The Taste of Chocolate

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“Hi honey,” she purred softly in his ear, “I’d love to give you a massage.” She ran her fingers through his hair, then gently down his face to his chest and right arm. He sighed. It was heaven on earth.

“Mmm,” she purred again, “But first I want to feed you these rich and delicious chocolate sweets.”

She languidly got off the bed. Her dress lifted, exposing her beautiful butt. She pulled it down leisurely, giving him a bewitching glance. She sauntered towards the kitchen, her red dress slowly merging into the darkness of the hallway.

She bit her lip a little bit. Food fueled her erotic desires like no other. Just the thought of dark chocolate balls made her pussy a little bit wet. As she entered the kitchen, the lights flickered on. She sashayed her way into the room. Her butt grazed the countertops as she walked almost gleefully.

She eyed the tray of balls and walked towards them. A final step remained. She put a large pot on the flame, then placed a large chunk of chocolate inside. She observed the chocolate dissolve into a full-bodied liquid.

As the Halkalı travesti chocolate dissolved, she could not resist touching herself. Her lips quivered in anticipation of the texture and taste of the chocolate. She bit her lips again, dragging her finger against her inner folds.

A naughty thought came to her mind. She resisted initially, before surrendering to her wicked desires. She pulled out her ring finger from her body, dipping it into the pot of hot chocolate. She smiled coyly to herself. She removed her warm dripping finger from the pot, wrapping her tongue around it and sucking slowly. It was heaven on earth.

The chocolate thickened. Using skewers, she dipped the hardened balls into the melted chocolate. She pulled out the balls from the saucepan, placing them on a decorated silver tray.

She moved languorously back to her lover, the light turning off behind her.

Upon reaching the bed, she whispered something in his ear. He instantly put down his phone and turned toward her, his cock hardening.

“Why don’t you have a taste,” Levent travesti she murmured sensually. She pressed her large breasts into his right arm, gently stroking his cock. His eyes turned blank, hypnotically enchanted by her words and by her touch.

She picked up a ball, placing the tray on the side of the bed.

“Open up,” she said. He opened up his mouth. She teased him, rubbing the ball vigorously against his tongue while simultaneously stroking his rapidly hardening cock. He moaned in pleasure.

“Uhhh give me a taste,” he begged.

“Ask nicely. Woo me well, and only then do you stand a change at realizing your desire,” she said.

“Please, I’ll do whatever you say,” he begged.

“Whatever I say? I’ll remember that for next time,” her smile mixed wickedness with sweetness. “Take a bite,” she added, releasing the ball into his watering mouth.

“Ahhhhh,” he bit down, indulging in the chocolatey taste. He closed his eyes momentarily, savoring the delicious treat in his mouth. It was a kind of meditation.

And just as suddenly Şirinevler travesti as he was in it, he snapped out of it. He grabbed her by the waist, pulling her dress up. He ripped off her panties. The tiger within unleashed itself.

She moaned endlessly. His touch was like no other. He teased the inside of her legs and devoured her lips. With unpredictable rhythm, he switched from legs to lips. She quivered once again. He got up every once in a while for a breath of fresh air, before returning hungrily to her lips. He was intoxicated by her smell, his mouth consumed by her.

He got back up, eyeing her intently. He fucked her with his eyes, penetrating deep into her soul. Tears dripped down her cheek in response. He smiled at her, gently caressing the tears down her face.

He took a chocolate ball and rubbed it in and against her innermost parts, the thick dark liquid dripping out of her pussy. He looked at her and took a whiff, inhaling her pussy’s rich chocolatey smell. He went down under, ready for the next foodie adventure. He flashed a wicked smile, devouring her endlessly for hours.

The night eventually ended as all nights do. She felt tired and drifted off to sleep. He snuggled behind her, spooning her, a mixture of chocolate and wetness dripping out of his mouth. He smiled contentedly. It was truly heaven on earth.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32