The Trip Ch. 01

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From the author: Welcome to my story! This is my first attempt at writing erotica, so I would love any feedback or comments you may have. Please enjoy!

As we drove through upstate New York on our way to Maine, I looked over at my wife, Julie, asleep in the passenger seat. I couldn’t help but think to myself how beautiful she is and how lucky I am to have her. Sexy and erotic are more appropriate ways to describe her, but she has never quite been comfortable with thinking of herself in that way. She exudes sex with her large full breasts and toned ass that can make any passerby do a double take, though it’s too bad they are rarely on display.

One year prior to our trip we married in a large wedding with our friends and family in rural Michigan. As she walked down the aisle looking drop dead gorgeous, I couldn’t help but think of how lucky I was to be spending the rest of my life with her. As a side thought, I couldn’t help but notice how amazing her 34 DD cup breasts looked in all of their cleavage filled glory in a dress that was trying its hardest to contain them. There were numerous comments made to me throughout the wedding about those in particular. “Where did those come from?”, “How has she been hiding those?” and my personal favorite from a rather intoxicated female friend, “God damn, I want to motorboat the shit out of those!”

The wedding was absolutely amazing, and a few days later we left for our honeymoon to Southeast Asia to enjoy the fun and sun in the private pools and villas that I had booked for us in the year leading up to our nuptials. Since we were going to be in private I took a chance and bought her some sexy bikinis that would make anyone drool. One was an incredibly sexy g-string made of a sheer blue material that left nothing to the imagination, and the other a more conservative (relatively speaking) solid number that showed off her shapely ass and accentuated her figure.

When presented with these, I could tell that she wasn’t a huge fan, though she was interested in wearing them, if only for me. “John, you really want me to wear these? What if someone sees me in this? They’ll see absolutely everything!” Little did she know, that was exactly my plan.

22 hours and three flights later, we reached our final destination which was an island off the coast of Thailand. We checked in and after being handed our welcome drinks and disposing of the formalities, we arrived at our private villa complete with a large infinity pool and a view overlooking the bay below that was to die for. I suggested, “Ready for a dip? I can’t wait to see you in one of those bikinis I got you!”

She looked at me and rolled her eyes, and then a look on her face emerged that said “I fucked up but I’m too tired to care.” I knew what had happened at that moment, and she responded with a matter of fact “I totally forgot to pack those, they are still in the drawer at home.” Accident? Purposeful? The world may never know.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I got to spend two weeks in one of the most beautiful places on earth with my loving bride, and there was more than enough sex to go around. It was a trip I will never forget, and any future jaunts to the other side of the world won’t be able to compare. Still though, no sexy bikinis, and no being able to show her off as the goddess she is.

All of this played through my mind as I continued the drive in the early hours of the morning. The sun began to break, and my loving wife stirred and rolled in her seat. Her eyes opened and she blinked rapidly Osmanbey travesti a few times as she held her hand up to act as a visor for the rising sun.

“Where are we?” She asked, clearly still out of it from the few hours of sleep she had in the seat of our SUV.

“Still have about 6 hours to go until we make it to Bass Harbor.”

“Ugh. I’m going back to sleep.”

She then reached behind her and grabbed a hat from the backseat, placing it upon her head. The sun was still blinding so she pulled it down to cover her eyes and I couldn’t help but smile as she nodded back off. Was I smiling because she was so beautiful in the fresh morning sun? Yes. Was I also smiling because I had a secret that that would be uncovered in a few short hours? Also yes.

Later on that afternoon we pulled into our rental house in Bass Harbor. The cooler air and beautiful surroundings were a nice change or pace from our urban lifestyle in the Midwest. We unpacked the car and headed inside to put our bags down and enjoy a peaceful and relaxing evening before we began to explore the following morning.

“What do you think? Not a bad way to spend our anniversary?” I asked as we lay down in our bed, looking out the window in our bedroom overlooking the bay.

“This is exactly what I needed. With COVID and everything else that has happened this year, I just needed to get away and relax. The only thing that could make this any better is if Gunner (our loveable mutt) was here to enjoy it with us.”

She sank into my arms as we sat there looking out as the last shimmers of daylight fleeing into the horizon. Both of us were extremely tired, and she soon rolled over and headed to her bag so she could grab her toothbrush and sleep attire. She rummaged around and pulled out a loose fitting T-shirt and pair of old workout shorts that she typically wears to bed.

I watched as she stripped her jeans from her legs and couldn’t help but think of how lucky I was. Her black bikini underwear soon followed suit as I watched her slide her thumbs into the waistband as she bent forward, revealing her tanned ass and a glimpse of her bald lips as they appeared from below. She grabbed her shirt and pulled it over her head, and reached behind her to unhook her plain bra.

“God damn Jules…” I mumbled, as I looked lustily upon her nude form.

She turned and looked, exposing her hard nipples that had chilled in the coastal breeze that was cooling us down, but also heating me up. “Oh stop it. Why do you always have to stare?” She quipped, asking a question that I had been asked a hundred times before.

“Well, because I’m pretty damn lucky.” Not my typical response, but I figured I would see where it went.

“And why do you think you are so lucky? Is it because of these?” She said, as she reached up and cupped her breasts into her hand before releasing them. Next she placed her hands on her hips to stand there matter-of-factly, waiting on my response.

“Yes. You know I’m in love with you, and I’m also in love with your tits. God you are fucking sexy. Maybe you should come over here and give me a kiss?”

Her left eyebrow raised, and she walked over to my side of the bed. Our lips approached, and she leaned in to what I thought was going to be a seductive kiss. Well, I was wrong… just a quick peck on the lips and then she was off to the bathroom.

“Damn it…” I thought to myself. I was sure I was going to get some tonight, but maybe that would have to wait until tomorrow. After all, I was pretty tired Ayrancı travesti from a long day on the road. I stripped my clothes and let them fall next to me on the floor as I lay there on top of the covers in my underwear.

She emerged from the bathroom, and without saying a word, she turned off the lights. I watched her naked silhouetted body approach me from the other side of the room, and to my surprise, she crawled up the bed and lay on top of me, planting her lips on mine.

We kissed passionately as I let my hands explore her body. I slid them down until they were resting on her hips, and then they wandered around to kneed her tight ass as she bit my lip, gently pulling it towards her.

“That’s so fucking sexy babe. I love it when you do that.” I exclaimed, feeling my cock begin to stir inside of my boxer briefs.

“Oh yeah, do you like that?” She knowingly asked.

I leaned forward and grabbed her gently by the back of her head, pulling her towards me. Then, we both opened our mouths so our tongues could intertwine. I then finally replied to her question, “You fucking know I do.”

We sat there looking into each other’s eyes, and in hers I saw nothing but lust. She aggressively pushed me back down and leaned in to kiss me again as my hands found her breasts and locked on. I massaged them and used my fingers to gently tweak her nipples.

This caused a moan to emerge from her body and into my mouth as we continued to kiss. She took this opportunity to make her way from my mouth to my neck as I felt her hands wander south. The path continued downward and she began to kiss and suck on my nipples, biting them lightly before the trail of kisses continued down to my stomach and then to the top of my boxer briefs.

I watched as her hands were massaging my hard cock through my boxer briefs, and she locked eyes with me as asked lustily said, “What do you want me to do?”

“You know exactly what I want you to do babe. I’m so fucking hard right now.”

She kept her eyes locked on mine and responded, “You need to tell me exactly what you want me to do John, I’m not doing anything until you tell me.” Like she didn’t know. She gave the most amazing blowjob in the world, but it wasn’t always something she was willing to give out.

If she was going to play this game, I was going to give her exactly what she wanted. “I want you to suck my cock. I want you to suck my cock and I want you to swallow every single drop of my cum.”

Looking at me with a smile on her face, she grabbed my boxer briefs as I lifted my ass, and soon they were laying with the rest of my clothes on the floor. Before I even had time to say anything, she enveloped my thick intact cock with her hot mouth, and my body involuntarily shuttered. She went up and down with her mouth, slowly tasting every inch of me before she released my cock from her mouth, making a loud “Pop” as her lips broke the seal. “Is this what you want baby?” She asked.

Instead of responding, I grabbed her head and forced her back down as she opened wide to take me back into her mouth. I felt her hand working my foreskin up and down as her tongue swirled around my unprotected head. She again broke her mouth away and licked up my shaft, starting at my balls and working her way up until she reached the top of my foreskin.

Sliding further up, she placed my rigid pole between her heaving globes and squeezed them together around it. The combination of her saliva, my precum, and the natural action of my foreskin all worked together Cebeci travesti to form our lube as she worked her breasts up and down on my shaft. I joined her motion and thrust upward to increase my pleasure.

My eyes were closed as I focused on the sensations I was feeling; her nipples brushing up and down my pelvic area, my foreskin sliding up and down over the head of my cock, and the pressure her bosom was applying to me. As we continued our motion, my eyes shot open and my head threw back as I felt her warm and wet mouth once again envelop me.

“God that feels good Jules, please don’t stop sucking me.” I said as I continued to look down, watching her lips work their magic on me.

She responded with a guttural sound, acknowledging the fact that she wasn’t going to stop until the job was finished. She positioned herself on her hands and knees, giving me the perfect view to watch her large breasts sway back and forth as she aggressively took me into her mouth as far as she could with each thrust of her head.

I could feel my orgasm quickly approaching. My hands ran through her hair as she kept up her assault on my cock, and I soon was grasping the back of her head and moving her head up and down at my will. There was no stopping me at this point as I felt my balls tighten and my body tense.

“Baby, I’m going to cummmmm!” I exclaimed, gripping the sheets next to me as her eyes locked onto mine. Then it happened; I let loose a streaming load of hot cum into her mouth that had been building for weeks. Shot after shot unloaded into her mouth as she attempted to swallow every drop, but she couldn’t keep up with the amount of cum that had been built up in me. it began running down her chin and onto my stomach as her mouth had reached capacity. I couldn’t help but watch and think of how sexy she looked, swallowing my seed and her face dripping with my cum.

She grinned devilishly at me, licked the remaining cum from her lips, and said, “Mmmm John, that was so much cum. I can’t let you fill up like that again, I almost drowned!”

“Hahaha, babe, holy fuck that was hot. Bar none the best blowjob of my life.” I said, still attempting to catch my breath after emptying my loins inside her mouth.

“I know you like it babe, and I love knowing how it makes you feel.” She replied.

I couldn’t really say anything at this point; I was euphoric as I gazed upon my beautiful wife, naked and shimmering in the light from the boats in the bay beside us.

She then added “You think that was hot? Wait until you see what I have in mind for later in the week.”

Leaning forward, she licked the remaining puddle of cum off of me that escaped her mouth. And just in case, proceeded to grab my deflating cock and pull back my foreskin, checking for any that was left. After I was good and clean with no more to be had, she moved her way up my body and planted the most passionate kiss I’ve ever received on my waiting lips, forcing me to taste the remnants of my cum that was still fresh in her mouth. Our tongues mingled as I ran my hand down to feel her dripping wet pussy, sliding effortlessly across her clit and then quickly working two fingers inside.

Unfortunately my advance was thwarted as her hand grasped my wrist and pulled it away from her wet pussy and towards her mouth. I looked on as she opened her mouth and licked my fingers clean of her own juices, before she stayed “Tonight was about you and tomorrow is about me. I’ll get everything I need out of you this week and then some. I love you babe.”

“God I love you more, Julie.”I said, though I was curious as to what else she had in mind. I guess I’ll see how she feels about that tomorrow when she realizes I replaced her swimsuits with ones I bought her for our honeymoon…

To be continued in Chapter 2.

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