Camping With the Girls

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Summer camp was shaping up to be a three week headache for Adam. He had just graduated from High School and turned 18 a few months ago. He and his friends always went to camp after school let out, but this time Joe and the rest got dragged off to Europe by Joe’s parents. Then Adam’s mom had to work late, and so he didn’t get in to camp until it was already dark. All the good cabins would be taken by now, he was sure. She dropped him off and he headed for the registration site.

“Getting in a little late, aren’t we?” said the counselor at the table. “Well, it looks like there’s one spot open, in cabin 12.” She looked at the map. “Sorry, looks like you’ll be rooming in one of the girl’s cabins this time. I’ll write you a note so you don’t get any trouble about it!”

Great, he thought. What would people say? He might as well do his nails and learn ballet. “Thanks Ms. Rand,” he said.

He’d missed dinner and there was a curfew so the dark wooded paths were empty except for the rustling of a few animals. He made his way down to 12 and hesitated by the door. What if they were changing or something? He decided to knock.

The door opened slightly, revealing a girl about his age with purple glasses and a ponytail. He could see another one behind her, sitting cross legged on one of the beds; she had skin like milky coffee and a bright halo of curly blonde hair.

“Um, hi,” she said. “What are you doing out here? It’s past 10, I mean.”

“Yeah, they put me in this cabin,” he said, offering the note. “Weird, huh?”

“Huh,” she said, scanning the paper. “Hey girls, we got another one.” She swung the door open and stepped aside. He caught a flash of pink bikini bottom under the hem of her t-shirt as she turned away. Maybe rooming with the girls wasn’t so bad after all, he thought.

“What? He’s a… he!” said a third girl as he came around the door. She was laying on another bed with a book of ghost stories. Her hair was deep red and voluminous, and she kicked her feet back and forth in the air behind her as she spoke. She was wearing striped socks that reached past her knees, and an oversize t-shirt; he couldn’t tell what else.

“He’s got a note. They couldn’t put him anywhere else.”

“Yeah right.”

“Shut up Becky,” said the girl at the door. She pushed up her purple glasses and looked at him. “So you got a name?”

“Adam.” He dropped his backpack on the floor by the unused bed.

“I’m Katie,” she said, nudging her glasses again. “That’s Nadia with the afro.”


“And there’s Becky with the scary stories; we told her there’s no campfire in here but she won’t give up.” A balled up sock flew threw the air and bounced off the side of Katie’s face.

“And we told Kat to put on some pants,” said Nadia, “‘Why?’ you said. ‘It’s not like there are any guys around,’ you said.”

“Speak for yourself, prude,” said Becky. “What’s the point of camp if you have to wear pants?”

Adam looked over at her, eyes drawn to the soft curves of her legs where they disappeared under her big shirt, suddenly more curious what she had on.

“It’s ok,” laughed Katie. “We’re all here in the girls’ side of camp. So Adam’s just like one of us girls, right, Adam?”

“Uh, yeah, of course.”

“See? No big deal. No need for pants.”

“Yeah, totally, guys,” he said, not wanting to disrupt the situation. “Don’t mind me, wear whatever you want.”

“Uh huh,” said Becky. “We’ll just hang out in bikinis and underwear while you sit there fully clothed. No way, buddy. You want to be in the no pants party, lose the pants.”

“Ooh, good idea,” said Nadia, perking up.

“Nadia you perv,” said Becky, “You’re not in the party either, with those baggy sweat pants.”

“Ok, I’ll join the no pants party if it’s official. And everyone has to.” She looked Adam up and down suggestively.

“Well, Adam?” Katie put her hands on her hips. “You in the party or what?”

“Alright,” he said, nervously. “Here goes…” He kicked off his shoes and socks, undid the button of his jeans, and pushed them down, careful not to tug his boxers with them. He was in a situation now; he liked the idea of the girls without their pants but he would have to concentrate on math or something to keep from getting an erection. They’d be able to tell for sure in his loose underwear; that’d put an end to this ‘one of the girls’ business.

“Ok, Nadia, your turn now,” taunted Becky.

“Of course,” she said, smiling at Adam. She turned around and pulled the sweats down over her butt, revealing cute yellow panties that hugged the curves of her ass and rode up her crack a little on one side, showing some cheek. She let the sweats drop the rest of the way down her long, toned legs, and bent down to toss them at her pile of stuff. She turned back around and his eyes were drawn to the tender strip of skin between her panties and the tight shirt that just reached the tops of her hips. He could see her nipples standing out through the thin shirt, now, too.

He felt his penis twitch. alanya escort Math, math, math, he thought furiously.

“Help us push these together,” she said to Adam, pointing at the beds.


He and Nadia pushed one while Kat and Becky pushed another until they met in the middle of the cabin, and the girls hopped on, sitting in a circle, so he joined them. Katie was digging through a little knit pouch and pulled out an altoids tin full of weed and some papers. She rolled a joint, got it lit, and leaned over to pass it to Adam, putting her other hand on his knee for a moment. “Want some?” she asked, smiling.

“Thanks,” he said, taking a puff. He passed it to Nadia and found her hand on his leg as well, a bit above the knee this time, sending tingles up his bare skin. She lingered there and took her time with the joint, drawing on it slowly, letting her hand slide off only when she leaned the other way to pass it to Becky.

Math, math, mouth–no, math! He felt his cock brush against his boxers, but avoided looking down to see if it was visible, not wanting to draw attention.

“You know,” said Nadia, looking at Becky with a sly expression, “it’s hardly fair that your shirt is so huge. Here I am in panties–because of you!–and you could be wearing gym shorts for all we can tell.”

“What about Kat? Can’t see her butt either.”

Actually I did, a little, thought Adam, but there was no need to argue the point. She raised an eyebrow at Becky as if to say ‘challenge accepted,’ and said “You’re right, not fair at all.” She grabbed her shirt hem and lifted it over her head. Her bikini top was white with pink dots to match the bottom. Adam could see goosebumps rise on her cleavage, and her nipples pushed hard against the silky bikini material. “So, Becky? Your turn.”

“Um, here’s the thing. I’m not exactly wearing a bra.”

“Should have thought of that before you pushed this no pants idea on everyone, then, huh?” taunted Nadia.

“Come on Becky, I did it,” said Katie. “Now you go.”

“Fine,” she said. “You pervy girls just want to see my tits.”

“Maybe,” said Nadia innocently.

With a huff Becky got up on her knees, turned her back to them, and removed her shirt, revealing light blue panties. Adam tried not to stare too much at her naked back and the curve of her hips. She seemed irritated but then she looked over her shoulder and gave him a subtle wink as she tucked her thumbs under her panties, lifting the fabric up off her skin a bit, and slid down to adjust them over her ass cheeks. She held one arm across her breasts as she sat back down, but her milky flesh bulged around the narrow obstruction impressively. Adam shifted, feeling his erection press more firmly against his boxers, trying to keep it down.

“Here you go,” said Nadia, passing her the joint again. Becky took it with her free hand and inhaled deeply, causing her chest to swell around her arm even more.

“Now I’m the only one here topless,” she said, blowing out her hit. She leaned toward Katie to pass it along and nearly toppled over. She had to fling out her other arm, giving Adam an eyefull of swinging breasts and large, pink nipples as she caught herself. “See?” she complained, making a halfhearted effort to cover back up that left most of both nipples in view. “I can’t keep my arm like this all night.” She leaned back and brought her knees up in front of her chest, which didn’t really cover her breasts, but did focus Adam’s attention on the thin fabric of her panties stretched tightly across her pubic mound. The shape of her pussy lips beneath the blue material was clear.

“Okay Becky, will this make you feel better?” asked Katie, pulling on the strings behind her back and tossing her bikini top on the floor. She sat with her hands on the bed behind her, breasts proudly displayed. Her nipples were hard and pebbly, making Adam’s mouth water. He realized he was staring and glanced up to find her gazing right back at him with a little smile on her face. “Enjoying yourself?” she smirked. “You going to join us or what?”

“Of course,” he said, pulling his shirt up over his head. He realized the girls were watching him reveal his chest and 6-pack just as intently as he was looking at them, but they weren’t being subtle or sly about it; all three were just feasting their eyes on him. It actually felt really good to reveal his body and feel their gazes crawl over him. He didn’t bother to try and hide the erection growing in his boxers. Katie licked her lips as she stared at it.

“Well now I’m feeling over-dressed,” said Nadia. “Is it warm in here?” She peeled her clingy shirt off of her slender form, making no effort to hide, small nipples sitting like little dollops of caramel atop her perky breasts. Her hand drifted across the soft mounds, fingers idly caressing one nipple as she gazed at Adam.

Katie put a cool hand on his leg again, leaning in to pass him the joint, and her bare breast brushed against his arm. She smiled at him aksu escort as he nervously took his hit, keeping her hand in place, slowly sliding it up his thigh. Her fingers slipped under his boxers and his cock jumped up visibly, straining against the material.

“Oh, let’s get you out of there,” she said, scratching gently at the inside of his thigh. “It’s not fair to make you stay cooped up like that, is it, girls?”

“It’s doesn’t look comfortable to me,” said Becky.

“Well, I..”

“Maybe it would be easier if we all take off our bottoms?” asked Katie. “To be fair.” The other two nodded agreement.

“Yes, I think that would help actually,” he said.

The girls shifted. Adam paid special attention to Katie untying the strings of her pink bikini bottom, and the pale skin beneath as they fell away. Her pussy was smooth and bare, pebbled with goosebumps like her nipples. Her lips parted slightly as she sat, offering a brief glimpse of glistening pink flesh.

Becky just slipped her panties up her legs and kicked them off her feet. She let her sock-covered legs fall open and rested one hand lightly over her pussy, not quite covering a cute little asshole, puckered and shiny with moisture. One of her fingertips tapped on it a couple of times and started making circles around it as he watched.

Nadia waited for him to look her way before sliding her yellow panties off and then returning to her cross legged sitting position, giving him a good look at her smooth, honey colored labia, beneath a neatly trimmed landing strip of light blonde fuzz no wider than a pencil. She walked her fingers along Adam’s stomach to the waistband of his boxers, pulling at it. “Ready?”

“Go ahead,” he said, rising onto his knees. Katie took hold of the other side and the two of them inched it down, looking closely at his penis as it was revealed.

“Oooh, it’s thick,” said Katie. “Can I touch it?”

He nodded, and she put out her hand, letting his cock rest on her palm, watching it grow and harden. The head crept over her wrist and onto her arm. Nadia reached out and laid a hand lightly over the top, and he felt himself swelling even more between them.

“It’s getting so hard,” Katie whispered. She curled her fingers around him and squeezed for a moment, making him moan softly. She let off, and then pulsed her grip slowly around the base.

“I like this vein,” said Nadia, tracing it down his length with a fingertip. “And this ridge,” feeling along the edge of the head.

Becky reached out and gently made a fist around his shaft, right above Katie. Her hand felt cool on his tightly stretched skin. “He’s so big I can barely close my hand,” she said excitedly. “And there’s room for all three of us.”

Nadia wrapped her delicate fingers around the head of his cock, just above the other two hands, and he felt a tremendous throbbing and a flow of pre-cum spill out.

“Oh,” she squeaked. “It’s wet.” She pulled her hand away and a strand of sticky liquid connected her fingers to the opening at the tip of his cock. He felt another drop well up and begin to seep down the head. She exchanged looks with Kat and Becky, shrugged, and put her fingers in her mouth for a taste. “Mmmm, it’s good.”

Katie touched a finger to the big drop of pearly liquid and pushed it around a little, smearing it over his tip, and bent down, pursing her lips and touching them to his cock head like she was applying lipstick. She moved him back and forth across her lips until they were coated and glistening, then sat up and turned to Becky with a naughty grin.

“Oh no,” the girl said, shaking her head, but Nadia grabbed her shoulders and Kat closed in for a kiss, slowly making out with her. Becky’s resistance vanished as she tasted the slick fluid on Katie’s lips, and she returned the kiss, sliding their tongues together and reaching up to squeeze the other girl’s breasts. When they parted they licked their lips and looked at Adam.

“You taste so good,” whispered Katie in his ear. She laid a hand on his chest and pushed, and he felt Nadia and Becky catch his shoulders as he toppled backward on the bed. “I want to feel your cock in my mouth.”

“Please,” he said, throbbing in anticipation. Multiple sets of fingertips danced down his ribs and over his hips and into his pubic hair, and his cock strained upward on its own, bobbing gently above his stomach with his heartbeat. He let out a ragged breath, feeling his hips force themselves up, seeking some kind of contact. Katie laughed softly and he felt her fingers dance across the underside of his cock, and then a warm, wet sensation as she dragged her tongue up his length, scooping up some pre-cum at the tip and letting a trail of it fall down her chin as she pulled back.

“Give him a break, Kat,” said Nadia with a wink, before leaning down and closing her full lips softly over one of his balls and suckling gently. She slowly moved her mouth up onto the base of his cock, clamping down on him wetly and sliding up and akseki escort down.

Katie moved down to give his other testicle a similar treatment, slurping over it and sucking it into her mouth, making him feel electrical sensations deep into his abdomen. Then she moved up to the other side of his cock, sliding her mouth slowly up his length in tandem with Nadia. They reached the tip and he groaned as they kissed each other around the head, making out and swirling their tongues over it. His hips bucked again, forcing himself up and down between them, and they made little “mmm” sounds around him, causing vibrations that tingled up his body, shivering through his limbs, tightening his balls.

They took a breath and Adam felt himself twitching in response to the warm air on his cock. Katie smiled and came up to kiss him, then began softly but insistently sucking on his neck, moving her mouth wetly over his throat, then up the artery, licking behind his ear, making the whole side of his head tingle.

He felt Nadia’s cool fingers circle his cock, and then a hot mouth closed over him, tightening around the head and moving downward. It was Becky. She eased off, and then Nadia flicked her wrist, slapping his cock wetly against Becky’s face. “Hey,” she tried to say, but Nadia directed him back into her mouth with a giggle and so it came out more like “Mmfph…” She quickly forgot about her indignation and closed her eyes, absorbed in the feeling of slowly swallowing his cock. He felt her throat gently pulse and flutter around him as she took him all the way down. She held him that way for several seconds, and then drew back and took a breath, thick strands of saliva hanging from her lips.

“Wow, Becky,” said Nadia, fingers still in a tight ring around the base of his cock, pointing him straight upward. “I want to try that.”

“Just relax your throat and let him in,” said Becky, stroking Nadia’s bare back as she leaned down to take a turn. She licked the tip as she took him in her mouth, and slowly slid down about half his length before her eyes started to water and she came a little ways back up to get a breath. Becky ran her fingers through the other girl’s hair as she tried to work her way farther down, offering reassurance.

“You can do it, girl. If you start to gag just hold still for a sec and then let yourself swallow a little more.” This time she got to about an inch from the base. Adam felt her throat muscles clench and relax, clench and relax, before she pulled back. He watched himself emerge from her mouth, inch by inch, covered in spit. She blinked watery eyes and caught her breath for a moment, before breaking out in a big, happy smile, proud of her accomplishment. She rubbed him wetly on her lips and face with a giggle, and a fresh drop of pre-cum emerged, trickling onto her cheek.

Meanwhile Katie was gradually kissing her way down his chest and stomach, and had turned her body so her ass was pointed at his face. “My turn now,” she said, starting to lick his cock up and down. She lifted a leg and shifted over, straddling his chest. Her pussy lips opened up before him like an exotic flower, dripping with nectar.

He brought his arms up, reaching around her hips to grab her ass, spreading her cheeks with his fingers and pulling her down to him. He pressed his tongue flat and firm against her, sliding up from her clit all the way past her asshole, tasting her sweet juices. He licked the crack of her ass and the tender skin around her anus, and began to make out with the wet folds of her pussy, slurping softly. She shivered and he felt more than heard a low moan around his cock. His hips bucked in response, thrusting more deeply into her mouth, and she moaned again, longer and louder.

“Cum for me,” she panted, pushing back and grinding her pussy against his tongue. She held him in her mouth and sucked hard, and then he felt another pair of lips sliding up and down the underside of his cock, and another on his balls. He let his hips jerk up and down violently, then rise up off the bed and tremble, as a river of semen gushed up his cock and flooded Katie’s mouth.

She swirled her tongue around him, letting the cum spill from her lips. It came in several thick spurts, one splashing across her face, most flowing down his cock in heavy clumps, where Nadia and Becky gathered it with long, slow licks up the length of his penis, opening and closing their mouths and moving their tongues around to feel the warmth and texture of his semen.

Katie continued to hold his cock gently in her mouth as it relaxed, her head resting now on his thigh to better enjoy the feel of his mouth on her pussy. She rotated her hips against him and made little moans and gasps as he buried his face in her warm opening, licking like he was trying to reach the last bit of ice cream in a cone.

He saw Nadia and Becky start to kiss, laying on the bed beside him, warm bodies brushing against him and Kat as they caressed each other and made out. Their faces were slick with his cum, and strands of it stretched between them when their lips parted.

Adam’s cock was still warm and tingling from his orgasm, and hadn’t even really begun to shrink yet, but between this display and the vibrations from the sounds Katie was making, he felt himself swelling again, and pushing deeper into her mouth.

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