Out of the Frying Pan…

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OK, so I’ve always been a very submissive young woman, particularly when in the company of older ladies. But that doesn’t make me a lesbian, right? Nevertheless, that’s how I ended up where I am right now.

Hi, my full name is Chastity Michelle Hudson. I’m an 18-year old girl who is 5’7″ tall, I have short blonde hair, fair skin, and a slender, petite figure. I’m very proud of my body, and for a while there I seriously considered becoming a teen model, or possibly even an actress. But those were dreams that never happened, or at least haven’t happened yet. What DID happen is interesting enough.

My father died back when I was only eleven, and for a while there my mother supported us both by working at the local bank here in Spring Hill, where she came into contact with a lot of wealthy men. Over time she began dating again, only in my opinion most of the guys she brought home were duds. It was during my senior year in high school that she got re-married, and my new stepfather was the worst of an already bad lot. I hated the way he’d look at me, and he developed an increasingly bad habit of entering my bedroom without knocking. That would have bothered me even had he been my REAL father, but with a stepfather such behavior was downright intolerable.

I made it clear to my mom that I loathed the man, but she wasn’t about to openly side with me as she felt that she owed him loyalty as his wife, which I understand but still thought to be totally unfair. The guy even had this small camcorder that he’d occasionally take out when my mother wasn’t around, following me around shooting video, always during those times when I happened to be wearing short shorts or in my swimsuit, getting disgusting pervert-video while asking me stupid questions like: “what’s Chastity up to today?” And don’t think I couldn’t tell that he was zooming in on my ass the whole time. Like I said, really, really creepy.

Nevertheless, I put up with it until one day when my wild-child-friend Iris phoned to tell me that she was running away from home and begged me to join her. I call Iris my “wild-child friend” because she’s everything that I’m not, meaning that she drinks and smokes and even has three tattoos (at least three that I’m aware of). Normally I’d have tried to talk her out of it, but not this time. I’d had enough of my stepfather’s leering creepiness and wanted out myself. And so when Iris drove over to my house that Wednesday morning I was packed and ready to go, and off we went to Dayton where she said her aunt would allow us to stay with her. Only we never got that far.

Iris had college friends at State University with whom she said we could stay the night free of charge, but they turned out to be really ghetto, doing drugs and everything, and so we changed our minds about sleeping there. But we still needed money to travel, and so when one of them, an older guy named Todd, promised that he’d pay us each fifty bucks if we’d help him pick up some of his belongings, we agreed. Anyway, to make a long story short, what he really wanted us to do was act as his “look-outs” while he broke into this other guy’s place to steal stuff. Instead, however, the idiot triggered a silent alarm and the police arrived, catching him in the act. Of course, Todd quickly confessed everything, including the part about Iris & I acting as his lookouts, and so we both end-up being arrested and hauled off to jail with him!

I remember that pretty much everybody at the county lock-up seemed irritable and in really bad moods for some reason while they were booking us. I also remember that I cried the entire time. It was a scary place to be. Iris didn’t help matters any by abandoning me almost immediately to look out for herself after they placed us in a holding cell with eight other women, several of whom viewed us younger girls with interest as we were ushered inside. Iris hissed at me to stop crying, before then proceeding to sit down alongside a scary-looking biker chick who seemed pleased with her company. In fact, I noticed that within minutes the woman running her hand up Iris’s thigh, while another dykey & even scarier-looking heavyset female-inmate began motioning for me to come and sit on her lap, which I (fortunately) didn’t have to do because the black lady jailer must have felt sorry for me or something because she chose that instant to open the door and move me into an empty, adjoining cell where I could be alone. I remember that her name was Corporal Shirley-something-or-other, and she even remained with me for a few minutes, calming my fears and gently discussing my current predicament and how it could best be resolved.

“Jail is really no place for a pretty little thing like yourself,” I remember her saying in her comforting drawl. “There’s no reason for you to stay here.”

I nodded in agreement, tears welling-up in my eyes.

“I can’t say the same thing about your friend,” she added. “She almost looked like she enjoyed being in there with those lady criminals!”

It’s true. Iris really did seem escort istanbul almost at home, allowing that other girl to paw at her.

Corporal Shirley then assured me that everything was going to be alright, and that early tomorrow morning I’d be appearing before Judge Alina Spencer in the courtroom annex, and that my best bet might be to throw myself upon the mercy of the court as I really didn’t have any prior criminal record to complicate things. She then gave me a pillow and a blanket and told me to get some rest, which I did.

The next morning, a different guard entered and handed me a towel, telling me that it was time for me to wash up before my court appearance, which was in one hour.

“Don’t be nervous,” she added. “You’ll be out of here quicker than you know it.”

It was while I was showering that I became aware of two older ladies at the far end of the room boldly staring at me. I say “ladies” because they clearly weren’t inmates – they were both way too well-dressed for that. As I was the only one in there showering, I couldn’t help but feel uncomfortable. I glanced back at them, over my shoulder. They were both older, wealthy-looking, professional women, but the way they stared at me was almost what I’d have expected from a guy, ogling a wet naked girl as if she was wiggling her ass at the beach. I seriously wanted to cover myself, but with what? After conversing quietly with one another, they both eventually departed the room, one of them smiling & winking at me as they did so.

I soon after dried myself off and got dressed, after which I was then escorted to Judge Spencer’s courtroom. I immediately noticed that the judge was one of the same two women who had been watching me in the shower.

“Miss Hudson,” she said, addressing me with a smile. “I understand that you wish to enter a guilty plea?”

“Yes, your honor,” I replied, stumbling over the wording that Shirley had coached me to say. “I’d like to offer myself upon the mercy of the court.”

“Excellent,” she said, with a bit of a twinkle in her eye. “I believe that we can accommodate you. In lieu of jail time, I have decided to instead sentence you to six months of servitude in the home of my dear friend, Mrs. Gladys Riverstoke, former headmistress of the prestigious Glendale School for Girls.”

At this point she motioned to an attractive, well-dressed older woman sitting in the second row of the courtroom. I immediately recognized her as the OTHER woman who had been gazing at me while I took my morning shower, the one who had smiled & winked at me before leaving. Her eyes met my own. She was smiling again as she then slowly licked her lips. I blushed.

“Mrs. Riverstoke has kindly agreed to take you into her home,” Judge Spencer continued. “She will be monitoring your education, while you in return will work for her and give her your complete obedience… do you understand, Miss Hudson?”

“Yes, ma’am, your honor,” I replied, realizing that I really had no other choice. It was either go with this lady or remain in jail!

“If Mrs. Riverstoke should report to me that you are disobedient or have in any way displeased her, I shall have no choice but to remand you back here to serve out your remaining sentence in county-custody like a common criminal, do you understand?”

“Yes, ma’am,” I repeated, in my frightened little-girl voice, glancing over at Mrs. Riverstoke. She nodded, appearing very pleased.

Ten minutes later I was escorted outside to her expensive-looking metallic-blue Cadillac ELR, where I then sat in silence as the woman drove home to her beautiful estate. Upon our arrival I followed her into a side entrance where I was handed over to a Mrs. Murphy, her housekeeper, who then took me to what would be my room for the next six-months. And finally, I was issued a black & white maid’s outfit that I’d be required to wear.

The next morning, as I served tea in the drawing room, Mrs. Riverstoke remarked that my skirt was too long.

“That dress looks more suited for a maid in her forties,” she laughed. “I’ll have Mrs. Murphy shorten it.”

That afternoon, the housekeeper made the necessary adjustments, but at dinnertime, as I cleared away the plates, Mrs. Riverstoke was still unsatisfied.

“That skirt is still too long,” she remarked to the housekeeper. “It needs to be much shorter.”

And sure enough, Mrs. Murphy then removed considerably more material until it was almost like I was wearing one of those tiny little sexy French Maid costumes like you see in movies, complete with fishnet stockings that I must admit really did a great job of showing off my legs, all of which certainly pleased my new employer.

“You’ve got a lovely young body, Chastity,” she told me later that evening. “And I see no reason why you shouldn’t dress appropriately when you’re alone with me here in my own home.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I responded.

“Now come along and help me with my bath.”

In addition to running her bath, I also escort bayan had to occasionally run a brush through her hair, pick up after her, and take special care of her expensive clothing, making certain that everything was always properly put away.

I acted as her maid only at breakfast and in the early evening hours. After ten in the morning I officially became her STUDENT, reporting to the library in her house where she tutored me. Again, I had to dress accordingly, and again she didn’t like the plaid schoolgirl skirt that I was given to wear.

“Too long,” she said.

So once again, Mrs. Murphy shortened it, somewhat significantly, I thought, but to no avail.

“That skirt still covers up way too much of her pretty legs,” Mrs. Riverstoke complained, and by the time she was satisfied I felt like one of those Japanese schoolgirls you see in anime-comics with the plaid skirts so short you can see their underwear! Everytime I bent over the slightest bit my white cotton panties became clearly visible, but as that’s what my employer wanted, that’s what happened.

And it was the same situation regarding my swimming pool attire. On Saturday’s when Mrs. Riverstoke liked to lie out by her pool, I had to attend to her needs, wearing a black swimsuit with a tiny white maid’s apron when serving her. Of course, when she saw it she wasn’t satisfied.

“That one-piece covers her up way too much,” she complained to the housekeeper. “I’d prefer her in a black bikini.”

And so, of course, Mrs. Murphy made the necessary changes, but it still wasn’t good enough.

“Can’t you find a little black thong for her to wear?” Mrs. Riverstoke asked. “The girl’s got a delicious little butt… let’s see if we can’t better incorporate the ‘less is more’ mentality when choosing Chastity’s wardrobe.”

And so, I ended up waiting upon her poolside wearing this scandalous, teeny-tiny, skimpy black thong bikini, which she clearly enjoyed ogling me in.

In addition to my being daily tutored (Monday-thru-Friday) by Mrs. Riverstoke on the educational basics: math, social science, language, & literature, my employer was also pleased to instruct me on the art of dancing. We’d watched videos about ballet, ballroom, & even modern dance, and as I expressed a considerable interest in learning more, one afternoon she announced that she was going to treat me to a special ‘field trip’ to explore what she called “the less conventional aspects of the art!”

What did that mean? Well, she ended up driving us both to a strip-club! I’m serious! I remember that it was called ‘The Pink Pussycat Gentlemen’s Lounge,’ and when she pulled into the parking lot I was certain this had to be a joke! But no, it wasn’t!

For this field-trip she had allowed me to dress casually in bluejeans and a clean black sweatshirt, which was in itself unusual to begin with. She herself wore everyday professional/informal attire, both fashionable & expensive.

“Come along, Chastity,” she ordered, as she got out of her car and strode towards the entrance. “Don’t dawdle.”

I had no choice but to follow her. As it wasn’t yet five o’clock, the place had barely opened and hardly any customers had arrived yet. Mrs. Riverstoke apparently knew the owner, and we were both quickly ushered to a back room reserved exclusively for private dances, where we were then seated together on a plush couch.

“Send us Nicole,” my employer requested. “Yes, she’ll do nicely… and bring us each a glass of chardonnay.”

She then explained to me that erotic dancing such as we were about to experience was a recent phenomenon, extremely popular with men, but also with women! She said that I should learn to appreciate it. Our wine then arrived, brought to us by a slender, incredibly gorgeous young brunette woman, in her mid-twenties, wearing a skimpy white teddy and nothing more.

“Mrs. Riverstoke,” the girl exclaimed. “So nice to see you here again!”

They briefly kissed in greeting before Nicole then began giving us a private lap dance. She kept her teddy on for the first song, sensually moving her beautiful body to the slow-rhythm of the music. I was quite mesmerized, as I’d never seen anything quite like this before.

As the second song began, Nicole began slowly peeling out of her outfit, starting with her top, revealing a pair of beautifully-formed breasts. Her skin was flawless, and her breasts were lush with pretty nipples. I’m not a lesbian, but a part of me wanted to touch them… no, make that lick them… with my tongue! Nicole danced primarily for Mrs. Riverstoke, but she would occasionally look over at me and wink, which made me blush everytime she did it!

“How about you show me that sweet ass of yours, Nicole?” my employer requested, and the pretty stripper smiled and immediately proceeded to turn around, wiggling her curvy, perfumed butt right up close to Mrs. Riverstoke’s face. I watched as the older woman’s hands reached up, the back of her fingers grazing the skin of the beautiful eskort stripper’s ass.

Again my eyes met Nicole’s, with the girl silently mouthing to me to “watch this,” as she then arched her back and held perfectly still, allowing my employer to grab the girl’s hips with her hands before then planting a wet kiss right on her curvy round rump! I could clearly see the red lipstick mark left there by Mrs. Riverstoke’s mouth! It was followed seconds later by another warm-wet kiss on the girl’s other ass-cheek! Nicole was looking back and smiling while Mrs. Riverstoke looked flushed and incredibly pleased! Meanwhile my own mouth hung open in shock! I mean, I had just witnessed a woman lovingly kissing a beautiful female stripper’s beautiful behind, and I’ve got to admit, the sight of it really turned me on!

“I love this ass,” I heard my employer gush, before she then slapped it sharply, causing Nicole to jerk upright momentarily, before then wiggling it again very seductively in the older woman’s face, thus earning yet another quick slap followed by some more affectionate ass-kissing, which both women were clearly enjoying!

By now, Mrs. Riverstoke had begun pulling down Nicole’s white lacy panties while continuing to smooch the girl’s smooth behind. Nicole was now bending over, facing in my direction. She smiled at me, whispering: “She really loves kissing my butt!”

“I can see why,” I somewhat stammered in response, my mouth dry. “You’re so… so beautiful and hot!”

This earned me both a wink and a smile from her.

“You’re very cute,” she quietly laughed, before then bending further down and kissing me on my lips. Oh, my… I’m not a lesbian, but at that moment I was in love!

Of course, Mrs. Riverstoke continued to kiss and fondle the now completely nude dancer, as Nicole continued to seductively move her gorgeous body for our entertainment and enjoyment!

We only remained there at that club for about forty-five minutes total, as Mrs. Riverstoke had no desire to mingle with the mostly male-clientele who would be arriving shortly thereafter.

“Did you enjoy it, Chastity?” she asked me, as we returned to the car.

“Yes, ma’am… it was a wonderful learning experience… thank you so much!”

“That’s what I’m here for… to teach you,” she responded, as we then sped back home. “You’ll learn a lot from me… and all I ask in return is your complete obedience.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

Back home I quickly changed into my ‘French Maid’ attire before then serving Mrs. Riverstoke dinner.

“I feel like having some fun tonight, Chastity,” she smiled at me, as I removed her dinner plate at the end of her meal. “I’ll be wanting you to attend me at my bath… in about an hour.”

That gave me enough time to eat, clean-up afterward, and then head upstairs to fill her huge bathtub with hot water.

I had just finished adding bubble bath to the water when Mrs. Riverstoke entered wearing an expensive-looking dark-blue-robe. She then let if fall to the floor, standing there completely nude. Her body looked beautiful as she then stepped regally into the tub.

“Take off your clothes, Chastity… I want you in here with me!”

I wasn’t sure I wanted to do this, but what choice did I have? I mean, I was her maid and I had no choice but to obey her, am I right?

Anyway, Mrs. Riverstoke had by now settled into the hot scented water of the large, luxurious bathtub, and was now beckoning me with her index finger to join her. On her face was a smile, not unlike the smile she’d had while watching me showering naked in jail.

“Yes, ma’am,” I nodded, and began removing my dress.

“Your body is very pretty,” she observed. “You have beautiful skin and a gorgeous figure… turn around, Chastity, and let me look at that lovely little butt of yours!”

Again, I had no choice but to obey, feeling both nervous and a little frightened. I’m not a lesbian! It was obvious that this woman found my body attractive, and I knew deep down that I needed to please her. As I pulled off the lacy black panties that were a part of my uniform I could hear in her breathing a sigh of longing.

“What a delicious little body,” she gushed. “Now come in here with me… I want you to bathe me… and I also want to bathe you.”

As I then slowly climbed into the tub and positioned myself facing her I could feel her eyes hungrily exploring me as she then licked her lips and reached out to caress me, starting with my neck and shoulders before then gliding her hands down to my breasts.

I momentarily flinched, but she then laughingly splashed water on them before then leaning down as if to take my left nipple in her mouth. I pulled back in alarm. She responded with a smile.

“You’re shaking,” she said in a quiet voice. “There’s no need for you to be afraid of me, Chastity!”

“No, ma’am,” was all I could think to say is response.

She then pulled me closer to her while looking me in the eyes and then proceeded to lean down and gently kiss both of my breasts while I froze, almost petrified. I mean, like I said, I’m NOT a lesbian, but here was an older lesbian woman, now with my tits in her mouth, her tongue freely exploring my nipples with my having no say in the matter.

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