The Widower Chronicles Ch. 02

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Chapter 02: Lucy

I had grown to really love this time of the day. The kids had just left for school and the house was quiet. I was relaxing in the den with my coffee and newspaper. There seemed to be nothing really exciting going on in the world. Actually, I was completely bored. After April had died, I quit my job so that I could concentrate on getting my life back in order. It was still tough after six months, but life was starting to move ahead again. The clock read nine o’clock and I had all day to do nothing.

I started to think about the job offer from Lucy. It was very enticing and I wanted to do some more research before I spoke to her again. I put the paper down and went up to my office. What I needed to find out is exactly how bad the housing market was at this point. My old job had cut a lot of jobs and from what I understand; they were still trying to cut costs. Before I decided to invest a lot of money, I wanted to be sure I wouldn’t lose my shirt. It’s not as if I couldn’t afford to do this, but I wasn’t stupid either.

I had barely settled down when the phone rang. “Hey Frank, its Robin. You busy?”

“No, not really. I was just sitting down to do some research on a project. What are you up to?”

“Just got home from my shift and wanted to say hi. Actually, I’ve been home long enough to get into bed, but I can’t seem to fall asleep. So I thought I’d call.”

“I figured since you didn’t call yet you were already asleep. Didn’t your shift end a couple of hours ago?”

“Well, yeah, but I got called into your mom’s office and grilled about our date. I tried to play it off as innocent, but I’m pretty sure she suspects more. I do have a bit of a reputation.”

“She stopped by here yesterday and gave me the same interrogation. I held strong though. How’d you make out?”

“Not so well. It got out that I spent the night. I didn’t really go into details, but she didn’t seem upset, so I guess that’s good. I also told her I was planning on seeing you again and that seemed to make her happy.”

“I’m sure I’ll hear all about it later tonight. So you have to work again tonight?”

“Yes. I work four ten hour shifts, then I’m off for three days. I like the four day work week, but I really hate when it takes the whole weekend away. Makes having a social life kind of difficult.”

“I remember my mom doing a schedule that had her working every weekend. It was tough to do family things.”

“I guess that’s where I have an advantage. The only person inconvenienced is me.”

“So, how does your schedule work? I mean on days your work?”

“Well, on my first day back, I try and take a nap so that I’m not too tired in the middle of a shift. My biggest problem is about five in the morning. So I usually drink some coffee which screws with my schedule after work. I’d like to be sleeping right now, but I’m wired and can’t seem to close my eyes. By the last night, I’ve slept about ten hours and just hang out till my shift begins.”

“Maybe going to the gym or exercising after your shift would help. I know it works for me.”

“Now that the weather is warmer, I plan to start hitting the gym again. Time to lose my winter fat and get into bikini shape.”

“At least you don’t have very much to work off. I think you’re in bikini shape now.”

“Stop, you’re making me blush.”

“Just being honest.”

“Well, maybe you can see me again soon and make a quick reassessment, because as far as I’m concerned, I need to lose a few pounds. My middle is getting mushy.”

“Your middle was perfect. And I don’t need to make a reassessment.”

“Thank you. That’s nice to hear.”

“So how was your shift?”

“Long and boring, which is good. I did sit with a patient most of the night. She was having problems sleeping, which is understandable.”

“That sucks. So, after you sleep, what’s your plan?”

“If I sleep. I had one too many cups of coffee before I left. I should probably just get out of bed and do something and hope I can get some sleep later. But usually I just putter around the house till I leave for work.”

“Well, why don’t you come over here and hang with me?”

“Now that’s an interesting idea. Maybe you can do your reassessment of me.”

“Is that what the kids are calling it?”

“Funny man. But I’m sure that was your little head doing the asking. Maybe I could come over, give you a quickie and then leave so you can get on with your day.”

“I’m sorry. Are you mad about something?”

“Only myself. And I’m sorry I’m taking it out on you, but I promised myself I wouldn’t do what I did with you. And now you’re asking me to come over for another round. And I’m ready to jump into my car and do it.”

“Then don’t. It’s your choice. But I figured you could come over, sit by the pool and swim and then crash here. I’d even fix dinner for you before you had to go to work.”

There was a long silence on the other end. “Shit. I’m so stupid sometimes. I’d love to come over. But can I take a rain check? Maybe I can take you up on your offer tomorrow?”

“I Lara Travesti don’t want to push you into something you don’t want to do.”

“In all honesty, I was going to ask you anyway. I really do want to come now, but I’m so tired that I’m afraid to drive now. Maybe I should have called you as soon as my shift ended.” There was another long pause. “But you could come over here. I really do want to be with you. But I understand if you don’t want to.”

“Tell you what. Get some sleep now. I have a feeling if I got into my car right now, you’d be asleep before I got there. Tomorrow, come straight over here and I’ll have breakfast waiting for you.”

“Sometimes I hate logic. But you’re probably right. And breakfast sounds good.”

“So get some sleep and I’ll talk to you in the morning.”

“Is it OK if I call you later? Maybe when I take my break?”

“Don’t call too late. I usually don’t answer the phone after nine.”

“Well, then I’ll just talk to you in the morning. Have a good day.”

“You too.” I hung up a little disappointed, but I understood. I went back to doing my research and about two o’clock my phone rang again.

“Hi Frank, its Lucy. Do you have a few minutes to talk?”

“Sure, what’s up?”

“First, thanks for last night. It was the best time I’d had in weeks. And also thanks for understanding. Most guys would have taken advantage of me.”

“You’re welcome on both accounts. I’m looking forward to our dates.”

“I bet. And so am I, which is my second reason for calling. What are you doing tomorrow night?”

“Um, nothing that I can think of. Well, nothing after about six. What do you have in mind?”

“Dinner. I know it short notice, but there is a realtor’s banquet and I’d like you to be my date. It’s formal dress, so I hope you have a suit and tie. It starts at eight.”

“I do have a suit that’s in pretty good shape. I used to wear it to the dinners for home builders. I probably still fit into it.”

“Awesome. Than it’s a date. And my third reason for calling was to see if you’ve considered my offer.”

“I already told you I’m good for tomorrow. Just two more after that.”

She giggled and I imagined her breasts jiggling. “Funny guy. I’m talking about the foreclosure project.”

“I know. I’m just messing with you. I’ve actually been doing a lot of research today. I’d like to see some of the properties you are talking about before I commit to anything.”

“I can do that. I’ve got about four or five I’m considering. What are you doing right now?”

“Nothing I can’t put off.”

“Good. Let me email you the ones I’m thinking about and then call me back and we’ll take a walk around.”

“OK, send away.” I waited a few minutes and finally got her email. “I just got them.”

“Good. Call me back when you’re ready. I’ve cleared my schedule till dinner.”

“Will do.” I hung up and took a look at the links she sent me. It was hard to tell what needed to be done from the pictures and descriptions, but I took one look at the price and cringed. There must have been a lot of damage to some of these because they were valued way below what they should have been going for. I called Lucy back. “OK, it’s hard to see for certain what needs to be done, but are these prices correct?”

“Yes. And the pictures don’t do them any justice. Do you want to go check them out?”

“Sure. I’ll meet you at the first one in twenty minutes.”

“See you there.”

I dug out my digital camera, notepad and some other tools from the garage and drove over to the first property on the list. It was a relatively new home in an upper class neighborhood. The homes were going for close to a million dollars, but this one was asking under half a million. Lucy was waiting for me in the driveway when I pulled up. She was dressed professionally, but still very sexy. Her silk blouse was unbuttoned to just about her nipple line, which left some very nice cleavage showing. Her skirt came to just above her knees and she was wearing three-inch heels that accentuated her calves nicely. Her hair was loose and hung down over her left shoulder. She was one sexy creature.

“Hey Frank. I’m glad you made it.” She was very professional in her demeanor as we approached the house.

“So, tell me about this. The description left a lot to desire considering the price.”

“Well, one thing you have to remember is that a lot of these, the bank are just trying to get its money out of it. In this case, the previous owner had been here about ten years and suddenly lost his job. I don’t know all the details, but rumor has it that the guy lost his shirt in some sort of investment and just disappeared. But he did a lot of damage inside and out back. You’ll have to see to understand.”

She unlocked the door and we entered. As soon as we entered, the smell of rot, mold and smoke hit my like a hammer. Lucy apparently wasn’t ready for the smell either and we both had to back out of the house.

“Holy shit, did something die in there?”

Lucy’s eyes opened wide when I said Manavgat travesti that and quickly called 9-1-1. At first I was confused, but realized what she was doing when she explained what happened to the dispatcher. Ten minutes later two sheriff’s cars arrived and a good buddy of mine came over. Mark and I had been in high school together and been best friends for years. I hadn’t seen much of him the last couple of years since he had gotten married and started having kids.

“Frank, how’s it going buddy? What are you doing here?”

“I came with Ms. Angelo to take a look at the property. As soon as we opened the door, we were hit with the stench of rot. Ms. Angelo stated that the owner had mysteriously disappeared and came up with the idea that he may be in the house.”

“Howdy, ma’am. We’ll take a look around. Do you mind standing back?”

“Yes sir.” She was definitely shaken and I pulled her over to my truck and gave her some water to drink. “Do you think that smell is really the owner?”

“I doubt it, but I’m glad you called the sheriff. They’ll figure it out. Mark and the other deputy had entered the house and I could follow them by the light from flashlights. After about ten minutes, Mark and his partner came back out of the house. They both looked a little green around the eyes, but handled themselves well.

“We didn’t find anything, but it’s going to take a more thorough look to find out what’s causing the smell. We checked the fridge, but there’s no food in it and the house looks rather clean, except for the damage. I’ve called for cadaver dogs to do a more thorough search. I also called in a hazmat team just in case.”

“Wonderful. And I thought this would be a quick walk through.” Lucy looked upset and I just smiled at her to let her know I was joking. She gave me a weak smile and slumped back against the truck. “So, what do we do now?”

“Wait. I want to make sure there’s nothing toxic inside before anyone else goes in. So, I need to ask what you are doing here?”

“Well, Lucy is a real estate agent and we had been discussing a deal to buy this house, fix it up and resell it. We didn’t even get two steps into the house when the smell took our breath away.”

Mark turned to Lucy who was definitely not looking well. “Have you been here before?”

“No sir. It’s in foreclosure and my office has been discussing this as possible means for income. I knew Frank through his wife and ran into him yesterday. The idea kind of took hold pretty quickly, so I hadn’t really been to the house. Just some research online.”

The mention of April got Mark’s attention and he looked at me quickly before turning back to April.

“Do you know if anyone has been here?”

“No sir. It’s owned by the bank, so they may have people that take care of this house. But I couldn’t tell you for sure.”

“OK, I’ll have to contact them.” Just then the hazmat truck arrived with a few other deputies. In short order they had the equipment ready and were in the house to inspect. While they worked, Mark turned to me.

“I’m really sorry about April. It always killed me that I couldn’t be there when they came to tell you.”

“Hey, don’t worry about it. How could you have known? The important thing is that you were there for me afterwards. I probably never told you how much I appreciate what you guys did.”

“Hey, I know you’d do the same for me. So, how are the kids?”

“They’re good. Cindy’s ready to graduate next month and the boys are getting huge.”

“I know. I saw Billy play last season. He’s a beast, just like his old man.”

I laughed at that and Lucy turned to look at me.

“She doesn’t know probably. But this man was the hardest hitter in high school football. He still holds the record for tackles, sacks and forced fumbles in the state. He’d have gone pro if it weren’t for one bad hit.”

“Tore my shoulder to bits and I was done.” Lucy just stared at me for a few minutes and then turned back to the house. The hazmat team had finished and given the all clear. The next team in was the cadaver dogs. By now a large crowd had gathered and the place was surrounded by yellow tape. Mark’s boss had arrived and he went to give his report.

‘You played football?”

“Yeah, a long time ago.”

There was admiration in her eyes, which kind of surprised me. “That explains your boys. From what I’ve heard, they are a dangerous duo on the field.”

I smiled proudly thinking about their exploits. Tommie was the starting quarterback while Billie played running back. For the last two years, they’ve been dominating high school football and both had already received interest from some of the biggest football schools in the country. It was definitely going to be an interesting couple of years.

Suddenly we heard excited barking from inside the house and a deputy came out and announced, “We found something in the basement. We’re going to need a sledge hammer and some other tools.”

Mark came over and said “Look, you guys don’t need to stick around. I’ve gotten Side travesti your statements and know how to reach you if I need any more info. This is going to take a while. I’ll call you later and let you know what I’ve found.”

“OK. But don’t forget to call.” I shook Mark’s hand and helped Lucy into her car. Before I pulled away, she took my hand.

“I could really use a drink about now. How about you?”

“A drink would be good. How about my place?”

“I’ll follow you.”

Ten minutes later I was home. Lucy was on the phone when she got out of her car. “I’ll finish telling you tomorrow. But for right now, I’m calling it an early day.” She paused as she listened to the other person. “OK. I’ll be in first thing tomorrow. Thanks.”

She walked over to me. “I just wanted to tell my boss what happened and to tell him I’d be off the clock the rest of the day. He didn’t seem to mind, but I’ll have to explain this all to him in the morning.”

“I understand. How about that drink?”

“Let’s go.” She had a small gym bag with her and she saw me glance at it. “Change of clothes. I usually try and hit the gym at lunch. I need to get these clothes off and maybe take a shower if you don’t mind.”

“Not at all. You can use the guest shower if that’s OK. I should probably shower too.” Before I could show her to the guest room, she wrapped her arms around my neck and was kissing me hard. I responded likewise until she pulled away.

“If you don’t mind, I would really like to use your shower.”

My dick jumped at the thought of seeing her naked. “No problem. Follow me.”

I led her to my bathroom and turned the water on for her. I wasn’t sure where this would go, but I tried to play it cool. That went out the window when I turned around and found her standing in just her panties. Her body was incredible. Her large tits stood firm on her chest and her nipples stuck out at least an inch. She was squatting over her gym bag to grab some shampoo and all I could do was stare. Without looking at me she pulled her panties off as she stood and then turned. Her mound was shaven except for a small triangle right above her clit. I was completely speechless and she was smiling at me as I stared.

“Are you going to help me get clean or just stand there?”

“You’re gorgeous. You just surprised me was all.”

“Thank you and that was the idea.”

I quickly stripped my clothes off and it was her turn to stare. I had always kept myself in shape, but with so much free time over the past several months, I’d taken my workout up a notch. I was actually in better shape now then when I played college ball with a well defined chest and abs. But her stare was focused lower as she got a look at my cock. I always knew I was large from being in the showers after games. Most of the guys gave me a hard time about it. Lucy was just staring openly at me and seemed to be in a trance. I reached into the shower to feel the water. Then I held my hand out to Lucy. She woke from her trance and stepped into the shower ahead of me. As the door closed, she turned to me and I took her into my arms. This kiss was hot and full of passion as I held her tightly against me. But suddenly I pulled away and she looked shocked at me.

“You need to wash your hair.”

“Oh shit. Does it smell?”

“Yeah. I don’t know if it’s because it’s wet now, but it didn’t smell before.”

She wasted no time pouring shampoo onto her hair and scrubbing it in. She must have been surprised when I started scrubbing her scalp and she quickly let me take control. I massaged my fingers into her scalp and she leaned back against me. I spent several minutes on her scalp before taking bunches of hair and scrubbing it with the shampoo. When I was satisfied, I grabbed the shower head and washed the shampoo out. After I had all the shampoo out, I replaced the shower head in its holder and took a deep breath of her hair. It smelled completely better and after sniffing a few more areas, kissed her neck.

As I kissed, she reached back and held my head so that my face was against her. I pulled her hair out of my way so that I could nibble her neck. I reached around her and cupped her large tits, enjoying the firmness of them. As I squeezed them, she titled her head away from my mouth to expose more of her neck. With one hand I tilted her chin towards me and kissed her mouth. She let out a small moan into my mouth as my hand continued to squeeze her tit. I felt her nipple harden under my palm.

With my other hand, I slid down her stomach till I reached the patch of hair about her pussy. But before I could move further down, she stopped me. “Slow. Please. Just move slowly.”

I moved my hand back up her body and turned her towards me. She pulled back just a little to stare up at me. “Please don’t rush me. I’m very nervous about this and don’t want to move to fast. Is that OK?”

I smiled at her. “That’s fine. You set the pace. Whatever you want, I’ll do.”

She pulled me tighter to her and we kissed more with the water running over us. There were actually multiple heads so we were both able to stay warm. The kissing built up again to more of frenzy, but I kept my hands on her lower back. I was several inches taller than her and she pulled away again. “My neck is starting to hurt. Can we go somewhere more comfortable?”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32