The Tutor Ch. 04

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Melanie was sitting in her room bored. Every few minutes she would look out of her second-story window to see if James had returned home. She had hoped to spend Friday night with him, but the chances of that happening were beginning to look bleak. She flipped through the cable channels repeatedly looking through the bland lineup of shows. Her friends invited her to go to the football game, but she turned it down having a better plan. Now, she wondered if she should have just gone to the football game with her friends.

The alarm clock read 8:30. She heard a car door close outside and jumped off her bed, scurrying for the window. She looked across the road and saw James walking along the side of his house to his door. She quickly slipped her feet inside her low-top sneakers, rushed downstairs and out the front door. She had decided earlier that she wanted to feel a slow pleasure. She wanted to be cuddled and slowly stroked.

James had no more than set his briefcase down on the kitchen table when he heard a knock at the door. He knew who it was. There was only one person that came to visit him, especially later in the evening. He felt himself smile, wondering what she was wearing tonight. He opened the door and greeted Melanie with a smile. He took a quick survey of her body as she walked past him into the house. She was wearing a pair of black shorts hugged her body. The white elastic band was rolled on the top of her shorts. The bottom of the shorts rode high on her hips, barely passing her crotch. She was wearing a short shirt that exposed her stomach and clung to her body. James could see her pink bra through her shirt. Her blond hair hung over the front of her shoulders, resting on her chest.

Taking a seat on the couch, Melanie patted the couch beside her. James took a seat to the right of her and asked, “What brings you to my house this evening Ms. Samuel.”

Melanie laughed at his proper speaking. “I want to watch a movie with you tonight, James.”

She handed him a CD inside a plastic case. James opened the case to read, “The Foreign Exchange”. “What is this movie about?”, he asked inquisitively.

“It is a movie about a girl who goes on a trip to Europe and is kidnapped. Her dad works with the U.S. Embassy to make an exchange for her return.”

“Sounds interesting.” He said, looking at her face.

She grinned, thinking about what she had in store for the evening. She was sure James knew as well. Melanie leaned in and kissed James on the cheek like an innocent girl. “Can we watch it in your bedroom?”

Laughing briefly, James stroked the back of her hair and said, “Sure.” He took her by the hand and lead her into the bedroom. She kicked off her shoes and socks and climbed under the sheet as he put the movie in the DVD player.

James climbed under the covers and pushed play on the remote control. Before the movie could begin, Melanie cuddled up against him and rested her hand on his chest. He put his arm around her Esat travesti shoulders and held her close to him. He could feel her breasts pressed against his ribcage as she held him close. He felt her right leg slide between his legs, separating them.

The next ten minutes of the movie passed without much activity. They are drawn to the movie scenes. A thought slipped into Melanie’s mind and she remembers why she is over there. It felt great being held in her arms, though she wanted more than just to cuddle. She slowly moved her hand underneath his shirt and moved her hand up and down, rubbing his stomach. Her lips started pecking the side of his neck. She hoped it would be enough to arouse him and give him the green light to touch her.

Soon, she was rewarded with the touch of his hand on her neck as he turned his body to face her. His lips met her mouth and they began to kiss. After a minute of kissing, she rolled over onto her back and looked at the television. James kissed her neck a few times, then rolled over onto his back as well. He placed his right hand on her lower stomach. Her legs spread a little, giving him access. His hand slid down over her shorts and began to slowly slide up and down her crotch. Melanie crossed her arms below her chest and rested her fingers under her breasts.

She enjoyed the soft massaging of his fingers as she watched the movie. His slow movements were beginning to turn her on. She looked down and noticed the bulge in his pants began growing. She spread her legs a little more and raised her legs, putting her knees in the air. The pressure of his fingers began to grow as time passed. She could feel herself becoming wet under her clothes.

Putting her hand over his, she started to stroke his penis through his clothes. She hoped this would entice him to go further. Just as she hoped, he slid his fingers under her clothing and placed his hand on her wanting vagina.

James slid his fingers between her labia and felt her wetness. He was surprised at how wet and turned on she was. He slowly slid his middle finger up and d own the middle of her lips, occasionally sliding her wetness over her swelling clit. He was rewarded with soft moans. He continued to slowly tease her vagina as he watched the movie.

Melanie forced her eyes to stay open and watch the movie, even though she wanted to close them and enjoy his pleasuring hand. She could hear herself starting to breath harder as the minutes passed. Her horniness also grew with each passing minutes. She could hear her wetness between her spread legs as he stroked her inner labia. She was getting hot and felt sweat beginning to form on her body so she pulled her shirt and bra over her head, exposing her breasts.

James turned and looked at her perky breasts rising and falling with each short breath. His attention was now drawn away from the movie. He turned toward her and softly kissed her left breast while moving his left hand between her legs. Kızılay travesti His finger slowly slid inside her tight walls. He buried his middle finger deep inside her sopping wet vagina. Her inner walls were grasping his finger as he slowly began to remove it. He slid his middle finger up her inner walls and started circling her swollen clit with the tip of his finger.

A lingering moan escaped her mouth as his finger slowly circled her aching clit, sending waves of pleasure through her body, centralizing around her clitoris. She slowly began to rotate her hips to the tempo of his finger. Filled with a building lust, she fondled with his pants until she unzipped them. She slid her fingers under his boxers and started stroking his manhood. His meat was really hot beneath her fingers. She stroked him faster, hoping he would increase his pace also. To her dismay, he continued his slow, torturing pace.

He knew she was horny and wanting more, but he wanted her to feel the slow build of an orgasm. His middle finger slid back down her vagina and reinserted it inside her vagina. He started sliding his middle finger in and out of her at an agonizingly slow pace. He could feel her frantically stroking him for a few more moments before her slowing to match his pace.

Melanie could feel a slow rumble build inside her lower stomach. Her tight shorts now felt very restrictive. She put both hands on her hips and slid her shorts and panties down her hips and over her legs, kicking them on the floor. She watched as James did the same. She looked down at his manhood and could not help but stare. No matter how many times she saw a penis, each time fascinated her. She watched as James rolled over on top of her and placed his legs between hers. She started to panic as his swollen penis pressed against her vagina.

“No.” She exclaimed as James pulled his hips away from her body and was attempting to push it inside her walls. “No sex. I am saving myself.”

James looked at her with a confused look on her face. He could see the look of shock and horror painted across her face. He understood and did his best to fight the urge as he rolled back across her body and moved beside her. Her hand slid across his thigh and began to stroke him feverishly. James reinserted his finger inside her dripping wet vagina and began pumping his finger in and out of her walls.

Her hips began to dance against his finger as it slammed deep inside her. She would stroke him as fast as she could and then lose her concentration, getting lost in her own pleasure. A few seconds later she realized she wasn’t stroking him and would return to pleasing him. She wanted to feel the orgasm roll over her more than anything. She bucked her hips up and down. She felt his thumb press against her screaming clitoris hood. The sensation forced her to lock her hips in the air. Her hips continued to thrust as her lower body hovered in the air, supported by her bent legs. She squeezed Alsancak travesti her breasts and nipples as he fingered her towards a strong orgasm. She screamed out moans and groans while the orgasm washed over her body stronger than she had ever felt before.

She expected him to stop and let her rest as her orgasm began to subside, but he continued to finger her vagina. She was gasping for air, trying to catch her breath. Soon she felt another rush of pleasure heading for her vagina like a mack truck speeding toward her. She didn’t know she could have a second orgasm or have one so quickly. Her hips began thrusting violently once again. The second orgasm hit her like a brick wall. This orgasm lasted longer than the first one and drained her of all her energy. She lie motionless on the bed, gasping for air with her eyes closed for several minutes.

James moved next to her body, watching her chest rise and fall. He was horny as hell and wanting to have an orgasm himself. He had looked forward to burying his penis deep inside her and feeling her tightness surround him. Unfortunately, he was rejected from his initial plan. He lay beside her and watched the movie.

Melanie began to regain her energy and was surprised to find herself still horny and craving more. She quickly rolled to her side and slid her body down the bed. Her lips engulfed his swollen penis and began bobbing her head up and down his pole. She looks up at James and sees a look of surprise. She smiles inside as she continues sucking his throbbing penis. His moans become more frequent and loud.

She can feel his muscles contract inside her mouth, pushing his semen toward his tip. She knows he is close and starts stroking the base of his penis while sucking on the top few inches. Preparing to receive a mouthful, she opens wide as his hips thrust forcefully toward her face. She hears James grunt as his hips lock. His juices spray inside her mouth and around the outside of her face. She uses her tongue to lick the excess semen off her face and continues to stroke him.

Cuddling up next to him, she continues to softly stroke his penis. She wonders if he can have a second orgasm as well. Slowly his penis begins to go soft in her hand. She stops stroking and places her head on his chest.

She opens her eyes to see sunlight shining through the windows. Freaking out, she scurries off the bed and dresses as fast as possible. James opens his eyes and looks at her.

She says, “I fell asleep and now it is morning. My parents are going to kill me.”

James wipes the sleep from his eyes and says, “Tell them you stayed overnight at a friend’s house.”

“They are going to want to know who and why I hadn’t told them. They will quiz me. Shit.”

“Relax”, He says. “It is only 6 o’clock. Maybe you will make it in the house and they won’t even hear you.”

“I didn’t bring keys with me. I wasn’t expecting to stay overnight.”

“Well, you are eighteen and you are legally an adult, so you are old enough to make your own decisions.” He says, sitting up in bed and watching her dress.

“You are right. I will just wait and go home later.” She says as she quickly removes her clothes and jumps on top of him, separated by only the sheets.

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