois one afternoon and she said she would like to see me, I agreed and she asked if she could bring a friend. I asked who it was and she said I already had played with her and if I agreed, she was sure I would be more than happy.

My cock answered for me and I agreed before thinking it through. Lois said she would be there in an hour if that was ok. I said ok and went to the door and turned on the lights so no one else would knock on the door.

Lois showed up looking great in a pair of short shorts and a halter top but was alone. I must have had a puzzled look on my face and she said that our other guest was right behind her but brought her own car. I suspected that it was Amanda and when her car pulled into the yard it confirmed my guess.

Amanda was hot looking for a woman of her age, sexy as hell in tight Capri pants, a satin shirt open with the tails tied under her braless breasts and fuck me pumps. I welcomed them both in and asked if they wanted a drink. Lois opted for a glass of wine and Amanda settled for a scotch rocks. I went to the kitchen to make the drinks and when I got back with them they were naked sitting on my couch. I suddenly felt overdressed so I handed them their drinks and got naked with them.

“So what do I owe the pleasure of your company this fine spring afternoon?”

Lois said “Well we were sitting around talking and when we started to talk about sex we thought of you and wondered if you wanted to have an older/ younger fuck.” Amanda added “I can see by your cock that you are up to the challenge, so who do you want first, Lois or me?”

“Well why don’t we see who is the horniest and I will start with her, how do you suppose I will make that decision?”

Lois opened her legs and her outer cunt lips snapped open, they must have been glued shut by her pussy juice that had dried a little. Her inner lips were swollen with her desire and the crinkly hole of her sex was shiny wet. She rubbed her fingers on her clit and her other hand pinched her nipples.

Amanda just spread her cunt open with her hands and stuck one hand up her cunt almost to the wrist. She shoved a few finger up her ass and made herself cum in about 30 seconds.

I went to Amanda and put my face in her pussy licking her from asshole to clit. Her cunt was so wet and open I thought I would be able to put my head in her hole. Lois crawled between my legs and sucked my cock down her throat. I started to fuck her face with short slow strokes and Amanda face fucked me with a vengeance. I added a few fingers to her cunt and that just made her all the wilder. Lois had me down her throat and her tongue was licking my balls. I could just reach her cunt with my other hand and I finger fucked her while I was tongue lashing Amanda.

Amanda squirted in my face and had a hard cum almost breaking my neck when she wrapped her legs around my head and fucked me back hard. Lois was fucking my hand as I stroked my fingers in her pussy, my palm pressing her clit. I was ready to cum and I knew she could feel my cock head swelling up getting ready to shoot my seed into her throat. She backed off a little and I blasted a half a dozen ropes of cum in her mouth, she swallowed fast enough that she didn’t lose any of my cream. She nursed on the head of my cock until I couldn’t stand it anymore.

She hadn’t had a good cum yet so I switch away from Amanda and stuck my tongue in her cunt. She was ready for it and I added a few fingers to her pussy and one to her ass. That was bringing her to the brink and I dug deep in her twisting my hand a little to increase the friction on the walls of her cunt. She wailed as she hit her peak and stiffened, her toes curled up and her legs trembled with the pleasure that I had given her.

We took a little rest and I had a chance to appreciate Lois’ body as I hadn’t seen her in a few weeks. Her legs were spread Kemer travesti a little and her plump pussy mound looked like a ripe peach with her tight slit making the seam. Her tits were plump but didn’t sit high on her chest and the nipples were extended and very suckable.

She was sitting next to Amanda with one finger in the top of her slit massaging her clit. Amanda had her feet up on the seat with her legs spread wide open inviting anyone to come and amuse her. I waited to see if Lois would accept and didn’t have to wait very long when Lois dropped to her knees and started lapping at her wet cunt.

I moved behind Lois and slowly slid my cock into her pussy. Being wet and having cum once already it readily sucked me in. I started a slow fuck and she groaned pushing back on me as she ate Amanda’s cunt. I bent over Lois and pulled Amanda’s face to mine and we kissed passionately, her tongue was like a snake and I swear she could get it halfway down my throat. I mauled her tits as we kissed and she was getting more excited as Lois lapped and fingered her.

I could feel her tension building and remembered from the last time we had been together that someone was going to get splashed and since I wasn’t between her thighs it was going to be Lois. Sure enough Amanda shrieked and wailed as she had another cum and as Lois looked up she got a mouthful on girl cum.

I don’t think she had ever been squirted on before because she had a puzzled look on her face like she had been pissed on. I laughed as I kept on fucking her and told her to taste it and she would see that it wasn’t piss but female ejaculate. She licked tentively and went back for some more. I told her to keep fingering Amanda’s cunt because she had a lot to give her if she wanted it. She did and was rewarded with a few more splashes. I could feel her cunt clench each time Amanda gave her a treat and started to fuck her hard and fast.

I had already cum once and I knew I would be able to last as long as needed. She was building up to another peak and I reached around to tweak her nipples but Amanda was already there. She pulled hard on the nipples and it sent Lois over the edge once again.

I needed a rest so we sat together in a pile and played with one another while Amanda explained how she and Lois had gotten together. It seems that Lois and Amanda’s daughter Eve were more than friends in college and between boyfriends they amused one another with girl games. One time during a semester break Lois came home with her and they stayed with Amanda and her husband. It seems that while the Rev. James was taking care of his flock, Mrs. James surprised her daughter and Lois one sultry afternoon and joined in the fun.

She said that her husband didn’t know anything about it so he never got the chance to have a foursome with Amanda and the two girls. Ever since, whenever they were together they would play lesbian games but all of them preferred a hard cock. Amanda said I would have to meet her daughter some day and that she was just as highly sexed as she was.

All this talk was getting the women excited again and Amanda led me to the bedroom and pushed me back on the bed. She straddled my hips and impaled herself on my cock. I slid in to the root and my balls were nestled in her ass crack with her pussy juice lubing us nicely. She rotated her hips to settle my cock where she wanted it and leaned forward rubbing her clit on my shaft.

Lois came up from behind her and I felt her hand rub Amanda’s ass. She groaned and a sharp intake of breath told me that a finger had caressed her asshole. Lois moved closer and I felt some pressure as Amanda bore down on me. I felt something large rub against my cock thru the thin membrane of her pussy and I realized that Lois was fucking her ass with a strap on.

We got in a rhythm with me stroking in as she pulled out, keeping Amanda on a fast track to a major cum. She was trying to get something going that she could control but because we were on alternate strokes all she could do is lay there and gasp as we fucked her silly. She was gasping for breath, screaming occasionally and cursing for us to make her cum.

I could feel my cock swelling up getting ready to cum and Lois looked like she was going to make it also. Amanda finally reached her peak and trembled from head to foot. I shot rope after rope into her and Lois rolled her eyes back in her head and buried the dildo as deep as it would go.

We all fell in a heap and Amanda said that was amazing. Lois unstrapped the harness that she and I saw why she came so hard, the dildo was double ended and she had about 6 inches of it deep in her own cunt.

I was tapped out and the girls were playing with each other. Lois spread her thighs apart as Amanda squatted and placed her pussy on Lois’. They scissored for a few minutes and I brought the double ended dildo to the horny pair. Amanda backed off just enough to stick the fake cock in her vagina and squatted again sticking what was left in Lois. They each had at least 6 inches in Konyaaltı travesti their pussies and rubbed their cunts together until they were clit to clit fucking each other with the dildo. I had to wonder why they needed me when they could have so much fun with each other.

Amanda squirted on Lois again and much to her surprise she squirted also. By the time they were done wetting one another the bed was soaking and they didn’t give any indication that they were getting tired. They kept fucking and fucking, groaning, crying and screaming their heads off. Amanda reached up and pulled Lois’ nipples so hard I thought that they would come off and Lois pulled Amanda’s just as hard. They wrestled around on the bed never letting the fake cock escape their frothing cunts and finally ended up with their lips clamped to one another in a passionate kiss.

I think Lois fainted because she just fell away from Amanda and lay on the bed breathing deeply. Amanda let her be and slid the dildo out of her own cunt and came over to me sitting in my lap squirming around on my now hard cock. Her cunt was still leaking girl cream and it coated my cock making it slippery and when she felt it against her pucker she pushed and it slid up her ass all the way to my balls. She was sitting sideways and I could put the fingers of one hand in her cunt and with the other play with one of her tits.

I knew she really loved to get fucked in the ass and I did my best to take care of her as she squirmed and pumped my stiff cock in her hot dark hole. I think she wanted me to fist her but in this position I couldn’t do it. Her ass gripped my cock hard as I shot rope after rope of cum in her bowels. She came hard with me and fell against me shuddering again and again.

Lois was finally joining the living and reached for the dildo that Amanda had left hanging from her pussy, stroking it in and out rather than removing it. Her hand was becoming a blur as she fucked herself again. We sat with my cock lodged in her ass watching Lois fucking herself with the dildo.

I was amazed as she seemed to take most of the twelve inches into her squelching cunt. She came hard again and fell back in the bed gasping for breath. Amanda got off my lap and went to the bed and sat on her face wanting her tongue to clean and lap our juices from her. Lois welcomed her cunt and sucked and licked her clean bringing her to another small orgasm.

They were done for the time being and just laid in each other’s arms. I covered them up with a light blanket as they fell asleep in the throes of their orgasms. I took advantage of the break and headed for the shower to clean myself up. The hot water felt great and I couldn’t even get a twitch from my cock as I washed the spunk and pussy juice from it. My balls were drawn up tight and I knew I was not going to be worth a shit until at least tomorrow. I went to the guest room and fell asleep on top of the covers ALONE.

I woke up to the smell of coffee and bacon. Checking to see if I still had a cock I slipped into a pair of boxers, went to the bathroom and then to the kitchen. Amanda was fixing breakfast and Lois was stroking her dildo in and out of her cunt while she talked about what she wanted to do today. I must say it was a little disconcerting to watch her do that and talk as if nothing was going on. Amanda had found the bananas, laid them on the counter and I knew Lois was considering using one of them in place of the fake cock.

I joked and said if she used one I would have to eat it out of her pussy. She promptly threw the dildo on the floor and grabbed a banana and shoved it deep in her cunt. The only thing sticking out was the stem so I took a knife and carefully make a cut so I could peel the skin back. I started to peel the banana and eat it as I slowly slid it out of her cunt. I knew it was moving around inside her as I munched my morning snack. She had a small cum as I finished the fruit and removed what was left of the peel from her.

Amanda looked on with interest as I lapped Lois’ cunt to clean some pussy syrup from it for a topper on my snack. I was sure Amanda wanted some attention but I was all fucked out from the night before. We had breakfast and the girls decided to clean up, get dressed and be on their way. We all kissed goodbye, saying we would have a good time again in the future.

Chapter 50

Memorial Day was just a few days away and I finally found out where the celebration was going to take place. Grace had a pool and decided to host the party this year. It had been warm and the pool would feel great. I knew I would be the “grill man” and I didn’t mind doing the cooking as it gave me a chance to appreciate all the feminine goodies all around me.

The day had arrived and I cooked my special pork shoulder for pulled pork sandwiches and left for Grace’s place. I pulled in the driveway and as planned I was one of the first to arrive recognizing the other car in the drive as belonging to Jasmine. I grabbed my pork (the cooked meat) and headed out back and found Grace and Jasmine laughing and enjoying themselves as they prepared the tables. I walked up to them and handed Grace my dish and asked if she wanted me to start the charcoal grill yet. She suggested that we would be eating a little later so the grill could wait awhile.

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