The Surprise Ch. 01

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Gina was going to surprise her husband today when he came home from work. It was one thing that he had been hitting on her for three days now and she knew she needed the release, but she hadn’t had the time. So today, he was going to give Charles a taste of his own medicine. She headed out the door and got into her car. ‘Where to start?’ she thought. The first thing that came to her mind was the porn shop across town. So she backed the car out of the driveway and headed that way. On her way she kept thinking about what to buy though, but could not think of anything. As she pulled into the parking lot of the G-Spot, she noticed about three other cars parked there.

“Great, I have to look for something with other eyes watching me,” she said to herself. “Well, maybe they will have some ideas.”

As she walked into the store, she saw the clerk behind the counter who greeted her with a hello and two others shopping, one a man and the other a woman. They looked to be fairly young. She suddenly had an idea and approached the woman who had lovely long brown hair like hers. She looked at her locks as they hung down in front of her shoulders and over her breasts. She loved her hair. She lightly brushed it back with her hand and looked back to the vibrators and dildos contemplating what she wanted to do. She was so off in her thinking that she didn’t notice the other lady walk up to her.

“Good morning,” said the woman startling Gina. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“That’s alright,” Gina said. “I was just thinking about what I wanted to buy to surprise my husband,” she explained.

“What did you want to do?” she asked.

“I wanted to surprise him for once. To go beyond what I have done in the past,” explained Gina.

“The names Tracy,” the woman said. “It sounds to me that what you want to do is put a little spice into your marriage. Am I right?”

“Exactly, but how?” asked Gina.

Tracy looked over at the clerk behind the counter. “Hey George, the room available?” she asked.

George looked Cihangir travesti at his watch. It was still really early.

“Go for it Tracy. It’s all yours. Take your time,” he replied.

Gina was a little confused. She looked over at George and then to Tracy as if silently asking for some explanation. In response, Tracy just led her into a room in the back of the shop. It was a large room and had, to her surprise, a bed and a chair in the room. Tracy motioned for Gina to sit on the bed.

“Are you alright with this?” asked Tracy.

“With what?” asked Gina somewhat confused.

“I’m going to show you how to surprise your husband,” Tracy explained. “I’m going to show you how to make his world turn inside out, but you have to be frank with me. I’m going to do things to you sexually and in return, you should explore your inner self. You need to open your mind to what you need to do.”

Gina took a little bit to think that through then looked down at her blouse. She reached up to unbutton the top button but Tracy stopped her.

“Let me,” she started. Tracy reached up and slowly unbuttoned Gina’s blouse. Gina felt a tremor of excitement run through her body and could tell she was already wet. Tracy, reaching the last button, slowly took the blouse off of Gina’s shoulders and tossed it to the floor. Gina was wearing a black lace bra she had bought at Victoria’s Secret yesterday. Tracy raised an eyebrow.

“My, you were going to surprise him weren’t you?” Tracy teased as she reached around to Gina’s back and slowly undid her bra. As the bra fell away, it revealed two nicely shaped C-cup breasts. The nipples were already hard. Tracy reached up and cupped Gina’s chin with her hand, then brought he mouth up to hers and kissed her slowly at first, then easing her tongue into Gina’s mouth. Gina felt as if her world were exploding. Her body told her to keep going, and she did. She kissed Tracy back and their tongues began to intertwine as the passion took over. Gina ran her hands up and down Fındıkzade travesti Tracy’s body, finally starting to undo her blouse.

As the white blouse fell to the floor, Gina ran her hands over Tracy’s breasts before removing her silk red bra. Tracy moaned. Gina was acting on pure instinct now. As the bra fell away, Gina grabbed one of Tracy’s breasts and started sucking on the nipple. Gina was a natural. She reached down and undid Tracy’s pants and let them drop to the floor then bent down and slide her underpants off. She kissed and suckled Tracy’s legs before hitting home. As her mouth got closer to Tracy’s vagina, she let out a moan.

“Oh yeah baby girl!” she cried. “Fuck me Gina!” And Gina did. She flicked her tongue on Tracy’s pussy lips and sucked on her juices. She reached her hand up and stuck two of her fingers into Tracy’s vagina and listened to Tracy as she went further into her orgasm.

“OH God Yes!” Tracy exclaimed. “Oh fuck yeah baby!” Tracy squeezed her legs together holding Gina’s head between hers to get her to stop. She had reached her climax and could go no further. As the orgasm subsided, she let her legs relax. Gina reached down to feel herself. God she was wet. As Tracy sat up, Gina began to strip the rest of her clothes off. Tracy reached out and toyed with Gina’s clit for a little bit teasing her. Then she inserted two fingers into her vagina and rubbed the top of it to release some much needed sensations in this surprising woman.

“Come here big girl,” ordered Tracy. Gina stepped forward and Tracy took Gina by the shoulders, turned her around, and shoved her back onto the bed. As Gina lie there naked, she had a hundred thoughts going through her head. What was she going to tell her husband, Charles, about this? She started forming a plan around that idea.

“Tracy, I have a request,” Gina started. “Are you up for a threesome?”

Tracy raised an eyebrow. She like this woman. She was thinking on her feet and obviously liked what she was going through, but Fulya travesti a threesome was out of the question, for Brad was just outside the door listening in.

“I don’t think so,” answered Tracy as she watched Gina’s reaction. “I do however want to introduce you to my husband Brad.” After she said that, the door opened and in walked the perfect man Gina had ever seen. Six foot tall, blond hair, blue eyes…that combination is like gold it seems. “Brad, I’d like you to meet my new friend Gina.”

“Hello Gina,” said Brad in a baritone voice. “How about I show you how the real man fucks his lady?”

“Sure thing stud,” answered Gina. She had no idea what she was getting herself into. Brad came over and stroked his wife’s hair. Tracy moved over to sit down on the couch as Brad started taking off his shirt. His chest was something to die for. His pecks were like that of a body builder. As he took off his pants, Gina felt herself getting wet just anticipating his package. God, he was already hard and she could tell that she wasn’t going to be disappointed. He must have been seven, no, eight inches long. He reached his hand down and stroked her face, then knelt down and kissed her. God she was in heaven. That kiss turned into one of the best French kisses, their tongues vying for purchase on each others. Then he made his way slowly down her neck as he slid his hand down to gently massage her clit.

“Ohhh!” she cooed. “Oh that’s it honey. Give me your fingers. MMMmmm.”

As Brad slid two fingers into her vagina, she thought her world was turning upside down. The sensation running through her body was building. Then he bent down and starting licking her clit and oh how good that felt.

“Oh yeah! Oh baby, lick me. Oh fuck yeah!” she screamed. She was cumming. “Yeah! Yeah! Oh, give me your cock! Fuck me baby! Fuck me hard!”

He stood and rammed his rod into her hard. It felt so fucking good, she didn’t want it to end. Then Tracy hit her with a really good idea that she couldn’t resist.

“Gina, how about the three of us go to your place and give your husband a real surprise?” she teased. “It will be so much fun!”

“I can’t wait to see the look on Charles’ face,” replied Gina as she lie there in blissful peace. Good God that was great. Now it’s her turn to turn on her husband.

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