The Tent on the Beach

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It was early summer and a bunch of us had gone to the beach. We weren’t there as acknowledged pairs, just a bunch of us hanging out together. Except for Jan and Ian – they were definitely a pair. We just let them get on with it and enjoyed ourselves.

Just after lunch I noticed that someone had put up a tent. It wasn’t right in the middle of the crowd but off to the side a fair bit. A polite piece of locating, in my opinion, because it was quite a large tent. It looked to be about ten foot high and fifteen feet wide. I assumed it was probably fifteen feet deep as well. Effectively a reasonable sized room.

There’s no camping permitted on the beach so whoever owned it was going to have to take it down in the evening. It seemed to be a waste of time putting up something like that for just a few hours. Still, it takes all types. I dismissed the matter from my mind.

The matter of the tent came up again when I went for a short stroll. My brother collects seashells and I ambled down the beach to see if I could see any that he’d like. Heading back towards where our group was roughly located I reached the tent. There were a couple of guys hanging around the front of it, reclining on beach-chairs.

They smiled and waved and they seemed respectable enough so I stopped to talk for a moment. My natural curiosity demanded it.

“Hi,” I said. “I was just wondering, why the tent? It’s not as though you can camp here and it seems a bit much for an afternoon at the beach.

“The girl has a point,” said one of the boys. “Why did we bring the tent, Brian?”

“Ah, I believe it was because you thought it would be a good idea,” Brian promptly told him.

“Oh, that’s right. I thought it would be a good idea. Um, why did I think it would be a good idea, Brian?”

“Now Charlie, how the hell would I know? No-one knows how your little mind works. If it works, which I have reason to doubt at times.”

“I guess I’ll remember sooner or later,” said Charlie. “I’m sure I had a good reason for it.”

Charlie turned to address me directly.

“Ah, I’m Charlie and he’s Brian. We’re the proud owners of a super tent which we have pitched here for no known reason. Would you like to see inside it?”

“I’d sort of gathered that your names are Brian and Charlie,” I admitted. “I’m Iris. I wouldn’t mind seeing inside the tent. Why so big?”

“We like room to move around. Little tents don’t provide that,” said Brian, getting up from his beach-chair. He swung open the tent flap and ushered me in with a grandiloquent flourish.

I walked in and it was a case of, WOW. They had a couple of large blankets on the ground so you had something soft to lie on. You ever seen those mink blankets? They’re big and thick and soft and fluffy. That’s the sort of blankets they had. They also had a bunch of cushions scattered around. Off to the side was a rather large esky, presumably filled with various consumables. There was a sun roof that was partly rolled back, giving plenty of natural light.

“Wow,” I said to the guys. “This is quite something.”

“That it is,” said Charlie. “It looks good, especially with you standing in it. Actually, I think it would look a lot better with you standing in it without your bikini. Why don’t you take it off?”

One, two, three, red light. I was so out of here. Then I noticed that the boys were standing between me and the exit. A quick glance around showed that there was a back-flap but it was zipped and tied. If I made a move towards it the boys would be on me so fast. Another quick look around, concentrating on the bottom of the tent, seeing if there was a place I could duck under. No dice.

I was starting to feel a little panicky. Maybe if I screamed? Would anyone hear? The tent wasn’t exactly pitched close to the crowd. And they had a radio playing. They could turn it up loud and drown me out. Bloody hell. What did I do now? Try and fight my way past them? The two men suddenly looked awfully big and strong.

“Geez, you’re an idiot, Charlie,” said Brian. “You’ve gone and scared Iris. Listen, he didn’t mean anything offensive by that. It’s just that he tends to speak his mind at times without thinking things through.”

“The hell, you say. I think things through. Look at the woman. She’s lovely. Wouldn’t you like to see her naked?”

“Of course, but you don’t just tell a woman something like that. If you want her to take her clothes off you lead up to it gently, giving her reasons for doing so. The way you approached it she probably thinks you’re going to rape her.”

Now why would I think that just because they’d got me alone and asked me to take off my clothes?

“Oh. Sorry, Iris. I didn’t mean to scare you and I have zero intent on raping you. Not going to do it, I assure you. Neither is Brian. He wouldn’t rape Şişli travesti you either. Scout’s honour. I was just thinking that you’re lovely and I’d love to see you without the bikini. I was fancying you standing there with little white triangles highlighting all the interesting places. But rape, no way.”

Apparently Charlie decided he might be insulting me by saying he wouldn’t rape me, which was quite a relief, actually. My panic zone had diminished somewhat.

“Ah, listen, when I say that we wouldn’t rape you, that’s not to say that you’re not a very desirable young woman. You are. I’d love to fuck you, but only if you were agreeable. Ask Brian. He’ll tell you the same thing.”

I was starting to have serious doubts about Charlie’s mental facilities. I looked at Brian, and he was doing a face-palm. I could understand that.

“Charlie,” Brian said, “you don’t just tell a woman to her face that you want to fuck her. It just doesn’t work that way.”

“Why not? How’s she supposed to know if you don’t tell her? Are you saying that you don’t want to fuck her?”

“No, I’m not saying that. But there are ways of approaching the subject that are a lot more subtle.”

Brian had eased away from the front flap, pushing Charlie along with him, indicating that I had a clear path if I wanted to run for it. Perversely, now that I had an escape route I decided to hang around a bit longer.

“So if you’re not saying you don’t want to fuck her you’re actually saying that you do want to fuck her,” said Charlie triumphantly. “That’s all that I said and in a lot less words than you.”

Brian gave me a sheepish grin and didn’t seem to know what to say. I was trying hard not to giggle.

“Anyway, why can’t I ask her to take her bikini off? You want to see her naked just as much as I do. She’s a nice girl. She’ll probably do it if we both ask nicely.”

I would? That was news to me. The thought of suddenly being naked in front of them was oddly exhilarating. Still, it wouldn’t be safe.

“Iris, could you please do me a favour and just take off your top?” Brian asked me. “Charlie and I will sit down on the cushions so you’ll be safe enough.” He nodded to indicate the proximity of the flap.

To my surprise I was seriously considering it. I mean, some of my friends often go topless when they’re sunbathing and don’t seem to worry if someone should see them. What would it be like to flaunt a little? I had good breasts and I didn’t need the bra to hold them in position.

While I was thinking (or losing my mind) Brian made Charlie sit on the cushions and did so himself. Both the men were looking at me expectantly. I looked at the flap to the tent and could see myself running through it.

Then I blushed and unhooked my top and lifted it over my head, holding my head high, knowing my breasts were displayed very nicely.

Charlie was looking stunned while Brian was smiling gently and making clapping motions to indicate his approval.

I went to put the top back on but Brian spoke up.

“Ah, Iris, before you put that back on, do me a favour. The bottoms.”

I blushed at that. He wanted to see me naked? Well, yes, I already knew that. I’d felt a little excited when I took off the top, knowing that they were looking and liking. But the bottoms? Squirmy tendrils of heat were running through me. Decision time.

I swallowed nervously and dropped the top on the ground. Then turning away from them slightly I dropped the bottoms.

“Face me, please, Iris,” came the soft request and I nervously turned to face them, keeping my hands by my side with a major effort.

“Nudity fits the body, graceful as a glove;

fashions only obscure our perfect frame of love.”

I stared at Charlie stunned when he cited poetry at me in praise of my nudity. He was looking at me with sincere admiration. So was Brian, for that matter. I could practically feel his eyes touching me.

“Iris, my angel of love,” said Charlie, “I want you to lie down on the blankets. We are going to make love to you.”

With that both the guys stood up and dropped their pants and stood facing me, just as naked as I was, but with their nudity standing out in a way mine never would.

I was shaking my head, reaching down to pick up my bikini, trying not to look at the men and their erections. Somehow I knew they wouldn’t stop me if I put my bikini back on. My eyes accidentally flickered over to them and I gulped nervously. Charlie was bad enough, his cock sticking up long and hard but, and this is only a guess, just an average size. Brian, on the other hand, was anything but average. My knowledge of sizes of shapes is limited but I knew enough to assess Brian as being worth two of Charlie. Solids are funny that way. You only need to be a little longer, Taksim travesti a little thicker, and you’ve got a lot more mass.

Oh my god. They both wanted to take me. I wasn’t a virgin but I wasn’t all that experienced, and I’d never been with two guys at once. I’d never even imagined being with two guys. I just wasn’t the adventurous type. So why was I lying flat on my back instead of pulling on my bikini and running?

I wanted to say very loudly and clearly that I’d changed my mind. I wanted to ignore that thrill of terrible anticipation that was running through me. The idea of doing this couldn’t be arousing and stimulating me. I did NOT want to lie there, flat on my back, watching Charlie move towards me with lusty intent. But that’s what I was doing.

Hell’s bells. He didn’t even have to part my legs before settling between them. They were already parted, waiting and expecting him. I called myself a very rude name but watched him settling between my thighs.

Charlie started brushing his cock against me, stroking along my slit. That was the extent of his foreplay. For god’s sake he didn’t need to do anything else. I was hot and wet and horny and wanting him. He loomed over me, just his cock making contact with me, and then he started pushing into me.

“That’s the idea,” he said softly. “Watch it as it takes you. Feel it slide into you and see how it vanishes as it penetrates you.”

I was watching and feeling and pushing up to meet him. He simply drilled in with one long push, and I could feel him deep inside. His hands came up to rub against my breasts and then he was lying on top of me, crushing me under him, his hands still clutching my breasts.

I was looking down the length of his back and I saw his bottom rise up, feeling his cock pulling back at the same time, then his bottom was sinking again and his cock was moving back into me.

For some reason I’d never been in a position where I could see a man’s bottom bouncing up and down as he took me. Previous encounters seemed to happen at night and I found I’d missed part of the experience. There was something erotic about watching his bottom bouncing around as he took me. He had a nice firm bottom, quite shapely, and he was using it to drive fiercely into me, taking his pleasure and giving it.

I wasn’t just lying there, mind you. When he came pushing in I was lifting my hips and pushing up to meet him. He was moving hard and fast and I was doing the same, letting the pleasure of his cock thrust into me, eager to take it and wanting more.

Crazy thoughts you have at the most inappropriate times. Here I was, a man’s cock buried deep inside me, his bottom doing an amazing yo-yo act as he bounced up and down, and what do I think? Thank god for the mink blankets. I’d be getting a terrible gravel rash if I was lying on the sand.

After a while I lost sight of Charlie’s bouncing bottom. My legs came and wrapped around him, flexing to pull him in deeper, with me wanting more and more of what was happening. I was aroused and excited and needy. What Charlie was doing was fantastic, and I was almost screaming with excitement, and I was wanting more? Was I greedy or what?

I didn’t care what I was. I was pleading with him, demanding he do something extra. He raised himself a little, looking down at me, grinning at me.

“More?” he asked in a soft little voice. “OK.”

Oh my god, he just seemed to double the pace. I was gasping, urging him on, then he was letting loose inside me and I was climaxing, losing contact with reality.

I was vaguely aware of Charlie moving off me and I came a little more aware of something damp and cool wiping me down. Someone was running a wet cloth over me and it felt wonderful. I came a lot more aware of what was going on when that damn cloth started wiping my pussy.

I was like, hey, what, and trying to sit up and Brian was smiling at me and helping me sit. Or so I thought. As soon as I was sitting up he was rolling me over, coaxing me onto my hands and knees. The next thing I know it was head down, bottom up, and Brian is behind me and I’m remembering that he wanted to take me as well.

That wasn’t all I was remembering. I was remembering the comparative sizes of two cocks and that second cock had been rather on the large side. Suddenly the thought of having sex with two men wasn’t nearly as adventurous and exciting as it had seemed. Thinking of Brian’s equipment it was suddenly terrifying.

“Ah, wait a minute,” I said quickly, turning my head and trying to see if Brian was kneeling behind me.

“No,” came the laughing reply and with that Brian was trying to push a baseball bat up me. Bat hell. His knob felt the size of an actual baseball, and it was making its way in, being driven into position by an enormous Gümüşsuyu travesti shaft.

I was telling myself, no, no. I saw it. It was a little larger than Charlie’s but it isn’t that large. I can handle it.

Trouble was, my passage was screaming, I didn’t see it but I’m feeling it. It’s enormous. How am I supposed to handle that?

Brian’s hands were on my hips, holding me steady, and he was still coming in. His cock was slipping and sliding and going deeper with every passing second. I was going, “Oh my god,” repeatedly, in a voice that was going higher and higher as he stretched me and took me, sinking that pet monster of his into me.

His groin was suddenly banging against me and his hands were snaking forward to cover my breasts. He started gently massaging my breasts, teasing my nipples, while I crouched there, stuffed full of cock.

“There, you see,” he said quietly. “It fits with no trouble whatsoever.”

That’s what he thought. I felt as though I was going to burst.

“Now we’ll take it slow to start with so you can adjust to what’s happening.”

“Wait, wait, wait,” I said quickly, knowing damn well that if he started moving I was going to split down the centre.

Did he wait? Did he hell – he just pulled slowly back, not very far, and then returned, and oh my goodness, the things that dragging sensation did inside me. His cock was everywhere, touching me in places I don’t think I’ve ever been touched, and he was still moving, pulling back, not very far, and returning.

Now I was really going, “Oh my god,” with great sincerity. I wanted to tell him to stop but was too afraid to. What if he did? Talk about being in two minds. I didn’t want this but now that he was in me I felt I had to see what would happen.

After a few moments I found he was pulling right back before pushing home, and all my nerves were sitting up and paying attention. I’ve changed my mind, my passage sang out to me. Tell him to pull his finger out and start some real action.

Who needed to tell him? Slowly but surely he was increasing the force of his thrusts. Still pulling out relatively slowly but now driving home with a lot more determination. I was moving with him. This time my bottom was doing the bouncing as I pushed back against him, taking him deep. Really deep.

Finally he was in full cry, banging away high, wide, and handsome. His hands were clutching my breasts, squeezing them when he drove in, relaxing his grip as he pulled out. I knew why he was clutching my breasts. It was to hold me in place because if he didn’t do that he was hitting me hard enough to send me bouncing around the tent.

My earlier exercise with Charlie had got me all worked up and the time between wasn’t really long enough for my sensitized flesh to relax. Brian had got me all aroused and eager before I fully knew it, but I knew it now and was bouncing under him eagerly, knowing I was going to climax quickly.

I should have climaxed quickly. After all, I was all worked up, wasn’t I? So why was I still squirming about on Brian’s cock, begging for release? He was driving into me quite ferociously, but for some reason he would pause for a second between each thrust. I wasn’t getting the steady accumulation of feeling. The rotten swine was doing it deliberately, holding me at the point where I wasn’t quite ready to climax.

I was twisting and squirming and bouncing under him, being slowly driven out of my tiny mind, and Brian was enjoying himself, taking sadistic pleasure in my pleas, I was certain.

Time seemed to be stretching, going on and on, and I was nearly screaming. Finally Brian decided that it was time and with absolutely no warning he was playing his end game, boffing me so hard that I had no chance. I climaxed again, and I’m prepared to swear that I passed out under the pleasure.

Maybe not. I was aware of him withdrawing and I was aware of him wiping me down again. (The act of a gentleman.) I just lay sprawled for a few minutes, finally sitting up and looking around. Apart from me the tent was empty. I hurriedly put on my bikini and stepped out.

Charlie and Brian were back in their beach-chairs, cold drinks in their hands. Both of them looked very relaxed and cheerful. I have to admit that I was feeling rather relaxed, almost comatose in fact.

I looked at them and I didn’t have the faintest idea what to say. They looked back at me and Brian asked if I’d like a drink. I could grab one from the chest in the tent.

I looked at the tent, the scene of my fall from grace. Then I looked at Brian and Charlie. My mind promptly painted a little scenario. Me going back into the tent to get a drink. Me bending over the chest to select my drink. Charlie or Brian or both of them standing behind me, pulling down my bikini pants, wanting seconds.

“Ah, no thanks,” I said quickly. “I have to get back to my friends.”

I hurried off but I couldn’t help overhearing Charlie’s comment.

“Now I remember why I wanted to bring the tent. It gives you that touch of privacy required at delicate times.”

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