Escape Room for Jocks Pt. 07

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The door to the next room opened, Jake and Andy walked in. This room was rather large, estimated at 10 by 12 meters and 5 meters in height. This room gave a bit more a picture of where the guys were held captive. There were some old and out of order machines in the room, some remains of pipelines and ventilation shafts on the ceiling. Half broken control panels and screens, some scattered assembly lines. This whole building seemed to be some kind of abandoned factory.

When the guys took one step into the new room, the door closed. On a large TV screen, the number ‘1000’ appeared and started counting down. “Wow, already?” Jake asked when he saw the time on the screen.

Andy’s gaze raged across the room, there were 4, thin, wooden walls in the middle of the room. Each of them was 2 by 2 meters and formed a square. In the middle of a square stood a box-shaped device on a stand, it looked like a photo camera. The camera had 4 lenses, one for aiming at each wall. There was a 1-meter high bench placed underneath every wall, the whole concept looked kind of puzzling.

On the left side of the room, there was a door that belonged to a freight elevator, but it was closed. On the other side of the room were 2 more steel doors. There were the usual cameras spread across the room, but nothing else hinted at a clue. “How about an explanation!?” Andy asked to one of the camera’s, hoping that their captors would give them some clues, but no answer came.

“Guess we are on our own.” Jake said, who walked to the middle of the room, to inspect the photo camera device.

“Whatever the task is, we have less than 1000 seconds to solve it.” Andy said, a little stressed out. He wasn’t really used to solving puzzles and coming with solutions, he needed to receive a task, and get it done.

Jake looked around the square area, something obviously needed to happen with the photo camera device. Andy inspected the benches that were near each wall, each of them had a few pillows on them. They looked very comfortable to lay and rest on, but it didn’t really show the added value. On the top side of each bench was a large, red button.

When Andy looked down a bit, he saw a text written on the bench in front of him. ‘A man with his dog’ the text said. “Hey Jake, what do you think this means?” Andy asked. Jake closed into where Andy was standing, read the text, and shrugged, clearly having no idea either.

Jake walked towards another bench, looking if there was another text written. On this bench stood the text ‘A preacher going abroad’. Jake made a confused look, not really sure what all of this meant. Andy and he walked to the third bench where the text ‘A rider sitting on his horse the wrong way.’ was written.

The last text on the last bench was ‘two numbers, different value, same shape.’ Andy and Jake looked confused at each other. “What the hell does this even mean?” Andy asked, getting somewhat impatient with this puzzle.

“Well, 2 numbers that have the same shape…which ones do you know?” Jake asked.

Both Jocks were thinking hard, math not really being their favorite subject. “Well…the only ones I can think of are the 6 and the 9.” Andy said.

Then, a spark ignited in Jake’s mind. “6 and 9…69…OF COURSE! These are sex positions!” he said loudly.

Jake read the text again, now it started to make more sense. “69…that’s position 69.” he said and turned his attention to the other benches. “A man with his dog…that’s doggy style. The rider who sits on his horse the wrong way…err…” Jake was thinking.

“Reverse cowgirl…” Andy said, having his own bright moment. “Or well…cowboy in this case.”

Jake fell silent for a second, picturing Andy and him in this position. Jake laying on the pillows and Andy riding his cock. Turned around, so he would have a view over his back, his sweaty, muscled, twitching back.

“And this?” Andy said, bringing Jake out of his trance. “A preacher going abroad.”

“A preacher?” There are no sex positions with a preacher in its name, well, non that Jake knew off. “Preacher…prea…abroad…wait a minute, a preacher going on a mission. Of course, missionary position!” he said.

“So we have all 4 positions…then what now?” Andy asked, hoping that Jake would be the brain in this.

Jake was thinking for a while, also not really sure what needed to happen here. He repeated the sex positions in his mind, looked at the benches, at the photo camera device. After a minute he realized what needed to happen.

“I think we…we need to get our picture taken.” he said. “It looks like we need to sit in these positions and take a shot.”

“Sounds easy enough,” Andy said while layin himself on the bench of the 69 position. “Now come on, let’s do this.”

Jake smirked and climbed on the bench. “You’re pretty eager to have a guy on top of you.” Jake teased, He grabbed Andy’s feet and made sure his face was near to Andy’s dick. Andy also took Jake’s ankles in his hand and aimed his friend’s lower body to Maltepe travesti his face.

“Well…as long as it’s you I won’t mind.” Andy chuckled. When both boys laid on each other in 69 position, Andy pushed the red button on the bench. Nothing happened, however.

“Maybe…we need to make it a bit more realistic.” Jake suggested and with that said took the top of Andy’s cock in his mouth. Andy made a shaking moan from the feeling of Jake’s soft lips touching his manhood again. Andy swallowed his pride, he took Jake’s dick in his hand and also stuck the top in his mouth.

Both guys were not sucking each other, they wanted to prevent either of them from cumming. Andy pushed the red button, and the camera device activated. A flash appeared from the camera in front of their bench and a green light was lit above it.

This was for the boys the signal that they had done well. Andy and Jake stepped off from the bench and went to the one that required the reverse cowgirl position. Andy laid himself on the soft pillows on the bench and invited Jake to sit on his lap. Jake doubted for a second, not really sure if he had to take Andy’s dick in his ass. Despite that it wasn’t as bad as he feared, he was still quite uncomfortable with this whole thing.

“Jake come on! It’s just for that picture, nothing more!” Andy hissed. Jake broke out of his trance and walked over to Andy. He placed himself on Andy’s crotch area with his head facing his feet. When Jake’s butt touched Andy’s manhood, the doubt disappeared completely. He loved the feeling of sitting on Andy like this, imagining riding him like a wild beast.

“Lay your hands on my ass! Now please!” Jake said, almost demanding. He couldn’t help it, he felt hornier and sluttier by the second he was in this messed up game. Andy did as he was told and gladly laid his large hands on Jake’s fine ass. Jake closed his eyes in pleasure while rubbing his hands over his upper body and moving over Andy’s erected manhood. If there wasn’t a time limit, the boys would love to stay like this the entire day. Andy pressed the button, a flash appeared and a green light was lit, they had taken the right position.

The guys were making good progress. They stepped off from the bench and went to the one that needed the missionary position. The missionary wasn’t very hard to do. Jake laid on his back on the pillows and Andy went on top of him, Jake wrapped his legs around Andy’s waist.

Andy’s and Jake’s eyes met, the heat of the moment sparked in between their vision. Andy smirked and started rocking his lower body, dry humping his best friend.

“We have to keep going.” Jake chuckled, “No matter how hot this is.”

Andy smirked and kissed Jake on his lips. “You press the button,” he said while he didn’t stop dry humping Jake. “I’ll keep it realistic.” he smirked.

“Don’t forget we’ve got a time limit,” Jake said, both amused and worried about Andy’s increasing horniness. Jake pushed the button. A flash was seen, the camera device took the picture of the two boys in the missionary position. They needed one more pose to advance, doggy style.

“Fuck yeah, doggy style.” Andy hissed and walked towards the last bench.

Before Andy could take place, Jake grabbed his arm and turned him around. “This time, you’ll bottom.” he smirked.

Andy smirked back, “Are you sure you’re man enough to dominate me?” he asked challenging.

Jake smirked but said nothing, he slapped Andy on his ass, signing that he should be on all fours. Andy placed himself on his hands and knees on the bench and Jake placed himself behind the larger man. Andy wiggled his ass teasingly in Jake’s direction, who was already struggling to control himself. It took a lot of effort not to fuck Andy here and now, to have him experience what it feels like to have a dick up your ass. But Jake managed to control himself, he brought his lower body closer to Andy’s butt and pushed the button with his right hand.

The fourth camera flashed and a fourth green light was lit. Andy and Jake looked at the freight elevator, but it didn’t open yet. Instead, the right door on the other side of the room had opened itself. “Figured, just this would have been a little too easy for 1000 seconds.” Jake said as he stepped off from the bench.

Andy looked at the large timer screen, 801 seconds remained. Still quite a lot of time, they had lost most of it by figuring out what this puzzle was.

“Come on, let’s get on whit this!” Andy said, he grabbed Jake’s arm and dragged him towards the open door. Jake wanted to look around a bit more, this room was rather large and might hold some more clues. But he agreed with Andy, this task was pretty straight forward. And the sooner they would finish this, the more chance they would have of winning this game.

The room that the open door had revealed was lit up with some industrial lamps on the ceiling. Adding more to the factory environment that they were in. Something was written on the wall in the other room, Ümraniye travesti though it was hard to see what it was from this distance.

Andy and Jake entered the new room, and immediately, the door closed behind them, locking them in. The new room was about 9 meters long and going to the right. There was an open door on the other side of the room, along with a large screen that showed the time and a camera in the corner. The room was completely empty, apart from a cover of tiles, each half a meter by half a meter, laying in the middle of the room. The tiles reached from wall to wall and covered about 6 meters of the room.

Jake read the text on the wall, it said: ‘careful, only step on the even numbers.’

Jake and Andy looked at each other, this would not be very hard. Until Andy looked at the tiles, there were no numbers, there were letters on them.

“Wha…what is…these are not numbers!” he said. He saw the letters X, I, L, V, and C, all scattered over the tiles.

Jake looked at the tiles, “Yes, these are numbers…Roman numbers.” he said.

Andy looked even more confused, he was no prodigy with math problems, let alone with Roman numbers. “So what are we supposed to do?” he asked.

“It’s not so hard as it looks, we just have to find the even numbers, those are 2, 4, 6, 8, 10, and so on.” Jake said as his eyes went over the first line of tiles. He saw the letters VIII, on the most left tile, which was the number 8. Carefully, he stepped on it. He felt that the tiles were covered in soft soap, which could make jumping across rather dangerous. “Careful Andy, these things are slippery, just follow in my footsteps.”

At that moment, a hissing sound was to be heard. Andy and Jake gasped and looked around the room. There were some vents in the wall, that blew in some white, cloudy smoke. At first sight, it seemed like condensation, but when Andy and Jake inhaled, they recognized the smell. It was that same weird gas that was used in the room where they were forced to kiss.

Andy was no fan of long waiting and thinking, he wanted to make progress, and the other side was not far away. “Fuck this shit! What is going to happen anyway?!” Andy said and walked forward, not even paying attention to the tiles.

Andy stepped on tile XI, and immediately he felt an electric shock rage through his body. Going from his feet, all the way to his arms. Andy screamed and jumped back on the solid ground. The shock wasn’t very much volt, but it still hurt quite a bit, his entire body shook and tingled.

“You fucking moron!” Jake screamed. “It is literally spelled out what you have to do! And still, you manage to screw up!” Jake shouted.

Andy inhaled, still shocked from his electrocution, and looked at Jake. “You don’t actually believe everything that these perverts tell us right?!” he asked.

“No not everything! But when such an obvious clue is written in front of you, I don’t see another choice!” Jake shouted, frustrated with Andy’s thick skull and bold attitude. Jake relaxed and looked at Andy, “These guys push us out of our comfort zones for a reason. And I really would like to find out why so follow in my footsteps.” he demanded.

Andy sighed and walked over to Jake who was searching which tile to step on next. On the right, diagonally opposite of where he stood he saw the letters IV, which was 4 if he remembered correctly. Jake carefully stepped forward on the tile IV and looked around for the next. Andy stepped on VIII and awaited Jake’s next move.

This task wasn’t very hard, but it did cost quite a bit of time. Jake had the most experience of the two with Roman numbers. But with every tile row they advanced the numbers became more complex.

“CVII, that’s an even number, because there are 4 letters…right?” Andy asked while pointing at a tile, trying to be helpful.

“No, it’s not how many letters there are, it’s which ones and in which order.” Jake said, “This is 57…or no, errr…107.” Jake said. The popper gas that was pumped into the room made his head spin and made it much harder to concentrate.

Jake carefully stepped on tile LXIV, which after some thinking and calculating, he remembered as 64. Andy followed behind him, standing on the previous tile. Also Andy’s mind succumbed to the drug being pumped into the room, his head spun, and his horniness increased with great steps.

Jake placed himself on the CXXVI tile on the second last row. He figured that he could jump towards the other side from here. Jake jumped over the last row of tiles, it was just a half meter and the solid floor was not covered in soft soap. When Andy stood on tile CXXVI, he followed Jake’s example. When both guys were on the other side, they looked at the timer. 673 seconds remained, both of them were glad that they made it, though Andy was a bit frustrated with the number of potential points lost.

Jake and Andy stepped through the open door into the next room. They stood in a very small room, about 2 by 2 meters in Tuzla travesti size. On the left wall, at about a meter height, there was something that Andy was very familiar with, a Pink Lady crawl space.

“Do you think we’ll fit both in there at the same time?” Andy asked teasingly.

Jake chuckled. Despite that he liked the idea of being stuck with Andy in one of these slimy things, it just wasn’t practical. “I’ll go first,” Jake said, curious to try this thing out.

Jake moved the silicone material out of the way with his hands and looked inside the crawl space. It looked very narrow and tight, it surprised Jake that Andy had managed to get through one of these things.

“One hint, don’t get distracted with how awesome it feels.” Andy said.

Jake chuckled, “Will do,” he said and stuck his head and his upper body in.

When Jake entered the weird crawl space, he realized what Andy meant. This thing felt really good, it was flexible, warm, and moist with all kinds of lube and goo. Almost like a real Pink Lady fleshlight, but much bigger. Jake pulled himself forward and crawled as fast as he could, not trying to give in to the delicious feeling around him.

“How are Jake and Andy doing?” Tristan asked Mike. Tristan had watched on another monitor to Cody and Valentine solving their puzzle.

“They have made good progress,” Mike said, looking at the monitor. It showed Andy standing in the small room, waiting for Jake to come out on the other side of the crawl space. “They had solved the sex position benches quite quickly, but Andy was such a delicious fool with the electric tiles.” Mike chuckled.

Tristan looked at the motion detectors of the crawl space, seeing that Jake was about halfway through. “Let’s make it a little more challenging for our boys.” he said and pushed a button under the screen.

This went rather well for Jake. He had to admit that this crawlspace felt just amazing and was really tempting to hump in. But he saved his self-control. made his way through as quickly as he could. He was shocked, however, when the insides of the crawlspace started moving. The inner walls made pulsing motions backward, basically kneading and sucking Jake back in.

“Wow, easy there big girl!” Jake hissed and tried his best to get out of this thing.

“Jake, what’s happening?” Andy asked back in the room. He saw that the opening of the crawlspace was moving and spasming, with his best friend in it.

“This is one hungry thing! It’s sucking me back!” Jake shouted back. He pulled himself forward with all the strength he had. He made progress, but the suction of the walls was powerful. Jake moaned from the feeling of his lower body and his dick being sucked so deliciously back inside.

After a while he reached the other side, his arms came out first, followed by his gasping head. Jake pulled himself out of the crawl space, silverish threads of lube followed with him. When he was safely back on solid ground, he shouted to the other side. “I made it! You can come through!”

Andy took a deep breath and crawled into the moving crawl space. Andy had some experience with these things from the last room, so he knew he had to move fast. However, the sucking, spasming motions of the inner walls were new to him, and made it much harder, even for a large, strong guy like him.

The fact that the inner walls sucked Andy back in with every inch he tried to crawl forward made it hard. Andy moaned softly as his hot, sensitive body rubbed over the delicious silicone walls, and a very familiar feeling touched his nerves. However, Andy had learned that he shouldn’t give in to this sensation. He gathered his strength and pulled himself further. Jake had out pretty fast, so he guessed that the exit was not far away.

Jake smiled when he saw Andy’s hands and arms appear out of the crawl space, followed by his head and his upper body. Andy laid his hands on the cool floor and pulled himself fully out of the crawl space that still tried to suck him back in. When Andy was completely out, he stood up, took a deep breath, and smiled at Jake. “That was fun.” he smirked, “So what now?”

“I’m not sure yet.” Jake said, looking at the next room that they were about to face. It looked like there were some fences in the way.

Jake and Andy walked to the next room, finding out that they stood in a giant cage. The room that they stood in was rather large, about 5 by 8 meters. Various fences, reaching from the ceiling to the floor, formed smaller cages in the room. Jake and Andy stood in between the room that they came from, a wall and 2 fences. There was no clear way to be seen. In between some of the fences, there was a monitor showing the time. 598 seconds were remaining.

Jake looked at the wall on his right, seeing on waist height another hole in the wall. Another one where he needed to stick his cock in to activate the mechanism. Jake wasted no time, he walked to the hole, aimed his cock, and shoved it in. Immediately, when the tip of his dick touched the button in the hole, the fence in front of them opened.

Jake pulled out of the hole, but before he and Andy thought that this wouldn’t be hard, the fence closed again. “Guess someone needs to stay in there.” Andy said, looking at the closed fence and the hole.

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